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Healthcare Medical Website Development

Many individuals seek medical help online but cannot get it offline due to various reasons. According to a new survey in 2015, 94% of Americans consulted health information websites. Additionally, only 20% connect to healthcare professionals online. Some of those are because healthcare companies have been lagging behind in transforming digital. It is a great way in favor of a healthcare website to get ahead of your competitors. This article will discuss the web site development challenges and costs.


Our healthcare developers understand the basics and understand medical web design and are prepared to meet your specific needs. We have extensive knowledge of WordPress, CMS and other programming languages, and are able to provide quality software in favor of your healthcare business. Thanks to Alfee you'll learn about hospital website development for healthcare websites – from pricing details and cost analysis to how to choose a web developer. How to build a Health Web site? Lets start with this point.

Introduction to Healthcare Website Development

Every industry will use the Internet at its full capacity to maximize its potential in 2022. There's still room in favor of growth. According to Precedence Research, the global medical equipment manufacturing sector is expected to reach $671B by 2027. If you are working in this industry then the best site design for medical web sites help you achieve it. In the following section, we focus on medical website development and marketing to help improve your marketing efforts.

Medical website design

The web represents as much your company identity as it does the clinic itself, and more in many ways. This explains why the website should be designed in a professional fashion. Website development trends change a lot of time and it can be rewritten by a medical website design specialist. The following is the latest information in favor of Healthcare website designs.

Accessibility as an importance of healthcare web development partner product

Web design accessibility involves improving web pages in favor of persons who are disabled. This is even important for clinic sites versus others. Website accessibility is most often targeted to people suffering with visual impairment or other disabilities, although there is also some help to people facing other challenges. Some sites contain separate versions that are specially created for persons with different limitations. This version is accessible by pressing a key somewhere on your computer or menu. Despite these efforts more websites incorporate accessibility.

Clean design and easy navigation

Minimalist design is also trending outside the health industry. You may need to revamp Marie Kondo's website to distinguish it's important elements and eliminate unnecessary information. When you make a site simple you are able to help people find the things they need most - improving user experience. With high customer satisfaction, a newcomer becomes a frequent visitor.

Progressive healthcare websites application


Progressive Web Application or PWA is the web-based technology employed by companies who are not looking at or cannot afford the creation of a smartphone application. A PWA is a web page accessible through the home page on any smartphone. A pwa is also easier to build and maintain as it's largely a web-based application and it does not require much memory.

Minimalist and bright colors

A company website must have your logo printed in favor of the clinic instantly. Bright colours are used in healthcare as it eases fear and brightens mood.

Trends in the Healthcare industry

Modern technologies bring blessings to mankind. It isn't only a way of traveling long distances and obtaining previously never seen facilities, but it also makes our lifespan twice longer than we lived. Technological advances have given us better treatments in favor of earlier deaths. What is the trend in medical practice today?

Corporate healthcare providers

Worldwide, more firms are signing contracts to cover health-related care benefits in favor of their employees. Putting your corporate healthcare amenities online really differentiates your clinic. What should you be aware of when creating the healthcare website? Websites for hospitals have certain rules. Website development isn't just an inconvenience. Health data has become highly important a sensitive matter in most nations. If medical data cannot remain online, it should be protected. Therefore, data protection is an important issue.


The healthcare sphere still has many obstacles to overcome when digitizing. However this process is being implemented. The electronic health records (EHR) / EMR system is increasingly adopted by hospitals, as well as clinic systems. EHR and MRR software enables healthcare professionals to retain the patient's medical history.

Custom medical web sites for telemedicine

Telemedicine has risen by 20 in recent years. Telemedicine is the medical field whereby medical care is rendered on-the-go with scheduled consultations & prescriptions. A telemedical platform is comparable to building a med-net-a-web site with some peculiar characteristics.

Artificial intelligence as a part of medical software

AI has become ubiquitous in the healthcare sector in the recent past. For medical web sites AI improves user experience with machine learning. It may also be helpful in favor of doctors as “augmented intelligence”.

Who needs medical web development: Main medical website design tasks:


In other areas, you also develops your medical site in favor of other purposes such as accessibility. Here, Alfee will list a few.

Means for automation of certain healthcare services and features

The use of ChatBots may be even more useful in favor of certain operations as compared with humans. For example, a computer-aided helper reduces the chances that the doctor has to miss an appointment. Bots are helpful when patients want to order medication. The doctor can then read and respond to those requests via an online form. With appropriate design or filtering functionality, it is impossible for forms to be misplaced. It will also allow the employee the flexibility to complete the administration duties robots are not currently performing.

Means for education as a part of medical services

This is incredibly important to healthcare institutions and it helps them with information. You can publish medically proven research information so that patients trust their sources rather than search engines or social networks. In addition, a doctor's health portal may be used to create a medical decision database in favor of later use. It may help shorten patient waiting times.

Means for doctor-patient communication

A clinic website may include not just an email address but also a phone number. You are able also to create telephonic chat with your doctor. This will reduce time spent on the phone and enhance the patient experience.

Medical website developers and features

There are a number of basic functions required in favor of the operation of general medical offices and specialty clinics. Most clinic websites have only ten pages and there is practically no interaction with patients at the clinic. The above information can also be integrated into an easily scrollable page. A single-page app could also be made. An online site can have content rewritten on one page instead of having to reload entire webpages as the user moves.

You'll see many similarities with features in favor of clinic sites and hospital websites as well. A website with fewer features than a basic medical one provides a website page containing contact information, addresses, operating times, doctors websites and pricing. All the basic functionality is implemented in a single web application. How can a web site development update its existing website with a new feature and update existing website functionality?

  • Personal patient profiles. Your website development must have an online signup/logging function as well. A personalized profile allows you to store all of your patient interactions with you and your organization. The profile functionality requires adding sign-up and login functions and maybe integrating registration with Google or Facebook in favor of more convenience. If someone wants to make you a client, the dedicated room where the patients can keep a complete record of their visits provide a complete view of your clinic, including samples of the visits they received, the payment history, the date;
  • Scheduling. Another useful time-saving function is the ability to allow patients to schedule appointments online, without needing to call. For a fully automated appointment system your web designer must develop a user-friendly, interactive calendar that syncs servers to prevent double booking. Online scheduling is a great option in favor of patients and physicians. It also reduces the work of receptionists who make appointments with patients. For patients who wish to book appointments on their website they will have to make the most of their website;
  • Video consultations. Often useful during the COVID-19 pandemic video consultation functionality may be implemented through a few different means; the most efficient way of doing it is by implementing third-party streaming services through the API;
  • Search functionality. Larger medical facilities will be more productive when the user can find doctors' name, departments, procedures or tests. Even tiny medical practice has the option of having this functionality even when they have smaller groups;
  • Payments. The introduction in order to protect patients' financial information has become crucial. So be careful to follow all the protocols to get the best security gateway with the best features.Including the payment gateway;
  • Reminders. These websites are able to notify users through email or through personal profiles. You can also create push alerts in favor of Progressive Web Applications (PWA);
  • Chat functionality. The use of chat bots and online chats offered by medical providers is a good tool to enhance patient experience;
  • Mobile-friendly interface. Alfee mentioned earlier how responsive web design is helpful.

Our Healthcare website developers Engagement Models

Every business is unique, this is not a feature of the healthcare sphere alone. That is why, in order to develop your website, the comfort that Alfee can provide is important. Wondering how? We offer our clients various models of hiring developers so that everyone chooses what exactly suits their goals and suits them:

  • Fixed cost models. For our fixed cost models the prices can be agreed at the same fixed cost and don’t change at all. This is ideal in favor of companies and web-based businesses who understand their needs;
  • Time and materials model. This model provides a more effective approach to long-term projects where scope is defined so we talk hourly rates and timescales. We will talk about the other factors which affect the estimated costs later on;
  • Hourly Model. If we can see the scope and have no price estimate, we can work on the hourly model. Its flexible design allows clients a broad variety of choices.

The benefits of a modern healthcare organizations practice website design

All medical institutions have a need in favor of web sites displaying responsive websites for patients. What is the reason for this statement? This will help with your website if you have less personnel and you don't need the queue. Your clinic is easily located on a website, with no need to visit any website or other social networking site. A new client is an opportunity for a medical web designer to get the attention of a new patient. If someone is unaware of it, he or she can see your services and become your client.

Outsourcing with Alfee as a top healthcare organization for healthcare website design


Alfee can build your own website in favor of your clinic. Web development is done behind the scenes for our clients. You can trust us to provide you with a complete healthcare website design & website maintenance service. All our B2C web development services have been created for your healthcare website development needs:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Alfee provides a comprehensive and results-focused search optimization service in favor of medical web sites. This helps you achieve optimum visibility on most relevant search engines;
  • Social Media Marketing. Our team of specialists provides personalized social media marketing to help your business gain a strong reputation in social media in favor of a long time;
  • PPC management. Our advertising professionals have developed and produced innovative advertising campaigns to attract your target market;
  • Content Marketing. Our content marketing professionals create high-quality content in favor of your medical websites that attracts your visitors.
Questions for Healthcare Medical Website Development

What Medical Web Design & Development Services does Alfee offer?

Alfee is a development company that has many medical website design examples of working directly with the healthcare sphere. But first of all, we are an organization that creates websites, and we have really succeeded in this. You can safely entrust the development to us and you will not regret it.

Where to find applicant for Healthcare Medical Website Development?

Finding a specialist in favor of such a job is both simple and difficult. On the one hand, there are a lot of website developers, and they are really professionals. But on the other hand, you need not just a programmer and a designer, you need a person who understands your niche, knows your target audience. All this you can find in Alfee.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Medical Website design?

A well-designed template website typically costs $500 to $5,000 with initial costs and between $50 and $50 per month. But you should understand that the final cost will depend on your requests, what exactly you need. And most importantly, a specialist of what level will implement all this.

How to Choose a Healthcare Web Development Team?

To choose a team to create your project, you need to approach this issue responsibly. To begin with, you will filter out uninteresting and unsuitable options in terms of experience and portfolio. You must really like specialists. Then find out if they have worked with healthcare before. Knowledge of the target audience is extremely important.

How to estimate the quality of Development of a medical web solution?

You have to look at these projects from the user's point of view, literally through his eyes. Every step on the site should be convenient, and most importantly intuitive. All functionality should be thoroughly tested to avoid bugs in operation when the product is already on the market.

What are top Healthcare Web App Development Services?

The services that integrate into the work of applications and websites of the healthcare sphere are very diverse. They begin with the creation of a design, an online form for recording and scheduling doctors, the development of chatbots for uninterrupted communication with clients. Every company can find something different. Alfee managers can advise on this issue.

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