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Automated testing is a method of software testing executed with the help of specific software tools necessary to perform a set of cases. As for manual software testing, it is carried out by a specialist who thoroughly performs checking step by step "by hand".

Data is transmitted by Automated testing tools into the corresponding environment. When a comparison between the expected and actual results is made, comprehensive reports are provided. In general, automation calls for a significant investment of financial and time resources. It can be applied to fulfill several aims, including unit, API, regression testing. In each case, a set of special tools can be put into practice.

In large-scale enterprises a lot of issues can be solved, since they have successive development cycles, requiring repeated usage of identical set of tests. When applying automated software testing it becomes possible to record a particular checking suite and reuse it as necessary, without human intervention.

Automation doesn't have its purpose to eliminate manual approach from software development practices. It just aims at decreasing the number of manual check cases, making the whole process less resource consuming. The overall checking process is largely simplified, lowering the consumption of quality assurance (QA).

Automation can run without breaks and interruptions, enabling continuous testing. This means that you have the opportunity to leverage advantages of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Benefits to Leverage with Automated Testing

Automated testing by Alfee can boast of numerous advantages for software development. We have listed the most significant ones below:

  1. Extensive. Larger checking coverage of solution functions.
  2. Speedy. It's 70% faster than by hand. That's why, automated testing takes less time to market.
  3. Reliable. Provides QA team with the opportunity to check more often and more carefully.
  4. Cost-effective. We speak about lower costs since you have less people engaged in the project.
  5. Accurate & efficient. Due to test automation tools it is possible to crucially raise accuracy and boost effectiveness.
  6. Human-intervention free. Thanks to Automation QA team is able to avoid human errors.
  7. Reusable. Automated test scripts can be reused more than once if necessary.

Facts to know about Automated Testing

There exists a few misconceptions related to automation, such as:

  • Developers do less work with automated testing. Actually, they just spend less time on manual option and are able to concentrate on more important issues of the development cycle.
  • Manual approach is inferior to automation. Both automated and manual testing have pluses, therefore, it's advisable to implement both techniques.
  • Automation decreases human contact. In fact, it improves conversation providing new communication means.
  • Automation is costly. In reality, your investment will pay off over time throughout the development process.

Automated Testing operational principle

The major principles of automation by Alfee include usage of common practices, implementation of a huge range of checking tools and full correspondence to established standards.

Let's say a few words about linear scripting framework (LSF) and modular testing frameworks. LSF is the best option for applications, since it implies a script with minimum planning, although it doesn't work with reusable scripts. As for modular variants, our specialist works out scripts as independent items to decrease redundancy, this process is usually more time-consuming to set up.

Data-driven automation frameworks serve basis for writing scripts compatible with several data sets and providing extensive quality coverage with fewer tests than modular options. Keyword-driven testing frameworks use table formats to identify keywords for each function and execution method; even software testers with little programming experience can make use of keywords to write scripts.

Each case has its own benefits, just contact Alfee team to select the option totally tailored to your business.

What cases call for Automated Testing

In order to increase your automation ROI, we advise to check the situations when automation is preferable:

  • Increased risks and serious errors are inadmissible.
  • Repeated scenarios.
  • Complicated & time-consuming scripts.

There are also situations when automated testing becomes inappropriate:

  • Fresh cases which have never been run manually.
  • Scenarios where requirements are changing too rapidly.
  • Ad hoc run tests.

Continuous Testing by Alfee

Automated tests are usually part of a continuous testing strategy, which supposes code checks at every step of software development.

Continuous and automated tests amplify working speed because the process never stops, it's ongoing without interruption. With automated and continuous testing our team is able to deliver software development solutions more often and faster.

CI entails Continuous delivery, minimizing time to market and boosting deployment processes. It also makes it possible to implement frequent and isolated code alterations with flash checking at each period of completion before the CI pipeline adds an update to a more extensive codebase.

CD and continuous integration pipelines have numerous benefits, however these methods should be implemented wisely for better results.

Automated Testing and Unit Testing

Automated testing is easily applicable to unit tests, which check the smallest element of software development item, in order to ensure its proper functioning. On the one hand, it is able to significantly decrease the number of bugs, but at the same time, it limits the assessment of the solution as a whole.

Unit testing performed manually takes a lot of time and increases the possibility of human errors. It also has negative influence on integrative and overall approach to software development, which is characteristic of DevOps culture.

When we apply automation to unit tests, we significantly simplify the whole process. Alfee developers have the possibility to examine software's general integrity and functionality, as well as the potential value to end users.

Automated Testing vs. Manual Testing

Manual testing is run without specific software tools and specially created scripts. So what to select: manual approach or automation? Actually, three factors are determining on any project: time, expenses and quality. To successfully deliver a project, it is necessary to lower expenses and time while maintaining quality. Related to process, one approach can be more suitable than the other. You should take into consideration several factors to make the right decision.

Manual testing is more preferable when speaking about:

  1. Exploratory. Scenarios are selected based on specialist's experience, based on logical reasoning and intuition.
  2. Usability. Checking the level of convenience of the product for the end user. Undoubtedly, automated testing won't do that like a human being.
  3. Intuitive (ad-hoc). It has neither a pre-designed scenario no definite results. The main benefit is that the specialist improvises and relies on common sense, his experience, skills and product awareness.

Although manual approach calls for more labor resources, it provides developers with helpful insights from the step-by-step testing since they should go through the software via SQL and log analysis.

Automation, decreasest developers' participation, thus facilitating continuous testing.

Ways to automate tests

If you want to leverage benefits of automation testing, Alfee team is eager to assist. We have a definite automation implementation plan.

  1. Selecting a Tool. It will largely depend on the necessary testing type and chosen technologies.
  2. Determining the scope of automation. Our team of expert testers define the area of ​​the application under test that will be automated.
  3. Planning, design and development. We create the strategy and plan for automation.
  4. Performance. Automation scripts are executed, with previously entered test data.
  5. Maintenance. Alfee experienced QA experts check how new features added to the software work.

If you are looking for top-notch automated testing services, just contact Alfee professional team and we will be more than glad to implement our knowledge and experience for the future of your business.

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