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Education Mobile App Development

The world is delighted with smartphones, also because they have applications. Apps fulfill auxiliary purposes, solve many issues, and provide us with entertaining content and learning materials.

The education mobile app development occupies a crucial position in the world of technological innovation, so the Alfee team considers it important to disclose this topic to its clients in more detail.

Mobile Revolution in the Process of Creation Educational App Development

On the Apple Store and Google Play platforms, we can find and download several million types of educational apps that meet most of the needs of users and businesses in general.

Mobile applications are used in the eLearning industry and it is hard to imagine any human activity that is not supported by the applications we install on our phones.

If you want to count on gaining an edge over market leaders, you mustn't only dream of releasing a specialized application, but most often you think very soberly and realistically. The usefulness of educational apps for business has been proven, and no one needs to be convinced of their value.

The mobile revolution, expressed in increasingly affordable phones, the increase in computing power of these devices, in the increase in the number of functions they offer, has certainly changed almost everything around us. Mobile application users today have different ages from small children to middle-aged and older people.

Areas in Which Educational Applications are Used

A proven application, its functionality, and ease of use help us in most of life's tasks. Learning applications help users take care of their physical and mental health. They help users manage finances, plan work, play games, educate, and even help treat or fight chronic diseases.

In many digitally created mobile educational apps, the world is superimposed on the real image. With sensors such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as more and more advanced hardware such as augmented reality, mobile learning apps open up possibilities that are incomparable to traditional analog teaching methods. There are already many android or ios apps on the market that will make students look forward to classes.

Countless mobile apps are worth using during lessons. They are an attractive addition to training, and sometimes an important element of it, for example, in the case of simulators. There are even special mobile apps for simulation, such as building a bridge, surgery, or piloting an airplane.

The Role of Mobile App in the Education Industry

Innovative educational tools expand students' knowledge. Therefore, it is very valuable to include various applications in the didactic process. They contribute to the learning process and find various factors and ways to perform tasks.

During the coronavirus pandemic, distance learning has become mandatory for the education market. It includes many methods, often implemented at any time, and the common feature is the use of information technology. The results of the study confirmed that the use of the application in the educational process increases the motivation of students for systematic work.

Students also really appreciate classes and asynchronous tasks because using the educational app allows them to repeat the most important content from the class. Graphic applications make it easy to remember even complex questions and illustrate the theory with practical elements.

Important Questions in Education App Development

Mobile applications have become so obvious that we sometimes forget that their development is a very laborious process. A lot of time and a lot of UI / UX designers, programmers, UX researchers, software testers, marketers, and strategists are involved in the development process.

It is impossible today, with such fierce competition, to create an attractive application with market opportunities in an amateur or semi-amateur way. Even if we take care of its proper promotion, it will be very difficult to succeed in the market.

Therefore, development requires very special learning, because designing, the process of creating a mobile app today is a job, a task that is entrusted to people with appropriate qualifications and expertise.

What Can Education Apps Be Used For

Browsing favorite website and the latest social media posts is a daily ritual. It is worth integrating learning apps into it and expanding, consolidating, and testing your knowledge in various areas as simple and free of charge as browsing Facebook.

With educational apps, you can organize your time, organize your knowledge, review material, or quickly find useful information. Now it is not necessary to go to full-time courses in the chosen specialty. A lot of attainments can be obtained through online education having only a smartphone, including using hybrid apps that look like websites, but can also use the key features of a mobile device.

Many schoolchildren and students liked this method of teaching. If you are a parent or teacher, you should also check out the app stores. In the Education category, you'll find programs and tools that will mobilize your child to learn or inspire you to teach an interesting lesson.

Functional Nuances of Educational Mobile App

Don't forget to read the detailed information about the learning app ‒ what didactic materials it was created on and whether the manufacturers used professional sources.

Most applications require an account. This gives you access to additional features such as automatic recording of your progress and completed courses. You can quickly log into many of them using your Facebook or Google account.

Creating an account is not the same as purchasing a paid subscription. The vast majority of apps are free. Additional payments may only be for access to advanced features or professional online courses.

The Five Stages of Educational App Design

The education mobile app development consists of five very specific stages, during which it is necessary to perform certain actions, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a professional application for both iOS and Android:

  1. 01
    A very important stage is the discovery stage, which includes business analysis, customer needs research, process mapping, benchmarking, and people creation. In other words, it is about connecting, harmonizing, and reconciling the goals that the business owner wants to achieve and what the educational mobile app user will obtain.
  2. 02
    During the strategy phase, we need to segment customers, determine the user and customer journey, and understand which ideas will be most effective. One of the most important elements is defining the user story, collecting all the use cases, and creating the information architecture and the framework ‒ that is, the skeletons of the educational app.
  3. 03
    At the design stage, work includes branding, motion design, system design definition, and education app usability tests. The key work is the definition of functional requirements, the creation of software architecture, terms of reference, and development work, after which you can proceed to functional testing.
  4. 04
    Security testing and usability testing. The correctness of the code and the absence of spaces, errors, and flaws must be corrected before it is published.
  5. 05
    Next, we move on to the stage of programming (front-end and back-end), subsequent testing of the application, and, as a result, its publication on platforms (for example, Apple Store, Google Play).

Preparation to Develop Educational Apps

The development of the interface of mobile apps (for example, online stores) requires the adoption of a certain point of view, and special attention to the goals, expectations, needs, habits, competencies, and capabilities of future users and end customers.

At first glance, you might think that the whole process begins with designing the interface of an educational app, but this is clearly not the case. User-centered design primarily aims to align with customer satisfaction.

The process of creating a web application and the process of creating a mobile app, although in general very similar, differ significantly in detail, because designing for a mobile channel should take into account the specifics of mobile devices and typical ways of using them.

Designing an educational app is a complex, multi-stage process involving specialists from different fields, whose joint, necessarily well-coordinated work is necessary to obtain an effect in the form of a mobile application that users will be happy and satisfied with. The market fate of the application and its business value depends on their cooperation.

Difficulties in Developing an Educational App

The process of creating web applications includes discussing the scope of work, creating the first layouts of a future application, performing the first usability tests, and creating a UI project (interface, navigation). And often you may encounter some difficulties:

  • App idea. Today, the app market for the education industry is overcrowded. You need to show not only the ability of a brilliant developer but also creativity in order to reach your target audience.
  • Tech experts. To create your learning app, you will need a whole team of developers, which we have already mentioned in the article. Alfee is a mobile app development company providing the opportunity to hire mobile app developers to create a first-class educational application for your business.
  • Money. The significant cost of education mobile app development is also a barrier. And we are talking about budgets, which often run into millions of dollars for a very complex educational app.

The Conscious Choice of Educational App Developers

Almost every subject already has its own application ‒ from foreign languages to mathematics, biology, and physics. Even PE students will find something in their field. In this regard, the choice of educational applications is very wide.

There are also apps that combine several subjects or offer a set of courses. Although the latter is focused mainly on high school students.

However, be careful, because the wide choice is due to the fact that it is not easy to find a good annoying educational app. Many have factual errors. Others, on the contrary, have a rather obscure and not very friendly interface. Still, graphics should encourage the teaching process, not deter it.

Alfee's development team has sufficient knowledge in the field of different programming languages and education mobile app development. We offer a wide range of services that can meet any challenge and take your business to the next level.

Questions for Education Mobile App Development

Who provides educational application development?

Software development for mobile applications is a rather laborious and time-consuming process, and it does not matter if it is educational or not. It includes not only strategy development and design but also programming and technical support before entering the market.

What role do mobile applications play in the educational process?

The last few years are unimaginable without mobile learning applications. They simplify the work of students, teachers, and ordinary users who would like to study new subjects from the comfort of their homes. Also, parents can easily take any course program, for example, in a hybrid app with children without overpaying for a tutor.

How much does it cost to build an educational app?

Since the process of developing a mobile learning app is not easy, the cost of this process is very high. Depending on the terms of reference and the experience of the developer, the cost can vary from several thousand dollars to millions.

Has the education process become easier thanks to mobile applications?

​​​​Learning applications help to adapt the activities of users and simplify their lives by speeding up the process of computing, extracting information, and planning a product strategy. The benefits are also the demonstration of audio and video content, notifications, and the ability to install both on the android system and on iOS.


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