Custom Web Application Development

If you are running your own business in this age of Internet technologies it is extremely important for you to be kept up-to-date of the new ideas and trends. Custom web application work in different spheres of business and help customers to minimise routine, reduce costs and bring the company to the top level.


Impact of Internet Technologies to our life

The Internet has completely permeated all aspects of our lives, beginning with social media, shopping, studying, and our jobs.

Every hour, we instinctively click on custom web app services without thinking about how they were created or how they work in general.

Meanwhile, teams of specialists-programmers, developers, and web designers work tirelessly to create powerful, user-friendly web applications for our convenience.

Alfee company is a leading one in custom web apps development

It is quite difficult to overestimate the complexity and importance of the tasks that any custom software development company is faced. Alfee is one of the top custom web application development company in these field.

Alfee team works in Major League

Alfee hires exclusively only by highly-educated, experienced web developers who successfully passed difficult exams to prove their abilities and knowledges. So, now they are competent to create completely unique and progressive web-apps.

Top-notch professionals of Alfee team apply the most advanced methodic and use innovative web app development technologies. They do their best in secure frameworks creating a firm basis for further development and more functionality providing.

The personal development for each client

Alfee company rule is to consider individual demands from each client personally.

Custom Web App Development Services Types


So, you are going to develop web application for your business. Where to start?

Choose your web app

Every web app development company can offer you a lot of various web apps, but your business needs some specific one. So at first it we have to identify your ideas' final goal.

Alfee company gives their customers a full-scale information about application development mechanisms to attempt a collective effort in solution search.

Honesty and collaboration

At this point it is very important for web application developers to get the most complete information. Web application development team needs to know all the ins and outs of business that they create software for to achieve their goals easier.

Indeed, it is crucial for successful software development process to work out a conjoint strategy that is based on understanding and interoperability and definite goals set.

Alfee team has no secrets from clients

Alfee company and their customers should have no secrets from one another. Honesty and clear conversation are necessary.

In these conditions we are able to reach heights unseen, at an easy rate, and achieve brilliant results that will be satisfying for both sides.

Any custom web app development services do well according to this rule, but Alfee company is top-of-the-line.

Alfee company: any ideas will be developed

You can refer to Alfee web app development team with any ideas demanding abstract-free solutions and your ideas will be accepted that demonstrates.

Alfee company develops a custom web application based onuses well-tried programming patterns. Alfee create their software within a short time taking into account all desires of customers.

And now let us start with some of the basic web development services that are provided by Alfee company for customers:

Stylish Front-end Development

Who did not hear about UI/UX? Nowadays we can meet this termin everywhere. What do you remember about hearing these words? Of course, about web design.

Actually, it is website outfitting that makes is what defines whether this website will grip the attention of the customer and wether the customer will aspire to stay on the resource longer.

Alfee artists create web design

You have some ideas of what way create the unique designe for your site, the designe that would bring your business particular qualities, your brand identity or your personality into focus?

Refering to Alfee team you may share your vision with purposeful web application development professionals and be absolutely shure they keep the idea's heart, deepening it impressively to obtain a unique colorific piece of art that includes only the best application concept sides.

Alfee creative graphics

Unbounded freedom is the main feature of our artists. Creating website designs they find new solutions every single time, they eagerly sculpture magnificent colourful illustrations.

Reliable Back-end Development

Your website looks very attractive. But is it functional?

Technical support of custom web applications

But actually attractive website outfitting, whatever luxury it looks, is only beautiful shell of your website. It won't make your web applications functional.

You can watch titanic work of technical specialists behind this colourful picture. They try to empower major pieces.

We use innovative schemes which support servers smooth operation in the immeasurable protocols ocean deeps and regulate users flow elaborately.

Alfee company uses reliable technologies

If you are a client of Alfee company you can be shure that a custom web application development team of Alfee brings technically advanced web solutions on the ground of reliable technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, etc.

What is paid special attention is API that visibly makes users’ team-work with the server more simply, so forehanded data can be updated.

Rapid MVP Development

MVP or a minimum viable product places its special place in all programming science. At this stage using custom web application development services you can get an unique demo version of your expected software with basic functionality.

Or, in plain language, special programmers group creates a special simplified application which lets you know how the finished software will take its functions.

So with such demo version you are able to define possible mistakes and remove them in plenty of time to get a solid foundation, helpful in adapting it for future coding.

At this stage customers have a last chance to make global changes easily. Don't forget, you won't get another chance, so pay great attention to what are you doing.

Endeavouring PWA development

PWA means Progressive Web Applications. What application can be determined as progressive? It is difficult to say. This definition is suitable for many different sites. We can call progressive the reliable business enterprise custom web resource or an one-page website made by ten-years-old schoolgoer.

Tree targets that will give you technical dominance


Imagine that you have to achieve some tree targets:

  • reliability: application loading and displaying in short order regardless of connection quality;
  • speed: quick data exchange and stepless UI functioning;
  • engagement: rising attractiveness, the software is so comfortable for users that they wil return to this resourse again and again.

These targets achieving will let you obtain technical dominance. And these targets can be placed in some extended scale.

Alfee company tries to achieve these tree targets too developing each product. Alfee motivates custom web app developers to make the most of technological opportunities that will let users get an supreme experience in tandem withexcellent comfort.

Secrets behind the Developing Custom Web Applications

Nowadays Internet technologies industry is so sophisticated that one programmer is not able to complete all the tasks to develop custom web applications.

So every web app development company has a team of web app developers. They are required to have a deep knowledge of internet technologies spheres, but they don't have to know the ins and outs of all branches of this science. Everyone is a specialist in his particular sphere and deals with matters falling within the framework. A task separation is usual practice among programmers.

And in view of this Alfee divides web apps development process into different categories. Various initiative teams work each in its own field implementing exclusive methods for web development tasks solution.

Alfee as a leading custom web development company offers customers different products in different spheres.

Enterprise resource & process management web applications

Web applicatios for business are characterized by 3 advantages that makes them very attractive:

  1. 01
    Web apps allow to reduce the cost. When all processes are automated and exchange data process is momentary we can save workers time. Material costs are reduced too. As a result, company releases free resources.
  2. 02
    Automation that increases work efficiency.
  3. 03
    Functionality. As a rule, a web service solves several problems. Therefore, the efficiency of the organization increases in a complex way.

Alfee company offers exclusive business solutions for their customers. Alfee software products can be used for Project & task management, HR and talent management, assets management, PLM, PIM, Compliance management etc.

Custom web application for healthcare

Nowadays Internet technologies help take care of our health. Where we could see cumbersome card-catalogues now the special electronic health record software is developed to help healthcare providers.

I'm seeing my doctor in Web App

Alfee company presents such useful software too. It helps in organism condition monitoring, doctor visits scheduling, assistance rendering and moreover.

Now we are able to keep all obligatory information in one secured place what of course is very useful device for specialty care providers.

Medical mobile apps

Medical mobile apps are useful effective tools for both of doctors and patients. Obviously, they aren't able to take the place of genuine doctor but they help to improve the healthcare providers work efficiency, provide accurate diagnosis, make doctor-patient interaction process more simply and comfortable, keep medical malpractice danger to a minimum, reduce the paperwork.

For medical mobile app successful work programmers-developers should observe the following principles:

  • Intuitive interface - the application should be easy to use and navigate;
  • Easy installation and fast update;
  • Data synchronization;
  • Safety and security of users personal information.

Healthcare apps development includes business analysis, UI/UX design, development, testing. What about operating systems, Android and iOS are still the most popular.

Customer-centric web applications


The software developed by Alfee company provides for e-banking solutions too.

Now a growing number of customers choose banking throw web applications. Internet technologies made banking quite fast and comfortable, but what is comfortable for payers is comfortable for swindlers too. So web app development companies work for banking activities security saving.

Alfee team experienced programmers who are very skilled in web application development create perfectly secure payment applications which watch out customers’ money, not allowing hackers to receive any personal info or channel funds to the wrong place.

With this Alfee company creates special informational portals that gather all necessary project data together and put them in some place of safety, where professional developers monitor security of these data.

Supply chain management custom web applications development

Another enterprise branch is Logistics. You could hardly find any place in our world where Logistics is not popular. All these numerous supply chain masses that are formed by goods transportation performed via sea, air or ground, must be regulated somehow.

Manage transport via the Internet? For the Alfee company it is easy

Among the web applications developed by the Alfee professionals team, there are those that are responsible for helping in managing fleet, that is particularly estimated by technical superintendents, optimizing inventory and monitoring delivery right from place A to the place B. Especially this service reached the highest popularity among customers.

Knowledge & productivity custom web apps development

You can remember a vast amount of information but it won't mean you have knowledge if you can't operate with this information, arrange connections between facts.

The perfect custom systems created by Alfee company are based on foremost Zettelkasten technology which prepares fundamental professional-level knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Web Applications

How much does it cost on average to develop a custom web application for 1 hour?

In general, web development projects are typically priced based on the overall scope of the project, rather than on an hourly basis. This means that the cost of a web development project is based on the total amount of work that needs to be done, rather than on the number of hours it will take to complete the work.

How many hours does it take to develop a web application?

The amount of time it takes to develop a web application can vary widely depending on the complexity of the application, the technologies and frameworks used, and the experience and skill level of the development team.

A simple web application may take only a few weeks or months to develop, while a more complex application could take several months or even years to complete.

What is the average cost of developing a custom web application?

The cost of developing a custom web application can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the application, the technologies and frameworks used, the duration of the development process, and the location and experience of the development team.

On average, the cost of developing a custom web application can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple application to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for a more complex application.

To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of developing a custom web application, it is recommended to consult with a web development company or freelancer and provide them with detailed requirements and specifications for the application. They will be able to provide a more accurate cost estimate based on the specific needs of the project.

What does it take to program large web applications?

Programming large web applications can be a complex and challenging task, as it typically involves the following steps:

  1. 01
    Defining the requirements and goals of the application: This involves understanding the needs of the users and the business, and determining how the application will meet those needs.
  2. 02
    Designing the application architecture: This involves determining the overall structure and organization of the application, including the technologies and frameworks that will be used.
  3. 03
    Implementing the application: This involves writing the code for the application, including both the front-end and back-end components. This can be a time-consuming process, as it typically involves writing and testing large amounts of code.
  4. 04
    Testing and debugging the application: This involves ensuring that the application is functioning correctly and fixing any issues that are found.
  5. 05
    Deploying the application: This involves making the application available to users, which can involve setting up servers, configuring networking and security, and other tasks.

To effectively program large web applications, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of web development technologies, the ability to solve problems effectively, and the skills to work well within a team. In order to program large web applications successfully, these skills are crucial.To effectively program large web applications, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of web development technologies, the ability to solve problems effectively, and the skills to work well within a team. In order to program large web applications successfully, these skills are crucial.

What does a standard web application structure look like?

A standard web application structure typically includes the following components:

  1. 01
    A front-end client, which is the user interface of the application. This is typically written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and is responsible for displaying the user interface and handling user interactions.
  2. 02
    A back-end server, which is responsible for handling server-side tasks such as handling requests from the front-end client, interacting with a database, and performing business logic. The back-end server is usually written in a programming language such as Python, Ruby, or Java.
  3. 03
    A database, which is used to store application data such as user information, application settings, and other data. The database can be a relational database (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL) or a NoSQL database (such as MongoDB).
  4. 04
    An application server, which is responsible for running the back-end server code and handling requests from the front-end client. The application server can be a standalone software program (such as Apache Tomcat or Node.js) or a cloud service (such as AWS Lambda).

The typical web application structure typically includes a front-end client that communicates with a back-end server over a network, such as the internet, and the back-end server accesses a database to save and retrieve data. Essentially, the structure of a web application involves a front-end client interacting with a back-end server, which in turn communicates with a database.The typical web application structure typically includes a front-end client that communicates with a back-end server over a network, such as the internet, and the back-end server accesses a database to save and retrieve data. Essentially, the structure of a web application involves a front-end client interacting with a back-end server, which in turn communicates with a database.

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