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Due to the highly dangerous COVID pandemic, most clients worldwide stay at home, that's why new business goals include mobile project architecting, as mobile apps become highly popular among people who value their time and funds.

As a leading mobile app designing company we joyfully present such advantages of working with us:

  • Variative company scale. We commence a project management easily whatever your enterprise sector size is.
  • Cost consciousness. Any website development or mobile app design services require only limited expenses without need to overpay.
  • Huge apps created numbers. We produce mobile and web apps in an unlimited quantity, just exactly as many as you need.
  • Enterprise clients number. Our diligent specialists serve large enterprises and small startups equally well, as we adapt a user centric service model.
  • Amazing industry variety. Each turn chosen is the right direction for us. because we cooperate with any possible industry verticals, building a truly professional team.
  • Thorough research of market leaders. We accurately monitor business conditions to put priceless remarks upon your further development.м
  • Confessed customers love. Alfee gained plenty of positive reviews based on a long term relationship and professional collaboration.
  • High turnover rate. We involve diligent tech experts which ensure a rapid commercial growth.
  • Brilliant annual indicators. After stepping into collaboration with us you get a very talented team which predicts user needs and directs development from early stages up to functional testing process, which raises your business efficiency conspicuously.

What we do as professional app developers

First of all, as the proficient mobile app development company, we enrich the product market with newly invented software solutions, going right on foot with time. Arranging a custom software development, we organise inter platform compatibility, regardless of the model and release date.

Advanced Android app development organised

We are highly skilled in android apps production. Working with such frameworks as Angular.js, React native, Kotlin, etc, we elevate custom software application development on a completely new level, never seen before.

Alfee, the leading global technology company, establishes new web and mobile applications understanding, sharing it with respected customers.

Advanced iPhone app development offered

We fill app stores with innovative solutions, empowering decent custom software product quality assessment, as well as picturesque ui ux design elements, emerging tech consultancy with development process, which brings impressive results.

Cross platform mobile apps architecting

We do not only native app development, which includes iphone app development and android app development, but we also deliver iOS and Android platform compatibility, arranging the same code in different environments.

App developer locations

As a rule, mobile app designers prefer urban evolved places, e.g. San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or Silicon Valley. It is easier to emphasise a global presence by establishing a brand value with solid inner infrastructure, that flagrantly saturates the enterprise sector with clients.

Which parameters influence mobile app development cost?

Usually when we talk about digital business solutions and especially mobile app development services, there is a need to define which product strategy you need and which quality should be finalised gradually.

Our possibilities are quite diverse, so we consider several factors:

  1. Generous innovative ideas usage. By this indicator we mean either old checked patterns adoption or completely new features try out.
  2. Business analyst hire. Maybe you want a simple mobile app development or we should build apps considering promotional strategies.
  3. User friendly interface elaboration. We provide as well first-class designers with truly creative minds who compose beautiful artistic interfaces.
  4. Smartphone game development. It's a separate mobile phones segment which we joyfully cover, proposing you clearly tailored games with a prompt performance.
  5. Complete digital transformation. Dedicated team consists of highly initiative people who fully migrate your business to the digital world.
  6. Artificial intelligence perception. We may also include machine learning to the services list, which really widens your possibilities horizon.

How long does it take to build a decent mobile application?

Being a reliable technology partner, Alfee mobile app development company works with different customers, virtualizing a wide possibilities range connected with mobile app development services.

Usually a full stack team structure prescribes different time modes usage, so that customers may hire mobile app developers on a permanent basis or paying hourly for particular tasks set.

Thus, we practise an individual approach, counted on a durable mutual cooperation.

How to select the correct mobile app development company?

Basically, top rated mobile app is produced by a highly skilled mobile app design agency, but there is a big deal about how to choose the correct partner to work with.

We at Alfee prepared a short tips list for you with good advice.Мы в Alfee подготовили для вас краткий список полезных советов.

Check how qualified app developers are

Indeed, it is a question of the utmost importance.

Truly responsible mobile app development companies hiring a dedicated team of developers or qa engineers checks their qualification level by organising severe exams, which reveal a knowledge level easily.

We work closely only with proficient mobile app developers.

How original is an app idea proposed

Dealing with smart mobile app development companies, you should check if mobile apps are original enough to embrace new users effectively.

Such an approach ensures you when a really new idea is required, so that only professionals may solve this task.

Find out if a mobile app development company helps businesses

Figure out statistics and ROI parameter which means Rate of Investments. It is an important mobile development characteristic which indicates commercial efficiency.
Each respected mobile app development company has to prioritise financial clients' profits.

Expected professional social networking from agile teams

All diligent mobile app development companies involve skilled project managers who develop a project in accordance with social media laws, which means you've chosen the right app developer who values your time and finances.

Whether it's Android development or iphone app development of custom software, targeted smartphone users worldwide must be involved in your mobile app fully.

Regular maintenance services availability

Truly responsible mobile app development company undergoes iso certification, engaging experience in 24/7 support services. It is a guarantee that your digital products remain safe and always updated including bug fixes approved.

Functional ux design from the best mobile app developers


Obviously, top app development companies reassure convenient user interfaces performing a strict ux audit. Web and mobile app development is realised firstly for end user interface comfort, so a really proficient ux studio follows the latest trends adding completely unique features to their software products.

Customer experience and customer satisfaction affect the development processes greatly, so successful companies extend contracts only with decent mobile app development companies, such as Alfee.

Methods to develop digital business solutions efficiently

Before taking a mobile app idea into work, we recommend communicating with different mobile app development companies to establish mutual understanding and elaborate further software development strategies. You have to highlight different factors which help with software services promotion.

Hire an experienced consulting company

Generating worthy business ideas is not enough to build mobile applications successfully. Refer to professional mobile app development companies to discuss digital platforms, business analytics, your particular business needs and targeted market share to set definitive final goals which should be rich.

Define mobile application development algorithms

It is quite possible that your digital products require top app developers to adjust their development methods in order to suit your product strategy in a full range.

Discuss different custom software concepts and select the best one, emerging technologies to create custom solutions satisfying high quality web development standards.

Then you may proceed to summon a design team.

Working with Alfee design studio

App design and development services are closely connected, as ui ux ensures an exceptional user experience which means a true project success. We start with information architecture constructing, then move to the app experience testing stage, which involves in house teams or remote assessors, and finalise this phase with various platform optimisations, so that your mobile app functions perfectly whether it is iOs or Android.

Constructing an MVP mobile app version

By MVP we mean a minimum viable product, which is elaborated by each mobile app design company in order to save time and money.

Long story short, an MVP is a frame or model which displays basic mobile app design with dedicated functionality, but only on a basic level to observe how ultimately the final digital product will work.

By the latest technology an MVP is constructed fast & easily without great efforts, so that top app developers may explore how future web and mobile applications will perform.

One of the main MVP advantages is a complex app early check without affecting the development process with expensive remakes.

Actual mobile app development stage

Alfee mobile application design team tailors perfect digital products using a core expertise with a highly professional development approach involving an extended team of the best mobile app developers.

We work only with tilt-proof patterns and frameworks, such as React native, so that project requirements are met fully, which ensures a leading mobile app obtaining.

Dynamic mobile app testing prior to launch

Each mobile app design agency checks their mobile apps to fit digital product design agency status, as if the customers pay, it means they consider us as the best app developer, able to produce great custom software services with an attractive user interface design.

For this purpose Alfee custom software development company revokes both manual and automatic test algorithms, allowing an in house team structure to work with web and mobile development efficiently.

A project promotion after marketplace release

When a great team of developers helped launch your top mobile app, we still continue working with clients, rendering maintenance assistance and marketing features.

Alfee custom software development company hires a top promotional specialist with juicy communication skills, who makes a proven track record and advertises any enterprises worldwide, applying a big technology and collecting all things digital as well.

Inheriting the product teams legacy, this extremely educated person elevates a mobile app design on a completely new level, never seen before.

Exclusive advantages connected with Alfee custom software development company

Among all best app development companies Alfee differs with a tech capacity and small businesses support. We embrace various industries and cover the most complicated business needs providing mobile apps. Dealing with our services, clients worldwide remain generously satisfied.

Let us number some key points of cooperation with our mobile app development company.

Unique mobile app design

As a leading app design company we are developing flagship mobile applications which don't leave users indifferent, involving them to participate in a completely unbelievable journey launching amazing mobile application services.

We adapt advanced iot solutions to organise top app development, making a special accent on users comfort and ui ux design and development.

International business analysts level

We are not measured only by San Francisco streets of New York skyscrapers. We stay in contact with all United Nations bastions, elaborating top app services.

Same with this we familiarise ourselves with the most valuable Cambridge publications, so that our respected users experience only the top app development ever possible.

Providing a digital transformation via artificial intelligence implementation

We use the latest mobile and web development technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, etc. to deliver web apps as a one stop shop service.

Especially augmented reality is a milestone for mobile app development companies, as app users prefer a more technological digital product agency.

Resolving business problems efficiently

We work with mobile apps, centring a custom software development around commercial services to maximise clients income. As a serious app development company, Alfee elaborates highly effective mobile solutions, reassembling enterprise infrastructure from scratch.

Choose our app design agency to obtain contemporary mobile solutions which evolve your small business up to the multi branched corporation with fragrant web design services.

We are simply your right app developer

Alfee is a responsible app development company and custom software vendor, constructing a top mobile app with beautiful and interactive web design, evolved artificial intelligence, etc.

In questions of mobile application development services we gained a really wide experience, elaborating various custom software and juicy web design. We offer mobile apps and uninterrupted online services, refactoring what the IT Industry is.

Alfee mobile development company Post Scriptum

Among all top app development companies and mobile apps vendors we offer an individual approach in constructing top-tailored web apps, which makes us a unique development agency with a huge business clients base.

We offer various app development services starting from initial planning up to 24/7 maintenance and contact services.

Our diligent developers teams are proud with a top development agency status and clients admittance as well.

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