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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Company


Every year the issue of cross-platform applications causes more and more controversy in the world of development. Undoubtedly, in each individual case, you need to determine what is more relevant - native or cross-platform application, the choice depends on the requirements of the project. In turn, cross-platform technologies are actively developing in order to meet a wide variety of tasks.

And the main advantage of cross-platform still is that this development method saves both time resources and financial costs. The mobile application market is constantly growing, the number of applications in the App Store and Google Play is growing rapidly, and it is profitable for businesses to provide users with their product on both platforms.

Just a mobile app and a sea of opportunities

A modern and truly successful company is unthinkable without its own mobile application. Most of the traffic these days comes from smartphones. And these are extended opportunities not only for buyers who quickly got used to online services. Mobile applications, especially cross-platform ones, are a huge potential for a business, whether it is a startup or a large corporation.

Do you want your mobile application to become as profitable as possible? It is necessary to choose the right development method. And this is the task for real professionals. Trust your business to our app developers having an experience of creating such cases - dealing with cross platform frameworks and hybrid mobile apps with native elements.

But creating an application working on different platforms is just the tip of the iceberg, the main development efforts of maintaining the product lies ahead.

Reliable cross platform mobile apps

Are you tired of the endless search for a credible and trustworthy cross platform app development company? Would you like to find a credible team which is eager to put in practice most incredible ideas?

Alfee can solve all your issues and offer you best-in-class technological solutions. Let's discuss in more detail with what tools this is feasible.

What will your business get if we develop a cross-platform application for it

A cross-platform development approach can take your enterprise to the next level. We list only some of the problems that this method of development can solve.

The cross-platform nature of your application can increase the reach of your users (and buyers) by several times. Customer reach is increased by merging audiences from different operating systems.

Due to the convenience of the interface provided by cross-platform mobile application development, your customers' loyalty increases. As a result, the number of repeat purchases and the percentage of users choosing your company among competitors is growing.

Finally, thanks to cross-platform development, your project will be able to get higher profits, because it will be able to enter the market quickly and cost-effectively. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Try it and enjoy the result.

When native development should be preferred to cross platform one

However, with all the many advantages of cross-platform development, it must be taken into account that this method may not be suitable for some mobile applications. Here are the most common obstacles:

  1. 01
    If the application interface is rather complicated. With a large number of simultaneous processes, it would be more appropriate to choose a native approach to developing a mobile application so that the quality and performance of the product does not suffer.
  2. 02
    Game applications with many animations. It is problematic to combine these scenarios with the principles of cross-platform development.
  3. 03
    Applications that do not use intermediate libraries and are aimed at high performance. In this case, it is also preferable to choose native development to create native applications, since this technique just specializes in maximum performance.

Native mobile apps, hybrid apps or cross platform application development?

Our team of mobile app developers has been successfully building universal multi-platform apps for decades and provide the best offers on the market of cross platform development tools. We deserve to be called a leading company in the industry due to the robust and edge-cutting products we create.

Alfee professionals keep pace with the most advanced tendencies of app development and implement new technologies in their projects - the best cross platform development tools, extended opportunities for track user analytics, powerful solutions for specific devices. Our developers operate in many programming languages, create mobile apps with native features, highly compatible, for both Android and IOS devices.

Why should you trust application development to Alfee?


We can guarantee the unsurpassed quality of the services we provide, and here's why:

  1. 01
    More than 10 years of work on mobile app development that meet the most demanding needs of customers, including well-known leading companies and industry leaders. We value our reputation and are up to date with the latest news in the world of cross platform application development.
  2. 02
    The qualification of our specialists allows us to provide a solution for non-standard tasks and non-trivial projects. This means that even in the most unusual situation, you can be sure that the service will be performed with the highest quality. Extensive experience in business analysis and app development, which has no analogues - all this is available in our company for your convenience and future success.
  3. 03
    Another characteristic that allows us to provide our customers with the smooth operation of their business is round-the-clock technical support. By agreement with the customer, it is possible to monitor the productivity of the developed application with mobile app development tools. This eliminates unexpected downtime and further possible loss of revenue.
  4. 04
    Our advantage is that we carefully focus on the tasks and needs of the client's business. In our opinion, success is possible only with deep immersion in the essence of the problem and business logic. In addition, all employees of our company are involved in the joint work on the project of developing apps. This is the merit of the well-coordinated work of our company, and the competent distribution of resources. Working with us is a process with predictable development time, expected deadlines and reduced development cost.
  5. 05
    Another principle that we strictly adhere to is the proactivity of the entire team. In our company, when working on a project, there are active discussions of working issues. Thanks to our internal corporate mentoring system, you can be sure that the task you set will be solved in the best possible way. We are absolutely convinced that our maximum productivity will lead to the stunning results of your business performance and exceed your wildest expectations.

Limitless adaptive possibilities for the best product performance on the market

As far as native cross platform is considered, we implement a wide range of tools to get the desired result. People choose Alfee as a top developing company because we strive to deliver timely and accurate solutions tailored to customers’ particular needs and budget for cross platform apps.

In addition, it is important for Alfee to modernize the mobile apps in such a way that it is as user-friendly as possible: app development should be time consuming, have easier maintenance, high quality graphics and highly responsive interface.

Multiple Platform App Development by Alfee

If you want to get top cross platform mobile development, you should stop wasting your time on useless companies dealing with narrow developing spheres. Undoubtedly, it may be difficult to choose the right company to cooperate with.

Nevertheless, we can assure you that mobile platform development with Alfee deserves your attention. First of all, due to the fact that Alfee devotes a lot of time and effort to the process of cross platform mobile development and has accumulated many developments in differnt areas - windows mobile app engineering, Android and IOS apps, native platforms.

Cross Platform Development by Alfee

Mobile application development capabilities and workflows are among the most sought after among SMEs and large enterprises. Cross-platform development with a certain cross platform framework provides businesses with the ability to rapidly design and deploy mobile assets on various devices without the need to recode each operating system or platform in their mobile app. In an industry in which developers are looking to develop new and innovative software products, time, resources and funding are the critical considerations executives must consider.

Alfee Development Consulting

The development of a mobile application is a long-term program that implies close cooperation between the developer and the client. In order for mobile app development to be effective, an individual approach is applied.

Cross-platform application development is the best option for startups. Firstly, the idea of ​​these projects continues to take shape and be implemented, changing along the way. Secondly, the cross-platform approach allows you to test the idea with a limited budget and time for implementation. Thirdly, a cross-platform application is an ideal solution for a quick release of a product to the market, which is especially important in today's rapidly changing tastes, preferences and demand.

Cross-platform development of mobile applications is also beneficial in that it provides for integration with a large number of software bases. Thus, cross-platform applications are universal, because they are created for all platforms. In cases where cross platform app development is preferable, but some native components are needed, it is possible to implement hybrid mobile app development.

After a more thorough analysis and a certain test period, it often makes sense to develop a native application. For this application, as a rule, it is necessary to be aware of the preferences of the target audience. For example, it may turn out that the vast majority of users use the same operating system, therefore, it is on it that you need to develop an application with a more personalized interface and faster functions.

Cross Platform Mobile Development - app development services

Our team has vast experience in building cross platform applications. Although many people choose other options, for example, Hybrid app, we still know that there are numerous advantages of cross platform app development:

  • More time-efficient. In case of cross platform apps, developing takes less time than with Native app development. Another undeniable plus is that a huge percentage of the codebase is available for reuse. This minimizes debugging costs.
  • One code base. The methodology can be applicable both to IOS and Android, which is undoubtedly one of the main pluses.
  • Less costly. Multi platform app development won't cost you much in comparison with other options. That's why people who own small startups choose cross platform frameworks.

Undoubtedly, each methodology has its own pros and cons. Therefore, each approach should be chosen based on your strategy and business planning.

When you are informed about all the strong sides of the development methodology, we know how to get maximum benefit from easy cross platform mobile app development. What we choose are apps with increased engagement capacity and total security.

With our work, thousands of large-scale enterprises and small startups have achieved success.The main reward for our company is to watch your business grow and blossom.

We strongly believe that having worked with our team, you will recommend it as the best cross platform app development 2023.

Now let us say a few words about the technologies we leverage.

Tendencies of developing cross platform apps and cross platform app frameworks

Cross platform app frameworks are developer tools that allow them to create a product that meets all the needs of the customer. Let's consider the most popular frameworks.

React Native

We take advantage of all React Native benefits to create secure and robust products for business. This inexpensive cross-platform framework makes it possible to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS with native plugins and strong CLI.

Another advantage of React Native is its high testing speed. Also, the obvious advantages of the React Native framework are the community with rich library, which, of course, has a positive effect on the speed of development.


Xamarin developing technology is no less popular due to its advanced character and functionality. This will be the best option for those who want to have a customized performant app developed with the use of C# and .NET. In addition to the major platforms (Android and IOS), the MacOS platform is under development, which also opens up new prospects for the customer.


Our Ionic developers are ready to implement all your ideas to create a new stunning app. This open-source SDK makes it possible to build apps (mobile, web, desktop) with increased flexibility and functionality.

The advantage of developing with the Ionic framework is that it is enough to write the code once and then use it on all necessary platforms. Therefore, this principle contributes to saving time and money spent on development.


Flutter technology makes it possible to provide you with best-in-class apps that amaze with their graphics and advanced features. This Google framework, where Dart programming language is used, minimizes the time you spend on app creation and is perfect for PWA, SPA, etc.

With our multiplatform mobile app development start-up can easily turn into a large enterprise. We deliver top applications that have no analogues in the same category.

The popularity of the Flutter framework among developers is incredibly high, and this is a well-deserved success. Flutter is a very flexible and promising framework.

If necessary, Flutter framework can transform its cross-platform focus. The Flutter toolkit allows us to develop a wide variety of mobile applications and is optimal for many mobile development tasks and mobile platforms.

You will leave all your rivals far behind. Our experts are ready to work with any platform for mobile application development or for other hardware you select.

Efficient Cross Platform App Development Solutions: Alfee cross platform mobile development

Each project we work on to build cross platform mobile apps is a real masterpiece in the sphere of informational technologies. We manage to achieve great results due to persistence and hard work.

What does working with Alfee mean?


Alfee is a leading development company providing services to companies and enterprises worldwide with a global reach. We have a solid track record with more than 1,000 successfully completed orders. The results we provide our clients always meet their expectations. In addition, we:

  1. 01
    Individual approach. There can't be two identical cases, that’s why we develop top apps with unique characters.
  2. 02
    Seamless native cross platform app development. All our cross-platform products are in no way inferior to any hybrid app. We develop the best apps with a profound understanding of all the specifics of the process.
  3. 03
    Wide range of tools & techniques. Our team is constantly developing. We don’t want to fall behind, and we constantly try to master new spheres.
  4. 04
    Maximum user engagement. If you want to get the best cross platform mobile app development, or find a top company to build a complex app for any hardware - turn to Alfee. We deliver unique products with much interactivity and attractive options - for example, we are ready to provide unusual user interface, regarding preferences of the target audience.
  5. 05
    Experienced team of cross platform developers. There is nothing impossible for us, we are ready to work for different platforms (android platforms, ios platforms - dealing both with app stores and google play store), using various programming languages (java, javascript and others). We can work with Apple hardware and Android devices without any difficulties.
  6. 06
    Bright ideas. Working with us you get a personalized product, which has no 100% analogues. We are glad to put all your thoughts into practice, but we have some brilliant ideas to offer you as well. The process of collaborative development with high customer involvement promises to make the product meet all the requirements of the end user.
  7. 07
    Maintenance and support 24/7. You can fully rely on us, since we are always there for you ready to solve all possible issues that may arise concerning cross platform app development. We have all the best cross platform tools, software development kit necessary for each app development process, emerging technologies for more convenient and quicker development process resulting in the best app's performance.

Checklist for a client ordering cross platform mobile app development

Alfee's portfolio indicates the company's highest record it maintains in an industry ranking. In other words, the list of services we have provided and reviews of our work is the best evidence of credibility in the professional IT community:

  • The business plan of any mobile app development, including cross-platform development, should begin with the definition of the client's business goals. The more accurately the needs of the customer's audience are determined, the more targeted the development of the application will be and the more fruitful the investment in a new product will be.
  • Cross platform mobile apps are available for a wide range of industries, including finance and banking, healthcare, sports, trade and sales management, tourism, education and others.
  • The scope of the business determines the functionality of the mobile apps. Depending on user preferences, an interface toolkit will be formed. In particular, the client informs the customer about the need to cache data, ensure their integration with social networks and other applications and programs, track the user's location, add databases and other functions.
  • In addition, the issue of updating and maintaining the application is also subject to discussion. This aspect is important because the efficiency of business processes will directly depend on the performance of the application. The relevance of changes in the services market will also be supported by timely maintenance of the software.

At the same time, strategic partnership becomes a factor of mutually beneficial success for our customers and our company.

Your guide to the world of cross platform mobile app development


We support a balanced approach to choosing a company - the developer of cross platform apps, and also stand for a thoughtful attitude to the mobile development process.

Years of work in cross platform mobile app development allows us not only to offer you a ready-made solution, but to create and implement a unique combination of methods - to apply the most appropriate aspects of each methodology or use each development methodology separately if the situation of mobile development requires it.

If you still have any doubts about Alfee team expertise or you want to clear up some information about cross platform development, pros and cons of a native mobile app and hybrid apps - please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would gladly consult you on the most popular cross platform mobile app development and on anyother issues that interest you regarding mobile devices, development tools and user interface.

Summing up

Every year people spend more and more time surfing the Internet. Smartphones with various applications have entered our reality. We can no longer imagine our lives without online stores, delivery services, mobile banking and other convenient applications.

Cross-platform mobile application development opens up new horizons for both users and business owners - everyone wins. We invite you to cooperate and promise that your business will get a real breakthrough with us.

Questions for Cross-Platform Mobile APP Development

What is the price range for Cross-Platform Applications development?

Cross-Platform Applications development is an incredibly beneficial tool for businesses as it helps to broaden their user base by engaging many different platforms. The pricing of Cross-Platform Applications development can vary widely depending on the complexity of the platform, the hosting and the scalability of the application. Generally, the costs can range from $10, 000 to $200, 000 or more. Business owners should take into account all factors, such as the needs and complexity of their platform, when deciding which pricing plan works best for their project. Overall, Cross-Platform Applications development offers great benefits to businesses who look to expand their user base and engage a wider audience, while also looking to stay within their budget.

What factors affect the speed of creating Cross-Platform Applications?

When developing Cross-Platform Applications, there are a variety of factors that may affect the speed of its creation. These factors include the choice of development environment, programming language, plugins, versioning systems, distribution system, backend database, and code testing and debugging. Furthermore, since platforms such as iOS and Android are constantly releasing new updates and features, keeping the apps up-to-date may require extra time and effort. Thus, by carefully selecting tools and planning ahead, developers can optimize their processes and create applications for multiple platforms in an efficient and timely manner.

What are the features of Cross-Platform Applications that set this type apart from others?

Cross-platform apps have a wide array of advantages compared to traditional apps elaborated exclusively for a single operating system. By being built upon a single codebase, there's no necessity for creators to create individual solutions for each operating system and this makes the elaboration procedure more efficient. Additionally, these applications enable users to synchronize data between different platforms and can be accessed from numerous devices. Finally, users are able to share content, utilize more interactive tools, and skills a higher level of portability due to the universal nature of the codebase that is used. Cross-platform apps offer an array of benefits that make them preferable to conventional applications.

What features are made available by using Cross-Platform Applications?

Cross-Platform Apps let users to access the same apps and services regardless of the device they are using. This type of technique is fantastic for firms that need to be able to support a wide variety of users on a variety of frameworks including smartphone, desktop, and web-enabled devices. These features are invaluable for increasing efficiency and productivity as users are able to access the same app or service in the office, at home and on the go. This contributes keep everybody up to date with the latest information and resources regardless of their platform or location.

What are the hallmarks of cross platform mobile apps development?

The basis of cross-platform development is a single source code, as well as a stack of technologies. In case of multi-platform development, a single code base is used that is equally suitable for multiple platforms and any operating system - IOS, Android, Linux, Windows and MacOS.

These technologies of multiple platform app development can be used in a variety of devices, including household appliances and smart watches.

How exactly do Cross-Platform Applications help you expand your business and attract new customers?

Cross-Platform Applications can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their customer base and reach a broader audience. Customers in today’s digital age are increasingly drawn to firms that streamline the client experience by offering access to their amenities and projects across different frameworks and devices. Cross-Platform Applications make it easy to elaborate a better user experience so businesses can create a more engaging and consistent customer experience across devices. This, in turn, helps to put businesses in a strong position to attract and retain customers, ensuring their business grows and succeeds.

Why isn't using Cross-Platform Applications always a good idea that works for everyone?

Using Cross-Platform Applications may be appealing in order to create easier access to applications, but there are drawbacks to it. Though the application may be executable across a variety of platforms, there is no guarantee that it will run correctly on each one. Compatibility issues, bugs, user experience discrepancies, and lack of platform-specific features can hamper the overall effectiveness of the application. To ensure the best experience for its users, it is often necessary to tailor the application to run on the individual platform. Cross-platform applications are not always a one-size-fits-all solution.

What skills and experience will help a professional who plans to create Cross-Platform Apps?

To be successful at creating Cross-Platform Apps, a professional will need a range of technical coding and programming skills, such as JavaScript, HTML, HTML5 and other application-specific languages. Additionally, software development experience, sound design background, and knowledge of various specs such as iOS, Android, and Windows 8 will be beneficial. It is also important to stay current on advances in technology, as this will contribute a specialist deliver the best user experience. With the right combination of skills and experience, an expert can create quality applications that work across multiple platforms.

What requirements do customers usually specify before developing Cross-Platform Apps?

Customers often have specific requirements while developing Cross-Platform Apps that should be taken into consideration in the procedure of planning and designing such type of application. Such requirements can include the target framework, the necessity for integration with other platforms, support for various languages and versions, access to special device and platform features, and compatibility with other platforms. Establishing these basic requirements is essential for any successful Cross-Platform App.

Which cross-platform to choose for developing a mobile application?

Cross platform development is the optimal solution for companies that take into account financial costs and prioritize high development speed. Any of the above mentioned technologies can be used to develop mobile app, and which one is the most suitable - Alfee developers will be able to advise you on this.

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