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Custom FinTech Software Development Services

Society does not stand still, every day we create something new, get involved in new processes, open up unknown horizons. Familiar procedures are complemented by updated features. Financial products are no exception. Today they are provided with latest financial innovation technologies.

FinTech (financial technology) - a new IT growth round in modern world, today represents a whole financial software developer industry creating solutions to help financial software development companies with the business financial side. They create competition for traditional financial institutions.


Possible enlargements offered by FinTech software development companies covers such areas as online lending, payments, loans, mobile banking, as well as a processing variety, available information and data analysis. Thanks to strong technological support along with a growing professionalism level, FinTech has already revolutionized market, in particular, banking industry classic procedures.

A variety of FinTech software development services will allow you to approach your problem's solution in a comprehensive manner in addition to covering all the necessary activity aspects.

Speaking about Fintech solutions, it is important to keep main criteria in focus for developing a future product:

  • Openness. Companies often face difficulties when setting up new branches in other countries. Each country has its own view on the financial affairs format, mandatory requirements for their implementation. Our Finance software developers will help you set up banking without borders, taking into account all practices.
  • Correctness. Business is responsible for compliance with all regulations, rules declared by the state in which it is represented. We will take care of the process's transparency and user data correctly used in your solutions.
  • Security. Build FinTech app solutions means creating smart, thoughtful functionality as well as information presentation in your application in such a way that users have a sense of complete trust.

Alfee has exceptional experience together with skills needed to build next-generation products, whether they be custom applications, classic software, multi-dimensional business models, or granular procedures thanks to our expert team of FinTech.

Best Custom Fintech Software Solutions

Expansion of any Fintech application should come from the customer idea. You need clarity, transparency in product understanding you would like to receive. Our FinTech software developers comprehensive approach covers such additional aspects as: short-term, long-term goal setting, existing fintech software companies business processes, business analytics and project needs, in particular.

Alfee is proud to introduce to your attention our FinTech software solutions team.

Payment, banking, billing solutions in the financial industry

Variety of challenges facing this industry requires FinTech developers to have a thorough approach including a responsible testing activity. We present both solutions that accompany the entire cycle of invoicing, payments, work with credit cards, as well as basic banking solutions, systems for working with loans:

  1. 01
    Mortgage security and lending inventions. Peculiarity is represented by such Financial software development services, as the mechanisms of the initial offer, mortgage calculators, automated legal, advisory support tools.
  2. 02
    Dynamic payment systems. Comprehensive intuitive solutions for real-time transactions based on the multiple gateways merger.
  3. 03
    Finance & mobile app development solutions. They are a complete banking solution. No matter what size bank you are, our microservices systems, robust lean methodology, and attack-proof environment will work for you.

Trading platforms and investment management as a part of finance industry

Our company creates custom investment healthcare software solutions that greatly facilitate, speed up traders, brokers, financial representatives, portfolio and asset managers work. Market information flow management, customized trading solutions, artificial intelligence, robotic consulting, financial business analysis software. Alfee's task is to build a trading and investment infrastructure that will provide 24/7 user support.

Tailor-made FinTech application development


Real-time data proceeding, user reporting, payment gateways, whatever you choose among custom FinTech web development services, with our financial products developers you can be sure of their functionality as well as performance on all platforms.

Additionally, in accordance with the subject area specifics, our experts identify the following establishments:

  • Accounting. Our team of Financial app developers not only simplifies day-to-day operations, but also takes care of capturing analytics for monetary assets, real estate, etc.
  • Capital Management. This solution is undoubtedly basic not only for business or enterprises, but also for any person. With FinTech software development solutions you can analyze, change, increase your capital.
  • POS software generation. Alfee care for everyone, parents at retail stores checkout, large retailers, multi-channel and full-scale POS solutions are thought out to the smallest detail by a Financial software development company.
  • Insurance. Various roles are involved at insurance companies' processes: partners, clients, agents. They are users for whom it is critical to have a multi-platform application with a customer-centric design that covers all company procedures. Financial custom software development companies are always there to help.

Know Your Customer technology, which controls compliance with all norms, requirements, as well as a fraud prevention infrastructure that protects your IP access and domain - All variety of Custom Software Solutions progresses are accompanied by two mentioned mechanisms.

Blockchain FinTech software company

Not a single person nowadays can imagine life without regular money transfers. A couple clicks and a mobile application will instantly complete the task by phone number. Payments in the store are carried out through QR codes or NFC. Our FinTech software engineers are able to provide securities, trading, digital wallets, decentralized applications, all these solutions aim for maximum security, combined with full robotic process automation based digital payments on the blockchain.

High professionalism of our Finance software development agency gives us the opportunity to create unique solutions that best suit your business.

Alfee - your FinTech Development Company

Complex spreads require careful preparation, planning, implementation, testing, debugging procedures. Finance software development services cost under this approach can vary greatly. We strongly recommend that you keep in mind such important parameters as: customers, intended users goals, objectives, buildout location, experts' work cost per hour, functionality and required technological tools.

You can always expand the FinTech software development team with our help, which will significantly increase engineering speed.

Alfee uses the best headways, advanced technologies to solve tasks set by the customer and create a fundamentally new level of software products. FinTech technology includes artificial intelligence - this technology revolutionizes any application, takes fintech companies' interaction with customers to a whole new level.

Our establishment's quality and reliability are also achieved by the main engineering processes strong support procedures in FinTech software development company. Compliance with industry regulations, legal requirements, extensive market research gives confidence in timely, highly available engineered products.

This means that when you are faced with a task - build a FinTech application - you will already know for sure who will become your reliable partner together with a platform for implementing the most ambitious ideas.

Questions for FinTech Software Development Company

What do I need to know about the Fintech project to predict the budget and timeline?

To predict the budget and timeline for a fintech project, you will need to consider several factors:

  • Scope of the project: The scope of the project will impact the overall budget and timeline, as a larger and more complex project will take more time and resources to complete. 
  • Required functionality: The specific functionality required for the project will impact the budget and timeline, as certain features and functionality may be more complex and time-consuming to develop. 
  • Platforms: The platforms the fintech project needs to be developed on, whether it's web, mobile or both, will affect the budget and timeline. 
  • Integrations: The need for integrations with other systems, such as banking systems, will impact the budget and timeline. 
  • Compliance and regulations: Fintech projects are subject to strict compliance and regulatory requirements, which can add complexity and time to the project. 
  • Team size: The size of the team working on the project will impact the budget and timeline, as a larger team will be able to complete the project more quickly but also will require more resources. 
  • Technical complexity: The technical complexity of the project will also impact the budget and timeline, as more complex projects will require more time and resources to complete. 
  • Design: The design of the project, whether it's a simple one or a more complex one, will affect the timeline and budget. 
  • Third-party services: The use of third-party services, such as payment gateways, will also impact the budget and timeline.

It's important to have a detailed understanding of all these factors to be able to estimate the budget and timeline of the fintech project accurately.

What are some examples of Fintech projects?

There are many different types of fintech projects, here are a few examples:

  • Online banking and payments: Platforms that allow users to manage their bank accounts and make payments online, such as mobile banking apps or online payment systems. 
  • Investment platforms: Platforms that allow users to invest in stocks, bonds, or other financial assets, such as robo-advisors or crowdfunding platforms. 
  • Digital wallets: Platforms that allow users to store and manage their digital assets, such as cryptocurrency wallets or e-commerce payment platforms. 
  • Lending platforms: Platforms that connect borrowers with lenders, such as peer-to-peer lending platforms or online personal loan providers. 
  • Fraud detection and prevention: Platforms that use machine learning and other technologies to detect and prevent fraud, such as anti-money laundering (AML) or know-your-customer (KYC) systems. 
  • Insurtech: Platforms that use technology to innovate and improve the insurance industry, such as usage-based insurance or on-demand insurance. 
  • Blockchain-based platforms: Platforms that use blockchain technology for various financial use cases, such as digital identity, digital assets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) 
  • Credit scoring and underwriting: Platforms that use alternative data sources and machine learning to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, such as alternative credit scoring systems or automated underwriting platforms.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of fintech projects, as the field is constantly evolving and new solutions are emerging.

How much does it cost to have a Fintech development specialist work for 1 hour?

The cost of having a fintech development specialist work for 1 hour can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the location of the specialist, their level of experience, and the specific skills required for the job.

On average, a fintech development specialist can charge anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour. However, in some places like the US, Canada, and Western Europe, the cost can be much higher, up to $350 or even $450 per hour.

It's also important to note that fintech development can involve specialized skills and knowledge, such as financial regulations and compliance, which could lead to higher hourly rates.

It's also worth noting that you can find fintech development specialists from different regions, such as Eastern Europe or Asia, that may have different hourly rates compared to the US and Western Europe.

It's important to consider all the costs related to hiring a fintech development specialist and not only the hourly rate, you may also have to consider taxes, benefits, and other expenses that may occur.

What are the main features of Fintech development?

The emergence of Fintech has revolutionized the way we access and use financial services in today's digital age. Fintech development has enabled faster, more secure, and more accessible ways of transferring and managing money, as well as improved market intelligence and risk assessment for businesses. Furthermore, through the use of technological advancements such as blockchain technology and APIs, financial transactions and data processing have become safer, more transparent, and more efficient. All in all, Fintech is an important part of the wider digital transformation trend, and it is only going to become increasingly important in our lives as technology continues to advance.

Why has the Fintech field been gaining popularity in recent years?

Fintech has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to provide a more efficient, secure and cost-effective financial services solution. With the emergence of new technologies and innovation platforms that leverage the power of the Internet, Fintech has been able to offer greater convenience, faster payment processing and more transparent cost structures, all of which are attractive to both businesses and consumers. As demand for financial technology services continues to grow, we can expect to see more Fintech companies and products in the future, further revolutionizing the banking and finance sectors.

What FinTech Software Development Services does Alfee offer?

FinTech software development services refer to the development and implementation of technology solutions for the financial industry. This can include mobile and web applications for banking and payments, financial management and analysis tools, blockchain technology, and more. These services are designed to improve the efficiency and security of financial transactions, as well as provide new and innovative ways for individuals and businesses to manage their finances.

How to hire the best FinTech Software Developers?

To hire the best FinTech software developers, clearly define project requirements and goals, look for developers with relevant experience and skills in FinTech, check their portfolio, certifications and educational background, conduct technical interviews and skill assessments and look for developers who are self-motivated, innovative and adaptable.

What skills and knowledge will come in handy when developing a Fintech project?

Developing a Fintech project requires a diverse range of skills and knowledge, such as understanding of financial products, financial regulations, software development, customer service, computer security, data analysis, and project management. In addition, having a strong grasp of modern financial technology trends, business strategy, and customer service operations are all essential to the success of the project. With these skills, financial institutions can create projects that are both financially secure and innovative.

What does a Fintech Software Developer do?

Fintech developers must create applications that protect mobile banking. Developing innovative products is a process that utilizes a wide range of best practices and the most current techniques to meet user needs.

What are top Fintech Software Development Solutions?

FinTech Software Overview FinTech is a category in which a large number of applications use technology and software to improve their financial service offerings. It provides attractive rates and fees, easy to use, easy access and better services to its users.

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