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Hire Dedicated Development Team

After the COVID19 pandemic, organizations implemented in-house team management wasn't the most effective method. In addition, entrepreneurs apply outsourcing to keep procedures running in place. Is this the most efficient solution in favor of technical support that can help me? It's top to discover specialized elaboration teams. Firm owners can find professional engineers in the program elaboration amenities sphere without having to do a lengthy interview or hiring dedicated developers. The quick speed and simplicity that comes with a dedicated team aren't all that good reasons to select it. Hire Alfee professionals who work with you directly in your manage for the top results.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

Dedicated Development Team Model is where an outsourced organization and a customer come to a mutual agreement over workload and demands for program elaboration, controlled services, business-as-usual activities and other similar projects in favor of a particular period of time. Specialists are selected according to specific requirements from clients. Alfee has an experienced dedicated team that works together with you to build your product from start-out on-site to offshore at an affordable price with the highest efficiency and speed to market.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

Getting a skilled elaboration team is a commonly adopted organization strategic where a firm brings out the whole outsourcing creation team to do program creation. Unlike outsourced, these collaborative arrangements allow the control of specialists composition and workloads because they have become employees of the firm. Dedicated teams generally are not involved by an in-house expert or are managed by customers in an independent way.

DevOps experts as a part of dedicated software development team

The specialists works with program engineers and QA experts to coordinate designing and operating and to establish a convenient setting to test the product' s demands. Program specialists of every sector are attracting a high degree of requirements.

Alfee dedicated software developers team

This program elaboration expert is primarily a frontend or backend program programmer. The backend creators are responsible in favor of implementing the server-side of the project and are engaged throughout the product and its demands – from planning to launching.

Hire dedicated team with business Analyst

The project includes conducting research into technologies in favor of the business analysts. Usually the business analyst aims to provide high level compliance with a product to its technical specifications and objectives.

Project Manager (PM) plays an important role in dedicated development teams

The specialists ties with our clients. Dedicated Project team structure Manager manages a team's entire path from workload to deadline to assignment in favor of certain projects.

Dedicated team services - long-term projects with updates

If companies need to update their current stack, it is best if they can find an experienced team to do that, using a time-saving strategy. The new product enables business development in a timely manner to satisfy their needs and also guarantees high quality.

Launching a New Product

Building an experienced developer specialists in favor of developing new products can make the development process of developing new products easy. In the case of new businesses, as well as existing companies, we suggest using software development teams as the best way to reduce your development costs.


The company needs to have its own specialists of developers and engineers in favor of scaling up. The advantage to outsourcing software development is the software team models from the country in the country where we opened, or whose members have expertise in your domain and the technologies they work in. The companies win.

Remote development teams specially for companies with limited budgets

Alternatively, small companies can benefit from outsourced working specialists. In many projects and countries such as USA, France, Germany and others, it is no longer economically profitable to employ a private developer. It is essential in favor of this country that they choose what is outsourced and that has favourable rates. Central and West European economies also have large talent resources and competition.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers Team?

As a innovation company, do you urgently need an application to promote your services? Have you already been inspired by all the benefits that we have described above? In this case, this algorithm is for you:

  1. 01
    Discussion of preferences and requirements in favor of the implementation of the future project. As soon as the client receives a request that it is necessary to develop an application for an insurance company, we start working. First of all, it is important to hold a personal meeting with the client in order to identify exactly what functionality the service requires, for what purposes it is being developed and for what target audience;
  2. 02
    Analysis and planning. After the initial feedback from the client is received, we get to work. It is important to think over the list of details and functionality that will be required. Which specialists should be involved in the work and with what skills in order to present the entire plan to the client with an approximate estimate of the project;
  3. 03
    Constant feedback. As soon as the active part of the product creation begins, we are constantly in contact with the client in order to continuously introduce fixes and new ideas;
  4. 04
    Error detection and testing. To prevent the product from entering the market and failing due to possible bugs, each Alfee project is thoroughly tested, which is why we guarantee the quality of the products;
  5. 05
    Launch and support. After the product is ready to enter the market, we will prepare all the necessary documentation. And then we will be happy to perform periodic updates as necessary and eliminate possible new identified errors.
Questions for Hiring of Dedicated Development Team

What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team is a software dedicated development business model that consists of long-term collaboration among clients (service providers) and their developers. All of our dedicated employees work exclusively for us, just like our own in-home staff.

How do I find a Development Team?

Recruiters are required to provide deadlines, scope of the work, scope for other projects and any required requirements. Vendors will start hiring software developers based upon your request.

What are the benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team?

In other words, dedicated developers could be placed in a partnership of employees at varying positions. It is typically for a long duration that they are hired to develop and complete a particular project.

Where to Hire Dedicated Development Team?

Firstly you should have clear product visions. Get an idea of what's going on. Find the best group for you. Definition of working processes. Set a framework. Ensure quality.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated team?

The charge will directly depend on the size of the project and its functions. The qualification of the performer is also essential. The more skills he has, the faster he implements the product and the better, but the higher the price will be.


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