Full Cycle Product Development

Considering ultimate experience and irreplaceable specialists, we offer a complete full-stack top-notch and simply necessary development cycle services. Accepting your idea, employees make professional consultations and start making the future offspring prototype. Full Cycle product development means not only creating a strong code base, but regular support and updates along with thorough maintenance after application code completion.

Few people need only a part of the code of any program, even if it is very valuable and useful. Most users want fully functional software clients that can be used utilitarianly and for their intended purpose. This requires a full cycle product development - it is not the same, as "product life cycle".

Alfee company divides the entire software development process into two large parts: the analytics and design stage, as well as the development stage. At the first stage, the basis of the future site is laid: it is determined who will use it and how, user scenarios are developed, the architecture and logic of working with the product are designed, the general style is determined, and content is prepared.

Alfee Full Cycle App Development Services on Practice

Among all web product development cycle features we proudly offer you basic ones which will fully satisfy your application vital needs:

  • Early pre-coding (creating application from scratch).
  • Necessary framework patterns.
  • Product promotion on different platforms kinds.
  • Attractive product introduction.
  • Technical support during the lifecycle.

Usually IT professionals divide a complex process into such Full Cycle product development stages:

Creation of the Prototype

Simplest but surely the most important stage with creative minds participation. Employees study your idea diligently, figuring out product future possibilities with early sample assistance which enlightens the path ahead. When results really satisfy you, we may move into the next adventure phase.

Simplest but surely the most important stage with creative minds participation. Employees study your idea diligently, figuring out product future possibilities with early sample assistance which enlightens the path ahead. When results really satisfy you, we may move into the next adventure phase.

Minimum Viable Product Development

As the early application model is only an estimation, we must create something functionality liable. It concerns not only programs, but web-sites as well. Using the latest API together with CSS solutions we produce an effective cost-conscious basement providing further updates.

Product-Market Fit

Since Full Cycle product development services do not concentrate only around programming, our prevailing task is to sell your application or web-service receiving a desired outcome. We arrange thorough future customer research noting down which functions they prefer. Based on results, brilliant experts build a product corresponding exactly to the chosen target.

Launch of the Product

When finishing an application, we concentrate efforts to make it viable in a commercial environment. You’ll receive positive results in the short term.

Product Maintenance

We don’t ever leave our customers alone with the complex product received. Any questions, updates or problems resolvement is done 24/7 through client-oriented easy going technical support service. None of these issues stay ignored.


Offering you Full Cycle Software Development Services

Talking about multipurpose highly branched products, we mean a customizable highly scalable platform being supported by major platforms, such as desktop, mobile & web. Alfee offers all development types:

  1. Web-sites and web-services.
  2. Desktop applications.
  3. Using latest APIs.
  4. Any datafiles included.

Full Cycle software development services provide you with detailed activity reports concentrated on profit.

Web development

Easy accessible web-sites designed by creative teams will be flooded by new visitors in no time.

Desktop development

Flexible and expandable computer programs are realized in reasonable terms by a highly skilled team.

APIs integration

With correctly chosen protocols, we join different enterprise systems components together allowing their perfect interaction and best results.

Database integration

Different information sources, a single unified shell. That’s how people understand structural integrity, when you have easy access to desired information in one place.

Delivery management

With our full-cycle product development projects you’ll get a constant improvement process. We collect feedback regularly to have a clear vision of the right direction chosen.

Stages of Product Development Cycle

It should be noted that here it is extremely important to strictly follow the algorithm, that is the sequence of actions when building the structure of the software package, forming the design, coding and filling the logical structure of the client with content. Alfee has highly qualified software development teams in its staff who are ready in practice - from A to Z - to implement any web product you have in mind. Let's consider each of the stages in more detail.

Design layout development as first stage of product development life cycle

The result of this stage of software development is a set of new features: all pages of the site or application screens for all necessary permissions and devices, as well as the definition of rules for using program elements on them. Development teams create layouts for the main and all unique pages of the site or application screens. In their work, they rely on analytics, prototypes, design concepts, and SEO recommendations. The art director selects designers with relevant experience, controls the cleanliness of layouts and the unity of style.

At the concept formulation growth stage, a visual idea is selected, and at the design stage:

  • An answer is given to the question "How does it work?";
  • Developing style of all pages of the site;
  • The appearance of the elements is thought out in detail;
  • Effects are being worked out when the user interacts with the interface.

Responsive layouts are developed for each screen so that the site looks attractive and works well on different devices with different screen resolutions. Strict implementation of the full cycle software development will mean that site will be equally convenient on a computer, laptop, as well as on a smartphone. In projects with complex animations and visual effects, at the stage of design layouts, Alfee specialists involve frontend developers in order to think over the technical implementation in advance.

The final step of the stage is the preparation of layouts to realising and the formation of a UI kit. Designers put all types of interface elements there, and also determine how they react when hovering, clicking and switching between pages. This tool helps front-end developers to quickly put together layouts, avoid inconsistencies in elements, and maintain stylistic unity across all sections. Layouts are developed in Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator are used to create illustrations, visual effects icons, separate software is used for 3D and motion graphics.

Frontend programming as a stage of minimum viable product

The result of frontend development should be everything that the user interacts with on the site or in the application. The main goal of this software development life cycle is to make the resource user-friendly and efficient in terms of doing business. Frontenders are sometimes also called Creative Frontend Developers, as they put into practice previously planned design decisions. At this stage they get only minimum viable product.

Visual solutions, user scenarios are programmed, and in addition, they are informed of the functionality laid down by the designers. Frontend is more than just layout design. The tasks of Frontend Alfee development team include creating options that help the user to solve problems faster and more conveniently using the site. They add a lot of the next product features:

  1. Scripts are written, with the help of which the content is loaded onto the pages the first time the site is accessed. As a result, pages in the user's browser load faster, and the transition between them looks smoother.
  2. Elements are given interactivity so that buttons, input forms and other elements react logically to user actions and lead to the desired conversions.
  3. Complex animations and visual effects are implemented and optimized.
  4. An API is created for integration with the backend or CMS system. This links all user actions with the business logic of the web product.
  5. Unit tests are written to check after the development of each feature. These tests are needed to check how well this or that functionality works.

The basic frontend developer technologies are HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is used to mark up the page, CSS sets the styles and appearance, and JavaScript is responsible for the interaction and logic (reactions) of the elements to user actions. For more complex web services and ecommerce projects, front-end frameworks are used: Vue.js, React.

Backend programming

Alfee developers consider this product development stage has to go hand in hand with frontend development, while backend and frontend developers work closely together. The other name of this level of product development cycle is "growth stage". A site without a backend is nothing more than a beautiful shell. To make site work correctly, you need to program the data storage logic and the rules of the information exchanging between the server and the client part.

Backend developers program the internal logic of the site or web product:

  • server part of the site or application;
  • design databases that store all information about the content of all the site pages. Information about products and categories on the website of an online store, e.g.;
  • set up user roles and site management in the admin panel;
  • develop an API for integration with third-party services: mail, warehouse and commodity accounting programs like 1C, CRM, acquiring, etc.

Alfee developers write the backend in PHP. CMS systems are used for corporate sites and small online stores. In Atvinta, these are MODx and Bitrix. Complex custom projects use one of the most popular Laravel frameworks. It is easy to find support specialists for Laravel sites, unlike other less popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Our specialists usually use MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, PostgreSQL to construct databases with new features.

Testing phase as a part of product development process

Testing is needed to evaluate if everything works as it should and fix it before the project is handed over to the customer and released to end users after full cycle product development is over. Integration testing is carried out after each stage of site development: after the design stage, user scenarios are tested, layouts are checked according to the checklist, auto- and load tests are carried out after the development of each new function to check existing functionality. This is especially true for multifunctional web services.

The main types of testing are as follows:

  1. Frontend quality control. The art director and designers review the conformity of the layout and layouts. At this step, we check the accuracy of the grid, the size and location of elements, the correct processing of hovers and animations, line spacing, etc.
  2. Functional autotests. Alfee testers create special bots that automatically go through certain scenarios on the site and issue a report on the presence of technical errors. These scenarios are taken from the terms of reference.
  3. Unit tests are automated tests that are written by the developers themselves in the process of creating a site. They are held after the completion of each function throughout the project. Unit tests allow you to track the stability of each functional module, find and fix conflicts between them.
  4. Load testing. It is necessary to evaluate the performance of a site or service with increasing load. Such testing allows you to determine what power is needed for the correct operation of the site, and reveals "bottlenecks" in the performance of the web product.

Load testing usually needs Yandex.Tank. Front-end testing needs - Jest, and back-end testing - PHPunit.


Release of a website or web service

The other name of this level of product development cycle is "introduction stage". After completion of all the above stages, the site is transferred to the customer's server. The customer is given instructions for use. Users are being trained on how to use complex web products, such as factory automation services and ERP systems.

Support as a final part of full cycle software development

It is most reasonable to conclude a long-term contract for subscription services. In this case, the technical support team will work more quickly and problems will be fixed with minimal consequences. Support usually comes in three different forms:

  • Warranty support. Like any manufacturer of a technically complex product, Alfee provides warranty technical support of each website developed by our specialists. It also applies to situations where an error related to our code is found on the site.
  • Subscriber service. Under a subscription service agreement, Alfee specialists monitor the performance of the created project: so that the site is always available and does not “fall” due to external reasons. During a hacker attack or a large flow of users during promotions or sales, e.g.
  • Project development. Alfee designers and developers refine and qualitatively improve the functionality or interface of a software product. For example, when there is a need for a new feature or you need to change the design of the site, taking into account analytics and behavioral metrics.

Promotion as the Main Function of Full Cycle Product Development Company

Alfee has its own promotion and marketing department, which is making market research, analise all the features of product idea and target audience for every project. As a result of research the competitive analysis is being issued with recomendations for improvements of constructed resource. The goal - to make it more usefull for real clients - potential customers. Valuable feedback is taken into account here.

Then the department team forms a promotion strategy and, basing on it, launches contextual and targeted advertising campaigns, performs SEO optimization, prepares articles for promotion through a corporate blog, and creates landing pages to test hypotheses. This is the part of full cycle product development.

To track the effectiveness of advertising, our specialists connect Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, set goals, and set pixels for advertising systems. As a rule, every month the customer receives a report with statistical results for the past month, as well as a tactical work plan for the coming month.

Talking on Full-Cycle Product Development across industries

Alfee respects all business fields providing necessary tools for expert creations of various specialities. Unique revolutionary solutions are brought to your attention by a highly educated team ensuring the product's high standards are met. Among services we render there are:

  • eCommerce platforms represent electronic marketplaces, banking systems and protection websites which provide you with huge online-shopping possibilities keeping funds safe.
  • Education resources show you how spectacular the studying world may be. Preparing a fun journey schooling services give you the most priceless way to learn in easy gaming mode.
  • Finance web-sites and applications turn analytics into a convenient visual perfection field. You can choose an appearance mode, filter information and enjoy sufficient data on your device screen.
  • High Performance Software Products mean default solutions done by us. Coding is executed at newest industry standards considering fully compatible patterns and their effective interaction on each level.
  • Logistics & Transportation products give you the possibility to expedite, monitor and receive any valuability cargo, from ordinary things up to multimillion hi-tech equipment. All data is gathered in one place for convenience. Expedition process was never so attractive.
  • Marketplaces receive ultimate orders daily thanks to creative designers spreading their skills across the world. We will equip your shop with a highly intuitive interface with an easy ordering system so that nobody stays indifferent.
  • NFT Marketplace and NFT Gaming Marketplace propose the newest popular directions nowadays. You will easily exchange tokens, having an exclusive right to control shops.
  • Real Estate field is still the customers’ favorite. Selling, buying, renting houses, flats, apartments never gets outdated because everybody needs their own accomodation. Placing advertisements on Real Estate services, customers set prices or receive feedback immediately.
  • Technologies Websites inform you on latest inventions and commercial propositions systemizing news as per user’s preferences.

Questions for Full Cycle Product Development

What is full cycle product development services?

This implies the implementation of a full cycle of creating a software package. As a result, the customer is provided with a web product that fully complies with the terms of reference formed by him. To achieve this result, the Alfee development team works closely with the customer's technical specialists.

What are the stages of product development?

Full cycle software development starts with the creating of design layout, followed by frontend programming, backend programming, the testing stage, the release of a website or web service, as well as the development and support of a software product. Product development cycle technology is effective for creating as internet stores, as social media platforms.

Why you should choose Full Cycle App Development Company

Alfee shares priceless experience with customers showing how perfect applications may be. Welcoming fresh visions, we concentrate on making them viable supporting products lifecycle with top-notch energy efficient patterns. Let’s have a closer look on services spectrum:

  • As a Full Cycle development company our job is to take full responsibility for ideas generated. Diligent highly skilled programmers share their knowledge to keep your business running at high pace with most reliable technological solutions.
  • Allowing us to build a team around tasks being set you get high-performing solutions for a reasonable fee.
  • Full-Cycle engineering is created for people of true self-respect. We offer efficient solutions improving business quality and incomes.
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