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Hire Front-End Developers

We constantly use web apps, web pages and mobile applications . Front end is the part of a website that displays information to user. In this post, we discuss how you can hire front end developers and what their job roles are. We also talk about careers in front end development and some of the challenges that come with working in this field.

Main focus of Alfee is focused on the fact that each of our front end developers meets all the requirements and skills in order to create a project of the best quality that will set you apart from the competition. Hire front end developers and your idea will become a reality.

Front End Development History

Software development was not a new word in last centuries. Term "frontend" has been used since 1950s, but its origins are unclear. Some sources suggest it was first used by Xerox PARC to describe their graphical user interface (GUI) systems, while others claim it was coined by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs as an alternative to "backend" or "server-side" development. Regardless of where it originated, meaning had evolved by 2009 when Eric Elliott wrote in his article "Front-End vs Back-End: What’s The Difference?" That year he defined it as "a loosely defined set of skills that includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP." He cited examples from Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress as examples of frontend development technologies.

Front End Developers Job description

A front end developer is a person who builds the interface and user experience in favor of software. These developers also work on creating websites, mobile apps and other applications that use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and other web technologies.

Front End Developers have many responsibilities and tasks. They are responsible in favor of designing and developing the user experiences of digital products such as websites, mobile applications and desktop applications. Front end developer also works with developers to design the back-end systems that support their applications. As a web developer they are able to work as remote front end developers.

Common Tasks of a Front End Developer

There is some differences across companies, but in general a front end developer are in charge of the following:

  • Optimizing the end user experience;
  • Using html, JavaScript and CSS to bring concepts to life;
  • Developing and maintaining the user interface;
  • Create design and properly implement it;
  • Creating tools that make comfortable interaction with any browser.

Become Front End Developer

Learning the front end development is an exciting journey to software development which is able to be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

First step is to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are the basic building blocks of your web application. If you already have some knowledge in these languages then this is the best time to learn more about them.

Once you have a basic understanding of these three languages, you are able to start learning about how to build websites using software development skills. This gives you an idea of how every part works together and how they can be used to create different kinds of web apps. After you can start even a freelance front end developer career in different sides of web design, web apps and work in web development projects. Most popular pages are linked to behance, where you can see skilled front end developer.

How to Hire Front End Developers?

Hiring a front end developer is a great way to build a solid foundation in favor of your company, but you need to make sure you hire the right person. World of front end development is really wide and consists of top front end developers or we call them freelance front end developers and senior developers. Nowadays there are many freelance developers around the world and specific front end development talent forums. All potential candidates, talented developers can be found there and only thing is interview process to evaluate tech talent by interviewing candidates and find right skills.

It is really hard to learn all technical skills and programming languages, but world needs personalized and customized features in every web application. Programming languages are key point.

When you already have a project idea, you need to understand exactly which specialist you need and with what experience. As a rule , developers are divided into three groups.

Junior developers

This is a specialists with up to 1 year of experience. Due to short practice period, junior frontend developer owns one programming language or framework. Responsibilities include implementation of basic simple and understandable tasks or assistance to more experienced colleagues.

Developer at this stage is still just learning and gaining experience, but there are a lot of creative ideas, since their path is just beginning. They are quite capable of developing a simple application with classic functionality.

Middle developers

Such a developer has more than three years of experience. In addition to junior-level developer skills, they have more than one programming language in their arsenal. Prices are higher and are average in the interface development market. Extensive experience allows to perform non-standard tasks, but a complex project can cause difficulties. Often such specialists work in a team.

Senior Developers

Developer of this level has more than 5 years of experience. Such a specialist is also worth a lot. But the quality of projects does not allow us to doubt their expertise. Applications are highly efficient and accurately meet all your wishes. Before starting work, such a developer dive deep into the specifics of your business and analyze the final cost of development team.

Technologies used in the creation of the project are the most innovative and precisely meet the needs of your business. Senior front end developers best perform even the most complex project, while it is optimal both in favor of quality and your budget.

If your project is complex, senior developers may be your best bet. Despite the fact that it is expensive, you get an ideal project that bring you profit for many more years.

Alfee plan to hire front end developers

You have an idea. But how to make it real? What to do? Looking for a developer? Respond to the first job offer and get to work? We have no room for misunderstanding. Alfee specialists work according to algorithm, and if you follow it, you will save a lot of time.

  1. 01
    Describe your idea in detail. What kind of service and what you need, what functions it should have, how you see it.
  2. 02
    Alfee manager discuss your idea in detail with you and clarify the details.
  3. 03
    We select the most suitable candidates in favor of implementation based on the necessary experience and skills and offer them to you.
  4. 04
    You only have to conduct an interview and determine the ideal developer who will take care of your project.
  5. 05
    After the contractor is selected, we sign a contract with you and the work begins.

Freelance Front End Developers

By hiring front end developers you have to focus on web developer skills mainly in software development area and their deep understanding industry trends. It doesn't matter wheter you are senior web developer or junior developer, job responsibilities are the same.

Front End Developer Responsibilities:

  1. 01
    Determining the structure and technical aspects of web pages;
  2. 02
    Professional experience in various projects, more companies the more necessary skills;
  3. 03
    Ability to follow latest technologies and be active member of corresponding community;
  4. 04
    Striking a balance between complexity and aesthetic design vision;
  5. 05
    Ensuring web design is optimized for smartphone services;
  6. 06
    Maintaining brand consistency throughout the design.

Front End Developer Requirements:

  • Highly skilled in computer science or any related field;
  • Solid knowledge of desigh principles and accuracy for details;
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery;
  • Understanding of server-side CSS and JavaScript development;
  • Confident knowledge on graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop;
  • Experience with responsive and adaptive design;
  • Understanding of SEO principles and having practical experience working in popular frameworks;
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills with clients;
  • Interested on constant grow of soft skills.

In-house Front End Developers

Difference between a freelancer and a full-time developer is that your person will be completely immersed in your task. He is motivated to carry out the project in the best way, since the success of project is equal to the success of company in which he works. Thanks to this, employee is unlikely to leave the project unfinished, which cannot be said about freelance performers.

Advantage of such a developer will be monthly, not piecework payment. A well-equipped office space also increases productivity. It is also possible to set long-term goals in the work, since the employee plans to stay in the company for many months. In addition, any questions arising on project can be solved in real time.

However, there are obvious disadvantages of hiring such an employee. First of all, wages grow, as the costs of taxes and workplace equipment. Secondly, if your company is located in a small city, then finding a qualified specialist will be a problem.

Importance of front end developer for company

Even if you want to hire a freelance developer, idea of hiring a front end developer will bear fruit for your company in addition to the created project. That's what we want to tell you about.

Industry compliance

If you hire a front end developer who already has experience in creating a project directly in favor of your industry, then you will get an expert who is already familiar with the target audience, specifics of business. It knows what features you need, what exactly you want.

Product Fitting

Whatever project you would like to implement, surely there are already at least analogues close to idea on the market. Contractor's knowledge in this field, experience with similar products, will contribute to rapid search for the best solutions for front end development.

Compliance with corporate culture

Company values are very important. You need not just a qualified front end developer, but a person who will fit into your company. Then such things as company's management style, attitude to diversity and much more will be extremely accurately reflected in the project.

Why Alfee is the best variant to Hire Front End Developers?

Our professional staff welcome you to talk about your next big project and requirements. Alfee developers were carefully reviewed to ensure you hired someone to contribute to your project immediately. In hiring software developers, the cost of their services can vary. Our analysis of a variety of aspects includes years of experience in real estate development, seniority of work and skills sets. Developers are highly vetted and invited to our platform to ensure that we have expert coders.

Here are advantages due to which customers hire front end developers from Alfee:


We have a huge staff. We will easily find the right front end developer for your project.

Creating a Deep Profile

We provide you with a wide selection. Selected candidates will provide you with their resumes. You will be able to build not only on what skills you need a developer with, but also on whether you like his work, whether they cling to you, whether your customers will want to stay on such a service.


All Alfee developers are verified. Their skills have been tested through test assignments and early interactions with customers. We declare with 100% confidence that the quality and efficiency of our performers is the best in the market.

Selection and adaptation

We will select candidates who are exactly suitable in favor of requirements you have expressed, as well as help to establish communication and interaction so that you feel comfortable and person fits exactly into your company and fits according to values.

Collaboration tools

You will receive regular reports on the work done on your project, and most importantly give feedback. So edits will be made without delay.


We not only provide competitive prices, but also take care of the absence of problems with payments, including international ones. All invoices issued are transparent and declared in compliance with all requirements.

Front End Developement Trends in 2023

JavaScript frameworks still is one of the most widely used programming languages. It offers the largest range of libraries and frameworks. Every front end web developer can find what he needs. Every single web page is a path of front end technologies, web design skills and next step to future projects.

Thanks to Microsoft, TypeScript, a free and open source programming language, an extended version of JavaScript. Having a static typing feature allows you to develop more structured web applications. It really makes work easy in some way to front end developer. Mostly used by freelance front end developers.

Gatsby is a JavaScript-based framework that builds pages using Reactjs, fast and modern way to create both static and dynamic web applications without the need to implement complex solutions.

Alfee Remote Front End Developers

Any modern company that cares about its own success, development and a steady flow of new customers cannot do without web development and a mobile application.

In such situations, Alfee offers to hire Front-end developers. Often, great ideas for the implementation of this task are faced with significant difficulties in finding employees who could bring everything to life. As for software development, the speed and flexibility of the process determines success.

Front-end development is the creation of the client side of the site. Namely, the layout of the site template and the creation of the user interface. To create innovative cross-browser applications with interactive user interfaces, you need an experienced Front-end developer.

Today, the senior web developer profession has become really popular and in demand among students of educational institutions. The number of specialists is growing, but at the same time, the selection of potential employees for hiring becomes more complicated.

Alfee assumes all the risks associated with hiring and long-term obligations of the customer: entrust the task to find Full Stack developer to us and we guarantee you the provision of quality services at reasonable prices.

The significant quality of provided services by our company cannot be supported without our own, best programmers choice individually developed system. The main evaluation criteria are Front-end developer’s skill: HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Backbone, CSS3, JavaScript, Semantic UI, Python, AJAX, jQuery, Typescript, etc.

These people are the main value, so we have developed a decent system of motivation and support for the talents and abilities of our frontend developer. Therefore, you can be sure of their sincere interest in obtaining maximum results in your projects.

Already have a website? We are ready to provide Front-end optimization services that allow you to look at the existing solution from a new angle, customize and supplement functionality, and boost productivity.

Hiring Front-End Developers - ​​rational decision

Modern business is truly rich in diversity and the creation of whole new directions. No matter what industry your company is in, be it retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, real estate, logistics, media, construction, etc., you need the tools to build your brand and attract customers. Hiring expert Frontend Developers let you apply all the practical experience gained by our entire team.

Educational level of programmers is an important foundation for the future success of an ongoing project, but it also needs to be supported. Therefore, when you initiate the process of hiring Front-end developers, you can be sure that we pay special attention to the soft skills of our experts, such as:

  • Communications. Competent cooperation with customers.
  • Cooperation. Established working processes with back-end team and UI designers.
  • Flexibility. Lightning fast response to changing processes and requirements.
  • Mentorship. Willingness to teach and transfer knowledge.

No matter how multifaceted and complex your project is, we recommend, first of all, hire Front-End developers skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript. The basis will allow you to sell the product efficiently and in a timely manner.

The necessary preparatory work to research your market, areas of activity, is carried out by our experts. Maintaining the level of knowledge, applying the best world practices enable Frontend development developers to create mobile applications and web application interfaces and consistently accelerate the processes.

The stage of hiring employees in the staff of an organization, especially a large corporation, often slows down not only the start of the project itself, but also distracts employees for testing, approval and registration of each candidate.

Let's walk through the phases of hire Front end developers with Alfee:

  1. 01
    Tell us about your plans. Let's start with a 30 minute conversation and draw up a brief.
  2. 02
    Appropriate candidates have been selected. We will provide preliminary project implementation plans.
  3. 03
    Make a choice. Number of freelance web developer, timelines and resources.
  4. 04
    The registration process was carried out remotely. Your new experts are already working with you.
  5. 05
    Need adjustments? Team optimization or attraction of additional talents.

Transparent processes hiring a Front-End Developer allows you to be absolutely confident in the result, and the flexibility of the organization help to avoid inconsistencies.

Hire the best Front-End Developers in Alfee

Significant successful experience in the implementation of complex systems makes it possible to offer the customer a variety of solutions when hire a Front-end developer:

  • Solutions are supported and comprehensively serviced.
  • Web development from A to Z - from system infrastructure to interactive interfaces.
  • Transportation of information flows - data migration.
  • HTML5/CSS - compliance with coding standards and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Web Apps - Leave a lasting impression on your customers.
  • CMS and design - Front-end development expertise help you to create themes for CMS that are unique in their reliability and adaptability.

Working with us, you choose the approach to hiring yourself. The tedious search of candidates and the burden on your HR department come to naught, you get direct access to an extensive database of high-skilled specialists. The level of security is guaranteed, a non-disclosure agreement has already been signed with each candidate, your data is protected. And most importantly, you save up to 45% of wages, while reducing the risk of process non-compliance.

Thus, the Front-end developer cost when hiring from Alfee is much more profitable than keeping your staff.

Development is a complex and multi-stage process. In addition to it, a verified review of the code and testing processes is also necessary. And taking into account rapidly emerging technologies and code refactoring. Front-end experts are guaranteed to carefully work on all sides.

Ensure to Hire freelance Front-End Developers

In order to reduce costs, overheads and increase flexibility, customers often turn to freelance sites. The idea to hire freelance Front-End programmers is reasonable, but only until it comes to getting intermediate work results. Loyalty of freelancers is low. If the project is complex, then gathering a team of freelancers can doom the most ingenious project to failure. Their actions, as a rule, are not coordinated, and different geolocation significantly complicates the process of work. However, at the same time, a freelance Front-End developer asks lower fees for his work.

Customers want to see worthy results, high-quality implementation and project subsequent support. Hiring dedicated remote front-end developers will ultimately increase your companys’ value.

The cost to hire a Front-end developer, with all of the above, seems to be the optimal solution, with its flexible possibility of hiring both full-time and part-time. A well-coordinated team of programmers plays a significant role in the success of your brilliant ideas.

Hire Frontend developers in Alfee - we become partners, witnessing your success.

Before hiring frontend development professionals think of what skills they need. If your first project involves hiring a developer, check out some of their questions here. What can I ask a front end developer about my project?

Questions for Hire Front-End Developers

How much do FrontEnd engineer charge?

Typically he'll charge about $41 – 60 an hour. For intermediate frontend developers, that varies from $60-80 an hour. As you grow experience, we can charge an hourly rate between $100 and $160 for more challenging projects.

How do I hire a new Front End developer?

You need to know exactly what features your project should have. So you will pick up a specialist with the required skills. It is also necessary to pay attention to the portfolio: do you like what you created earlier? Next thing is the interview, as an opportunity to make sure of expertise.

How do I hire a great front-end developers?

Make clear rules. A very essential issue is setting up specific requirements for products. Make contracts with Back-end developers. Learn about agile methodologies and how to improve project estimating. Make it a series of sprints.   

How much do Front-End developers cost?

To hire the best frontend developers in 2023, post a job description, look for individuals with a mix of technical skills and programming languages, problem-solving abilities, design sense, strong communication and teamwork skills, a passion for learning, a good attitude and work ethic, a portfolio of their work using front end technologies and experience with mobile optimization.

What benefits will you get if you hire a Dedicated Front-end Development Team?

Hiring a Dedicated Front-End Development Team provides a range of benefits, from reducing development costs and timelines to increasing output flexibility and technical expertise. Additionally, team members can work in tandem, leveraging a wide range of skills to create an effective and productive development environment.

Front-end development teams can also be highly customisable, allowing you to tailor your development team to suit your specific needs and requirements. Ultimately, hiring a dedicated Front-End Development Team means increased efficiency, cost savings and better solutions, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

How do you make your web pages user-friendly?

Web designers cannot do anything without user experience (UX). Visitors on a web site or customers who utilize the software must interact with the interface, which will require an expert website development company who understands a good design. UX practices can be broken into several sections so you can read quickly, avoid lengthy options, or use a layout based on distraction. Front end developers create the most effective web apps combining UX and technology expertise to create scalable and intuitive user interfaces that can easily and effectively integrate.

Tell me the best web application you're proud of?

Taking an overview of the development portfolio can feel intimidating in favor of people that aren't familiar with their field of work. Tell me the most interesting part of your project? It will tell you more about your work. When interviewing front end developer asking about their best samples can give you an insight into their development process. So you can see if they really understand the programming language needed for your success.

Why would you use a CSS preprocessor?

It's important for frontend designers and developers that CSS should be used, but it needs help for development. Frontend developer should know the use of preprocessed CSS in favor of the enhancement of its functions. Front end developers must explain how the use of Preprocessors such as Sass can include variables, nesting, inheritance, and mixing. Ask the hiring team what logic is required for the project.

How do I make my code easy to read?

Even if a programmer has a great track record, there can be no reason to delay making a change. It is important for front end developers to understand the code. Developers must be able to provide clear and concise comments explaining their thinking process. Software development must be concise and efficient; web apps or software interfaces must not be cluttered or slow.

Which Javascript library would you recommend for my needs?

According to the task, answers to these questions may differ. A web developer will explain how application can use React and jQuery to create light pages and web applications. Showing examples of how they use this library professionally is expected. Web designers are often not able to recommend libraries in favor of achieving their design goals.  

How can asynchronous Javascript be used in this project?

Asynchronous JavaScript is used on pages whose interfaces have not been refreshed. Discuss your needs with an experienced developer to determine the best way to use asynchronous Javascript to enhance the interaction with your project.

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