Node.js Development Company

As a progressive Node.js development company Alfee are working on creating smart, reliable, high-speed solutions to large businesses, newcomers to the IT field, as well as entrepreneurs who seek to enhance the value of business and want to make customer coverage more extensive.

Js doesn't create multiple threads for each request or wait for one request to finish before starting another. It runs on a single thread, initiates multiple, simultaneous requests. If no data is returned when the server calls Application Programming Interface (API). We are a leading Node. js web development services provider, so we take this system into our technological solutions in order to provide customers with best software products.

Grow your business with increased speed, keep up with times and stay ahead of competition using our reliable, efficient js real-time development services. We take care to create the best multifunctional, efficient, software quality js development solutions.

Set ambitious goals and achieve them

Goal of our work is to develop result-oriented solutions to businesses that are guaranteed to increase user engagement. Hire js a web development company, you will open up unique opportunities for a flexible approach to software solutions with simultaneous, faster testing, analysis of changes.

Dedicated team of js developers have professional skills working on js runtime environment. Using a flexible methodology, highly qualified experts create effective, innovative mobile apps that are designed to expand business opportunities with js solutions to web development.

The benefits of using Node.js as a software development company

Alfee is a company with many years of experience in software development. We have been working with various technologies for a long time, understand what pitfalls lurk in use of each of them. This is what led us to conclude that Node.js is best suited for such purposes of the following reasons.

Economic efficiency

Node.js development process allows you to create server-side web applications. This means you don't have to worry about infrastructure, you only pay for power you use. In addition, this model provides exceptional scalability, allowing you to take full advantage of agile methodologies.

Scalability and rapidity

Node js is one of the most effective server frameworks. This significantly reduces loading time of even complex dynamic mobile apps. It is ideal for both web games, enterprise solutions. On top of that, js applications scale easily, leaving room for further elaboration.

Full cycle elaboration

Node.js developers are able to write both external, internal code. This means that the entire application can be created by a single development team under guidance of a project manager. No more juggling responsibilities between teams, no more communication failures. One project is one technology partner.

Real-time Web applications

Js is ideal for creating real-time applications such as games, instant messaging apps. Its non-blocking, event-driven design allows multiple tasks to be performed simultaneously, making web applications faster than ever before. It is not surprising that node js is used for innovative practices.

Advantages of Node. js Development Services

Current pace of business elaboration in an intelligent digital environment is widely used by node.js thanks to its flexibility, adaptability and ability to adapt to individual requirements. Alfee business-oriented js web development services include:

  • Creating plugins.
  • Version migration.
  • Building Node.js apps in real-time.
  • Product maintenance and technical support.
  • User Programming Node JS.
  • Web development of e-commerce.
  • Node.js Chatbot elaboration.
  • Node js integration with SAP.
  • Elaboration of internal information panels.
  • CMS and server solutions.
  • Image Processing mobile apps.
  • System Monitoring Panels.
  • Social Media Apps.
  • Node.js Increasing command.

Companies using js have the opportunity to create and run smart, reliable and modern Web Applications. Node.js is particularly popular in the field of JavaScript and same programming language backend application elaboration due to its wide capabilities and affordable digital solutions.

The main advantages of choosing Node.js development team:

  • Flexibility. Thanks to its flexibility, js is perfect even for working with such impulsive and heavy applications as PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix and so on.
  • High speed operation. Node.js uses only one line in its work, instead of several, so it ensures high speed of its products.
  • Reduced cost of Development. Cost of node.js development is very reasonable considering its wide possibilities and variety of functionality.
  • Improved Data Handling. js custom web development allows you to organize unhindered data exchange, efficient internal interface and speedy solutions from Windows Nonstop to UNIX and OS X servers.
  • Back-end & Front-end elaboration. Js has been widely used to manage Back-end & Front-end elaboration due to the fact that this technology is based on JavaScript.
  • Real-Time Web Applications. Js environment makes elaboration of multi-user web applications in real time accessible and easy.

Products we offer as a node js development company

Let's tell you a little more about our products that lead your company to success: they create high-quality services, satisfy customers and as a result increase profits.

Node.js web development

Web development services based on js, allow you to create unique applications. And developers will implement them in such a way that business will be doomed to be efficient and developing, which will make it possible to become first among competitors.

Node.js Product elaboration

If you want to get lightweight, quickly scalable and feature-rich applications, you just need to familiarize yourself with the principle of elaboration of Node.js. Applications become user-friendly so that they will not want to leave your site and will certainly come back again, since there is a shortage of such products on the market.

Elaboration of internal information panels

Each business usually has its own wishes and its own vision of what the result should be. Adapting solutions to unique business requirements is what services can offer you js . Already many companies all over the world delegate this work to us as a leading development company.

Node.js Blockchain Application

Alfee is not only a Node.js software development company, but specialists also create solutions based on blockchain, which allows us to support work of companies focused on trading cryptocurrencies.

Integration with the Google V8 engine

Node.js development guarantees that JavaScript code will be executed efficiently, legibly and without any errors. In addition, our specialists, if necessary, will open the Google V8 engine into the product.

Real-time Web Socket programming

Whether a user becomes your client depends directly on how quickly they receive a response from your application. We are proud of the fact that Alfee specialists are able to implement real-time web layout programming into products with extremely high quality and without any problems in order to ensure as low latency as possible.

Flexible modification of the module

Approach to working with clients is extremely individual, but what sets us apart in the market is the fact that we are engaged in module modification. That is why creating Node mobile apps.js easily helps to integrate all structures into service.

NPM Elaboration

Our Node elaboration differs not only in quality, but also in reliability. If in the course of work it will be necessary to create and publish a private NPM package to our client, our experts will ensure that it is completely safe.

Node.js Hosting Services

Alfee, as we mentioned earlier, is not only a software development company working with js, we can also integrate the results of our work on widely used hosting services. As an example, NodeChef, Digital Ocean, GCP, Heroku, Glitch and of course AWS.

What about custom software development?

As a Node.js Alfee developer company has designated its global presence around the world with a qualified team specializing in various technology stacks.

We use opportunities in the digital world, creating highly effective solutions to improve business efficiency. Our company, engaged in custom software development, strives to provide comprehensive customized solutions to our customers around the world and solve technological problems faced by enterprises.

What will we get by choosing Node.js Development Solutions?

Only best specialists with high hard-skills, soft-skills get into our team of Node.js developers. We are constantly developing, following the latest modern solutions. Applications created in the js environment always work smoothly with internal and external business devices. Among system solutions that our team works with, we need to highlight following:

  1. Web Development with full functionality. Our Node.js programmers pay attention to the needs of business both externally and internally. Experienced developers who make up our professional team have deep knowledge in the field of working with js, TypeScript, React, Angular, Express and other frameworks.
  2. Working with API interfaces. In creating a high-performance web application, it is very important to pay attention to APIs. We provide services in third-party integration and elaboration of APIs.
  3. Cloud platforms. Our specialists provide services for implementation of modern cloud platforms in Node.js web applications. We are working with platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, our team is constantly analyzing the market and monitoring the appearance of new resources.
  4. Content Management System. Working with us, you have the opportunity to improve management, analysis, optimization of web content. High results can be achieved by working in a Content Management System. Having access to js expandable admin panel and using experience of CMS developers, working with web products becomes simple and effective.
  5. Elaboration of E-commerce applications. Thanks to our diverse and rich experience in working with electronic commerce websites, we offer web development services in order to create reliable and fast Nodes. js app.

Why do the top successful companies choose us?

For 10 years now, in more than 40 countries all over the world, Alfee has been helping thousands of companies to create js web development solutions for applications. Best thing you can do for the prosperity of your business is to turn to our highly professional development team in order to make your upcoming projects promising and competitive.

Our Node.js development company implements an impossible combination of such work characteristics as low cost of services, consistently high quality, top work speed:

  • Reasonable Prices. To maintain competitive prices, we regularly study market and competitors' offers, so by contacting us you can be sure that you will not overpay for services rendered.
  • Highly specialized team. Be sure that developers involved in implementation of your high-end Node.js backend solutions are highly professional specialists with rich experience and broad knowledge in the field.
  • Security & openness. We are open to work inside and closed to outside contacts. We listen carefully to your project idea and work through it. At the same time, your data science, as well as your ideas, are absolutely safe. We guarantee confidentiality, non-disclosure of details of work with our clients.
  • Flexible approach. We do not work in a one-sided rigid approach, but offer a number of options, solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction. Our customers always turn to us again, because we achieve high satisfaction and business of customers is growing and requires new solutions.

Top Node.js development companies – details

Time to learn more on the best businesses we have listed. We analyze key aspects of every vendor's offer such as services, project portfolio or skills. Analyzing data helps you understand people you liked in the preceding step, check whether they provide what you're looking for. Detailing on clients' reviews and industries they are particularly knowledgeable in can help you determine a candidate's profile. We also tell you about companies’ cultures because a shared culture is useful when you work on a project.

Our NodeJs web development process

Are you already looking at a project?

Contact us! Formulate in detail your wishes on what result should be, what requirements, what functions you would like to implement. How fully you describe this information will affect our work on planning development time, resources for implementation of such a project Node.js.

Signature of the contract

To protect your data and a potential business idea, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

Start of elaboration

Our specialists are distinguished by many years of experience, a large number of implemented cases. So that you can bring your product to market much faster, web application was made in the best way, we suggest you choose a Node developer.js in order for your idea to become a real product that makes a profit.

Industries in which we are the leading Node js development company

Alfee offers its Node js development services to a huge number of companies all over the world. Our elaboration solutions allow customers to quickly enter the market and start earning, also with most innovative tools.

Our Node js development team has experience working with companies in such industries as healthcare, education, business, financial organizations, travel companies, e-Commerce, news services, representatives of catering companies, logistics organizations, agro-industrial complexes and many others.

Big Data Business Applications

If your company is engaged in working with data: analyzing trends, patterns, predicting customer behavior on services, then using Node.js is just a must. Here you will receive a service that will automatically process a huge amount of information, identify all relationships you need. Most modern technologies will work for you immediately.

High-performance content services

Working with content implies speed and automaticity of publications on various devices, applications in order to reach a large number of audiences and potential customers. All this can help you implement a custom software development company, and Alfee among them will provide reliability and a relatively small implementation price.

Financial Apps

Applications for financial organizations are now gaining popularity, technologies they use are becoming more and more innovative. Introduction of nodejs development services into their work will ensure your company's leading position among competitors. You can provide services ranging from online banking to trading instruments, but success is guaranteed for you.

Healthcare Applications

Recent events in the world have shown the importance of new modern technologies that are included in the work of healthcare. Such web apps should first of all be reliable in terms of data security, allow you to be connected in real time, most importantly, scale quickly and without difficulty. Thus, node js development companies face these tasks, which are easily implemented.

Data Streaming Apps

Ultimate goal of web apps for data streaming is to extract necessary information from the data array as quickly as possible. Speed of such an operation depends on profit, success of cooperation among competitors. Alfee js developers work with similar tasks and develop the best solution.

Chatbots and real-time web apps

Chatbots and chat applications are gaining popularity among companies and customers, among other things, due to their convenience. Do you want a dedicated team to make such an application fast, responsive, trouble-free? In this case, our software engineers will implement it as soon as possible. 

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