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Where to hire software QA testers, how to speed up the process and make it efficient, how to hire software QA testers of the right level? These are the main questions that cause concern of any company looking for good specialists.

performance testing / system integration testing

When developing and debugging an IT product, you cannot do without software QA testers. The correctness and reliability of application, software, online service or other product directly depends on it. But when testers are needed, companies often face the challenge of finding the right specialists in Quality Assurance (QA).

Before you start answering the above mentioned questions, it is important to understand why a tester is needed, what specializations exist in this profession, what functions this employee should perform in your company.

At Alfee you can hire Quality Assurance testers with vast experience and profound knowledge. We are ready to implement all our skills in order to reach your goals. Throughout decades our QA engineers have been successfully developing robust and scalable solutions for business. Alfee professional team applies the latest tools and technologies delivering multi-purpose best-in-class products.

How to find Professional Software QA Testers

Before you start searching for professional software QA testers, you should know in detail whom to look for. This will significantly reduce labor costs, money expenditures and time on searching. At Alfee we provide a wide spectrum of high-quality software QA testing solutions totally tailored to your requirements.

  • Software QA Testing Consultancy. Don't know what to start with when looking for a quality engineering company? Alfee team is ready to help select appropriate tools, identify best methodology, look into your problem from another angle.
  • Managed Software QA Testing. You can hire QA testers from our team to control the whole software testing. Alfee experts will take over the management process and keep you updated on the progress.
  • One-Time Software QA Testing. Need to carry out thorough check out before launching the product? Just hire dedicated QA engineers from Alfee for one-time testing and leverage sensational results ensuring perfect quality before release.
  • Code Quality Assessment.

Our company's software QA engineers offer manual and automated code audits to ensure better quality of your products. We will check the code for compliance with the current standards.

Main Software QA Testing Stages

When you need to hire dedicated QA tester, you should indicate requirements for owning necessary tools and extensions. Alfee team consists of a wide range of specialists, providing both narrow profile services, and multi-purpose ones. If your project involves checking radically different development products, we recommend you hire software tester for each.

Alfee team is ready to provide you with the following software testing stages:

  • Unit Testing. It is often referred to as component testing. This is a type of software testing where individual modules or components are checked. Hire QA engineer from our company to make sure that each piece of your code works as expected.
  • Integration Testing. Designed to check connection between components, as well as interaction with various parts of the system (operating system, hardware, or connection between different systems). Enterprises hire QA engineers to conduct tests in real-life user conditions to ensure accurate integration testing.
  • System Testing. Its main task is to check both functional and non-functional requirements in the system as a whole. Hire remote Software QA testers from Alfee to detect defects, such as incorrect use of system resources, unintended combinations of user-level data, incompatibility with the environment, missing or incorrect functionality, etc.
  • Acceptance Testing. The process of checking the final build of an upcoming release to make sure it's ready for our customers. Our expert QA testers check software from the client's point of view, reviewing all actions and scenarios that clients should and should not perform.

Hire Software QA Testers & leverage best QA Services

Our team has deep knowledge in software development & testing. We know how to apply different technologies, localizing errors and making bug reports. Alfee experts master test design techniques and understand client-server architecture principles. Company's professionals are familiar with the latest software development methodologies and know how different operating systems work.

Hire dedicated remote QA engineers to get the following services:

Accessibility Testing

software development life cycle / automated testing

The process of checking software against W3C documentation requirements. It allows you to determine how the product is suitable for people with disabilities.

API Testing

Hire Quality Assurance engineers to determine whether your newly developed application meets expectations in terms of reliability, performance, operations, and security.

Automation Testing

Software verification process in which basic functions and steps, such as launching, initializing, executing, parsing, and reporting, are performed automatically by automated tools. Hire test automation engineer from our company to deliver top-notch solutions with seamless integration.

Full-Cycle Testing

Hire software testing engineers to ensure full involvement of QA specialists in the early stages of software development and up to the software deployment stage.

Functional Testing

This process allows checking the ability of an information system to work in certain conditions and solve problems that users need. Our task is to establish compliance of the developed software with the initial functional requirements.

Game Testing

Hire software QA tester to identify bugs in games before they are released and played by end users. Our specialists are skilled at game testing for PC, mobile, console, and AR/VR.

Mobile Testing

Application software developed for handheld mobile devices is checked for compliance with quality standards. Guarantee maximum user engagement with our company.

Security Testing

Team of QA and software testers checks system security, as well as to analyze the risks associated with providing a holistic approach to protecting an application, attacks by hackers, viruses, unauthorized access to confidential data.

Usability Testing

Includes methods of evaluating an interface in terms of convenience and efficiency of its use. Our QA testing engineer does his utmost to deliver user-friendly and easy to navigate solutions for business.

Web Testing

Our team of QA and software engineers thoroughly check the site for potential errors and do a complete testing of web applications before launch. We fully check web system from start to finish before it is released to end users.

Benefits Businesses get with Software QA Testing

To avoid possible mistakes in software QA Testing and devote free time to your project development, it is best to immediately contact the Alfee professional team.

Check out benefits that you get when you hire software QA testers:

  1. Increased customer loyalty. Offering bug-free solutions to your customers improves user satisfaction.
  2. Shorter time to market. When you hire QA testers, you solve issues before release, it takes less time to market.
  3. Lower development costs. When you get rid of bugs at each stage of development, the possibility of troublesome code in the final release decreases. As a result, development costs fall.

Are you still hesitating about the right thing to do? Our qualified QA testers know what to start with, and we will find a tester with the right level and skills, corresponding to your requirements. Simply get in touch with Alfee managers and get best-in-class solutions for your business.

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