Presenting unique Functional Testing Services at your perusal

Usually software development lifecycle is divided into different jobs, which form an unbelievable variety of activities. Starting from early consultative services up to Minimum Viable Products construction and up to marketplace release with proficient application advertisement ordering. Each step has the utmost importance, especially performance and functional testing, applied by diligent professionals.

Alfee proudly presents our software Quality Assurance services, specially designed for checking mistakes and eliminating bugs if found. Revolutionary methods allow us to dive deep beneath the application shell, exploring completely hidden zones. Initiative testing team adapts both automatic and manual testing techniques in their complex job.

With our highly experienced QA specialists you get detailed reports, describing each notable application performance aspect. Conducting thorough functional testing, we develop a strong sense of programming composition layouts, serving as a united foundation.

What are Functional Testing Solutions in reality?


To be precise, functional testing is a series of thorough checks aimed to estimate if software product quality meets the IT industry requirements as well as overall performance grants desired acting freedom. Attentive testers run specially designed algorithms and also check source code manually, finding critical discrepancies and minor bugs, coordinating the application core to minimize response time.

Alfee proudly announces the educated QA team, which upholds direct access to functional software features. Let us explain the difference between this one particular and other types:

  1. 01
    Functional vs. Regression Testing. Unlike Functional Testing, which takes place before initial release, Regression testing prescribes building a new software version comparing it to the previous one if detected mistakes and errors are still present. We don’t recommend using these terms as synonyms.
  2. 02
    Functional vs. Performance Testing. Functional one means thorough check of an application's abilities to perform intended functions correctly, so the main object here is a software code’s logic. Performance check shows how quick an application might be performed and what memory load it causes.

Are there particular reasons to perform Functional Testing?

Alfee company conducts different complicated jobs to ensure software reliability in all aspects. Completely unique functional testing services offer a wide scope of possibilities: IoT, eCommerce solutions, enterprise programs, big data applications, web applications, etc.

We render exclusive assistance to all client types, regardless of how sophisticated the job is. Main task always remains the same: reducing customer’s risk by optimizing code lines. Programming mistakes will never bother you with such diligent software testing we provide.

Thorough Configuration functional Test solutions

Exploring substandard user operations, we dive deep beneath the software core which reveals configuration mode. Here people usually set up exactly how the application works, so respected developers should pay special attention here. Settings mode seriously influences overall application's functionality and requires a scrupulous approach.

Diligent Integration functional Testing tools revealing future possibilities

Software usually is composed of various modules, which seek separate compatibility with an entire system. We ensure each application component works correctly as well as embedded into the system correctly. Responsible testers figure out weak points, avoiding future failures at no additional cost.

Technological Load Testing indicating software speed

Gaining deserved popularity, your application reaches its maximum working load, performing multiple users requests and supporting a wide audience online. We detect and eliminate possible software glitches, mistakes, errors and bugs to create a smooth pleasant environment which users want to visit repeatedly.

Tilt-proof Performance Testing with detailed report

Regardless of the basic application platform, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. we conduct performance checks, reassuring software abilities. It includes: stress, load, spike, endurance, isolation and configuration testing, which form a complicated series, so experienced professional presence is vital.

Resultative Regression Testing service

Updating a software we need to check if it’s not broken with new features or extensions. Going through such an algorithm we emphasize durable results in a graphic form, which displays exact new functionality impact. Thus, application code exploration turns into a recommended actions plan.

Complex System Testing assistance

Each application tends to be hacked one way or another. System integrity means everything, so truly diligent QA teams induce a powerful brainstorm, intellectually fighting for software integrity, confidentiality, authentication, availability and authorisation, coming as a united protective solution.

Representative Usability Testing by qualified participants

Involving top-grade participants, Alfee ends up functional testing services with artistic software design, using the A/B methodology, which finally carbonises functional application User Interface / User Experience, where each button takes the right place and each panel contains only needed information. Indescribable simplicity bears intuitivity, and users strive to return back, having convenient interaction.

Describing a Functional Testing Process in brief

Speaking about a functional testing process, we need to mention it is a complicated thing. Full preparedness could be gained only via detailed planning, which includes different possible outcomes. Truly diligent specialists adapt specially designed patterns, supporting basic software algorithms. Here is the major one:

  • Analyse Requirements. Prior job commencement specialists eliminate any uncertainty which easily occurs by developing harmony with stakeholders and programmers.
  • Test plan & Test Cases. Roaming through application specifications, diligent professionals draught future job plans. Determining previous showcases occupies an important place in the priorities hierarchy.
  • Automated Testing. Avoiding human factors and shortening program cycles, we automate a process with tilt-proof algorithms.
  • Defect Management. We developed a defects tracking system, aimed at following and rechecking already found bugs to ensure nothing remains in the code as residual artefacts.
  • Test Reporting. Fully educated professionals present beautifully tailored results in a graphical form, reporting on software bugs found and actions performed.
  • Analysis. Dedicated testing experts recognise typical elements, forming further decisions, which are based on qualified opinions.

Main Functional Testing Services abilities we deliver


Honestly, a software functional testing process is quite complicated, thus it demands extraordinary minds concentration and flixibility of functional testing services. Embracing a full procedure scope, Alfee ensures each application component's quality, as customers have to be satisfied, addressing our company. Among activities we provide here are some major ones, indicated below.

Diligent testing with representative results

Prior to procedure commencement we do serious preparations, connected with research on how to establish reliable results in a fixed time period. Faulty process flow may notably spoil final results, that’s why we need to be extra cautious to obtain maximum success.

Complete Diversity supported

Solid process foundation lays in uniqueness as well, prescribing a deep diversity of approach. Having different functional components, the application runs smoothly. We concentrate especially on UI/UX, dead links, protection, HTML validity, accessibility and cookies, and all test data.

Much Lesser time spent

Truly dedicated QA testing staff value the customer’s time, so the process does not ruin deadlines or interrupt software development. We deliver quality services right on time with all respect.

A truly Easy to debug codebase

Main target prescribes application mistakes elimination in short terms, which our skilled experts do joyfully. Prioritizing your budget, we endeavor to resolve issues attentively.

Reasons to Choose Alfee Performing Functional Testing

Finally, we want to answer why you should choose us as a functional testing company.

We represent a huge functional testers community, but do it from a top position with advanced QA testing technologies and brilliantly-minded software testing teams. Creating robust secure solutions, Alfee exposes special juicy approaches, available exclusively only to respected customers.

Using top-notch QA functional testing services we provide, you get the following findings from leading specialists:

  1. 01
    Visual evidence. We capture some application videos or screenshots to display exact findings.
  2. 02
    Thoroughly detailed text log, describing findings step-by-step.
  3. 03
    Consolidated understandable report with clear software checking process indication.

Hiring our professional functional testers, you receive confidence in the future.

Questions for Functional Testing Services

Can you provide examples of functional testing scenarios that you have worked on in the past and the results obtained?

As an experienced developer and part-time representative of Alfee, I have worked on several functional testing scenarios in the past. One example is testing an e-commerce website's checkout process to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This involves testing the functionality of the shopping cart, the payment gateway integration, and the order confirmation process. By testing these scenarios, we were able to identify and resolve issues such as incorrect pricing, missing or incorrect product information, and errors in the payment gateway integration, which improved the overall user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Another example is testing a mobile application's user registration and login process. We tested the functionality of the user registration and login process on various mobile devices and operating systems to ensure that it was functioning as expected. By testing these scenarios, we were able to identify and resolve issues such as incorrect password validation, issues with the login process, and issues with user data storage, which improved the overall user experience and increased user retention.

In both cases, we were able to achieve our testing goals through a combination of manual and automated testing techniques, including exploratory testing, regression testing, and user acceptance testing. As a result of our thorough testing, we were able to deliver high-quality software products that met our customers' expectations and provided a positive user experience.

Can you explain what Functional Testing is and its importance for my business?

Functional testing is a type of software testing that evaluates the functionality of an application or system by testing its various components and features. The main objective of functional testing is to ensure that the system or application meets the business requirements and functions as expected. Functional testing is typically performed by a quality assurance team and can be carried out manually or through automated tests.

Functional testing is crucial for businesses as it helps to identify defects, bugs or errors in the software. By performing functional testing, businesses can ensure that their software is working as intended and meets the requirements of their customers. This type of testing also helps to ensure that the software is user-friendly, reliable and performs well under various conditions.

By choosing Alfee's functional testing services, you can ensure that your software is tested thoroughly, and any defects or issues are identified before they cause any damage to your business. Our team of experienced testers can provide both manual and automated functional testing, depending on your needs. With our services, you can be confident that your software will function as expected and provide a positive user experience for your customers.

Can you provide a detailed plan and timeline for the functional testing process for my project?

Thank you for your question about our functional testing process. We take a thorough and systematic approach to functional testing to ensure the highest quality of our clients' projects. The specific plan and timeline for functional testing will depend on the complexity and size of your project, but here is an overview of our typical process:

  1. 01
    Analysis of project requirements and specifications: Our team will review your project requirements and specifications to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope, features, and functionality.
  2. 02
    Test planning: Based on the analysis of project requirements and specifications, we will create a detailed test plan that outlines the testing strategy, test scenarios, test cases, and test data required for functional testing.
  3. 03
    Test case creation: Our team will create test cases based on the test plan to ensure complete coverage of all features and functionalities of your project.
  4. 04
    Test execution: We will execute the test cases to identify any issues or defects in the project's functionality.
  5. 05
    Defect reporting and tracking: We will document all defects and issues found during testing and report them to your development team to ensure timely resolution.
  6. 06
    Retesting and verification: After the issues have been fixed, we will retest to verify the fixes and ensure that the project's functionality meets the required specifications.
  7. 07
    Regarding the timeline, it will depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the level of testing required. However, we typically provide our clients with a detailed timeline that includes milestones, timelines for each phase of testing, and expected delivery dates.

At Alfee, we are committed to delivering the highest quality testing services to our clients. Our team of experienced testers is dedicated to ensuring that your project meets all requirements and specifications. We believe that a thorough and systematic approach to functional testing is essential to achieving this goal.

How do you handle unexpected bugs or issues that arise during functional testing?

At Alfee, we have a well-defined process for handling unexpected bugs or issues that arise during functional testing. Our approach is based on the Agile methodology, which emphasizes flexibility and adaptability in response to changing requirements and circumstances.

When a bug or issue is identified, our team immediately logs it into our bug tracking system, which allows us to track the issue and its status throughout the testing process. We also assign the problem to a developer, who will investigate and address the issue as quickly as possible.

To prevent similar issues from occurring in the future, we perform a primary cause review and determine the main cause of the problem. This helps us improve our processes and avoid similar issues in the future.

In addition, we perform regression testing to provide that fixes do not introduce new issues or impact previously tested functionality. Our goal is to deliver high-quality software that meets the client's requirements and is free from bugs and issues.

How do you communicate the results of functional testing to my company and what kind of reports do you provide?

At Alfee, we understand that effective communication is crucial to the success of any project. We provide comprehensive reports to communicate the results of functional testing to our clients. Our reports are tailored to the specific needs of each client, but typically include a summary of the tests performed, any issues encountered, and detailed results for each test case. We also provide visual aids, such as graphs and charts, to help clients understand the data more easily.

In addition to our standard reports, we also hold regular meetings with our clients to discuss the results of the testing process. During these meetings, we provide a more in-depth analysis of the results and discuss any issues that have arisen. We also work closely with our clients to identify any additional tests that may be necessary and to develop a plan of action to address any issues that have been identified.

At Alfee, we pride ourselves on our transparent communication and work closely with our clients to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the results of functional testing. We believe that this approach is essential for ensuring that our clients are fully informed and able to make informed decisions about the direction of their project.

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