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eCommerce Mobile App Development

E-commerce is a sector of the economy that includes a set of technical and organizational forms of doing business on the Internet. This notion is assosiated with online trading and online shopping.

It's not a secret that in the 21st century the number of online shops is rapidly growing. Therefore, if you want to be ahead of your competitors, you should have an eCommerce app.

Entrust the development of an eCommerce mobile app to Alfee, and get a responsive website with a user-friendly interface, modern design, unique and useful content, and solid technical support. We will select an optimization strategy, launch contextual advertising and help the e-Commerce app move quickly and safely.

This article is dedicated to the topic of eCommerce mobile app development and to the major chiteria for selecting the right software development company to work with. We hope that it will be of good use for you.

What is eCommerce app development process?

The process of creating an eCommerce app is a complex notion integrating several stages and techniques. At Alfee we have a clear algorythm for developing best-in-class eCcommerce apps for business. We have listed the main process stages below:

  1. 01
    Task defining. Alfee experts discuss the future project with the customer, writing down requirements and preferences, identifing the target audience, offering an optimal plan of marketing activities to follow for your mobile e-Commerce app.
  2. 02
    Market analysis. We study competitors, identify your advantage over them and highlight it. It's essential to to think over the future website structure at this stage.
  3. 03
    Prototype creation. Alfee specialists draw up a technical task, if there is none, and create prototypes of the main landing pages - the main page, catalog, product card, contacts, ordering, shopping cart, personal account, etc.
  4. 04
    Building an online store. UI/UX design is developed, then we do the layout and programming, create digital content, carry out necessary synchronization and integration with services.
  5. 05
    Testing and launch. We test all the tools of the eCommerce app, check the layout on screens of different resolutions, and identify bugs. At this stage, the finished product is transferred to the client's server / hosting.
  6. 06
    Comprehensive support. Alfee team is constantly engaged in maintenance of created eCommerce apps. We keep updating products and categories, upgrading the functionality of delivered mobile apps as necessary, posting content and promoting it in the search.

Alfee company develops eCommerce apps on the most popular platforms, applying innovative approaches and advanced marketing strategies. Effectiveness of the completed mobile apps is the key indicator of our e-Commerce development.

It's essential to find a good balance between content, design and functionality to make it as easy as possible for the user to find and buy the necessary goods via your eCommerse app.

What types of eCommerce apps exist?

eCommerce application development is applied in various industries and for multiple purposes. The general development principles and strategies are similar, however the tools used by the developers may differ, as well as the development cost. Find the most common eCommerce apps below.

Online retail sales and Wholesale

These are eCcommerce apps used to sell goods and services through online stores designed using virtual shopping carts and electronic catalogs. Payment is accepted through credit or debit cards, online wallets or via internet banking. Customers prefer to shop online today just because it's less time consuming and more convenient.


This is about using an eCommerce mobile app of banks and other financial institutions. Customers can check account balances, transfer money, pay bills and so on with their mobile devices.


This type of an eCommerce mobile app is an example of Business to Business sector. As a rule, several enterprises form a group and create an electronic exchange. This helps facilitate purchase and sale of goods, exchange of market information, etc.

Online Booking

Mobile eCommerce app used for booking hotels, airline tickets, taxi booking app, etc. These bookings and reservations are performed with the help of an internet booking engine or IBE.

Alfee company is glad to offer you eCommerce app development of any complexity and on any topic. We are eager to deliver top-notch service and provide you with a turnkey solution for your business.

Tell us what are your preferences on target audience, push notifications, e-Commerce mobile app design, name themost essential features of your future mobile application, and our e-Commerce developers will do their utmost to turn your ideas and dreams into reality.

Why do you need e-Commerce app development?

When creating online stores, you need to constantly keep up with the times in order to always be ahead! This is almost impossible without efficient e-Commerce mobile applications.

In fact, the advantages of e Commerce apps are numerous, and they are different for each business and trade. Let's name just the major ones:

  • Mobile eCommerce apps are open 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • The product catalog has an up-to-date cost and balances;
  • Convenient selection and search by parameters;
  • Mobile e Commerce apps improve the company's image, increase trust;
  • You can compare products without the help of annoying sellers;
  • Store reviews increase product credibility;
  • Mobile commerce apps increase customer loyalty;
  • Web apps save time of selection, purchase, delivery;
  • eCommerce business improves customer experience and service quality.

If you want to increase conversions, order eCommerce app development from Alfee. We will offer a project development strategy, taking into account business specifics and budget.

Where to hire eCommerce app developers?

When it comes to hiring mobile commerce developers, there are ususally two options to choose from, i.e. hiring a freelancer or working with a dedicated team.

Working with an eCommerce app development freelancer

This option is more cost-efficient, but bear in mind that what is cheap isn;t always good. Thus, you may risk losing quality when working with a feelancer, since there are less guarantees and obligations. Although we can't dey that this is applicable when youhave a very limited budget.

Working with an app development team

Undoubtedly, working with an eCommerce development company is the best solution for eCommerce businesses. You will get a project manager who will be constantly in touch, and a whole team working on the creation of a really engaging mobile application customized to your business goals.

It's essential to find the right team to work with. If you still don't know where to find reliable e-Commerce app developers, just contact Alfee experts. We will start with your business analysis and competitors research, go on to collecting semantics and prototyping, and end with setting up contextual advertising, SEO promotion and technical support. With Alfee's competent approach to app development, we always manage to achieve high conversion.

Why pick up eCommerce application development services by Alfee?

The market is full of companies offering eCommerce app development. Choosing the right option seems to be a hard task even if you are not new to e-Commerce app development.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide what's more important - high quality or reasonable pricing. Therefore, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee professional team. Our company offers the best ratio of quality and price in the eCommerce industry. Here are the main benefits of working with Alfee:

  • Vast experience. We have been working in the field of website development and Internet marketing for decades, and can boast of hundreds of successfully implemented projects.
  • Timely development. Alfee professionals comply with the deadlines and deliver shopping apps in accordance with the specified development time.
  • High quality. We guarantee the proper quality of the services provided, offering technical support 24/7.
  • SEO-optimization. Website optimization for several search engines.
  • Protection against hacking and viruses. High level of site security. The eCommerce platform is regularly updated. Daily site backup.
  • Transparency. You can see intermediate results and make changes at all stages.
  • Customer-oriented approach. Your business goals are our priority, therefore, we develop an eCommerce app totally tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • Unique solutions. Our experts never deliver two similar solutions, just because we create all design elements of landing pages from scratch, directly to the needs of the clients.

Start working on your project with a simple step - call us or leave a request. Our manager will tell you in detail about the advantages of developing an e-Commerce website or mobile app in our studio and help you make a decision. The quality of our work is confirmed by numerous reviews of our satisfied customers.

Questions for eCommerce Mobile App Development

What is the best eCommerce mobile app development company?

The industry is overwhelmed with eCommerce mobile app development agencies, so choosing the right company to work with isn't an easy task. However, you can ensure your eCommerce project's success by cooperating with Alfee professional team. Being a leading company in developing commerce applications , Alfee knows how to deliver credible solutions with maximum customer engagement and improved functionality.

How much does it cost to create an eCommerce app?

Development cost for an eCommerce app development varies a lot depending on such factors as country, programming language, mobile platform, app's scalability and complexity. The average prices start at $10,000 and may go up to $25,000 for the development of a typical eCommerce app. Complex solutions may take up to $50,000. Alfee team is ready to deliver cutting edge solutions at a reasonable price with maximum data protection for your business.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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