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eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website development involves creation of commercial resources: an online store, online services, landing pages, etc. Alfee team develops user friendly websites on a turnkey basis, laying the foundation for the main tasks: to attract a new audience, to keep its attention; expand your customer base; take the company to the next level of income.


Our exprts design and develop high converting online store solutions for B2B and B2C businesses. Our projects comply with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard, which ensures the highest level of security throughout the entire life cycle of a payment card transaction.

What is eCommerce Web Development?

When we say eCommerce business we mean a business model that involves the online sale of goods, services and their promotion on the Internet. The notion of eCommerce may also include:

  • M-commerce;
  • EDI system;
  • real-time transaction processing;
  • electronic funds transfers;
  • Internet Marketing;
  • supply chain management.

If you want your company be a real leader in the market and leave all competitors far behind, you can't but do without an eCommerce website. Thanks to the development of eCommerce websites, users have the opportunity to purchase goods from anywhere in the world, and sellers can sell them without any restrictions. This saves both time and money.

What are the steps of eCommerce Website Development process?


eCommerce website is a complex software solution with the integration of various modules and third-party applications. Modular architecture allows you to use only the functionality that is necessary at each stage of online business development. In the future, when the business grows, the developer can add new functionality.

We would like to show you the main stages of eCommerce development:

  1. 01
    Research. Our experts study the business features and target audience. We analyze competitors. If you already have a website, we evaluate its usability, functions, features, content;
  2. 02
    Prototyping. Competent prototyping of eCommerce website logic is the key to successful work. At this stage, business owners, department heads and developers determine the logic of the site;
  3. 03
    Website design. When goals & objectives are set, we develop eCommerce web design, coordinating with you the style, colour combinations, fonts, block arrangement, etc. The main goal of web designers is to make a simple and convenient eCommerce website with responsive design;
  4. 04
    Programming. For most eCommerce businesses we develop an adaptive web design that looks equally good and works on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The programmer integrates the HTML pages with the content management system;
  5. 05
    Testing. Before the final launch, we thouroughly test the eCommerce website for bugs and errors and fix them if any;
  6. 06
    Launching. Alfee experts check the code readiness for promotion and connect the eCommerce website to the hosting;
  7. 07
    Support & maintenance. Seo-specialists and technical support specialists will help keep the eCommerce website in working condition and continuously develop it. We will choose the right development strategy and eCommerce SEO promotion of your products on the Internet.

What eCommerce Platform to choose for Custom eCommerce Websites?


Choosing the right CMS for an eCommerce website is a matter of personal preference of the customer and developer. There is no significant difference between paid and free systems. When choosing the right eCommerce platform, it is essential to evaluate what eCommerce functionality you'd like to have, how difficult the system is to customize, and what technical limitations you may encounter in the future.

Alfee team works with all popular eCommerce platforms. We've mentioned the most popular systems, their pros and cons below.

Magento eCommerce platform

Magento is a free platform developed on Zend framework specifically for onlineshopping. The system is able to work with directories of any complexity and size. Magento eCommerce platform is suitable for developing complex and highly loaded systems.


A popular platform developed for WordPress content management system, hundreds of modules and add-ons have been developed in the system market. WooCommerce is great for launching a small eCommerce store or storefront quickly and with a limited budget. This is an easy-to-configure and administer product storage system that supports integration with all popular payment methods.

E-commerce X4.cms

A commercial e-commerce platform developed on the Symfony framework specifically for working with a complex and highly loaded eCommerce store. The system is able to work in headless mode, and an api with the necessary set of functions has been developed and documented for synchronization with third-party services.

E-commerce 1С Bitrix

A commercial e-commerce platform, depending on the license chosen, is suitable for developing corporate websites, stores and portals. The system is popular in the CIS.

What are the Advantages of eCommerce Development Services?

Alfee team has an individual approach to solving any problem in eCommerce development. By creating an eCommerce website, your business gains access to the global market. By running an online store for online shoppers, your business will increase sales and increase your brand awareness.

eСommerce sites allow you to reach a large target audience, find potential customers to buy goods and services with lower advertising costs, and simplify document flow. In addition, this business model significantly shortens the shopping path: you just need to place an order on the site and the goods will be delivered to any address.

In general, there is a trend that customers are less willing to communicate with sellers and place orders without their participation. This trend is taking over the world more and more and is one of the main drivers of industry development.

eCommerce website provides your potential customers with the possibility of choice and comparison. Your clients can pick up a profitable offer without visiting offline stores. This is a great time saver.

With eCommerce website development services you can significantly reduce the cost. There is no need to maintain a staff, large retail facilities, all processes are automated. This has a great positive effect on the final cost of production.

Where to find eCommerce Web Developers?

If you are in search of eCommerce website development services, you have two options to cinsider, i.e. working with freelance developers vs. cooperating with a reliable eCommerce web development company like Alfee. Let's see pros and cons of each option.

Working with freelancers

This variant is perfect for the development of eCommerce sites with limited budget. Freelancers offer eCommerce website development services at a lower price. However, what is cheap isn't always good, so you risk sacrificing the quality of your eCommerce project.

Freelancers bear no responsibility and rarely deliver complex projects successfully. They may be behind the scedule and miss essential points, like search engine optimization, digital marketing strategies, brand's personality, etc.

Cooperating with an eCommerce development company

If you want to enjoy excellent results, we recommend you to cooperate with an eCommerce website development company. In this case you will minimize risks and get a perfectly developed custom eCommerce website.

Companies offering development services has better experience and carry more responsibility. They are aware of all the latest trends in eCommerce website design, and know how to implement innovative technologies in accrodance to different business requirements.

At Alfee we use the methods that are most effective for your business online. Our experts deliver top-notch eCommerce website design services and work with you till the very end of the project.

Why select eCommerce Website Development Services by Alfee?


Alfee eCommerce developers create high-loaded e-commerce platforms with complex logic, integration with accounting and warehouse management programs, loyalty systems and online payment. Market leaders entrust us with the development of their online stores.

For decades we have been gaining experience and knowledge to deliver best-in-class eCommerce solutions for small business and large-scale enterprises. Our team studies the behavior of your potential clients, and each of our services is aimed at increasing your conversion rate.

Our employees are fully responsible for each eCommerce site developed. They work on each project as a team, solving the details together, planning next steps. This approach ensures efficiency, timeliness and professionalism in solving problems of eCommerce business.

Alfee experts are fully engaged in your project: from analyzing the situation to creating a stable flow of new customers. We answer questions, teach how to work with the CMS, monitor the stability of the site, make adjustments, add features, update information.

We are always for a good ratio of quality and price, and our primary focus is to deliver eCommerce website design services that would please both our customers and their clients.

Questions for eCommerce Web Development

Where to find eCommerce Website Development & Design Services?

Discover eCommerce website design & development services at a credible industry player like Alfee. Our staff has vast experience in delivering successful eCommerce projects. We know how to improve online shopping experience for any clients and how to ensure increasing sales for any business.

Do you offer custom eCommerce Website Design and Enterprise Solutions?

Alfee team offers SEO friendly ecommerce solutions in accordance with business needs of enterprises. Our digital solutions rank high thanks to their excellent business logic, improved user interface and PCI compliance standards. Once you've become our client, you can be sure that the eCommerce solution we will provide you with will enable your business growth.

How much does an eCommerce Website cost?

eCommerce web development services may have various prices taking into account business location and the platform and features you would like to include. On average be sure to pay at least 7,400 USD for an unsophisticated eCommerce website with about 100 product pages. More advanced eCommerce websites cost about 53,500-70,000 USD. If you are looking for the best ratio of quality and price, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee. We deliver high quality eCommerce web design and development services for flourishing online businesses in different industries.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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