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Digital Transformation Company

Digital transformation companies are helping to revolutionize and optimize the processes of many different industries. As companies continue to move forward with digital capabilities, it is important to recognize that the success of this transformation process is highly reliant on the capabilities of the company providing the service. When choosing a digital transformation service provider, the quality of their team’s expertise, the geographical diversity of their labs, and the experience of their clients, are all important indicators of their competency and effectiveness. Through a proper evaluation of their capabilities, organizations can ensure that the digital transformation process is successful, cost-effective, and beneficial to the long-term operations of their business.

What are Digital Transformation elements?


Setting the right question gives already half an answer. Correct term definition is complicated, but we will try to express it in this article, specially designed to answer main business questions connected with this such an intriguing topic.

Digital transformation is transferring business infrastructure into a brand new technological field, driven by cyber inventions, organising lifestyle in a dreamful way. Fast evolving world requires quick reaction, and digital transformation provides it in full scope, redesigning the enterprise sector as a virtual piece of art.

Each working and commercial aspect becomes fully controlled by software means, especially financial protection and job organisation. Starting from now digital techniques become an essential part of your life under Alfee guidance.

Major Digital Transformation Initiatives Accelerators

Customer’s demand always accelerates the appearance of new technologies, as their presence shortens tasks performance time sufficiently. Digital transformation rushed strongly after such contemporary capabilities were invented:

  • Portable smartphones and pads. Cellular networks turned business communication principles upside down, allowing to share information nevertheless what location you are present in. Phone calls or SMS became irreplaceable aids.
  • Famous Social media Websites. MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Twenty years ago none of them existed, but now we have powerful tools for messaging and advertisement making. Many companies and public persons tend to use social networks to promote themselves.
  • The internet of things (IoT) total diversity. Different devices now are connected and controlled via the Internet wireless network, which we sometimes even don’t notice. It starts with simple headphones or smart watches connection and ends up with smart houses development.
  • Prompt Cloud computing solution. Using remote resources for simplifying digital transformation procedures also became a true reality. Nowadays more and more companies ask for taking cyber loads to servers, notably freeing corporate machines powers.

Pioneers-destroyers, e.g. Netflix or Amazon adapted modern digital transformation capabilities to establish such applications improvements:

  1. 01
    New business financial possibilities providing (electronic delivery, eCommerce).
  2. 02
    Procedures optimisation (new functionality configuration, supply chain effective management).
  3. 03
    Uninterrupted user experience upgradation (personalised recommendations, context-relevant client digests).

Mostly digital transformation comes from constantly growing expectations, which finally lead to such helpful means using:

Automating business digital transformation process

Certifying AI and Automatisation usage, Alfee empowers your business with full-fledged computer transformation management, conspicuously simplifying domestic procedures by assisting employees with quicker decisions and human factor reducement.

Defending against disruption

Cyber technologies fight against entropy, bravely dodging hacking threats, adapting to constantly changed market requirements and finding ways to serve people more effectively.

Dealing with change effectively

Easily modernising legacy application increases their protection and efficiency dramatically, merging or acquiring the previous business data transformation with further accumulating on modern foundation. We establish powerful customer solutions in reply to modern world challenges.

Enabling on-demand access to more resources

Beautifully tailored integration capabilities allow domestic application services to be embedded in wider structures, capitalising activities together, which sufficiently induces rich technology incomes from reliable partnerships.

Basic Transformational Technologies that Digital Transformation Consulting Firms usually use


Usually there are several options regarding customers' business digital transformation. It might be a single-turn application action, emphasised by centralised customisation, or dispersed innovations, touching each enterprise aspect diligently.

Alfee provides business digitalising in different aspects equally well, reproducing customers’ needs as a robust scalable solution.

Artificial intelligence and automation

Artificial Intelligence imitates humanic way of thinking via neural network technology, which fully repeats biological systems. Machine learning uses ready-made application patterns to remember tasks' solution results and then works out its own mechanisms to obtain the same answer.


Blockchain applications create secure electronic transactions records, emphasising payments transparency and business funds protection with permanent protocols of unbreakable information chains.


Digitization or simply customer digitalization means analogue information transforming into electronic one. Scanning hand-written or printed documents may seem an old technology, but it is an unalienable component, leading to full-scope transformation.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud comprises local, private and public clouds into a robust single-centred applications system, managed and orchestrated in order to receive maximum business data protection and exchange speed. Building flexible & scalable cloud solutions from reliable vendors activates a successful digital transformation process.

Internet of Things

Truly fragrant high-tech solution technology, which correlates customer business digital transformation technologies with reality. Exchanging an information between each other, devices interact with the outside world, allowing us to use autopilot cars, smart houses, etc.


A very convenient software business solutions organisation technology, when each function becomes a separate deployable micro-application, which enhances overall system stability and resilience to outer threats. Alfee provides such customer services carefully with top-grade results.

Successful Digital Transformation Efforts Applied


Experienced business corporations commence this procedure daily, which results in more than hundred different application roadmaps. However, most successful digital transformations include such technology principles:

  1. 01
    Working in opposite direction with regards to customer’s previous positive experience.
  2. 02
    Considering integral technology trends in transforming operations.

Wise organisations define themselves how to transform digital business from end-to-end, refresh solid infrastructure and optimise product development greatly.

Reliable Digital Transformation Companies Solutions Delivered

Alfee delivers a huge variety of business digital transformation services, depending on customers’ requests. Our extremely creative specialists practise an individual approach to each task, looking for top-notch application solutions, fitting exclusively to particular clients. Some major technologies we use are listed as follows.



Let us proudly present scalable financial application solutions technology, which allow quick logins, native apps, detailed classification, easy navigation, numerous payment options, favourites and shipping cart, banners and ads, reviews and ratings and many more. We struggle for secure payments and better customer experience, forming a really effective marketing tool. You will get increased conversion rates supported by irreplaceable customer loyalty.


Enchanting active learners, we provide robust educational application tools with lots of pleasant bonuses, such as:

  • Business applications proper structuring. Customers will never get lost in sophisticated digital transformation technology interfaces and windows, every resource is intuitively understandable.
  • Well-coordinated stylish design. Top designers with UI/UX experts empower functional solutions making customer applications look attractive.
  • High technology performance ensuring. Load testing procedures increase overall customer system performance, optimising code to fit major platforms and devices.
  • E-Learning Portals Implementation. Beautifully designed digital educational web resources turn learning process into breathtaking games, never letting users go.
  • Enterprise LMS Organising. Coordinating eLearning systems properly resolves many technology problems simply.


Delivering outstanding Finance/Fintech business solutions Alfee proudly declares exclusive applications technology advantages obtained by clients:

  • Openness. Forget about borders when dealing with other countries financial systems, as we offer clear solutions equalising customers possibilities regardless of geographical positions.
  • Correctness. We ensure business digital transformation commercial procedures transparency, endowing local laws obedience in a full scope.
  • Security. FinTech application solutions never give up your personal data to fraudulent activists, protecting it with contemporary cipher algorithms.

Digital transformation consulting for Logistics

Extremely educated professionals are working on completely innovative logistics application solutions, empowering hyper resistant technology services ever been made:

  • Fleet management and telematics. Shipping never was so simple, as we raise management and GPS tracking to the highest level possible.
  • Traffic management application. Many convenient digital transformation things become ordinary with our help: weather conditions, traffic jams reporting, route optimisation, graphical road maps.
  • Routing & Mapping. We create multi platform compatible maps with excessive data, indicating all necessary features at once.
  • Urban mobility. Want to order a taxi or delivery? No problem, digital transformation initiative developer teams already took care of everything beforehand.
  • Asset management application. You get 24/7 full access to logistics data, fleet condition and thorough analysis results.

Our own digital transformation strategy for marketplaces


Alfee experienced digital transformation consultants construct different types of marketplaces technology, helping in different global goals reaching:

  • Excellent B2B Marketplace business applications. We combine vertical and horizontal digital B2B marketplace solutions, satisfying customers with robust solutions which keep their funds safe.
  • Unique B2C Online Marketplace business applications. Deploying B2C marketplaces, diligent programmers demonstrate easily modifiable technology systems at your perusal.
  • Exclusive NFT Marketplace business applications. Purchasing and selling NFTs forms a new global solutions trend, which might be headed by you. Gifting to customers the possibilities unseen, highly experienced digital transformation consultant helps with obtaining non-fungible currencies and tokenizing digital transformation environments.

Real Estate as an example of digital transformations

We imply Real Estate business customer technologies on each platform despite complicity level, tailoring fragrant solutions as follows:

  • Cloud-based Real Estate digital transformation application solutions. Elementary customer data synchronisation speeds up information exchange process, helping to gain clients’ trust.
  • IoT application integration. Extend your technologies' influence with smart devices assistance. We connect and test different gadgets, ready-to-use in various circumstances.
  • AI/ML technology implementation solutions. Considering customers' requests Alfee developed unique advanced application technologies, which assure total real estate branch success.

Professional Digital Transformation Services Making digital technologies

Technical modernisation process involves various business technology activities needed to be combined accurately to receive a finished functioning customer application digital transformation projects. Allocating works wisely to highly specialised professionals, we emphasise rich solutions diversity, which transfers strong impulses to the entire enterprise structure.

Performing intended jobs, educated professionals use such techniques:

  • Explorations and Findings. We organise diligent technology solutions research, learning the customer's company infrastructure. Through consultations series you may transfer necessary information, used in correct digital transformation.
  • Checking Solution Legitimacy. Before actual application development cycle commencement we legitimate fresh technologies ideas by Minimum Viable Product construction, which reveals weak points, easily eliminated during early programming stages.
  • Artistic Outfitting and Modelling. Obtaining working technology prototype, we start creating high-level and low-level design solutions, involving diligent participants, who indicate how exactly application layout should be organised to increase software reusability.
  • Programming. Establishing a thorough detailed digital transformation plan we commence actual agile application solutions development, breathing life into rough business models, created in previous phases. Realising conceived algorithms, programmers add new features as well, because ideas don’t stop flooding their minds.
  • Quality Assurance via Functional Tests. After customer application development finishes, we go further with testing powerful digital transformation abilities, making on-scene laboratory explorations or remote sessions, which might detect possible bugs needed to be eliminated.
  • 24/7 Contact Centre with Technical Support. Even launching software successfully we don’t stop the maintenance procedure, making bug fixing solutions and adding new features joyfully. Your business application is thoroughly protected throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

How digital technology works


Alfee practices a healthy adorable digital business transformation customer solutions approach, reconstructing future actions with intellectual simulations. Smart teams integrity allows us to calculate the decisions consequences, implying optimal application technologies into deep-diving business infrastructures easily.

Basic mechanisms helping our job are listed below:

  1. 01
    Explorations and Analytics. Alfee specialists launch communication sessions, drawing spectacular digital transformation solutions perspectives in order to obtain maximum information about your plans and abilities, finally resulting in top-grade customers digitalisation results.
  2. 02
    Data Maintenance and Intellectual Consultations. Data management occupies top-rated positions, as business clients possess priceless corporate information. We joyfully organise, store and fulfil inner customers companies’ data, attaching advanced UI/UX technologies for improved interactions.
  3. 03
    Step-by-step digital transformation planning. Heading to new adventures, relentlessly educated professionals elaborate detailed business application solutions roadmap, which predicts basic key points of the intended changes route, leading to incredible digitalisation results.
  4. 04
    Full-scope digitalisation, scaling and proficient maintenance. We always meet deadlines thoroughly, revealing iterative maximum out of digitalisation possibilities, turning back to customers with utmostly important solutions, turning business upside down.

Alfee understands how inevitable digital transformation is, especially for newby customers in this field. As a leading digitalisation company, we offer robust reliable solutions which optimise your business with unbelievable contemporary technologies for a reasonable cost.

Questions for Digital Transformation Company

How much does a Digital Transformation project cost?

The price of a digital transformation product can differ greatly relying on a number of factors, involving the scope of the product, the size of the organization, and the technologies and amenities being used. Some estimates suggest that the average price of a digital transformation product for a large enterprise can range from $1 million to $10 million or more.

However, it's important to note that the price of a digital transformation product can be much lower for smaller organizations, and it can also differ relying on the specific goals and objectives of the product. For example, a small business might only spend a few tens of thousands of dollars on a digital transformation project, while a large enterprise might spend tens of millions of dollars or more.

It's also worth noting that, while the initial price of a digital transformation product can be significant, it can also lead to price savings and increased revenue in the long term through efficiency and new revenue streams.

It is important to consult a professional to help you determine the cost and scope of your project as well as to give you an estimate of the potential ROI.

How long on average does a Digital Transformation project take to implement?

The length of time it takes to implement a digital transformation project can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the scope of the project, the size of the organization, and the technologies and services being used. Some estimates suggest that a digital transformation project can take anywhere from several months to a few years to fully implement.

However, it's important to note that the timeline for a digital transformation project can vary greatly depending on the specific goals and objectives of the project. Some projects may be able to be completed in a relatively short period of time, while others may take longer to implement.

A digital transformation project is a significant undertaking, and it is important to plan accordingly. It's important to have a clear project plan and timeline in place, as well as a dedicated team to manage the project. This will ensure that the project stays on track and is completed in a timely manner.

It is important to consult a professional to help you determine the timeline of your project, as well as to give you an estimate of the potential ROI.

How do you start Digital Transformation in your company?

There are several steps that can be taken to begin a digital transformation in a company:

  1. 01
    Assess the current state of technique service.
  2. 02
    Develop a digital strategy that aligns with the overall aims and objectives of the organization. This strategy should outline the specific technology initiatives that will be implemented, just like the resources (people, budget, and technology) needed to execute them.
  3. 03
    Build a cross-functional team of stakeholders to lead the digital transformation. This team should include representatives from IT, organization units, and the executive level.
  4. 04
    Invest in the necessary technique and infrastructure to maintain the digital initiatives. This may involve cloud computing, data analytics, and automation features.
  5. 05
    Implement and monitor the digital initiatives, and make adjustments as needed. Regularly review progress, measure results, and communicate successes to the organization.
  6. 06
    Continuously assess and adapt the digital strategy to stay aligned with the business goals and to take benefit of new technology opportunities.

It's essential to note that a successful digital transformation requires a cultural shift, it's not only about technology but about the approach the company works and behaves.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change how an organization operates, improve efficiency and drive growth by creating new business models, digital transformation project, and services. It involves the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of a business, including strategy, culture, operations, and customer engagement, it also requires a shift in the way organizations think, work and operate. It's not just about technology but also the cultural and organizational changes necessary to fully leverage the potential of digital technologies.

Digital Transformation is an important concept in the tech-driven world we’re living in. By transforming traditional firm procedures, models and organizations with digital technique, organizations can be better able to meet client necessities and elaborate competitive benefits. It's critical for organizations to stay ahead of emerging technologies, research new solutions and adapt to ever-changing customer demands and competitive pressures. By investing in digital transformation, organizations can make sure they remain competitive and relevant in the modern organization landscape.

What are some examples of companies that have implemented Digital Transformation?

Some examples of companies that have implemented digital transformation include:

  • Amazon, which has transformed its business model to focus on e-commerce and cloud computing 
  • Netflix, which has transitioned from a DVD rental service to a streaming video platform 
  • Uber, which has disrupted the traditional taxi industry with its ride-sharing app Airbnb, which has revolutionized the hospitality industry by connecting travelers with short-term rentals 
  • GE, which has shifted its focus from manufacturing to software and data analytics 
  • Coca-Cola, which has invested in digital technologies to improve supply chain efficiency and customer engagement.

What industries are suitable for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the procedure of applying digital technique to enhance and revolutionize the approach that a firm operates. It can contribute to organizations to become more efficient, reduce prices and enhance client and employee experiences. Digital transformation can be applied across many different industries, such as healthcare and finance, but also encompasses manufacturing, retail, logistics, and transportation. It's essential to consider how digital transformation can impact the underlying operations, procedures, and client skills of each industry to identify efficiencies and new growth opportunities. This allows businesses to keep up with their competitors, increase customer satisfaction and grow their revenues.

How can you use Digital Transformation to grow your business?

Digital transformation can be used to help grow a business by quickly adapting to changing customer expectations, increasing efficiency and productivity, improving decision making, and driving innovation. It also opens up new opportunities for businesses to increase their customer base, tap into new markets, and expand their operations. When used effectively, digital transformation can give businesses the opportunity to improve both operations and customer experience, while also significantly boosting their overall growth and success.

What services are available at Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a powerful tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in a rapidly changing technological landscape. By leveraging existing investments, implementing new solutions, and optimizing resources, Digital Transformation can help organizations streamline processes, improve customer experiences, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. With its potential to create new opportunities, increase automation, enhance customer engagement, and reduce operational costs, companies that adopt the Digital Transformation model can take advantage of a vast range of services to help them reach their goals quickly and effectively.

What stages does Digital Transformation have?

Digital Transformation is an important shift in our current way of life as it revolves around the implementation of new technology within existing systems. It is a process that can be finalized in a few distinct stages: analysis, development, implementation, and optimization. By taking a measured approach to progress through these stages, businesses, organizations, and individuals can optimize internal digital solutions and leverage these solutions to create overarching digital transformation solutions to benefit the broader community.

What disadvantages does Digital Transformation have?

Digital Transformation has its own set of disadvantages, such as difficulty in managing the sheer amount of data that goes into it, the higher costs associated with the software and hardware, and a great deal of uncertainty in terms of the security of the data involved. Therefore, it is important to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether Digital Transformation is an appropriate strategy for an organization to adopt.

What are the best Digital Transformation Solutions and Services?

Popular digital transformation solutions and digital services include cloud computing, AI/ML, IoT and edge computing, cybersecurity, digital twin and automation. The best approach for an organization will depend on its specific needs and goals, and it's recommended to consult with experts and conduct a digital assessment.

What are the benefits of hiring a Digital Transformation Company?

Hiring a digital transformation company can bring benefits such as improved efficiency, increased competitiveness, cost savings, better data insights, increased scalability, improved customer engagement, and better risk management.

What are the benefits of Digital Transformation?

Transformation is the use of technologies that can change business processes, culture and customer experience according to changes in market and industry needs. It is the digital transformation that transforms businesses.

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