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Backend Development

The Alfee company has been providing customers with Backend development services, managing to modify scripts and databases, modernisштп, optimising efficiency and speed of platforms and browsers.

Only expert Back end developers manage working for the company. We think this is a crucial point, only quality solutions are found in results. As this is an important detail in managing company development, carelessness is never applied in Backend development services.

The soonest findings are presented on the platform. You can hire Backend developers now and manage your apps, websites quickly. Available for both part time and full time employment: you get to make the choice.

Back-End Development Company and Backend Development Services available for choice

Backend developers are here, offering businesses with software development services. One option can be selected, considering budget amounts, deadlines set previously. Each option provides app uniqueness and originality. Following back-end services are available:

Mobile App Back end Development services

Creators provide businesses with apps suitable for multiple gadgets that have a solid technology ensuring to keep the program intact. Having been created, application will not experience any defects or disrepairs due to newest techniques implied.

Cloud Backend Solutions

These services can create an even stronger support system for infrastructure and information stored in the cloud web. To perfect communication between client and buyer, several functions properly are implanted into construction. Nevertheless, quality of work will not alter if the load increases, as we are always to keep highest standards possible.

Backend Web development services

Back-End Development Team delivers websites with polished capacity and productivity. No matter what's the size of infrastructure, our backend developers overcome the task, stabilise the frame and setup.

Custom Development backend technologies

If you already have a vivid business idea of what it should look like, we can bring it alive, boost, streamline it. Otherwise, it is possible resettling online systems.

API Development and Integration

API development helps build connections between partnering companies and their business. Consolidating frontpages and faces is useful and prevents skirmish.

Backend Refactoring

Services stop endangered websites, applications from failing completely. Hire Backend developers now: avoid fall of infrastructure and recuperate electronic constructions. This way a large amount of money can be saved up on processes including repair of technological issues, outdated solutions.

As a result of these processes, custom back-end solution is provided. Whichever Backend development software team was chosen, make sure that outcome is a to-go and easily understandable summary.

Back end Software Development Solutions and their advantages

There are many reasons why you should select cooperating with Alfee professional remote team. Some include:

Affordable Pricing

Best backend web development services are offered at the firm at a price that can be easily afforded.

Agile Approach

The approach that we think is important to include in the process of programming and developing a web application is clean and clear for the customers to understand. The solutions we offer are sound and keen, they do not need extra rework and spendings. The company is test-driven.

Easy configuration

The final outcomes and results are always easy to use by non-specialists. Only previously tested languages are implemented, such as Java and PHP.

Full-cycle back-end development

The team has a large amount of experience behind their backs and can overpower any easy or hard task. As the abilities in the programming sphere increase in number, possibilities that the team holds also carry on growing, expanding. Every once in a while, a new mechanism is added to the list of the constantly used.

Aspects we focus on include:

  1. 01
    Quality of performance. Delivered Backend development solutions hold highest standards, making programming experience adequate. Database optimisation is crucial experience to help clients, keeping to the criteria.
  2. 02
    Security not only in hyber hacking, but information safety. Existing backend systems are scaled appropriately.
  3. 03
    Overall scalability. Helps meet given demands. SaaS applications constantly scaled.

Qualified specialists

The skills that the brigade wields are comprehensive and ample. This speeds up the rate at which jobs are completed and the development process on the whole, bringing us to the top of the global web market.


In some cases, after partnering with several companies, the information is hacked and gotten hold of by third persons. However, we are immune to threats coming from the cyber and internet as the security system has been developed by professionals with high qualifications. They specialise in preserving personal data and intelligence.

As well as the ones listed previously, there is a large list of general advantages that back-end development services can bring into the growing business. They are:

  • Availability of different environmental circumstances. Custom back-end development is now available to use in any electronic environments, such as apps, databases, websites, servers, other server-side tools. It is not the setup that is the deciding factor, so it varies on different services and networks to suit the exact infrastructural model. It is essential to apply the applications constructed at the backend, so that the program is improved.
  • Backend app development company raises the rates at which information is shared between persons. Applications, databases, and web servers are the crucial parts to building the best backend. The system speeds up the rates at which user information is passed between buyer and seller and makes the process more comfortable. It also allows a larger amount of data to be transferred.
  • The convenience of the user is better because backend app development services are applied. The attendance optimises users experience and makes the web page more accessible, so easier, and likeable. It attracts new customers, so implements success and a growth in the client base. If the services are not purchased at the right time, the website's capacity decreases and crashes become more constant. With these, it gains vulnerability and loses consistency in workloads, interrupting the buyers.
  • Time-consuming is kept to a minimum. The best backend developers are there to help clients save up time and money on the automatic performance of code logic. The total time required depends on the initial project, however it shall sooner get finished with the use of technological methods implying BaaS.
  • The number of employees required is smaller than for the regular mobile app development services. With Alfee company, time used up for the search of workers is to be reduced significantly. The complexity of the hiring process is also diminished. Team size is not as important for the completion of the job, as only a couple of specialists are able to help with the problem.
  • Code values hold highest standards. Developers we offer are determined, put in large amounts of effort. To find a custom Back-end solution and not acquire repetition and instability in process is easy. They create templates useful for future applications, prepare plans themselves if one does not have access to a solution.
  • Time to market abated. This happens due to quick development speed and implantation of backend development solutions, helping overcome faults, crashes at high speed and increased rate. Struggles are avoided during the process and enterprise benefits from sooner income.

Products of differing types are launched into market rapidly, though less resources used. Hire backend developers now, test out the constructions, language codes, build a feedback paper used for future reference.

Features like the low salary for employees help businesses with optimal efficiency. It is better offering unrepetitive tasks to our backend developers, so more work is completed at lower cost. Delivery quality is easily predicted in operation and manner of job and gets modified, suiting preferences if foreseen outcome and ambition changes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Backend Development

How much does an hour of Backend development cost?

The cost of backend development can vary significantly based on different factors such as the location of the developer, the developer's level of experience, and the complexity of the project. Typically, hourly rates for backend developers range anywhere from $50 to $200 or more. On average, in the US, a backend developer charges around $100 per hour. However, the hourly rate can be lower in countries like India, at around $25, and higher in countries like Australia, at around $150. It's important to keep in mind that hourly rates are not the only expense to consider when budgeting for a backend development project, other expenses such as project management, testing, and ongoing maintenance should also be taken into account. Furthermore, it's advisable to find a developer who has a good track record, good communication skills, and able to deliver on time. Developers or agencies can give a more accurate estimate of the cost of your project once they have a clear understanding of your requirements and the project scope.

What is the difference between Backend and Frontend?

The distinction between backend and frontend can be summed up with backend being the infrastructure, organization and processes that make up the foundation of a digital product, and frontend being the visible face of the product and how the user interacts with it. Understanding the relationship between these two components is essential for developers building digital applications and websites.

What is Backend Development?

Backend Development is an important part of the web development process, involving the development of the server-side components of a web application. These components include managing user requests, handling complex data, and connecting databases and APIs. With backend development, developers create fast performing, reliable, and secure applications and websites. This combination of skills, techniques, and tools makes it a vital part of creating digital products used by millions of people around the world.

Why is Backend a must in any development?

It's clear that backend programming is an essential part of any development project. Backend programming helps to create robust and capable applications and systems by allowing developers to develop and maintain efficient code, logic, and processes. Ideally, developers should possess the necessary skills in both frontend and backend programming in order to produce the best results with their projects. Finally, the resulting applications will be more reliable and efficient, resulting in a productive and successful development process.

How long does Backend development take and what does it depend on?

Backend development time can differ widely relying on the complexity of the product, the experience of the elaboration team, and the resources available. A simple project with a small team of experienced developers and ample resources could take as little as a few weeks, while a large, complex project with a less experienced team and limited resources could take several months or longer. Factors that can affect the duration of backend development include the number of features and functionality required, the size and complexity of the database, the number of integrations with third-party systems, and the level of security and scalability required.

What knowledge and skills are required of a Backend developer?

A backend specialist demands a wide variety of knowledge and experiences to successfully design, elaborate, and support efficient and secure server-side applications and services. Solid knowledge of key software languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS is essential. Skills with server-side web frameworks such as Node.js, React, Angular, and Vue.js is highly desirable. Furthermore, knowledge of database design, administration and administrating is a must in order to build dynamic solutions. Backend developers must have strong problem-solving and analytical experiences, allowing them to detect and troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately. In summary, to achieve success as a backend developer, comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience of programming languages, frameworks, databases, and problem-solving are essential.

What stages are distinguished in Backend development?

Backend development is an incredibly important aspect of modern software systems. It requires a substantial amount of planning and coordination to ensure the system runs smoothly, just like all appropriate security measures are taken. The typical backend creation procedure can be divided into four distinct phases: research and concept planning, system design and creation, coding, and post-deployment management. Ultimately, these steps must all be completed in order to ensure proper functioning of the system and keep its users happy.

In what cases you can do without Backend development?

Backend development is important when developing a web application or website that requires a database, security, dynamic content and scalability. However, there are some instances where Backend development may not be necessary, such as in the case of a static website with only HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, similarly Backend development may not be necessary when creating a mobile application that is just a wrapper or front-end interface to an existing API. In either case, the decision to use Backend development or not will come down to the specific needs of the product being developed.

How to choose a qualified Backend specialist at the interview and not to make a mistake?

When selecting the perfect candidate for a backend specialist position, it is important to consider the candidate's experience, education and technical skills. Furthermore, be aware of the risks and possible drawbacks of hiring the wrong person. Ask pointed questions to assess their abilities, research their references and their previous experience, and perform any tests or evaluations necessary. This can help ensure that the right candidate will be chosen and your investment in them will be worth the effort. Ultimately, choosing the right candidate takes knowledge, due diligence and effort, but can lead to a rewarding and successful hire.

What types of Backend development are there?

There are different types of backend development, such as object-oriented programming, scripting languages, and frameworks, each with their own unique advantages and approaches. Each type of development requires its own skillset that developers need to learn and master. Evaluating development tasks to find the best suit for each project is essential for successful backend development. With careful consideration and the right skills, any type of backend development can provide the right solution.

What is backend development services?

Web development is divided into two main parts - frontend and backend. These are the two halves of the whole, which create the possibility of the modern Internet existence. Such a dual representation of a modern site is a consequence of the classic client-server architecture. The essence is clear by name - the frontend is the creation of a design, displaying the appearance of the site (within the browser window). The backend is the internals of the site, the logic of its operation, the interaction between the web server and content.

Back-End Development Company

Are you looking for a reliable backend development company? We recommend you to cooperate with Alfee expert team. Our developers will apply their knowledge and skills to deliver the best backend development services that will help achieve your business goals easier and faster.

Full-cycle Back-end Development team

Back-end development is trending right now as everything is moving to the web. Cloud development systems, cloud gaming, streaming and other fields - all this requires more and more back-end developers, specialists in the innards of sites and servers. If you are searching for credible backend developers, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee expert team. We will deliver your dream application.

Our Backend Development Service Benefits

Back end development services by Alfee will give numerous benefits to your business. We deliver projectswithin the timeline and in strict accordance with your budget. Our experts have vast experience in backend development and know how to implement even the most incredible ideas.

Excellent BackEnd Development Services & Solutions

Don't know where to find backend developers for your new project? The answer is closer than you may think. Alfee specialists are skilled in this sphere and are ready to work with custom backend layers and provide a real digital core transformation. We master several programming languages and frameworks and deliver credible and trustworthy back end solutions.

Back-end Application Development

Backend is the development of the business logic of a product (website or web application). The backend is responsible for user interaction with internal data, which is then displayed by the frontend. Simply put, this is what is hidden from the user's eyes and takes place outside his browser and computer. Alfee team delivers credible back end solutions for any business needs.

Mobile App Back-end Development

The backend of a mobile application is a part of the application that runs on the server, and not on the device itself. For decades Alfee team have not only worked with more than a dozen successful projects, but also implemented several turnkey projects: a mobile application and a backend for it. There were also challenges, but from these difficulties we have learned our approaches to work, which continue to prove their effectiveness, regardless of whether we are implementing a mobile application or a large-scale project, including the development of a backend and frontend.

What is backend developer?

Backend developer is a specialist who deals with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies - database, architecture, program logic. At Alfee we have experienced backend developers with profound knowledge of several programming languages and a perfect skill set.

What is backend in web development?

The backend is the code that runs on the servers and processes user requests after clicking on these buttons. The server code does the main job - it gives users the information they came for and asked for. Most often, backenders write the code that connects the frontend and the database. Backend developers write server code, work with databases, write APIs, create libraries, so he works with system components that do not have interfaces.

How to build a backend for a website?

In order to build a backend for a website, you need to work with an exper team of backend developers. We recommend you to cooperate with Alfee team, which has working knowledge of back-end development, masters multiple programming languages (such as PHP, C#, Java and others). We implement the most advanced datatabase technologies and deliver complex web applications to any taste.

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