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Alfee is a top custom application development agency offering a huge variety of app building mechanics. 10 years in a row, we have been constructing an influential customizable software satisfying the most famous top commercial companies all over the world.

We base on a really deep dive experience, contemporary programming mechanics, and externally controlled procedures to provide end-to-end custom app development services and transform modern digital profounds into powerful evolution instruments.

An outsourced development team provides software development services to clients, typically on a contract basis.

Custom App Development Services

Best solutions
A website is a crucial tool for businesses and individuals to establish an online presence and reach a wider audience. Website development is the process of creating and maintaining a website.
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Apps
  • Saas
  • PWA
  • Cloud Application
  • Web Application

Blockchain custom apps

Blockchain custom software development process. Cryptocurrency in modern technological world is very popular among successful entrepreneurs, startup leaders, shops, etc. Digital currency influence is incredibly high, now cryptocurrency is almost everywhere in digital world.

The main company task – custom effective solution development according to customer`s technical requirements. Alfee guarantees high performance of task implementing, achievement expected result. As a result, you get final product for project that you will like.

What is Blockchain?

  • High efficiency
  • Full transparency
  • Security and Safety
  • Financial flow chain
  • Income increase
  • New opportunities and resources
  • Fast-growing business infrastructure
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Design services

UI / UX Design

  • Logo
  • Hire a Graphic Designer
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Video Creation
  • Banner & Poster
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Graphic Design

  • UX Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive App Design
  • Mobile App Design Services
  • Product Design
  • Ecommerce Design
  • ICO Design
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international consulting expertise in design for client
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There are many types of custom applications, including business applications, educational applications, gaming applications, and social media applications.
Don’t expect
  • Template design
  • Outsourcing of the work
  • Compromised quality
  • Extended timeline
  • Template design
  • Extended timeline
What to Expect
  • Custom-tailored design
  • Creative solution
  • Quality over quantity
  • Streamlined process
  • Transparent collaboration
  • Delivery on time
What to Expect
  • Custom-tailored design

    Template design

  • Creative solution

    Outsourcing of the work

  • Quality over quantity

    Compromised quality

  • Streamlined process

    Extended timeline

  • Transparent collaboration

    Template design

  • Delivery on time

    Extended timeline

Our way of working


Developer Team

Time & Material

In a time & material (T&M) contract, both parties agree to unit rates that have been predetermined by both parties in advance for the category of senior engineers. The inherent flexibility of the time and material (T&M) contract makes it an attractive alternative for those involved in project management, as well as for the individuals involved.

Coding custom software with such frameworks allows you to take into account any configuration indicated in the project specification.

If you want proficient custom app development which identifies your business as a serious reliable partner, hire custom developers from Alfee, and we make all necessary efforts to elevate your company as high as possible.

Using our trustworthy software services changes your commercial infrastructure forever.

Custom Development Solutions

Best tech stacks

Alfee is a custom software application development agency covers third-party integration, mobile, desktop, web solutions equally well.

Once you’ve outlined your initial requirements, we’ll work with you to validate your product vision and assumptions, then we’ll handle project implementation.

At Alfee, we believe that the ability to deliver quality software products and services depends on the quality and effectiveness of your processes both from a workflow and technology perspective. Our approach to assessing IT’s operational efficiency keeps this at the forefront at all times. Simplicity is key. By taking a top-down approach, we can identify which technologies are adding value and which are simply complicating the environment. Further, we can determine what is needed to meet the needs of your customers today and in the future.

custom application / software development

This approach, coupled with our deep industry knowledge of robust software technology infrastructure design, allows us to provide you with industry-leading recommendations and solutions.

Alfee presents a unique service fully corresponding to your needs! We've planned, built and implemented custom software solutions serving over dozens of corporate clients - from oil and gas to healthcare and entertainment.

  1. SaaS Applications. Software as a Service solutions deploy apps on dedicated servers, sufficiently economising your corporate computers powers, leaving technical maintenance on our side as well, which has a great potential of multiplied income.
  2. Enterprise web Applications. Developing multi-branch corporate infrastructure, we activate a top-grade custom application development, fully satisfying customers’ needs with unique commercial solutions, shaping an attractive company face with welcoming design.
  3. eCommerce Applications. Years of practice allowed us to develop technology solutions, universally satisfying all-grade customers, regardless of business scope. You may be only a newbie or a huge experienced corporation, we take all cases joyfully.
  4. Mobile Applications. Gifting customers a custom-developed solution, we develop fully-flinged software, both native and multi platform. Being compatible with major platforms, such as iOS or Android, our apps attract users with simple but juicy design and extended functionality.
  5. Product custom application development. With our custom software developers help you obtain full-cycle applications development at reasonable cost. Each software idea and requirement finds its place in the end product, which sufficiently your success.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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Edward van Guber

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