How to Avoid Mistakes and Hire UI Designer Successfully

The field of product design is rapidly developing, getting more and more diverse and full of wide role spectrum. There are a lot of specialists comprising a team which is engaged in the design process. These are UX designers, graphic and visual designers or UI designers, motion and animation designers, user research specialists, UX writers and product analytics. 

Today we would like to talk about one of the most widespread role in companies - the role of UI designer. This person solves a huge spectrum of tasks, i.e. analyses behavioral patterns, studies several options of user experience, works on a variety of hypothesis together with a ui ux team, carries out user interviews and surveys. Once the necessary information is collected, UI designers create attractive and intuitive interfaces, which help solve a particular user task. Read on to discover more about user interface design and learn how to hire UI designers successfully. 

What is UI Design?

The notion of user interface design is widely used in everyday life, but what it actually means? In simple words, this is the way your website looks: color combinations, fonts, icons and buttons.

Why is UI design so important? Just because it determines the way the user perceives your website and your business in general. Thus UI design is a part of visual communication which helps establish loyalty relationship with potential clients. UI design is the visual shell of the site with particular goals.

User interface design tasks

As any element of software development process, UI design has particular functions. We've listed some of them below:

  1. Selection of corporate fonts and colors. Based on previous audience research, UI designers choose colors and fonts to be used on your website. In some cases, they are written in the customer's brand book, but, as a rule, only large companies have clear instructions. When developing small websites or promotional pages, the designer uses his own research.
  2. Development of a set of basic site elements: icons, buttons, input fields, search bar. In the case of a large project they can be combined into a UI kit, which other designers will then work on.
  3. Visualization of interaction with user interfaces. At this stage, the necessary animation and micro-interactions are worked out. For example, increasing banners when hovering the mouse or animating buttons after clicking.

Good design takes into account modern graphic trends, but the main thing in web design is convenience for the target audience. For example, if a UI designer creates a financial products project, the main users of which are men over 40, then it is unlikely that retro style or colorful gradients will look visually appealing.

Alfee team is ready to implement your most incredible ideas into practice. We offer unique design solutions with interactive elements for mobile apps and website resources. With our wide arsenal of visual design techniques and proactive web development your project will be number one in the market.

Who is a UI Designer?

Let's say a few words about the profession of UI designer. Who is it? The main task of a UI designer is to help a typical user quickly and easily understand how to use a digital product. It can be a website, an application, a payment terminal, a TV remote control, an oven. In any final product, the interface must be based on the requirements and rules common to each type of gadget.

The UI designer takes products through the interface and checks whether the drop-down menu works correctly, whether it is convenient to click “Order”, whether the text from a smartphone is easy to read, whether it is easy to fill out the form, whether the site gives the correct message upon action.

The user interface designer manages how the product interface looks and how the user interacts with its elements. But you need to understand that in addition to graphic design and visual elements, there is sound which is also an integral part of UI design process.

At Alfee we have professional UI UX design team which is ready to carry out competitor analysis and create robust solutions that totally correspond to your business requirements and goals.

How can best UI Designer help you?

Looking for a great UI designer? Have you already cooperated with different designers but still see no results? We recommend you start working with Alfee UI experts. What do our UI designer team do? Read on to discover.

Research work

Alfee UI UX specialists carry out research in several fields. Tools used may include surveys, questionnaires, observations, interviews, etc.

Information architecture

UI UX experts determine the way software solutions are organized and structured. They create a skeleton that shows the interaction design.

Creating wireframes

UX UI professionals build digital product framework. Basically the wireframe is lines and shapes with a bit of text. This can be done manually, as well as using software.

Creating Prototypes

UI designers build an early model of a product that demonstrates its functionality. Prototypes can be in physical or digital format and vary in complexity. Sometimes they are created to showcase one specific feature of a product, such as transitions between screens or how the product physically looks and feels.

Creating a visual design

UI designer focuses on how the product or technology looks like, which requires direct rendering of the part of the product that the user is interacting with.

Alfee talent network of UI UX specialists can help you create user friendly solutions for various industries. We work with start ups, medium-sized enterprises and large businesses, creating robust design solutions with improved user's experience. Our team keeps customers updated on design projects taking them to customer journey and showing all the peculiarities of design work.

What skills expert UI Designer has

If you want to hire a UI designer, a freelancer or a company, we recommend you pay attention to the skills and experience the person has. We've listen the main points below:

  • Mastering prototyping tools.
  • Experience in drawing UI elements, illustrations, icons.
  • Basic knowledge of typography and composition.
  • Ability to generate and visualize interface project.
  • Understanding the principles of usability and adaptability of websites.
  • Layout skills, knowledge of HTML and CSS languages.
  • Knowledge of mobile development guidelines.
  • Understanding of front end development technologies.
  • Basic testing skill.

Dont forget about portfolios and communication skills. Interview the potential candidate, ask a freelancer if he will be able to work full time. Finding the right fit may seem hard, but it's worth it.

What is the average salary of top UI Designers?

Web design is well paid since it's in great deamand. So how much money do UI designers earn? The numbers vary depending on the project specifics and business goals, as well as skill set, experience, fluency in platforms, etc. Let's get down to numbers.

Hourly rates vary from 30 USD to 75 USD depending on the country. Vetted freelancers earn about 50,000-55,000 USD annually.

Steps to hire UI Designers

If you want to hire a UI designer for building web product or a mobile app correspondint to users expectations, just follow a few simple steps.

Define project requirements

Start with choosing products and projects on which UI desinger will work. Put down a list of requirements and the expected results. Think about prototyping, testing, deadlines, etc.

Define UI UX designer skill set

This important step will help you find a perfect fit. Focus on the main skills that are necessary for your project's succesful implementation. State whether the person needs a portfolio of previous projects. Tell how important creative attitude and talent are.

Define processes and tools

Make sure that you cooperate with UI UX designers who are fluent in the lates UI UX design technologies and innovative tools. Keep in mind that your main aim is to create a product with maximum user experience.

The hiring process may be tiring. You can cooperate with freelancers, but we advise you to work with Alfee UI design experts, if you want to get a best-in-class project delivered. We provide a wide spectrum of UI design services, taking care of our customers and providing the best designers for hire.

Types of User Interface Designer

UI UX designers may do different job, in accordance with different types of UI design:

  • Graphical user interface. It's about graphic design and the way users interact with information taking advantage of visual objects.
  • Voice user interface. This includes interactive elements making voice-enabled interaction possible.
  • Menu-driven interface. Provides users a selection of commands in menus.

Difference between UX Designer and UI Designer

UI UX designers are working together, sometimes one person does job for both positions. However, there is a slight difference - UI designer is responsible for visualizing the app, making it user-friendly and functional. UI specialist is responsible for the selection of shapes, colors, font and other parameters. UX designer is responsible for design functionality. As a result: the application is easy and convenient to use.

UX includes web and apps navigation, menus, and the result of interacting with pages. This is not only the "sketch" of the site - its layouts - but also communication: dialog boxes, buttons, search and form settings. It is the quality of UX that determines how quickly the user can get why he came to the site.

UI is about web design: color combinations, fonts, icons and buttons. User experience is interface functionality, UI is its appearance. UX comes out on top when designing CRM systems, dashboards, internal working interfaces. The visual part is in the background here - the main thing is how conveniently the data will be placed.

Why find UI Designers at Alfee

The industry is full of new players offering their services and products. So why choose Alfee UX UI services among the wide range of others? 

At our company we develop a whole concept for promoting your brand strategy in accordance with your budget and time framework. Alfee experts master multiple platforms, paying attention to every detail, including user's perspective. We value your opinion, taking into account your preferences. Collaboration with Alfee will become your best investment. Leverage our coding expertise, get specialized marketing creatives, amaze your clients with bright animations and unusual approach. 

Questions for Hire UI Designers

How much do UI UX Designer charge?

If a person does job as both UI and user experience designer, he will charge more - on average 50-70 USD per hour. The numbers differ depending on the country and developers.If a person does job as both UI and user experience designer, he will charge more - on average 50-70 USD per hour. The numbers differ depending on the country and developers.

How do I hire a good UI UX Designer?

Want to build appealing apps and effective sites, hire experts from Alfee company and enjoy great results. Our developers are skilled and experienced enought to delivet top solution, regardless of the platform.Want to build appealing apps and effective sites, hire experts from Alfee company and enjoy great results. Our developers are skilled and experienced enought to delivet top solution, regardless of the platform.

Where can I hire UI Designers?

Hire the best UI designers at Alfee. We will apply our talent and experience, managing the process, providing timely feedback, ensuring high product quality for your success. We appreciate each customer, value each collaboration.Hire the best UI designers at Alfee. We will apply our talent and experience, managing the process, providing timely feedback, ensuring high product quality for your success. We appreciate each customer, value each collaboration.

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