How to Hire Software Engineers Successfully?

Hiring a software developer may seem a difficult task even for employers with a strong IT brand, ready to offer candidates interesting projects, wages above the market and excellent conditions. For everyone else, hiring process of IT specialists may seem like a daunting task.


However, everything isn't as complicated as it may seem at first sight. You should realistically assess what level of specialists you can attract. Owners of small companies should not try to compete with powerful corporations in salaries when hiring remote workers. It's advisable to grab specialists by interesting tasks and a cool concept.

You can take a closer look at junior-specialists, since it’s more far-sighted to employ a beginner and grow a cool professional yourself. As for hiring a remote senior engineer, it helps save time and effort, but this option is more costly.

Who is a Software Engineer?

Before hiring software engineers remotely, you need to understand who they are. All software engineers can code, but not all programmers are capable of developing software concepts.

When we talk about "software engineer" we mean a person whose main task is not just to write code, but to create a quality application. It's important to hire software engineers, applying a scientific approach and statistical methods in their work.

Find the major developers' specialties below:

  • Back-End Developers.Specialists who deal with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies - database, architecture, program logic. You can hire back-end developer at Alfee and get a top-notch solution.
  • Front-End Developers. Specialists who create part of the web page that is visible to the user and with the main task to accurately convey in the layout what the designer created, as well as to implement user logic. When you hire front-end developer at Alfee, you can leverage best-in-class solutions with maximum user engagement.
  • Full-Stack Engineers. Developers who are directly involved in all stages of web application development - from the creation of the client part (visual part + user logic) to the implementation of the server part (databases, server architecture, program logic). When you hire a full-stack engineer, you get a high-quality end-to-end solution.
  • Security. Alfee professionals examine software products for potential security flaws and eliminate them. When you hire developers from our experienced team, you get a high-quality solution which can boast of total security.
  • DevOps. DevOps engineer connects developers who want to make a product as soon as possible, with engineers who support it.

Discover Benefits of Hiring a Software Developer

Hiring software developers has a large number of pluses. When you work with real professionals who can ensure delivering top notch software solutions, your business goes uphill. If you have products developed by highly qualified engineers, it is possible to attract more customers and increase profit. Here are some more benefits.

Reliability & trustworthiness

Hiring a full-stack engineer can't help get rid of certain issues. A good developer will start with business idea evaluation and go on to deliver best in class solutions tailored to your business needs.

Expert views

Hiring a software engineer means ensuring expert input into software development. During the whole uninterrupted process of software development, engineers are in touch with other experts in order to deliver excellent service.

Project control

Having an onboard developer will help evaluate the development process and its correspondence to user expectations. Project management becomes more efficient when you hire engineers.


Internal processes are easier to regulate, you get the results faster. Consequently, effectiveness of the developed process significantly increases.

How to Hire a Software Developer


In order to get a high-quality solution delivered you should know how to hire a software engineer successfully. This may seem a tough task at first sight, but everything is easier than you think. We have prepared a small guideline for your business. Find it below.

Carry out estimations

It is important to have a realistic approach and estimate the real size of the project. Sometimes there is no need to hire software programmer, a freelance developer would be enough.

State your technical requirements

You need to know exactly what the requirements for having your solution delivered are. State clearly what is important.

Identify skills set

Mention the main skills that you would like to see in your developer. We advise combining soft and hard skills.


Be flexible when hiring software engineers remotely. If the candy date doesn't possess some skills, weigh up all pros and cons.

Realistic development tasks

Don't invent unusual cases, provide realistic tasks to check the potential candidate.

Broaden interviewing perspectives

Ask behavior questions because your aim is not only to find a person skilled in IT, but also the one who knows how to act in challenging situations.

Hire developers ASAP

Software developers are highly in demand nowadays. That's why we recommend to hire developers as quickly as possible, especially if you have found your perfect match.

Consider remote employment

Don't forget about international specialists. Remote work is a good option for software development since it can help significantly reduce hiring costs.

Equity/stock possibility

Equity is a must have option for start-ups, and it's no less important for large companies. Stock options are also a good solution.

Think about trial period

If you first would like to evaluate the potential candidate's skills and knowledge, set up a trial period. This will be a useful tool for adequate selection.

Offer nonmaterial benefits

When hiring a full-stack engineer tell about non-compensation pluses the person can get with your company, i.e. relocation assistance, healthcare bonuses, club membership, etc.

Offer an onboarding period

No matter how experienced the developers are, they still need some time to adjust to your requirements and working conditions. Provide them with a n adequate onboarding period.

Hire Software Engineers to take your business to new level


With the Alfee professional team you can create scalable and robust solutions for business. Our experts deliver reliable, top-notch services totally tailored to your requirements. We offer a best-in-class technological approach combined with innovation and creativity.

Business Software Developers

Acquire experienced software programmers ready to deploy excellent solutions corresponding to your requirements.

Web App Developers

Hire expert web application developers with profound knowledge in the latest technologies of building full-stack, front-end and back-end of web applications.

CMS Developers

Our expert software engineers will boost your content management system by trustworthiness solutions.

eCommerce Software Developers

Alfee can boast of expert software engineers, building eCommerce apps with maximum functionality and efficiency.

SaaS Developers

Incorporate advanced Saas-based products deployed by our software engineers in business to amplify its workflow and management.

Mobile App Developers

We deliver best-in-class custom mobile app development, creating native mobile solutions for iOS, Android, Windows and cross-platform products.

Desktop Application Developers

Our certified software programmers will deliver user-oriented solutions with intuitive navigation and feature-rich menu.

Integration and Migration

Our developers will eagerly help you migrate to a new platform, integrate new features.

Support and Maintenance

Alfee experts offer complete support and maintenance to optimize functionality and effectiveness.

Why Hire Remote Software Programmers from Alfee?

Alfee is an IT company that has been developing software for decades and provides a wide range of outsourcing services in IT. We have a great team of specialists with profound knowledge and skills, as well as experience in developing programs for various industries. Our mission is to help companies reduce software development costs and accelerate their time to market.

What do you get when hiring a software engineer at Alfee?

  • High-quality solutions designed in accordance with established standards.
  • Top-notch products developed by experts.
  • Timely service and customer-oriented approach.

We are ready to implement our accumulated experience, skills and knowledge for the future of your business. Just get in touch with the Alfee team and leverage great results!

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