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Everyone who owns a business, knows that advanced technologies are one of the key points when it comes to progress. Alfee company knows how to take your business to a completely new level with the most innovative hybrid applications.

Although Native apps are becoming more popular nowadays, since these are the best solutions in terms of developing a product for a specific platform, hybrid applications have already proven their higher marketing speed and efficiency when searching for multi-platform items.

Being a leading hybrid app development company means providing customers with robust and reliable applications which have a positive effect on your business growth. These are solutions that can help reach your target audience faster and with minimum effort.

Hybrid mobile app development solutions can boast of increased return on investment levels and higher amount of conversions. This sphere is constantly developing, new technologies appear each day. Alfee team of hybrid application developers tries not to fall behind and always strives to get fresh knowledge. Therefore, you will hardly find a more knowledgeable and skillful team. We are brave enough to take any challenge or solve any problem.

Throughout decades the company has been delivering hybrid mobile applications with high ROI and perfect functionality. We care for each client, trying to implement all your ideas, even the most crazy ones. We know that happy customers are the guarantor of the company’s success and prosperity.

Our hybrid mobile application developers are experienced people with a vast portfolio of brilliant projects. They will do their utmost to provide revolutionary solutions having no analogues in the sphere.

Looking for a reliable company to build business hybrid applications? Then stop wasting your time - just contact Alfee team.

Advanced Cross-Platform Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

What is so special about hybrid development? These are solutions representing an ideal mixture of native and web apps with improved functionality at a better price. Let’s see more in detail what the main advantages of hybrid mobile app development are.

  1. Cost-efficiency. Hybrid apps are less costly to develop in comparison with Native applications. Nevertheless, their profitability is at the same level.
  2. Less time-consuming development. Cross-platform app development services are easier to implement, they take less time since you don't need to develop for a specific platform and you do crafting only once.
  3. Easy maintenance. Hybrid technologies need only automatic updates, without any approvals.
  4. Scalability. Thanks to custom web development, you can target multiple O/S with less effort. Any change is easily implemented with minimum resources.
  5. Offline support. Hybrid apps are able to work without the Internet connection.

If you would like to know more about the strong points of hybrid mobile app development, just contact our cross-platform development team. Let us tell you a bit more about Alfee team and top solutions it offers.

App Prototype Development

Our experts in UX/UI design deliver high quality prototyping on request, which totally corresponds to your current business needs. This helps avoid extra expenses and observe the concept.

3rd Party API Integration

Experienced developers of our hybrid application development company ensure seamless integration with other apps. User's smartphone will work smoothly with no lugs.

Native App Migration Solutions

We provide advanced native app migration solutions, bringing your app to a hybrid framework in order to optimize its functionality.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Each created hybrid mobile app goes through thorough testing on several parameters - our aim is building an ideal bug-free app.

App Support & Maintenance

Being a leading hybrid app developing company means not only delivering top-notch hybrid solutions, but also providing you with timely updates and support.

Hybrid App UX UI Design

When building hybrid apps we always care for your personal style and identity. That’s why we create applications with maximum user engagement, possessing unique style.

Why Choose Hybrid Application Development Solutions of Alfee

When choosing hybrid application solutions by Alfee you get the following benefits:

  • Experienced & trustworthy team. We deliver top-notch products based on accumulated knowledge and skills.
  • Timely delivery. We build cross-platform application solutions strictly within the deadline, keeping you updated on the progress 24/7.
  • Talented designers. Every app is a masterpiece. We deliver hybrid app development solutions that amaze with their functionality and user-friendly character.
  • Reasonable pricing. We care for your budget, that’s why our company offers the best ratio of quality and price.
  • Support & Maintenance. Our team of hybrid mobile app developers provide clients with active support after the project launch, solving any possible issues.

These are only some of the main advantages of working with Alfee for hybrid app development. We carry out detailed testing of units to avoid any unpleasant situations, ensuring 100% application efficiency. With this comprehensive approach implemented, we deliver cross-platform app integration solutions possessing increased flexibility and performance capacity.

If you still don’t know what company to trust, just start cooperating with Alfee. We are real professionals in hybrid mobile app development, showing you what business prosperity is. The use of modern hybrid app frameworks allows you to work efficiently & optimized. Contact us and get professional services for the development of native mobile apps of any complexity.

If you are interested in the topic of hybrid development of mobile apps or the latest hybrid mobile app framework development, you can pay attention to the FAQ section. The following are frequently asked topical questions with answers.

Questions for Hybrid App Development

What is Hybrid in App Development?

A hybrid in application development is a combination of the building blocks of native apps and web app elements. Hybrid applications act as web development placed in native apps development. This method is distinguished by excellent optimization and convenient dynamic data.

How are Hybrid Apps Developed?

Since hybrid applications are a combination of web and native development. The internal code is typical HTML & CSS & Javascript content like any modern website.

Which Language is Best for Hybrid App Development?

Adobe PhoneGap is a modern hybrid app framework aimed at hybrid development. This library is optimized and convenient for complex web development. This makes the implementation process more efficient and faster.

What are Hybrid Mobile Apps Example?

One example of a successful hybrid application is the popular social network - Twitter. The application works on PC and mobile devices and gives good optimization indicators. Twitter is very popular due to its ease of use and fast server response.

How much does it cost to develop a hybrid app in 2022?

The cost of hybrid software development is not significantly higher than that of web development and is also defined by the duration of the project, number of specialists involved and, if necessary, by the cost of third-party services.

How long does it take to develop a hybrid application?

The development term of a hybrid application is almost equal to the development term of its web service and depends on the amount of its functionality.

From one month (for implementation of a medium-complex project with final functionality) to several years (if we are talking about a super-complex project with a large potential of increasing functionality).

What applications are suitable for hybrid development?

The hybrid approach is best used under the following conditions:

  • You need to create a simple program without complex elements.
  • There is no need to use native functionality.
  • The application is developed for several platforms. Examples: Wikipedia, Evernote.

Previously, popular services such as Facebook and Linkedin also worked on a hybrid model then switched to a native version.

The demand for development is constantly increasing, most customers need quick implementation, so there is a growing interest in low complexity solutions with affordable cost.

Because of this, the hybrid approach is increasingly being used, which in some cases is more effective than the native approach.

What does it take to develop a hybrid application?

Hybrid application development starts with web-service development, so you need an idea and a source of funding to start the work.

We are ready to implement your project idea as a turnkey hybrid application with further full-scale support from our side or training of your team to develop the project independently.

We do not recommend to independently develop terms of reference for a web service product for a hybrid application, as our knowledge and experience will allow you to take into account many more factors affecting the commercial efficiency of the project. The most common mistake customers make is to independently choose the hardware and DBMS for development.

We are also forced to refuse those customers who want to order from us only a mobile cover for an existing service created by a third party. We can guarantee the speed, reliability, safety and convenience of the project only when we have developed it ourselves.

Come to us with an idea for a hybrid app, and we'll do the rest of the work together.

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