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Hire QC Engineers

Engage Alfee QC engineers in favor of ongoing, smooth support through your entire application development. Techies concentrates on tiny details to provide a quality product which meets the needs of customers. If quality can be maintained and tested properly then costs may be reduced as well as quality improves. Our QC engineers have broad experience in software development life cycle, software applications programming, a strong understanding and creativity in business; a very good communication skills, a thorough approach and a remarkable skill in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our customers.

Who is Quality Control specialist?

Such an expert is hired in favor of a reason. He faces a very specific task, but not everyone understands its essence right from the name. It seems simple: quality control. But what is hidden under this loud phrase?

We know that all companies have certain quality standards. And it is this person who is engaged in the development process of these, so to speak, rules. But it is only the first stage, followed by QC of materials. Of course, what we mean now is not "to make a guide on what requirements a particular product should meet", but to really check that the description reflects reality.

Since the company usually has more than one product (even if you are a startup, it is unlikely that you plan that your only currently existing product will always be such), it is unlikely that anyone will want to develop requirements every time, then think about what and how exactly to test (as an example test documentation, test automation). There is a way out - automation and optimization. It is also part of the tasks of a QC expert.

QC engineer tasks

In general terms, you already understand what kind of person this is. But we certainly love specifics. I hear you asking: tell me already what to ask him about at the interview. And here's what: below we have given a list of responsibilities which are usually assigned to the shoulders of a QC specialist:

  • Development and implementation of quality control standards and systems;
  • Monitoring and analysis of quality indicators;
  • Inspection and integration testing of materials, equipment, processes and products to ensure compliance with quality requirements;
  • Collaboration with operational managers to develop and implement controls and improvements;
  • Ensuring compliance of work processes and products with safety regulations;
  • Research and troubleshooting of products or production problems;
  • Development of corrective actions, solutions and improvements;
  • Analysis of codes, specifications and processes;
  • Conducts internal and external audits;
  • Supply Chain Performance Assessment Program;
  • Help with investigation and disposal, cost analysis, CAPA, RMA, internal training and security programs, computer science;
  • Monitoring of calibration programs;
  • Help with new product projects;
  • Assistance in interpreting specifications, drawings and production plans;
  • Assistance in new beginnings of the company by providing electrical engineering support.

What's the difference between Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance engineer: QA/QC engineer jobs?

Sometimes you can get confused in the names, and if we are talking about specialists in our time, we admit, it's easy. Both of these experts: QC and QA engineer, deal with quality, but what is the difference? Namely, in the name.

When you develop a program, it is certainly good, especially if it meets all your expectations as a customer. But what if, after entering the market, it starts to fail? It should have a negative impact on your reputation. In the end, it may happen that the customer simply will not be able to place an order. Software quality assurance engineer does exactly that: it eliminates all possible errors in the code, conducts mobile testing if necessary. If we recall the QC expert in principle, then here we look much wider. Refer to the first part of this article, where it is clearly described in detail what such an expert is.

How to employ QC engineers?

When you realize that you definitely cannot do without QC of your company, the question of where to find such an employee still arises. We have prepared in favor of you a simple algorithm which will help solve such a problem:

  1. 01
    Share your project requirements. Drop a requirement or complete our application forms. We analyze your needs and share estimates in favor of resources, time and technology;
  2. 02
    Sign a contract & get going. The resource is added to your team in favor of the beginning development of the project;
  3. 03
    Screen our candidates. Select the best fit after selecting a candidate which matches your needs and fits your team.
Questions for Hiring of QC Engineers

How do I find a good QA engineer?

Determine which type of hiring is right in favor of you: freelancer, hiring an employee in the state. Then contact the Alfee manager and he will select a specialist who is fully suitable for your requirements.

Where to Hire the best QA Engineers?

There are many freelance exchanges where such specialists are in abundance. However, you should understand that you have to look through dozens of resumes yourself. If you value your time, then you should contact us.

How to Hire Top QA Engineers?

To choose the best QC specialists, you need to carefully analyze the skills and work experience of the candidates you are considering. An interview is best suited, so you can see in favor of yourself the technical expertise.

Why hire QA engineers?

QA and QC engineers have responsibility in favor of maintaining quality products for companies. The company is responsible for all aspects of the product manufacturing process from design through production and packaging.

How much does it cost to hire a QA engineer?

QA Engineer is paid a salary averaging around $161k and most are between $580 and $180 per month, according to a 4684 profile. Currently the salary in favor of quality engineer varies by region. The salaries are derived by analyzing 65897 salaries of quality engineers in different fields.

Why Hire Quality Assurance engineers from Alfee?

Alfee QC engineer jobs are aimed in favor of ensuring quality of the product or service produced. They oversee product production and are engaged at all stages of the production process, ranging from design to production to packaging.

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