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Web Developers Company

Alfee is a well-organized leading and best web development company. Our specialization includes complex functional application / website development in favor of various directions businesses. Alfee Company consists of highly qualified elaboration teams, with extensive experience in working cooperatively.

As a professional and best web development company, we always produce reliable customized elaboration solutions with advanced scalability. Based on terms of reference, we choose integrated technologies to develop a user-friendly result with an excellent quality standard. Main goal is providing you achieving a unique, attractive, customer-centric business.

Professional team in website and applications elaboration guarantee high results. We use a modern client-oriented approach in work. This allows customers to track all ongoing order processes and make concurrent adjustments into specifications.

We have been engaged in elaboration in favor of over 10 years. During this time, Alfee`s team have satisfied more than 1000 customers' needs. Our web development company oversee web development process from inception to final product. Using the latest website technology types allows team quickly performing of any complexity work, adhering to high quality standards.

Tell me the difference between web development and web design?

Although Web Developers and Web Designers work closely together creating websites, they perform completely different duties. Web designers' roles are a bit different from graphic web design as compared with code. They add aesthetic detail in wireframes using static pictures in software such as Photoshop. After web design approval, developers write code in favor of each component of each feature. Front-end software developers primarily write HTML code. Their written code is visible by your website visitor. In a Backend Developer. JAVA or PHP?

Tell me the skills required for a web developer?

Having an understanding of various elaboration firm can sometimes be difficult when trying to find a different web development company. In order to save you time, look out for elaboration skills in deciding the best service provider. Programming is the most basic coding requirement. This language plans a website's operation.

Look for developers with advanced coding skills like Javascripts, Python and Ruby. These features enable inclusion of audio, video, animation, scrolling and more. Site is streamlined and interaction is increased.

How do I choose the best web development language?

There are many Web development language options in favor of developers within this field. Depending on the language, selection may be difficult. Best programming language in web applications is determined however, by a number of factors. Targeting platforms: Because not every language is proficient at working in all platforms, it is crucial for you to understand what platform is being used. To show how programs can run on Linux based or a desktop computer, code must use C languages.

What does a web development agency do?

Top web Development companies will provide a website that is useful and user friendly so that you can be found in search engines. Most top website developers handle specialized tasks, including creating responsive websites, building custom apps, or speeding up websites. In other words, top web development companies can help you with everything you need.

Why should I hire a web development company?

Web design services can assist you with a website which generates business value. A high quality website is fully functional, easy to use and engaging. Having an internet presence can be very profitable.

Why are websites important for your business?

It is easy to promote online businesses based on the Internet. When looking online for products or buying online, consumers often turn towards the internet. 74 percent of consumers do a local search on the website yearly. 46% of searchers use google to search local info. Most businesses make business purchases through search engines. You can also sell on-line with your business to just 7% of their audience. Clients expect serious entrepreneurs to maintain a website.

A brief history of web development companies

Web developers are becoming increasingly adaptable as elaboration has become more complex. Website technologies have enabled web designers to create personal and immersive website experiences that meet needs of users. Web developers have started in early 1980 with HTML and remain fundamental technology in favor of any new website.

Out Provided Web Development Services

If you need a comprehensive digital transformation focused on growth of your business - our elaboration services are what you need. Competing in digital world is extremely popular right now. It is especially important providing your enterprise with a pleasant, eye-catching business website.

Alfee web development Company offers full-cycle elaboration services in favor of any purpose. Relevant frameworks, such as React.js, Laravel, Angular.js, Vue.js, allows reducing time of providing mobile and app web development services. Optimized web development speeds up all processes, allows getting quite economical cost.

We guide every web development project through every stage:

  1. 01
    A unique project web design concept creation;
  2. 02
    Details conceptualization;
  3. 03
    Web development plan structuring;
  4. 04
    Final product;
  5. 05
    Further maintenance, functionality expansion.

A well-coordinated full-stack website developers team will fulfill your order. Each team member has professional experience of working in an organized team. Our web development company will build web apps in favor of your business quickly and efficiently. Just contact us through the form on website.

Project Visualization – Front-End Web Development

Front-End (client-side elaboration) is the visualization of a web design layout into a working project without server functionality. You can hire a web developer or another front-end web development services right now, just contact us! Front-end process includes several stages from drawing up the structure of future site based on web design layout, to full implementation of the interface and all styles.

We position ourselves as a custom web development company, which means that main goal is providing the client with a fully customizable responsive website or web application. Working with us gives a guarantee of result that you expect from the project. Our web developers have more than a thousand completed orders that customers like.

Use of front-end frameworks allows us to create an efficient workflow. We use the following latest website technologies:

  1. 01
    AngularJs elaboration. JavaScript-based front-end website platform built to develop single-page applications. Framework makes developed application more optimized and productive;
  2. 02
    ReactJs elaboration. An open source JavaScript library in favor of implementing modern rich user interfaces based on UI components. React - designed by Facebook to this day is in demand and frequently used;
  3. 03
    Vue.js elaboration. An open source model-view-view JavaScript front-end framework that allows to implement users interfaces and single-page applications.

Data Management – Back-End Web Development

Back-End (server-side elaboration) is the business logic implementation in favor of a web application or website. Our elaboration expertise includes many multifunctional elaborations with a complex back-end.

Modern frameworks using allows reducing load on server and time for a server response. It makes website or web application more productive and high quality. If you need to develop a website with complex information management, business logic and multifunctionality, you can contact us.

To increase elaboration efficiency, team uses the following latest digital technologies:

  • Laravel elaboration. Popular open source PHP framework. Framework is designed to develop website applications and websites using models and controllers. Laravel significantly speeds up the process of developing website applications due to the optimized syntax and ready-made functions in favor of creating back-end solutions;
  • Node.js elaboration. Cross-platform open source JavaScript backend. Node JS allows Javascript code to be executed outside the browser, which contributes to the implementation of optimized server-side website applications and websites functionality.

Innovative Optimized Website and Mobile App Development Technologies

Alfee as one of the top web development companies, cooperates with enterprises and top businesses all over the planet. A team of our specialists provides web development services, performing them in the shortest possible time with maximum compliance with the terms of reference. A well-organized team allows you to make the process of building websites and apps efficient and result-oriented.

Our task is to make sure that each customer's requirement realized. Our application elaboration team takes responsibility in favor of the work performed. We use the latest web development technologies that are the most relevant and optimized. This gives our developers the opportunity to generate effective website solutions to meet all customer needs.

We have over a thousand satisfied customers who have contacted us. For this reason, we are rightfully one of the most competent web development companies.

How much does a website or mobile app development company charge?

Most web developers charge anywhere from $100 to $175 / month for a single website. Agents based out of the United States can charge anywhere from $50-$75 an hour. Hourly charges allow businesses to allocate certain days in favor of your projects. Then see the breakdown on the final day.

But website development can be costly. Your organization must have an individualized budget in favor of all the different costs involved. This costs include: Overall, a professional website costs depend on the brand requirements. For example an informative website could easily be produced rather than an eCommerce platform or an ecommerce interface that requires extensive customer support and reservations.

Total costs of building and maintaining an internet site vary based on various factors including the number, size of pages a website has.

Size of the Project

A simple website may have simple functions or be a static one-page website. These website pages only require domain names and Website Hosting. A name costs about $96 an hour, website hosting about $96 an hour and domain names about $15 an hour. Collectively, launching a website costs around $150.90.

Medium sites are based on basic features including catalogs of products offered by the top web development companies, contact-and-quote forms, and a lot of more. Website creations that have core functionality typically cost anywhere from $1000-600, according to GoodFrms' website designing report.

Experience & Location

Years of expertise and the location are crucial in favor of determining the total amount of elaboration time and costs incurred by the web developer. An experienced website designer from developed nations like the US, Canada, the UK etc. will charge approximately $60 to $200 an hour whereas the developer from developing countries like the Philippines, India, Ukraine etc. will deliver the project for $35 per hour. Contrarily, a developer in a developing country working on a low-end project will charge between $30 and $80 per hour.


Web application developers usually offer web design modifications as part of a package. In some cases a client must pay an oversupplied payment in favor of additional changes to the existing price. In case a web developer is searching for changes to the web design or code web design, he or she should ask for the following fees: developer is charged about $30 to $560 per repair. It can be as low as $500 for designing a slider with little widgets.

How to find the best web development company for your business?

Trying to find a list of top 10 web development firm can be incredibly confusing - especially if web development agencies do not match their company needs. Give me some tips on choosing one of the best web development companies.


One key aspect of selecting an online elaboration provider is to check whether your company is matched to your representatives goals. You must select a web development agency only after talking through the phone and deciding if you would fit the profile of their clients well.

Their customers should be clear that the goal of your company should always be the same as the one they have in mind in favor of your product elaboration. They should also provide you with a little peace when you want something specific. You should be able to leave the phone confident that elaboration agencies will meet your goals and unless that's the case – company is NOT for you.


Budgets are a key factor in selecting web developers in favor of your business needs. It's not necessary to use an unsatisfactory or poorly designed company. There will be no burden on your company financially - there are also options available in favor of your budget. You'll need the first five best developers you have.

Tell us the charges each provider charges in favor of what they provide and order them in whichever way is lowest or highest. This gives an idea of what amount you will spend for whichever web development company you choose and also it can assist in setting a good budget.


If you choose to meet with your web developers directly on the website, you must definitely check their location. If you are a web development company and they are far from the airport you could use another web development company to work in favor of you. It's a great place to meet and discuss the developments you want over the coffee. If the place is a mystery to you it will be a hassle. Please remember that you do not always need a meeting with a web development agency in-person to build an outstanding long term connection with them.


On the largest, most reliable and the best web development companies on the Internet, you can already find customer reviews and reviews. For example, Google business reviews, Up City, Clutch. This will help you not to make a mistake with the choice of the performer and understand how they work and what the team and company are like.

Working relationship

Every experienced and worthy web development company has a portfolio where all implemented projects are published. Looking at them, you can understand whether developers are suitable for you or not. Would you, as a regular customer, want to stay on site they created? If not, then your potential buyer will not stay either. You must be delighted with the service, otherwise you will not be able to realize the full potential of your company in this site. And this is extremely important, this is your face.


Each web development company uses different approaches to the organization of work. It is very important to consider this because it will affect your interaction and set certain boundaries. For example, will the developer be ready to take your call at any time? Some consider it right to answer only during working hours, others will be happy to answer at any time of the day or night.

It should be comfortable to work. Pick a performer with the same values and principles as you and everything will go like clockwork.


This item is not necessary, but it may reveal some information to you. Firstly, the participants of elaboration contests are distinguished by their originality and creativity. Secondly, they follow the most innovative trends in the world of elaboration. So such web development companies will not be a bad choice and will not disappoint.

Tell me the best question to ask a web development company before making a deal?

Before collaborating with a elaboration business, you must answer certain inquiries to ensure smooth and simple elaboration processes.

Which Web Development Methodology is Used?

Website and mobile app development processes are used for determining if the project is successful. Most widely accepted techniques are the waterfall technique and the agile methodology. Waterfall uses a traditional method which combines linear elaboration with sequential programming. This transition occurs when the first phase is completed.

Formal documentation required to implement it will require a good implementation. So waterfall technology is more suitable in favor of short-term projects. Contrary to Agile, the method is incremental in nature and this process can also be used in iterative. It enables recurring changes throughout elaboration phases.

Which additional services are included in the package?

Website Hosting: Most web developers provide website hosting services. Nonetheless, ask about its unique IP address. Additionally make certain that the bandwidth is adequate for your project as well as technical support options to ensure uptime.

CMS is the best way in favor of web development companies to integrate content management software system into their business strategies. When selecting a partner, ask what CMS they would like to use. Discuss customization possibilities as well as scopes of scalability of the systems. Finally, check if the website is compatible with a third system.

Which technologies and frameworks are used?

Most skilled web developer is always updated on the latest technologies and ensures the final mobile app development of a web application is ready in favor of future use. Web designers need to employ techniques that are coordinated across all aspects during the web design and mobile app development phases. This includes elaboration languages based applications capable of supporting the backend and front end web development. An exceptional elaboration team can ensure an effective back-end is easy to manage in favor of in-house staff.

Will the site be responsive?

Responsive web design ensures a consistent website layout on all devices regardless of their sizes and platforms. As web design increases, user interaction and user engagement will increase. In addition, responsive web design and mobile-first indexing are essential to improve SEO rankings and lower bounce rates. A software developer needs knowledge of principles and skills to implement these principles in their code.

How many years of experience do they have in this industry?

Website and mobile app development industry needs analysis for the impact on market. Request their Portfolios which are based on their previous work, the types of websites they worked on, along with the number of projects completed. Business can also consult third-party sites to further confirm the quality of web developers services provided by examining feedback and rating received by previous users.

How much time does it take to create a website?

Website and mobile app development projects are typically completed in 3-5 days depending on their complex characteristics. Construction of a one page website takes several days to complete. Whereas a complex webpage consisting of multiple websites, complex functions, plugins and such could take anywhere from a day to weeks to complete.

Questions for Web App Development

Why is Web App Development so widespread nowadays?

Web app development has become widespread for several reasons:

  • Widespread access to the internet: The widespread access to the internet has made it possible for businesses to reach a global audience through web apps.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Web apps can be accessed from any device that has a web browser, making them compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Developing web apps is typically less expensive than developing native apps for multiple platforms.
  • Easy deployment and maintenance: Web apps can be deployed and maintained more easily than native apps, as they don't need to be distributed through app stores or updated on individual devices.
  • Progressive Web App(PWA) technology: Progressive Web App technology allows web apps to run offline, and to be installed on the home screen of a device, providing a similar experience as a native app.
  • Responsive design: With the increasing use of mobile devices, responsive design has become a must-have feature for web apps to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Cloud-based services: The availability of cloud-based services has made it easier for web app developers to store and manage data, and to build and deploy web apps quickly.

All these reasons together make web app development a popular choice for businesses and developers.

Who is the biggest Web developer in the world?

There is not a single developer in the world who dares to say that he is the best. Best is the one who is constantly learning and gaining experience. These are the people we recruit to the Alfee team. They are motivated to develop and achieve better results. There is not a single developer in the world who dares to say that he is the best. Best is the one who is constantly learning and gaining experience. These are the people we recruit to the Alfee team. They are motivated to develop and achieve better results.

Which company is best for web developer?

To recognize the best web development company, you need to turn to the services they offer. For example, Alfee prides itself on an extremely wide variety of services, especially since our clients return to us after one project. Isn't this an indicator of quality? To recognize the best web development company, you need to turn to the services they offer. For example, Alfee prides itself on an extremely wide variety of services, especially since our clients return to us after one project. Isn't this an indicator of quality?

Which website and mobile app development is best?

It just doesn't exist. There are competitors in every industry, and your company probably has them too. If there is no better website in principle, then there is probably the best website in the industry. It is the most attractive, functional and effective. Attract customers and make a profit.It just doesn't exist. There are competitors in every industry, and your company probably has them too. If there is no better website in principle, then there is probably the best website in the industry. It is the most attractive, functional and effective. Attract customers and make a profit.

Why does Web App development make your business more innovative and attract more new customers?

Web app development can make a business more innovative by streamlining processes, automating tasks and providing valuable insights and analytics. It can also increase customer engagement and loyalty by providing personalized and interactive features. Additionally, it can help businesses to reach new customers by making it more accessible to a wider audience through the internet, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

What do web development companies do?

Typically web developers help you build your app/web page through a variety of activities, including creating and maintaining frameworks, architecture, and navigation. Choose the right language and build your website.

How much does it cost an hour of work for a Web App developer?

The cost of an hour of work for a web app developer can vary widely, but in general, it can range from $50 to $250 per hour in the United States, $60 to $250 per hour in Western Europe, $30 to $150 per hour in Eastern Europe, and $10 to $80 per hour in India and Southeast Asia. These are rough estimates, and actual hourly rates may vary depending on the developer's qualifications and experience, the complexity of the project, and other factors.

What programming languages does an expert need to create an effective Web App?

An expert in web app development typically needs to have knowledge and experience in several programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a back-end language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C# or Go. Additionally, knowledge of database systems and web app frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Express, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel etc. would be beneficial.

What are the coolest Web App development services companies use?

Different companies may use a difference of website application elaboration services, but some popular choices include React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Meteor.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel. The selection of the service to use will be determined by the specific project needs and the elaboration team's expertise.

How long does Web App Development take on average?

The duration of web app development can vary greatly and it relies on multiple factors such as the size and complexity of the product, the number of tools and functionalities, the elaboration team, the elaboration process and the technology stack used. On average, simple web apps can take several weeks to several months to develop, while more complex ones can require several months up to a year.

What requirements do Web App Development customers usually have?

Web app development customers typically require a user-friendly interface, specific functionality and features, integration with other systems, security, performance, responsiveness, search engine optimization, maintenance, testing and quality assurance, technical support and documentation, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

What's a quick and easy way to find the perfect candidate for web app creation?

A quick way to find the perfect candidate for web app creation is to post the job on reputable online job boards or platforms, reach out to web development agencies, ask for portfolio or previous work from the candidate and conduct technical interviews. It's important to not rush the process and evaluate potential candidates properly.

What information do we need to roughly estimate the timing of work on Web App Development and a budget that will suit both the customer and the performer?

To estimate the timing and budget for web application elaboration, you need to consider the scope of the product, number of specialists working on it, development method used, and the skills and location of the creators. You also need to factor in the price of any third-party features or services and additional expenses. Communication with the customer is key to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

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