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MVP Mobile App Development Services

Minimally viable products with minimum functionality have become very popular, not only in the startup domain. Such solutions are also known and used in the software development and computer games industry. Giants such as Facebook, Groupon, Airbnb, Amazon, and Dropbox also began to conquer the market in the MVP formula. And in the article, we will consider in detail the advantages, limitations, and conditions that are associated with MVP mobile app development services.

A Short Definition of Minimum Viable Product

Digital products created in the MVP development services are very often compared to samples that are offered to customers in other industries. Minimum viable product is also compared to experimental scientific methods in which research hypotheses are tested, verified, and falsified.

Minimum Viable Product is a model, a formula that protects business owners against erroneous investment decisions, against creating products that customers will reject or which will not enjoy satisfactory business interest.

Testing in the Early Stages of Development

MVP is about business hypotheses, about seeking feedback. For checking whether a given business idea is justified by the market - whether it will generate interest that will translate into satisfactory revenues and profits. Behind the MVP development services is the idea that no idea is good enough on paper, and none is convincing enough until it is confronted with user needs.

At the same time, no idea, no product can be crossed out on paper until it is put on the market test. Everyone needs feedback - testing. Of course, in the conditions of minimizing financial risk and certain design prudence, expressed in a limited time and limited involvement of resources. Experimenting, minimizing risk, and looking for opportunities are the most important values, and activities that drive business owners who want to start the adventure of their market quickly with MVP.

MVP Software Development in Startups

Depending on the business model you have adopted in your startup, costs are probably of key importance to you. When it comes to creating all kinds of software, regardless of the model of cooperation with the developer - it is worth cooperating only with a small group of specialists. Alfee team is a hard nut to crack for someone looking to find a really experienced programmer.

Our MVP developers have experience in engineering software for small businesses. The model of cooperation with startups is very different from working in a large corporation. Alfee development team validates the technical skills of all the candidates for the job title with test assignments.

Also in business soft skills are important that allows you to establish relationships, thoroughly understand the problem and ultimately create an even more precise and tailored solution.

The Problems MVP App Development Company Can Face

When creating an MVP app development project, it is also worth remembering about possible problems that arise. The basic risk is related to the possibility of making assessments and predictions based on incorrect premises.

Changes made as part of the MVP mobile app development services should result from very specific, consciously defined indicators and feedback, which should take into account the differences between the models.

It is worth remembering that the majority of startups do not achieve market success for the most prosaic reason - a digital product, a digital service they offer, does not arouse interest and is not able to generate sufficient revenues. So that the success of a digital product depends on the refinement of three key features that should characterize the project in the MVP model.

Minimum Viable Product

MVP is a feature focusing on validating product-market fit, learning, and understanding the needs and problems of users. It is identifying the shortcomings of the project at an early stage, getting to know the user, and solving crucial issues that may appear in the future.

Minimum Marketable Feature

MMF pays attention to a minimum set of features that are of any value to the customer. In other words, it is a small standalone feature that can be developed quickly and that provides the user with considerable value.

Minimum Marketable Product

MMP is focused on determining the profitability of the project. Minimum Marketable Product is the term used to refer to the product that has the fewest proper characteristics but is salable and marketable. This approach gives for faster implementation of the product into the production environment and a faster start to generate profits.

MMP allows you to focus on a limited number of functions instead of long product creation hidden away. In addition to minimizing risk, we gain in cost and time. Building a perfect product that we will only release into the world is never the best solution.

MVP Development Process Implementation in Terms of Business Needs

Being more than a prototype and less than a full version of the product, MVP is also the starting point for correcting the direction of digital product development in the future.

From a business point of view, the rationale for implementing an MVP product lies in various factors, most notably the ability to gain greater customer retention with the application, the interest of user groups for innovative products, and decision-making for small businesses and projects. In addition, thanks to MVP development, there is a more precise positioning, adjustment, and launch of a digital product.

With the MVP model, it is possible to gain a strategic advantage in the market, determine the minimum profitability of the product, as well as minimize the time and resources development company that is required to create a project.

Mobile App Development Company - the Key to Optimization

The MVP model allows you to optimize the way of meeting the needs, but the MVP development process of the app must meet clearly defined priorities, clear definitions, and adequate tools.

First, you require a proper diagnosis of the problem that the MVP is to solve. The problem is real and worth attention, as long as it is a problem for users, so pressing that it requires adequate tools, methods, and means.

The second is the accurate definition of the target group (in the qualitative and quantitative sense) of mobile app developers who feel the difficulty, seek its solution, or are at least open to such a solution, and ready to try it.

And the last is the defining needs, business goals in various time perspectives, success criteria, and how the issue will be solved by the MVP: its attractiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, availability, speed, ease, and broadly understood cost.

How to Plan an MVP App Development Process

The main goal and benefit of creating digital products in the MVP model is the possibility of quick, relatively cheap entry into the market.

The MVP approach, being a tool to verify and validate the value, allows you to collect information, develop a product, or program (its features, and attributes), and ensure its constant growth. It is therefore important to establish a certain balance between what a digital product offers to users and what users require.

Benefits of creating an MVP development company or product

From creating a concept, and vision of a product (a mobile application, desktop software, service provided to the user online) to offering it to users, thanks to the MVP development, it does not take much time for the Alfee team. Short timeframes are one of the main factors behind the popularity of MVPs.

Equally attractive is the way of software development products with key functionality, which is usually conducted in agile methodologies.

The most important business goals and benefits of MVP mobile app development services are:

  1. 01
    the ability to test technological solutions, product functions, business models, and problems and probe, discover, transform and understand needs and their determinants;
  2. 02
    obtaining arguments, allowing to make more accurate and effective business, technological and UX decisions;
  3. 03
    discovering market niches, ensuring user satisfaction, and the ability to measure the level of customer interest;
  4. 04
    the ability to establish an optimal configuration of functionality, features, attributes, and modes of operation;
  5. 05
    risk minimization, optimizing, diversifying the budget, obtaining large, significant amounts of qualitative and quantitative data;
  6. 06
    the ability to discover the rank of functions performed by users of a digital product - not so often that the functions that the creators consider basic are treated by users as peripheral and vice versa.

In terms of design and business, using the potential of MVP also means being able to more accurately define priorities in workflows.

Appreciation of the Users of the MVP Products

Specific customer needs, approaches, goals, values, ways of acting, thinking, and evaluating should constitute an important point of reference in the process of digital product development.

The interest of individual types of users of products (including digital ones) coincides with the product life cycle.

Although MVP is a "limited" version of the product (not to be confused with a landing page, however), it is still a product that should be refined in terms of functionality and User Experience.

Therefore, its creation should be carried out by the subsequent stages, and phases of creating digital products - the discovery phase, the phase of the strategy, concept development, the design phase, and the implementation phase.

Types of Product Users

The MVP model is focused on education, understanding, and development based on data and feedback, hence it is necessary to ensure the quality of information obtained from end users. They have distinguished the following types of product users:

  1. 01
    Innovators, who are willing to take risks, are open and interested in testing new solutions like introducing changes.
  2. 02
    Early Adopters, enjoy authority and have a great influence on shaping opinions and evaluations of other people.
  3. 03
    Early Majority, avoid risks and make consumer choices rationally and carefully.
  4. 04
    Late Majority, are willing to purchase products and services that have been tried and tested by other users.
  5. 05
    Laggards, who value traditional methods of operation and are very reluctant to change and risk, their appearance usually suggests that the product is not perceived as innovative and is losing its current status.

The market success of a digital product depends on whether the MVP offers sufficiently attractive value to users and on having a clear vision of the future benefits that will extend as the product develops.

Alfee Team Provide MVP development services

A minimally useful, profitable product for users and customers must offer sufficiently attractive value for them to want to use it. Alfee company provides a clear vision of future benefits of MVP mobile app development services that ensure rationality, security, economy, efficiency, and trouble-free.


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