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Amazon Like Ecommerce App Development Company

Nowadays, the way every business is done is very different from how people used to approach it in the old days. Gradually, online shopping is replacing traditional means of shopping, and shopping apps are replacing visiting an online store. Having an eCommerce website and being on social media platforms is very much welcomed by customers these days.

In 2018, Amazon became the world's leading online retailer, and it has amassed over $232 billion in sales. Most of the proceeds came from the sale of electronics and other similar products. Within every short period of time, the company becomes popular all over the world. In addition to the desktop platform, the brand has expanded to the mobile app as well. Now it is the second most popular app worldwide.

If you're wondering if your eCommerce needs a custom Amazon clone app, this article will help you. We will tell you how a mobile application is beneficial for online stores, about the key functionality, as well as about the factors that affect the time and cost of creating such an eCommerce app.

What we mean when saying apps like Amazon?

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that takes the first place in people's hearts. It is one of the most popular international online marketplace apps. Here you can find a variety of things such as electronics, online retail, LED TVs, digital content, smart appliances, computing services, phone headphones, as well as several other local services such as delivery and daily needs.

One of the key features of this online store is that each buyer can leave a review about the purchased product and rate it. This system helps to select good quality products that deserve to be in the top of the best and most sought after positions. At the same time, use negative reviews to screen out low-quality products or those that do not meet state standards.

Amazon company was able to see an opportunity to reach the widest possible audience, who do not even have to leave their homes and get up from their chairs to order goods and receive them with the help of a delivery service right on their doorstep. The number of items is more than the warehouse can accommodate and this is one of the main features of Amazon service.

Why do businesses need to develop a marketplace app like Amazon?

The main advantage of an eCommerce app over a website is user-friendliness. When your store is literally in the client's hands, it is much easier to keep track of new products, discounts and great offers, and the product you like will be in the basket faster. Find some other benefits below:

  • New sales channel. Using marketing tools, you can attract customers to the eCommerce app even if they have never used the desktop version of the online store.
  • Convenient user interface. A user who often buys on your website is likely to shift to eCommerce app available in one tap without an intermediary browser. With the help of UI (user interface) app design, you can create a comfortable experience with the store, attracting users to come back again and again.
  • Personalization. Using the personal recommendations selection system and Big Data technology, you can increase sales by offering the client exactly what he is interested in.
  • Constant contact. The average user checks his or her smartphone more than 50 times a day. Using push notifications, you are guaranteed to attract clients' attention.
  • Bonus system. You can implement nice user-friendly features in the application that cannot be implemented on the website. For example, lower pricing policy, push notification feature, favorites, video reviews and even gaming features.

Amazon clone app development process

eCommerce app development is a complex process which comprises several stages. They all are interconnected, and you can't skip one stage in order to pass to the nest point:

  1. 01
    Carry out Market research. We commence with identifying the needs and requirements of your target audience. Our experts carefully study the service and online stores that sell a similar type of service. For example, Amazon is an industry that leads both in terms of sales volume and customer satisfaction index, which is one of the reasons for Amazon's success in this industry. In addition, Amazon app has powerful search engine features and also offers numerous listings and categories to help customers with their decision-making ability;
  2. 02
    Define important features. Now it's time to define the scope of the entire project. Don't just rely on Amazon app, try to offer users an outstanding shopping experience. Since eCommerce is becoming a very busy industry, you need to launch an app with all the important features you need;
  3. 03
    Think over the app design. Having a great design in eCommerce app development is a powerful tool for capturing the attention of your audience. When it's an MVP, a basic template will suffice. Only a professional design will help increase the popularity of the application and brand awareness;
  4. 04
    Pick up the right platform. As for the pros and cons of Android and iOS platforms, Android is more popular in several places, but iOS trend is also growing tremendously. From a developer's point of view, iOS development is more convenient, and it will take less time since you only have to optimize for the latest Apple and iOS. When it's Android, you need to optimize for a huge variety of devices and screen resolutions to extend the development process. By building a cross-platform application for online shopping, you can also reduce time to market and cost to develop. However, it all depends on the people you're targeting and the nature of your eCommerce business;
  5. 05
    Maintenance & Support. We help to organize first-class customer support and this is vital when it comes to an e-Commerce app. Make sure you are always available for communication. You can also include some technical factors such as chatbots to respond quickly to your audience. Artificial intelligence technology will allow you to grow your business model and capture the attention of your audience.

Essential features for online shopping apps like Amazon

What functionality should be included in eCommerce mobile apps? We offer some general recommendations, however, UX / UI is individual for different online stores.

The following features of the application are basic ones - registration, personal account, search and product catalog. You can then add search filters, push notifications, loyalty programs, and recommendation systems to improve the user experience. Now let's say a few words about different features in detail.

Showcase your range with a catalog

A well-designed product catalog will help the user navigate an Amazon clone app. On the main screen, you can display profitable offers, discounts and products according to clients' preferences. So you draw the user's attention to the best offers immediately upon entering the application.

Help the user find the product

Not all users know what they want to purchase. So help customers make a choice, provide them with the ability to search for products on your online marketplace. Sometimes a simple word search system is not enough for a top notch online eCommerce app - some customers are looking for a product of a certain color, size, brand or price category. With these features in mind, try to refine the sorting systems in your marketplace app.

Speed up shopping with online payments

Provide multiple payment options. Consider creating a form for linking a customer card and setting up payment with Google Pay and Apple Pay. The latter option will allow the user to instantly pay for items in your mobile app using their fingerprint. And by linking a card to your shopping app, the client will spend less time on payment procedures.

Discount management and loyalty systems

Research shows that brand loyal customers are more likely to recommend brands to friends, join VIP programs, and shop at their favorite store, even if the same item is cheaper elsewhere. Attract customers to the loyalty program using eCommerce app development: add personal and cumulative discounts, add nice bonuses and gifts. In this way, you will acquire loyal customers who are ready to return to your online marketplace app again and again.

Improve communication via feedback

As app users may have questions, suggestions and complaints, it is important to provide a reliable channel of communication with technical support. To get started, think about the biggest problems your customers might have and post the instructions for solving them in a prominent place.

What is eCommerce app cost?

One of the most essential issues is How much does it cost to develop shopping apps like Amazon? There is no universal and unambiguous answer to the question. The eCommerce app development cost is predetermined by several factors. The overall cost to create an eCommerce app like Amazon in 2023 is affected by the functionality arsenal, internal structure and the number of platforms where the marketplace app is supposed to be released. A huge slice of the price is predetermined by the development team you work with.

Why entrust Alfee to develop a marketplace app like Amazon?

Hundreds of businesses choose to order Amazon Like Ecommerce App Development services from Alfee, since our experienced app development team can boast of vast skill set and profound knowledge. We are eager to deploy an e Commerce app in accordance with your wishes & preferences. The result of cooperating with us will be beyond expectations.

Alfee possesses a wonderful customer support team, which is always ready to help and provide assistance when needed. We know everything about eCommerce apps, and we do our utmost to convert your app idea into an excellent shopping app.

Questions for Amazon Like Ecommerce App Development

Complete guide How to create an ECommerce Application Like Amazon?

So many businesses wish they had an e Commerce app like Amazon, and so few know the right path to it. Contact Alfee professional team, and we provide a complete guide, where development process is described. We'll help you pick up eCommerce platform of your dream.

How to Develop an eCommerce App like Amazon?

Developing a marketplace app is a rough task, that's why we recommend you find real professionals in this field, just like Alfee company. Our developers bear in mind pitfalls of developing an eCommerce marketplace and are eager to consult you on any issues. We will make you feel proud of your business.

Ways to Develop Your Own eCommerce Mobile App like Amazon

When developing an eCommerce marketplace you mainly have two options: hiring freelancers vs. cooperating with reliable, trustworthy development team. The entire development process becomes much simpler, if you entrust creating an e Commerce marketplace app to Alfee professionals. We know how to deliver a top-notch product to the market.

What are the key features to be considered for your e-commerce marketplace like Amazon?

Features of Amazon like app may differ taking into account on your budget. However, we advise paying extreme attention to the following ones: easy registration process & sign up, filling out a personal account, search possibilities and product catalog options. Don't forget about secure payment gateways which is an essential feature of a eCommerce mobile app.

How Much Does an eCommerce App Like Amazon Cost?

When you are trying to create an app like Amazon, you are likely to study how much does it cost to develop such an app. Actually, the development cost differs a lot from country to country and counts on the feature set & app design. The mode advanced features you embed the higher the price The expenses vary from 33,700 to 280,300 USD.

How to Create a Mobile App Like Amazon?

Entering eCommerce industry becomes possible via the creation of an app similar to Amazon. This isn't an easy process, but it can be smooth if you start cooperating with Alfee. Just get in touch with our expert team, and we will choose the monetization strategy and will provide the best features for your online marketplace.

What Benefits to Get from Amazon-like eCommerce Marketplace Apps?

Amazon-like eCommerce online apps help customers shop online and raise business revenue generation via online sales. Marketplace apps improve online presence and are handy when you strive to enlarge business. They are also handy when you strive to build up a network of loyal customers and keep them aware of all novelties and promotions.

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