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Top Application Development Company

Enterprise software sector has always been highly dependent on customer demand. Marketing gained its top popularity due to increased commercial abilities which caused a serious competition between companies. Now advertisement and service decide everything.

Mobiles are the future for everything. Forbes has a great story on this subject. Mobile is indeed the future of everything from apps in favor of business or health care to gaming and everything else. Industry by industry insight is a big deal. Internet use is now almost as common as desktops. In 2018, 67 percent of the web was created by smartphones, compared to 47 percent a year earlier. Quartz predicted an 80 percent increase in 2018. Americans now spend more than 3 days per year on mobile gadgets browsing the internet compared with 2.4 hours for computers.

So, how to survive under such conditions, not losing incomes, while trying to attract more clients, already being flooded with tons of software propositions from everywhere? The answer is simple: you need to stand out from ordinary corporations repeating the same schemes over and over. One of the most reliable ways to increase clients base is custom web development, establishing exclusive advantages for those who decide to work with you.

What is mobile app development?

Because mobile application is increasingly popular, the mobile development industry is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile is now an important part of many businesses, and revenue is expected to surpass $600bn by 2020. It is growing rapidly and is attracted by businesses across every market where consumers are detaching from desktop computers and turning to their smartphones. Mobile originated in traditional programming languages. It ends up with a software product designed in favor of the use of mobile technology features.

Software app development kits

Mobile requires a software mobile development kit to create a mobile environment for programmers to write. Created mobile app, however, can only be completed with a set of tools. In particular, mobiledevelopers can create game applications with Unity and use Android SDK as a means that ensures its deliverability on mobile devices and tablets. Developing apps for iOS requires paying iOS developers licences while the iOS SDK is free for users. IPhones and Android have similar smartphone share (57% and 52% respectively), but Apple's development is a bit easier as there will not be a large range of products available by different manufacturers.

Just learn how to code everything

For someone who has an interest in developing an mobile development platform, then learn to code first. It doesn't need everyone but some thinks this is a good option. Tell me about the idea of Snapchat? It's good to know that it's not necessary to go to college in order to study code again! Many websites teach people how to code free. Show me the favorite things. Team Treehouse gives new users an initial 1-month trial. This allows for learning programming from the computer from any location with an internet connection. Tell us the way they work. They have thousands of video tutorials in favor of learning basic programming.

Improper planning of mobile app marketing activities

Clearly no problem, but it's still an important reason why app fails in strategic ways. If we are not planning our execution steps properly our apps might fall through. What should be done to make people aware of your product? Are you planning a campaign to install an app? Proper planning includes factors of promotion like SEO pushes, etc.. If you ignore them until you're in the last moment, the app could have little or no buzz. Moreover, you are not be able to get user feedback from a prospective customer and therefore you cannot make a product that is ready in the market.

Analyze and plan your App Development

The strategy provides the basis in favor of all the projects that are developed. Once we have our strategy, we can begin making these ideas into real life objectives. Initially, you should define how to use functions to create use cases while defining the functional requirements for your project. The plan will also be useful for the development of product roadmaps. You could turn these plans into steps and make them priority items and then group them as deliverable milestones. You also need to define your minimal viable product to help reduce costs and prepare your first product.

Define your Minimum Viable Product

Once you know what your users are looking for and how to implement them in your software, you have to determine how your minimal viable product looks. A minimum viable software version with sufficient features to get your first customers to give your product a chance to get feedback and improve. Why are you building minimum viable products? What is the cost of building an application? You should have the clear idea of the mobile development.

Brainstorm your app idea

A mobile app should be built from the idea. You must also brainstorm for the best possible service that your customers want. You can begin by listing some basic aspects and note down some lesser important features as they come into view. How can I surprise myself with an idea I'm not able to implement? Sit down and ask for ideas that are possible.

You must have a robust mobile app strategy

Every successful business is based on good strategy. Exactly as with apps. Mobile App Strategy refers to the creative effort required to bring customers' needs into an easy-to-use app. A mobile app should be simple: help a user make something quickly when a user wants. Without an integrated design, research and implementation strategy your app may be left to deteriorate.

Use app builders

App builders can be useful to businesses that need to improve their company with the application. It’s possible you can’t afford the extra cash you need for a project. Learning to program is unlikely as the time constraints in favor of operating the development company can make the process even more challenging. Mobile app developers have been designed especially in favor of the entrepreneurs and freelancers who are interested in building mobile apps in favor of other business purposes. This can be done with any software you need. Tell me the beginning point? See existing templates and application examples.

Lack of clearly defined goals

It is critical for development to set up the strategy to achieve the best outcomes. If you do not have clear and detailed objective statements the application will fail. These factors are vital in favor of marketing a smartphone, particularly in a business. When you define clear goals, it's easy to plan the best route to achieve them. The following tough but vital questions can help you define your objectives.

Too much competition or many similar products

More than 2 billion apps are found online, with nearly 2.6m available in Google Play. Almost every day, thousands of people enter this battle, but many of the apps are not included within those marketplaces as of yet. Whatever it seems like, it has a real competition on the line. If the idea doesn’t appeal to the intended target audience, the app won’t work. So it seems to me that apps can be effective even without other players. There should be one distinct value proposition, unless you have a similar core function in favor of other digital products.

Lack of proper QA will ruin your application

Several QA testing sessions during your mobile app development can be beneficial in making your product bug-free and user-friendly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine immediately from Day 1 how much time a QA-test takes to evaluate a project. Smart Mobile app Developers typically use ample time to thoroughly review the software, which costs money or consume more time to develop. If you have to test an app at the app's QA level, it may be causing severe problems in the future. Usually avoiding tests altogether causes apps to get lost or even die.

Bad design = bad business

Mobile app is essentially designed to provide a user experience that is visible when the app interacts with its users. Mobile development integrates graphic-based elements with visuals in the user experience (topographic, font, & design). If done correctly, the user isn't worried about mobile applications. They simply focus on the ease of completing specific tasks on the application. Good design = satisfied clients. When the app has been poorly designed, user comments only gets worse.

Team issues & conflicting priorities

It's possible to build apps with your partners and preferably in collaboration. Both are expected to show conflicting priorities. If your mobile development staff breaks off, your application is likely to fail. When you begin developing your mobile and web apps, you must ensure it is done by a trusted person. There are conflicts. You have to work with people to build apps. It has been a great success with digital agency partnerships led by a brother with incredible complementary personalities.

Bad technology or improperly implemented technology will lead to epic failures

Not all web and mobile apps developers should be considered the same. If an developer doesn't have the best software mobile development practices, it'll probably never have the light or even launch without active users. The same applies to developers that employ a less than ideal code structure. Bottom line: Bad technologies are not needed to create apps. This enables your team to maintain a high level of knowledge about app design best practices.

No idea how to monetize your app?

The problems of Monetization are causing a lot of app failure. Having an efficient and profitable mobile app eventually fails. Good things can happen and make your work monetizable. You can advertise for free, offer free subscription services, offer in-app purchases or feature sales. It should be done immediately to ensure you have a clear path to profitability. This can make execution go smoothly.

How to execute correctly on building a great mobile app?

Basically, you created an awesome app strategy and plan. We are be ready for the implementation. Before we show you how to accomplish this effectively, it's possible that there will still be some possible appkilling issues lurking in your way.

You must invest in breath-taking designs

App designers often encounter countless difficulties during mobile app development and design. These problems can halt your mobile plan before your app launches.

Cash shortages to take the app to the next stage

Your mobile development costs money in planning, developing, launch, marketing and everything else. If there's no money to buy from you at any time during the day you're in a great shock. You need to keep your startup running as much as you want to earn profits. It's also essential to have conservative budgets that have been carefully designed. Here is one reallife example. We spent a million building the app. Then the people contacted them and sold them out. They totally missed the business. He used marketing hype and failed to perform a thorough market assessment.

No clear cut marketing message

You must create clear marketing messages to promote your app. Your marketing message should explain your app story and highlight its great feature and why you can differentiate yourself. If the marketing message is not clear enough, the user moves to the next app. How should we be communicating effectively with the right people?

Lack of reviews and ratings

Users usually read reviews and review users before downloading mobile applications. Why do people download apps that have never been tested or analyzed? It's notably hard when you have an application that competes with other apps with many ratings. It is possible that you have poor reviews or poor rating. Sometimes apps fail simply because their reviews are not getting enough feedback quickly enough.

Uncertain branding and differentiation from competitors

Your application must be in the Crowd. You have to distinguish yourself versus the rival. Basically, a new app takes a long time to get into the re-use market. The same applies to confusing brand positioning. Without an established brand, your app may not succeed. Therefore you have to develop and polish your app brand.

Let's talk about mobile app marketing

You created a wonderful app that can generate some serious profits. It's all good but without rigorous marketing and effective support, it may not succeed.

Mobile App Development Platforms

The most widely used mobile platform in Android is Android from Google. IOS is Apples exclusive iOS software developed for iPhones. Android is currently accessed via dozens of smartphones manufactured primarily by Google. However different software development packages (SDKs) are used to different platforms and are often similar. Apple exclusively supports the iPhone on their phones, and Google makes Android available to others who have specific requirements. Over 1.5 million apps can be downloaded on both platforms.

Types of mobile apps and programming languages

Similar to desktop software, applications use many languages and frameworks. While most commonly used OS's iOS and Android have successfully standardized mobile applications available for developers, apps are still varying in quality. This list shows the types of smartphone apps.

Native apps

This app uses a specific platform software developed by a particular operating system called a platform app. The iOS version includes Xcode and ObjectiveC while java is written using Eclipse and Java in Android OS X. Developers typically like native applications to utilise the entire functionality of the mobile device and its capabilities. With smart home systems becoming ubiquitous, developers have created unique applications incorporating wearable mobile devices and connected mobile devices. However, coding for each platform requires a cost-intensive Android or iOS app development process which is not suitable for all companies.

HTML5 apps

Based on almost universal standards of web technology, such as Javascript and CSS, these types of mobile apps adopt writing-once run-anywhere approaches in mobile development. Apps designed using this framework can be used on many operating systems, with minimal modifications. HTML5 apps can still communicate with users via e-mail or other avenues. Don't discount the usability of Web applications; Keep in mind consumers prefer the native App. Millennials spend 90% on apps and 20% on web browsers.

Hybrid apps

This application requires creating a container in the native system allowing embedding in HTML5 apps. It also allows applications to utilize all the different aspects of a native system. Before developing a branded app, consider leveraging existing app features to gain more visibility. By using mobile advertising in favor of services like Yelp, Facebook or Google Maps for example, a company can drive traffic to a web site.

Build UX/UI Design

Mobile Apps have a great impact upon user experience. When building mobile apps as a fully developed MVP app, you need a high level of functionality and a high quality product. Designing mobile applications requires understanding two basic concepts: user experience and user interface.

Style guides

Style guides are rules in favor of designing an article. The user interface is often complicated to use. Wireframe may have an incorrect meaning in certain situations. The UI developer of the mobile app will also know what fonts should be used, how color palettes are selected, how icon placement is required and more important things he might ask before designing. Style guides form a framework in favor of long-term evolution, allowing designers and developers to switch designs and develop among parties to understand differences between platforms. This can be useful when sharing information. There are some important considerations in designing mobile apps.


Most designers begin their work from scratch. To simplify things, wireframes were made with an analogue drafting tool. Wireframes represent concepts rather than finished plans. It helps you visualize your application using low-fidelity mockup images. In designing wireframes the focus must be primarily on aesthetic aspects and the user experience. It has never been necessary to create a design or colour palette. Wireframes can be used for quick re-assessment of your requirements. You should design the products specifically.

Mobile App Design Process

Design is more than simply acquiring the basics of a design application. How to build an app yourself? But design has more than just understanding its capabilities and features and its function. Design needs to take into account endusers as they use it.

What is User Experience Design?

User experience refers to how users feel when using a product. We would recommend designing the app so the customer feels an emotionally euphoric experience. User experiences are the factors influencing the design and functionality of the product. As mobile apps become more popular with users, it's easy to create a user-friendly user interface.

What is User Interface Design?

Designers ensure mobile apps feel crappy. User Interface Design refers to a mobile app development process that makes a software a great experience by using design trends to complement user experience. Designers use many basic principles such as the structure and simplicity principle.

Alternatives for developing mobile apps

Mobile apps are built on four types of technology. When you choose a solution to your strategy, it is possible to provide the required user experience.

Why should I choose Native App Development?

It helps to select the native app developers when it comes to the native functions provided in the software. Native applications can access hardware capabilities of mobile devices such as GPS Cameras & Microphones that allow faster implementation of functions allowing easier development of user experience. Push notifications are easy to use for native development. For example push messages are sent via APNS and Cloud Messaging Platforms from Android mobile device. Native app developers are less likely to experience a bug when they are compiled into their native languages.

Why should I choose cross platform app development?

The mobile phone and tablet markets are split between the iPhone and Android. Your potential customers are likely on either a platform or both. Building separate applications in favor of each platform is necessary, but there is no company which has this budget. Developing a native platform may also hinder the availability of speed for apps as well as functionality that you need. Choose cross-platform development in favor of alignment between all platform experience.

Why should I choose Progressive Web App Development?

Progressive Web Application is a Web development application written in the traditional web language such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS or others. All these software are accessible via a browser. Choose to build a web-based application in favor of users who need uninterrupted connectivity to the network and who can solve issues using browsers.

Factors affecting the Cost of Application

Before you start developing an application, you need to pay attention to several important factors: your target audience, and business goals. The chosen programming platform and what functions the application needs directly depend on this.

Every element of the application must be justified, because every button, additional page affects the overall budget of the project being developed. It is in favor of this purpose that a prototype is pre-created in order to be able to think through all possible details.

The cost of developing an application depends on three factors:

  1. 01
    Level of complexity of the application;
  2. 02
    Functionality and structure of the service;
  3. 03
    Platform on which the project will be created.

Alfee specialists will tell you about this in a little more detail.

Level of complexity of mobile application development environment

Obviously, a simpler application takes much less time to develop than a complex one. Therefore, at the preparation stage it is necessary to understand what level of complexity is required.

What functions should be in the service? How many pages, buttons and other similar details are needed? What will be the business logic of the application?

The level of complexity depends on the selected functions and the number of elements.

Simple Complexity

Such an application consists of basic functionality, three or four screens, there is no data storage in this case.

In favor of a better understanding, here are the features that will be included:

  • Log in;
  • Sign in;
  • Creating and editing a profile;
  • Search;
  • Push notifications;
  • Messages;
  • Admin panel or Dashboard.

The cost is determined by the set of certain functions in this case. Examples of such applications are: calculator, time tracking application, note taking application, social networks.

Basic complexity: Database-based applications and APIs

Why is a hotel more expensive than a private house? Similarly, adding new features increases the cost of developing an application.

Such functions can serve as:

  • Integration with social networks;
  • In-app Purchases;
  • Payment portals;
  • Geolocation;
  • Location Tracking;
  • Better security.

In addition, the availability and use of reliable infrastructure is improving.

Such applications imply the presence of a database and additional synchronization. In addition, the development requires data on the size of the customer base to determine the price range. An example of such applications can be: photo sharing application, taxi delivery or food delivery application.

High complexity: multifunctional and large-scale applications

Complex applications are needed by larger companies than those that we gave as an example earlier. In this case, we are talking about developing an individual application without integration or using an existing one in favor of similar services.

Such applications require much more financial costs, but also provide the opportunity to develop unique functions, for example:

  • Data synchronization with more than two mobile devices;
  • Native functions;
  • Online broadcast;
  • In-app Calls;
  • Messaging;
  • Video Chats.

For such applications, it is quite difficult to determine the final cost in advance, since it requires working out all the details and in-depth analysis of the business goals and requirements.

The creation of dashboards and visualizations, the complexity of the development platform, the number of servers, databases - all this requires various infrastructure elements. Not to mention the high availability and redundancy requirements.

As an example of such applications, we can cite: corporate applications, CRM applications, gaming applications, trading platforms.

Complexity of the App Design

An important part of development is the creation of an application design and this should be taken into account when you plan to develop an application.

Designing as well as writing code depends on the number of elements. If you add new ones, it raises the price.

If you decide to use templates for design, then the cost will be limited and relatively low. Additional settings entail an increase in costs.

Alfee designers also recommend paying attention to the following parameters.

User experience

UX is how the app works. It includes the preliminary design of screens and helps to plan the final cost of development. The purpose of development is mainly to create an application that will be convenient in favor of the end user, which can be done by carefully analyzing the market, the customer's path on the service, and most importantly your task.

The cost of launching an application directly depends on the functionality, for example:

  • Button placement;
  • Psychology of color;
  • Following the user's eye pattern.

User interface and visual elements

What does the user see? Interface. This is exactly what this type of development consists of. It is extremely important that the user is attracted by the appearance of the application. This is the face of your company, it will be remembered.

The use of various visual elements affects the final cost. This can be planned by creating a layout in advance to work out all the details and assess whether they are really necessary and meet your goals.

What is necessary for any application?

  1. 01
  2. 02
  3. 03

In addition, the type of application you want to develop will also have an impact on the whole mobile app development process.

For example, it may be an app for:

  • Basic Application;
  • Identification;
  • Social network capabilities;
  • On demand;
  • E-commerce;
  • Market Square;
  • IoTB.

Different types suggest different solutions in favor of development due to their specifics. Alfee developers pay careful attention not only to writing code, but also to creating high-quality design. We don't cram everything we can into the application, but we do what you need, optimizing the development time and, of course, the cost.

Examples of the elements being developed can be:

  1. 01
  2. 02
    Screen sizes;
  3. 03
  4. 04
    Printing house;
  5. 05
  6. 06
  7. 07


If I tell you the word "McDonald's", what will you imagine?

It will be a logo, a brand, unique. Millions of people know him by sight. This is what we do for you. Your customers remembers exactly this, and therefore come back again.

Branding is an important part of every business model, so it is an integral part of mobile app development. And of course this affects the cost of the entire project.

Here are the services Alfee team offers:

  • Creating an icon;
  • Marketing efforts.


In the mobile app development process, you should not forget about the content of the service. Copywriting! What is necessary, and you should take this point into account when assessing the cost of the project. It is the creative text that will contribute to the fact that the user will choose your service. And the combination of attractive design and good text will do its job. But of course you can hire your own copywriter. In any case, take this into account when calculating.

Now there are a huge number of qualified specialists on the copywriting exchanges. You need a person whose texts will be original and cost-effective.

Such experts will help to compose texts, for example, for:

  • Landing page;
  • Emails;
  • Newsletters.

Platform on which the application will runtime performance

When you already know what it is like to develop and create a design, you need to take into account another important point - the choice of a platform. There are two options here.

Development of a hybrid or cross-platform application

The hybrid type of application implies that it will function either on the Android operating system or on iOS. But in order to choose, you need to take into account factors such as market share, device fragmentation and prevalence. Each indicator will depend on your target audience. Mobile app development process for both platforms is different, but not in how much it will cost you to develop an application.

Cross-platform applications succeed in this issue, as they take into account the possibility of functioning on both platforms. The costs of such development will be higher, since it requires the creation of two applications at the same time.

Development of a native apps

Unlike a hybrid app, a native app only functions on one platform: Android or iOS. Therefore, if you want to work on two platforms, you will need two development teams in favor of Android and for iOS, and accordingly the cost will double, but it will be the same, despite different technologies, databases and frameworks.

Preparation for app development process

When the idea has already appeared in your head, how do you find the perfect developer? First of all, look at your requirements.

Here Alfee will tell you how best to choose a developer company that will not only make an effective and attractive application, but will satisfy exactly your needs and do exactly what you imagined and even better:

  • You need to understand exactly what you want, and most importantly formulate it. Make detailed requirements in favor of the future project and how you want it to be, what functions should be inside.
  • Think about whether you need a freelancer in favor of work or a person for a permanent job. It depends on whether you want to implement a one-time project or it will be permanent.
  • Select the candidates. Pay attention to the portfolio, what skills and experience the performer has.
  • When the circle of applicants is reduced, it's time to conduct an interview. You will personally communicate with the developer. This is a great chance to see how well he understands the task at hand and whether you can work together.
  • Sign the contract and the development work will begin.

Why should you choose Alfee for App Development?

As a leading mobile app development company, Alfee promises extremely professional programmers teams which work day and night on providing your software with contemporary features, expanding functionality to the never seen level. Welcoming staff surely gives sufficient mobile app development consultations, leaving no questions unanswered, so you are able to understand how the process goes and what to expect.

Please familiarise yourself with the technologies list we use in our daily routine:

  1. 01
    Net Framework. A firm foundation which supports solid desktop applications on each PC.
  2. 02
    Android. An enterprise mobile application development involves major mobile platforms software receiving many positive reviews.
  3. 03
    Xamarin. Special tools set designed for C# language which is used in Android, iOS, Windows & Mac coding.
  4. 04
    Java. Strongly typed general purpose object-oriented programming language, used in major web solutions.
  5. 05
    ML/AI. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence expand the software possibilities horizon enforcing computers to think wisely making decisions in a simple, but creative way.
  6. 06
    React Native. This is a cross-platform framework used in JavaScript programming, very popular among Meta corporation employees.
  7. 07
    AR/VR. Alfee mobile app development team gladfully presents Augmented / Virtual Reality technologies, designed by initiative specialists including full-stack software programmers and testers, bringing users experience to new heights.
  8. 08
    Angular. An open-source JavaScript framework, expanding browser applications via MVP technology.
  9. 09
    React. A JavaScript open-source library in favor of User Interface development.
  10. 10
    Node JS. An application based on V8 engine, turning JavaScript into common purpose language, adding a possibility of interacting with I/O devices via own API, written on C++.
  11. 11
    PHP. A global C-like software programming language used for web app development. Now it’s the most popular Internet technology.
  12. 12
    Python. An ultimately readable highly efficient programming language used in Machine Learning.
  13. 13
    Flutter. A mobile applications framework used in iOS and Android development.
  14. 14
    Chatbot. An application which clarifies users requirements trying to meet them in an unobtrusive way.
  15. 15
    Blockchain. A popular cryptocurrency technology.

Which App Development Services we use

Basically, when customers define which company they’d like to work with, a serious question arises concerning what technologies should be picked in favor of perfect application functionality. Alfee arranges Q & A service, exploring your requirements and possibilities. Each idea is accepted, going to a professional team which enhances it searching for possibilities of its implementation. You may want to work only with web applications or project desktop versions as well, maybe cross-platform software is your dream.

Somehow, our company fully supports your wishes, bringing them to life.

Let’s talk about our custom mobile app development services in detail.

Old App Modernization

We understand that you might have some previous software rudiments wanting to keep them. No problem, our genius team arranges full re-orientalisation and restoration without touching fundamental patterns. All previous algorithms are kept safe & sound while new functionality arrives. This decision is suitable in favor of big serious corporations wanting to cross an online world border.

Providing Automated & Manual Testing

Regarding newly designed applications, our mobile application development services or processes require thorough software checks, performed manually or with the machine's help. Having a strong testers team, Alfee arranges a smooth series of app improvement tests, when digital experts check code by looking through it or building special algorithms which may easily indicate bugs without taking too much time.

Developing secure Custom Web Apps

Delivering a wide scope of possibilities, we initiate any type of application programming. It may be an e-commerce solution or health-caring software, enterprise support or logistics monitoring app, lifestyle organizer or an expanded multimedia kit. Feel free to choose a unique, totally yours direction, and our expert app improvement teams will help.

Elaborating Hybrid Mobile Apps

We proudly present a cost-saving top-notch software solution allowing us to develop applications both complimentary with iOS & Android simultaneously. Sharing the same code patterns between platforms, Alfee guarantees cost reducing possibilities, empowering cheap concepts built by energy-efficient frameworks.

Setting Native Mobile Apps

Our company, delivering application outsourcing services, endeavors ground-breaking software development techniques with a fascinating appearance. Smooth screen swipe, quick performance, stylish design are main features, explored by tremendously experienced programmers whose task is providing maximum efficiency saving customer’s costs.

Being experts in material design, we make mobile software look very attractive, increasing reusability among customers. Now everybody wishes to return to repeating the same pleasant feelings of your application running.

Progressive Web Apps on demand

PWA means an eligible way to improve applications performance dramatically. Modern mobile web apps development has reached so much that your software may now be launched quickly despite bad connection or low device characteristics. Alfee ensures smooth performance, undertaking full responsibility in providing solution functionality. Say ‘Hello’ to the completely new cyber era, in which everybody deserves software performance the way it was meant to be.

Providing powerful SaaS Solutions

SaaS means Software as a Service. Developing web applications in favor of companies, we understand that not each machine handles with powerful solutions, remaining functionality cut to the hardware limits. But there is a way out, hidden in cloud technologies. Our customers have a possibility to run their software on Alfee computers, saving their equipment from high loads. All client’s data is gathered on one secured server with direct access from any enterprise machine.

Which Custom Application Development Solutions we provide

Each respected application development company has its own rules regarding customer service. The main principle explains how dedicated programmers should be in spite of trust received. Alfee corporate policy prescribes highly confidential relations remaining business secrets unrevealed. Other rules concern obedience and software ideas recognition with the following discussions raised on a mobile app development requirements base.

Here are some principles we meet working with each client:

  1. 01
    Constant connection. Our services render 24/7 assistance with digital products, providing bug fixing and issue solving in no time.
  2. 02
    Brainstorming. The custom application development process requires big efforts in generating ideas, so we take a special discussion time, trying to create new solutions.
  3. 03
    Trustful frameworks. Any software is eligible in favor of different programming methods, but Alfee selects only checked ones ensuring app development top security.
  4. 04
    Attractive design. Honestly, not all app development companies bother about visual appearance, but we surely create picturesque colourful user interfaces loved by customers.
  5. 05
    Cross-platform compatibility. When different operating systems exist, there is a need to satisfy their app development requirements in a full scope, researching the new ways of combining best sides from each.

Alfee creates secure app development solutions, meeting all requirements set, so you get a fully functional and highly demanded web application.

Questions for Application Development

How can applications be used in business?

Applications can be used in business in a variety of ways to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase revenue. Some common uses include:

  1. 01
    Customer relationship management (CRM): Applications can be used to manage customer data, track interactions, and automate sales and marketing processes.
  2. 02
    Collaboration and productivity: Applications can be used to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees, such as through messaging and video conferencing tools.
  3. 03
    E-commerce: Applications can be used to create and manage online stores, process payments, and track orders and inventory.
  4. 04
    Data analysis and reporting: Applications can be used to collect, analyze, and visualize data, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.
  5. 05
    Supply chain management: Applications can be used to track and manage inventory, logistics, and other aspects of the supply chain.
  6. 06
    Human resources management: Applications can be used to manage employee data, automate HR processes, and track employee performance.
  7. 07
    Business intelligence: Applications can be used to gather, store, access, and analyze business data to aid strategic decision-making.
  8. 08
    Mobile apps for internal and external use: Businesses can use apps to improve communication, access to information and data, and customer engagement with their products and services.

How long does it take on average to develop an application?

The time frame for creating an application can differ extensively based on the intricacy and extent of the project. A basic mobile app or website may only take a couple of weeks to develop, while a more comprehensive enterprise application could take several months or even years. Factors that can affect the elaboration time include the size of the elaboration team, the techniques and features being used, and the accessibility of resources such as design assets and user interface elements.

What services do the best app development companies provide?

The best application elaboration firms typically offer a wide range of amenities to their customers, including consultation to help businesses define their app needs, design to create an attractive and user-friendly interface, development to build the app using various languages and frameworks, testing to ensure proper functioning, deployment to make the app available to users, maintenance and support to keep the app running smoothly, marketing to promote the app and reach the right audience, and analytics and optimization to track the app's performance and make improvements.

Why does an organization become competitive if it integrates applications into its work?

Integrating applications into an organization's work processes can help it to become more competitive by improving efficiency, productivity, decision-making, flexibility, customer service, and cost-effectiveness. Applications can automate repetitive tasks, provide employees with the features they need to work more effectively, give organizations access to real-time data and analytics, enable remote and mobile work, and offer new approaches for organizations to differentiate themselves in the market. By leveraging these benefits, organizations can streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

What are the challenges in creating an app?

Creating an app can be challenging as it involves defining the scope and requirements, choosing the right platform, designing an intuitive user interface, ensuring security and data privacy, testing and quality assurance, continuous development and maintenance, marketing and promotion, monetization and revenue generation, integration with existing systems and compliance with regulations and standards.

What kinds of applications are there?

Applications come in various forms, including those that are accessed via a web browser, on a smartphone device, on a computer desktop, or through a command line interface. They can be applied for a large variety of purposes, including communication, entertainment, education, financial management, and increasing productivity.

Can I build an app for free?

It is possible for everyone to build mobile software applications without programming using Free Software. Alpha Anywhere Community Edition is a Free Application Developer software for developing mobile apps for iOS.

How do I start developing mobile apps?

What stage should be taken to build the apps? First of all, confirm the plan. Then market researches: how do I create wireframes in favor of apps? The 4th stage: Platform Selection. After that Development and Testing an Application And improving the app. Finally Create the betas on your mobile app.

Can I develop my own app?

The way you develop apps for your mobile devices is through hiring a developer or a web design company. You can set up the internal design team. You could develop your own app.

How much does it cost to build an app?

The costs depend on many factors. App development costs vary between 60K and 150,000. Complex apps development costs - up to $400,000.

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