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Hire Product Engineers

Let's define who Product Engineer is. This profession is not the same as mechanical engineer despite it was born in the industrial sector. These specialists don't develop technical drawings. They are managing the consumer product development process (including product design). Product engineering implies control over all issues related to quality. These managers are also responsible for the compliance of the manufactured products with both the original project and the potential buyers expectations.

If the main aim is to implement an innovation (e.x. software: web or app development) or to research any electronic products) such manager is responsible for promoting: for bringing the product to the market or for introducing improvements to existing consumer products. These Engineers are usually on the staff of any IT company, but they are often hired for outsourcing also. If we compare the functions of these managers with purposes that startup developers set for themselves they intersect in many ways. There is also significant difference, however:

Product Engineer

  1. 01
    The purpose of the work the employee receives from the owners. Its task is to answer the question: “How will we get this goal?”
  2. 02
    High degree of uncertainty. To answer the question "How to achieve the goal?", this specialist conducts numerous studies and permanently collects information.
  3. 03
    Works in the line with the existing strategy.

Business owner

  1. 01
    It is executive power in the enterprise.
  2. 02
    Function to convert the managers requirements into specific tasks.
  3. 03
    Forms the companie’s strategy.

A engineering professionals make the business work and the Earth spins. He can become the owner of a start up (buy an already operating one or organize his own startup). But not every startup owner is a good Product Engineer.

Performing Product Engineer's Functions Yourself

A lot of startup organizers seek to save on relatively expensive managers and try to avoid product engineering at all. Problems arise almost immediately, however. This position is just a name but the main thing here is the possession of relevant competencies and experience in implementing projects.

These specialists are forced, for the most part, to work in complete uncertainty situation. They must demonstrate miracles of foresight in the choice of marketing strategies, existing trends understanding, and also keep in mind all the qualitative features of the product at the same time. Do you have such opportunities?

If we mention the fact that business organizer is also responsible for developing a strategy, as well as for communications with surrounding institutions then we can forget about the first-class product engineering.

Product development process and Technical skills

Which professional aspects should these specialists have else? Let's start by listing the soft skills for this job:

  1. 01
    Willingness to take responsibility always (at least in the area of their own competence).
  2. 02
  3. 03
    Self-discipline (deadline is the law).
  4. 04
    Flexible consciousness, susceptibility to other people's ideas.
  5. 05
    Ability to motivate the work team.

And now let's name the hard skills that directly characterize the manager's qualifications:

  • Understanding how to prioritize properly.
  • Competent promotion of hypotheses and the formation of algorithms for confirmation.
  • Such manager has to be able to assess marketing experiments and expertise the methods of research.
  • The activities of competitors monitoring.
  • Creating the strategy of product development.
  • Design experience (for design reviews conducting).
  • Knowledge of new technologies in IT-sphere.
  • Competent personnel management using specific tools, conflict prevention.
  • Competent planning and engineering skill.
  • Capability to generate new ideas.
  • Resolve design conflicts.

Any employee of the company must adhere to the full job description. What should the owner of the enterprise write in such an instruction for the Product Engineer?

  • Direct communications with the work team maintaining.
  • Participation in the development of a new product in terms of thinking through its functionality.
  • The list of tasks for the working group compilation and ranking.
  • Participation in preparation of the product promotion strategy. Possession of tools for creating a new concept of promotion.
  • Control over the researches. Analyze trends and study demand.
  • Development of the reporting documentation.

Positions in the job description reflect the required competencies for this position in fact. Does your company have such competent specialists?

Engineering and scientific concepts

Product development is a highly developed sphere of economy. All the managers who are involved in it have to get knowledge about product lifecycle, technology, product design. Succeed specialists have to be able to use different management tools, create prototypes of new products, test their construction, mechanical design, optimize the costs, control other activity in sphere of production and performance. And this jobs combination is the responsibility only of one person.

Absolutely clear is that engineering definitly needs in scientific approach. Future specialists have to complete different training programs with a lot of specifications which end with the challenges. The training process of such specialists is quite long and takes a lot of time resources. It's equal "full time job" because it takes all the working day. Is it any wonder that finnaly the value of a qualified specialist in this field is so high?

Benefits from choosing Alfee specialists

First of all, any start up is always the matter of life! It is extremely important to ensure that you always have a team of competent, highly professional specialists capable of making the original idea a reality when organizing a business, therefore. It is very good if such people are partners in a startup. But this often does not happen, however. There is a way out - you can rent the required specialists at Alfee company. Here are the arguments in favor of it:

  • Any Alfee's product design engineer is highly qualified manager with an impressive track record of completed projects. They can create successful businesses.
  • All of our specialists have long-term experience in outsourcing employment (by profile) in various sectors of the economy.
  • The start ups management under the guidance of our specialists stands out among both new and already established firms.

Next, payment questions. Professional engineering managers are highly valued by the market. The salaries of such specialists start at $2,000. And that's just for beginners. But there are cases when still inexperienced managers already had salaries from $6000.

Selecting such personnel on the open market studying job ads is quite unsafe. Some swindler with a “well-spoken tongue” could well make a hole in the finances of a young company, at least a couple of tens of thousands dollars. The best solution for any employers is to get Alfee specialists for outsourcing. You can be sure that for your money you will receive exceptional level management with us.

Main benefit of Alfee product engineering services

Our clients completely solve all issues in the field of strategic and tactical management when translating the project into reality starting cooperation with Alfee. Our specialists not only know how to deal with inevitable crisis situations but also have professional experience how to do it in practice. This means that your project will be implemented systematically and in strict accordance with the calendar schedule.

If you start to collaborate with Alfee you are unlikely stop this in the future. Your start up will grow, sales will rise, you will produce new products, create and promote new brands. And in each case you will need high-level product development realised with talent specialists. You will certainly prefer to apply for such personnel to our company then searching them by job ads (e.x.).

Contact us and our highly qualified specialists will help you bring your business to a new level of income (and save a lot of time resources, moreover). We value any our client and our managers are focused jn achieving your companie's aims. You will definitely not regret about the money spent on our service (we have no one bad feedback). We are looking forward to deal with you!

Questions for Hiring for Product Engineers

How much does it cost to hire a freelance product manager?

There are several options here:

  • You can initially accept as a partner a person with the relevant knowledge and experience. If you have this opportunity then your startup is lucky. It is the cheapest case but this is unrealistic.
  • You can get an appropriate specialist - freelancers. This situation is similar to buying a pig in a poke, however. You can easily become a victim of a banal scam. Some swindler with a “well-spoken tongue” could well make a hole in the finances of a young company, at least a couple of tens of thousands dollars.
  • The Product Engineer job is highly valued one by potentional employers. Their salaries start at $2,000 (yes, in real life engineering and scientific concepts cost a lot). You can find such employee in a product engineering services that specialize in providing such highly qualified employees to the companies in need, finally.

The last solution is definitly the best because you will be able to safe a lot of resources (time first of all) in that case.

How do Alfee engineering managers differ from specialists in other companies in the industry?

The benefits of product engineering services:

  • Firstly, we have a better price/quality ratio. You simlly pay less for Alfee managers.
  • Second, the safety/efficacy ratio. You do not risk anything when hiring a legally competent contract is concluded with us.

How to hire the best Product Engineers?

Contact Alfee and assess the portfolios of each specialist we offer you including latest job alert this concrate person has recieved. We are confident that we will be able to provide you with exactly the personnel that is most suitable for the implementation of your project. (A couple of satisfied customers is our best honest feedback).


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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Edward van Guber

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