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In software development environment, we often encounter confusion between concepts of quality assurance and testing. Consequently, young companies' leaders try improving product quality, limiting themselves to functional testing introduction. Let's try to understand these terms' meanings, their role in software development life cycle.

software development life cycle / functional testing

Despite their similarity, these are completely different terms. QA is a broader concept. It helps evaluate technological processes' correctness at software development stages to ensure high quality.

Testing is more about checking software products functionality & finding defects. Unlike QA, it doesn't focus much on quality management organizational points.

QA and Software Testing Services by Alfee

Alfee is one of leading companies providing QA and Software testing services. Our experts formulate and document quality criteria indicators that will be considered reference for the project or entire company. We deliver trustworthy, reliable Software Testing Solutions in various spheres of business:

  • In eCommerce & Finance, we study product requirements, offering possible options for building development process, including necessary activities to ensure quality.
  • In Education & Real Estate, we build and control project process, regularly analyzing its impact on software quality, making timely adjustments.
  • In Logistics & Transportation and Marketplaces, we implement reconciling requirements practice before passing them into development, organizing trainings, drawing attention to the fact that written algorithms do not provide maximum code coverage - it depends on the problem that ultimately affects the product.

Companies QA Consulting

Alfee QA specialists are eager to help you with any issue related to QA development process. We provide consulting on how to improve workflow & overall performance.

Effective Manual Testing

Our company provides Manual regression testing for software solutions, preventing bugs before the release, eliminating errors, increasing usability. We provide top-notch testing solutions for your business security.

Advanced Test Automation

Alfee QA experts have numerous automated testing solutions which will help you save time & money, as well as detect possible bugs.

Professional API Testing

API testing helps check your application interface for several points. With this option we can significantly reduce Manual testing expenses, since GUI integration is applied.

Innovative Web & Mobile QA

Company's QA specialists always follow the latest innovations and up-to-date information on Web and Mobile testing, thanks to which we deliver scalable IT solutions.

Reliable Security Testing

Alfee team executes this option with a view to identifying possible security threats to your software solution. Our experts ensure 100% data safety.

Effective Performance Testing

Best option if you seek methods to improve user experience. It's possible to significantly increase scalability & responsiveness with performance testing.

Most Important Principles of Software Testing

software testing process / user acceptance testing

QA and Software testing is effective only when carried out in accordance with certain principles. We have listed the most important ones below:

  1. Early testing. The earlier you launch it, the better, since you will be able to detect bugs, fix errors before they cause serious harm.
  2. Testing reveals the existence of errors. Alfee team delivers top-notch services in order to identify even minor bugs, eliminate any errors.
  3. Pesticide paradox. We never apply the same option for multiple solutions. Each case is unique, therefore test scripts are timely modernized.
  4. Absence-of-errors fallacy. If your application is bugless it doesn't mean that it's perfect. Even when all bugs and errors have been detected and eliminated, we still make sure that solutions meets customers expectations.
  5. Defect clustering. Defects are not spread evenly throughout applications, but are concentrated in large quantities in some system modules.
  6. Exhaustive testing is impossible. No matter how scrupulous the process is, it is impossible to take into account all possible scenarios, therefore to foresee possible errors.
  7. Testing is context-dependent. The set of methodologies & tools, as well as approaches & resources, depends on what exactly you are testing and how important the object is.

Alfee team provides top-notch software development and software testing services. Our experts have enough experience to handle testing process successfully. We understand that absence of defects is a necessary but not sufficient condition for good software. There are other factors that affect product quality. We conduct comprehensive QA and Software testing taking into account all principles and practices.

Alfee experts follow main steps of Quality Assurance:

  1. Technology transfer. The process means drawing up a product design document, trial and error data and its estimation. Documents are spread, examined, approved.
  2. Validation. Evaluation process of the final product, it is necessary to check whether software meets quality requirements & standards.
  3. Documentation. This option manages document spread, archiving. Alterations in a document are made by adopting corresponding alterations in management process.

Order our custom QA testing solution to get 100% perfect products.

How do Software Testing & QA Services differ?

Although it may seem that Software testing services and Quality Assurance are the same things, this supposition is misleading.

The first one is more about checking software product functionality, finding defects, while for Quality Assurance is important to ensure compliance with standards, prevent appearance of software errors and bugs.

During Software testing specialists work with the product as with the result (i.e., they assume that this particular software version will be consumed by the end user).

QA engineer works with a product that is in the process of being created (i.e. software does not yet have a final version). QA testing methods include monitoring employees' motivation, their qualifications for new personnel selection; they help project participants understand their sphere of responsibility.

Despite differences, both Software testing and QA play a crucial role in software development process.

Major Benefits QA and pluses of Software Testing Services

QA and software testing benefits are numerous. Building scalable, robust applications is impossible without these two milestones. Find the most important advantageous points below.

Software testing saves money

Software development is a complex software testing process, including several stages. The earlier you detect errors and fix them, the more money you'll save.

More security

Security testing provides users with reliable products because bugs are found in advance, before the final release.

Better product quality

Aflee team knows how to increase the digital products quality, ensuring 100% trustworthiness. Best-in-class solutions are possible thanks to innovative approaches.

Greater customer satisfaction

Our final goal is to ensure better customer experience by providing top-notch services. We do our utmost to deliver robust solutions fully corresponding to user expectations.

Questions for Software Testing

What are the 3 types of testing?

  1. Unit Testing: This type of testing is performed on individual components or modules of a software application to verify their functionality and identify any issues. Unit testing is typically performed by developers and is focused on testing the smallest unit of code to ensure that it meets the specified requirements.
  2. Integration Testing: This type of testing is performed after unit testing to verify that the components or modules of the software application work correctly together. Integration testing helps to identify any issues that may arise from the interaction of the different components.
  3. System/Acceptance Testing: This type of testing is performed on the entire software application to verify that it meets the specified requirements and works as expected. System testing is typically performed by a dedicated testing team or by the end-users and focuses on evaluating the overall performance and functionality of the software application. Acceptance black box testing or white box testing is performed to determine whether the software is ready for release.

What are different types of Software Testing?

Software testing is an important tool to ensure reliable software applications and products. Different types of software testing include system testing, performance testing, integration testing, unit testing, usability testing and more. These various kinds of software testing help to identify any discrepancies, bugs and issues in the software, making sure it is of high quality and fit for purpose. With the help of software testing, we can develop software with greater confidence in its functionality and users' satisfaction.   

What is basic of Software Testing?

Test software are methods for testing if software products or software applications have performed as intended. Tests help eliminate bug problems and reduce costs in development.

Why Software Testing is Important?

Software testing is important because it helps ensure that the software is of high quality, meets specified requirements, and functions as intended. It helps increase user satisfaction, reduce costs, improve reliability, facilitate maintenance, and increase confidence in the software. By thoroughly evaluating the software's functionality, testing reduces the risk of software failure and helps ensure customer satisfaction.

What is Program Testing in Software Testing?

Program Testing in Software Testing is a method of testing software quality to ensure that the software is reliable, robust, and user friendly. It is an important step in the software development life cycle that can help to detect bugs and errors before they are released to users.

Through Program Testing, developers are able to identify and fix any issues with the software, increasing quality and helping to make sure that customers have a positive experience with the product. All in all, Program Testing is a vital part of software development, as it helps to ensure that the software is of a quality that satisfies the customer’s needs.

What are the latest trends in Software Testing?

The latest trends in software testing include the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate testing tasks, adoption of Agile and DevOps practices for continuous testing, increasing use of cloud-based testing, growing emphasis on IoT automation testing, importance of security exploratory testing due to increasing security threats, and increased focus on user acceptance testing to meet the demands for high-performance software.

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