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Hire VoIP developers

Once setting up a business, it is important to focus on communication with clients and partners. If you hire VoIP developers from a credible company, it will save your money and increase the flow of clients, thanks to convenience and extensive functionality.

VoIP software solutions are perfect once you want the client not to hold on the line for too long, so that you forward a specific call to the right manager or to another department of the company in one click. They make it possible for a client to order phone calls from the website or call you back directly from it.

If your choice is VoIP telephony, the business will attract new partners due to communication opportunities that may have been underestimated before. VoIP telephony in the office won't let you lose a single call, streamline the contact system, simplify international communications and take measures to unite the branches and employees of the enterprise into a single network.

All you need to do is to hire VoIP developers from a reliable company like Alfee & trust your project to professionals.

What is VoIP development?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is voice communication over the Internet (as opposed to traditional phone calls and telephone communication, which occurs through telephone lines or a mobile GSM / 3G network).

At the moment, the main purpose of VoIP is cheap or free long-distance and international calls. To make these calls, you need to use the services of one of the IP telephony providers and you can call from a computer, IP phone or regular phone.

However, the main benefit of VoIP for business is the ability to build more efficient corporate communications systems with various voice services. VoIP telephony also benefits from the fact that its configuration doesn't require much work. You don't need a team of specialists, you don't even need a full-time employee. Virtual Telephony provider will take care of everything and provide you with all further instructions.

If you are searching for credible VoIP developers with vast experience & good knowledge of the latest technical advancements, Alfee expert team is at your disposal. Our professional VoIP developers would be glad to build a working solution for your enterprise. Just get in touch with our team and we will provide the best option.

Advantages of VoIP software development

VoIP Internet telephony embodies requirements that would be difficult and expensive to implement with analogue public telephone networks. For example, this is the ability to transfer multiple telephone calls within a telephone high-speed connection.

The benefits of such a system (compared to the traditional one) is as follows:

  • simpler and cheaper implementation (since VoIP systems are constructed on the basis of an existing intranet);
  • free voice communication within the company (even with a geographically distributed business structure);
  • ability to access all communication capabilities at home and on a business trip (via the Internet);
  • ability to integrate voice services into business applications and business processes;
  • advanced features for recording conversations and maintaining statistics.

With the help of our VoIP developers you can also enjoy such functional advantages of VoIP development as auto redial, forwarding, conference calling, smart answering machine, voice menu, etc.

Standardized protocol means safety and secure calls. Cisco VoIP telephony seamlessly solves all the difficulties that arise when joining telephone connections through traditional, analog telephone lines, and the like. All that is needed for IP telephony is the provision of signal encryption, then the subsequent decryption of the transmitted data stream.

What are the responsibilities of VoIP development team?

When you hire a VoIP software engineer, you expect him to pe a professional in the niche. But do you know for sure what are the responsibilities of a VoIP developer? We've prepared a check-up list for you:

  1. 01
    Support & development of a distributed telephony system for a contact center;
  2. 02
    Integration of VoIP with CRM, applying Asterisk AMI;
  3. 03
    Administration of communication providers, connection of trunks, SIP numbers;
  4. 04
    Dial plan modification;
  5. 05
    Solving incidents in the operating of the call center (FLS, SLS);
  6. 06
    VoIP system monitoring, trunk monitoring, call quality monitoring & dialing;
  7. 07
    Introduction of new technologies in CC;
  8. 08
    Participation in activities to improve the work of the call center.

Alfee VoIP developers have HA mode good knowledge and all in demand skills necessary for any project. Our company offers flexible hiring models based on your particular business requirements. You will work with the best dedicated developers specializing in VoIP software development. Your project manager will keep you constantly updated on the process and provide timely feedback. Just get in touch with Alfee team and your recruitment process will go smoothly without any troubles.

Process of creating VoIP solutions

Hiring VoIP developers may seem a complicated process when you have no idea what to start with. You may start with outsourcing companies or creating the right job description, but what we recommend you to do is simply to address to Alfee team and you will enjoy amazing results.

We follow a strick step-by-step plan when we work with our clients, if necessary we are open for a trial period. Check it below.

Research & Analyses

Our expert team starts with analyzing the current market situation & studying your business requirements. Our aim is to provide you with a VoIP developer that will be able to deliver a competitive product totally corresponding to your needs.

Choosing the team and the strategy

Next we start working on the creation of the right development team and choosing the most suitable candidates. We concentrate on the working knowledge and skills set, mastering programming languages and supporting technologies.

Development stage

The most important stage, when VoIP engineer team gets down to the development process. We are ready to develop openSIPs on demand. Our top developers always deliver complete large scale projects strictly within the deadline.

Support & Maintenance

Unlike other VoIP software development companies, Alfee delivers ongoing support & maintenance to the created projects. Our software engineer team has vast experience not only in VoIP technologies, but also in creating top-notch mobile applications, cross platforms digital solutions, web applications, etc. We are glad to assist you in solving any task.

How much does it cost to hire VoIP developer?

The cost for hiring a VoIP software engineer varies a lot depending on the location, developers professional experience, engagement period, project specifications, and other factors.

In general, VoIP software engineer has an hourly rate averaging between $55-85 per hour. Alfee offers flexible hiring models, which means that you can hire VoIP developers for full-time engagement (40 hours per week) and part-time one (20 hours per week).

If you are searching for the best quality - price ratio, Alfee VoIP developer team is just what you need. Our developers have great talent for web design and mobile application development. We are open to work on a trial period and to adopt to your requirements.

Why select expert VoIP developers from Alfee?

If you still don't know where to hire VoIP developers, we are here to provide the answer - hire VoIP developers at Alfee team. We will find the most suitable developers from the global pool of candidates.

Among all the companies specializing in VoIP cteation, we offer the best quality and the most reasobale price. Our software team has enough expertise and skills to implement even the most complicated ideas into practise.

If you want to get complete freedom from traditional networks just hire VoIP developers from Alfee. You will enjoy a reliable telephony solution that will work wherever there is an Internet signal. All you need is a stable connection to your ISP. Numbers are easily combined into an independent, scalable network. Regardless of their actual geolocation.

Questions for Hiring of VoIP developer

Where to hire the best VoIP Software Engineers?

 When you plan to hire VoIP developers you have two variants to select from. The first one is to hire a freelance software engineer. This is a perfect decision when you have a low budget, since freelancers don't charge much for their work. However, once you hire VoIP developers as freelancers you have almost no guarantees for the quality of the final product. Therefore, we advise you to cooperate with Alfee development company. Our VoIP developers will be glad to assist you in implementing even the most complicated thoughts to reach the goal at the most reasobable price.   

How much does it cost to hire a VoIP Software Engineer?

Prices for hiring VoIP developers differ a lot from country to country. However, location isn't the only factor influencing the cost. Other criteria may include how flexible hiring models are, what type of software you need to develop, the level of expertise of the VoIP developer, and some others. On average, a professional VoIP developer costs about 70-120+ USD per hour. If you surf hiring websites, you will be able to find a software engeneer charging 55-70 USD per hour, but this can put at risk the quality of your project. So, you'd better work with a credible VoIP software development company like Alfee.

How to hire a Remote VoIP Developer with Alfee?

Once you seek to hire VoIP developers, you are likely to turn to a freelancer. But this is not the best option, since freelance VoIP software engineers bear almost no responsibility for the quality of the final product. therefore, we recommend you to turn to Alfee dedicated developers. We will analyze your case and offer the most suitable solutions. Dial our number or write us a message and we will discuss all the details, including the trial period, platform & systems, integrated modules, etc.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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