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Drizly Clone App Development

Most mobile applications help to raise user's loyalty & trust and expand the target audience. Nevertheless, they are effective only once constant communication with the person is necessary. But in some cases a mobile application can even replace a whole store, we mean alcohol delivery app.

Alcohol delivery market has been rapidly developing lately. Analysts predict the area will keep on growing. Owing to COVID-19 pandemic, people came into a habit of turning to alcohol delivery service, and restaurateurs had an opportunity to benefit from the situation, introducing online delivery into their business models.

Alfee is a delivery app development company which has gained great experience in delivering effective software solutions for alcohol delivery business. Alfee professional team apply the most advanced technology & latest trends to surprise you with a reliable Drizly clone app.

It may seem that the global alcoholic beverage market has already been filled with large companies, but you always have the opportunity to construct something unique, for example, an excellent Drizly clone app. In this material, we tell you complete details on how to develop and implement an alcohol delivery platform, and, most importantly, where to commance.

What is Drizly clone app solution?

Let's start discovering the notion of Drizly app. In simple terms, Drizly platform is an alcohol delivery service & online marketplace where people purchase vine, beer, other beverages from multiple liquor stores close to them and have them delivered via an online website or app. As the demand for alcohol delivery increases, more local liquor shops register in Drizly app.

Drizley was invented by Cory Rellas & Nick Rellas in Boston ten years ago. During the past decade its customer base has increased and an amazingly powerful sales network was created. Currently, Drizly app constructed a network of traiders from more than four thousand liquor stores in several countries.

Drizzly serves as a mediator between the store owner and the buyer. The company addresses to itself as technical intermediaries, since they don't direclty perform the order and therefore, they don't have a specifical license to work.

Why do alcohol delivery business needs Drizly clone script?

It is more benefitial for a client to order alcohol at home using the liquor delivery app on a mobile phone than to download a browser and look for its website in search engines.

Alcohol delivery app with an attractive design makes the perseption of information a pleasant experience. Moreover, colorful and bright design can be customized. Users who install the liquor delivery app on their mobile device receive the opportunity to construct their own catalog of alcoholic beverages that they like best.

Proper setting of the Drizly clone app will allow company's customers at any suitable time to follow not only the news, but also sales and inventory statistics, as well as their order details. Order tracking also becomes more convenient, because the service will automatically determine the location.

How does Drizly alcohol delivery app work?

Several advanced features let the app stand out among all the other. From its incredible in-app delayed filter business model, Drizly app deserves to be among the most popular liquor delivery apps in the US and other countries.

They offer multiple alcohol delivery variants such as on-demand delivery, scheduled delivery, and on-site delivery. Their on demand alcohol delivery option is accessible in more than 100 points. If you are outside the on-demand market area, you can purchase alcohol using the ground delivery option. You can check their coverage maps to discover delivery locations by Google Maps. Customers also benefit from live location tracking.

In other words, Drizly app isn't a complicated tool at all. All you need to do is just to download the application from Apple Store or Play market, create a personal profile, indicate your location, and commance looking for your favorite vine or beer. Then it will be delivered to your house in just a few clicks.

The application has a very good system of push notifications, and you are constantly updated on your order. Once it gets to the closest alcohol stores in charge of performing your order, you can take it. During the entire ordering process, the app sends real time notifications to keep customers informed on their order delivery status and, provide them with ability of real time tracking.

Drizly is unlike other alcohol delivery chains since they don't sell alcohol with their own labels. As far as partner stores are concerned, they cater to them by providing technology to help them perform those orders.

What are the features of online liquor delivery app?

In delivery projects, Drizly clone app development may be needed immediately for customers, drivers and administrators. Each of these blocks should be clear and user-friendly.

Customer app for online alcohol delivery

As far as customer app is concerned, registration function via mail, phone number or social networks is a must. A choise of establishments and vendors available in the customer location is another important feature. Check up the list below to find other essential features:

  • multiple payment options;
  • fast order payment using PayPal, Apple / Google Pay, etc. (payment gateway);
  • order tracking, delivery time and location of the courier;
  • a separate chat for communication with tech service;
  • creating favorites, etc.

Admin panel in the Drizly clone script solution

Admin panel is necessary for content management, i.e. publication of menus, company information and photos, etc. You can also have a super admin panel developed for the following features:

  • launch of promotions and promo codes;
  • order tracking & informing customers of the order status;
  • search for a courier for delivery and the ability to track his location;
  • direct communication with users in the chat.

Delivery agent panel in alcohol delivery apps

This is some kind of a driver app with the following set of features:

  • registration page for subscribing to your driver app;
  • order confirmation online and viewing order details;
  • chat to communicate with restaurants and customers;
  • viewing delivery history for a specific customer.

Alcohol delivery app development process

Alcohol delivery app development is a complex process, which incorporates several steps on the way of creating the Drizly clone app. Alfee is a delivery app development company with vast expertise in Drizly clone script and software niche market. Our tech savvy team has enough experience and knowledge to put into practice even the most incredible Drizly clone app idea.

We've described the whole Drizly clone app development process we follow below:

  1. 01
    Creation of terms of reference and drawing up a contract. We determine the purpose of the project according to your business requirements. The contract specifies dates, terms, cost, conditions and a list of work performed by each team member.
  2. 02
    Prototype creation. A user journey map is developed, flowcharts and rough screen designs are drawn up. The prototype allows you to test the functionality of your Drizly clone app at an early stage and, if necessary, quickly make changes.
  3. 03
    Design. UX/UI designers think over the appearance and color scheme of the pages, taking into account the features of the functionality and requirements of both iOS and Android platforms.
  4. 04
    Programming. At this stage, the developers write the code to make your Drizly clone app work and look as intended.
  5. 05
    Testing. During development, app solutions are checked for errors and failures, as well as stability on different devices.
  6. 06
    Launch & Maintenance. After final tests, Drizly clone app is deployed, but the work on it doesn't end there. The help of the development team will be required to optimize, add new features and update the liquor delivery business application.

How Much Does it Cost to Make Apps like Drizly?

One of the most important questions when creating an application for online liquor business is How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Drizly. Actually, prices vary depending on a wide spectrum of factors.

The development cost is always individual. For example, the price of a Drizly clone app when a separate driver app isn't required, starts from 35,000 USD.

For liquor delivery aggregators format like prices are hire because of the project complexity, as you will need a Drizly clone app for users on two platforms, an application for couriers on two platforms, an advanced admin panel and back-end development.

Why work with Alfee on the development of an alcohol delivery app solution?

Alfee team have been developing scalable solutions for store owners and delivery agents for a few decades now, and we understand that the correct assessment of resources and constant testing will allow us to correctly allocate finances and successfully monetize any Drizly clone project.

We are aware of all the pitfalls in Drizly clone app development and we will be happy to share our experience with you and help you develop a quality product for your liquor business!

Questions for Drizly Clone App Development

How to Build An On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Like Drizly?

If you wish to create a Drizly clone app, getting in touch with Alfee expert team will be the best solution for you. Just leave your contact and payment details below and our manager will contact you in less than an hour. Our experts will tell you everything about the process of building an on demand alcohol delivery app and will show you the extimated results.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Drizly Clone App?

Taking into account all the features that you desire to see incorporated in your liquor delivery app and the complexity of the project, prices may vary from 25,000 to 65,000 USD. The cost of demand alcohol delivery app is also predetermined by the platforms where you'd like to be present and the business idea you'd like to implement. At Alfee we suggest the best ratio of quality and price for exponential business growth, so don't be in two minds about getting in touch with our expert team.

Why Select Us For Drizly Clone App Development?

Alfee is a group of dedicated developers with extensive knowledge and deep skill set in Drizly clone app development and we boast best practice of creating delivery services applications. We are eager to construct any app solution to promoto your business and assist you in establishing loyal relationships with customers. If you dream to get apowerful drizly clone script, Alfee team is eager to commance working on it.


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