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Telemedicine App Development Company

Telemedicine app development is a must for medical clinics of any size, moreover, it's a good start-up idea. Telemedicine applications are gaining in more popularity, especially after the pandemics. Patients no longer would like to stand in endless lines and endanger their health. So applying a telemedicine application saves their time and ensures more safety. As for doctors, telemedicine application elaboration is a practical decision to earn more money while spending less time.

If you plan to deliver remote clinical amenities, telemedical application is the most convenient approach to stay in touch with patients, and most importantly, collect and store the data.

What is Telemedicine Mobile App Development?

Telemedicine is an approach of offering remote healthcare amenities applying modern technics and special equipment. This isn't a separate medical science, but only an auxiliary feature for diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

Technologically, this kind of telecommunications should provide direct transmission of medical information in various formats (medical history, laboratory database, X-rays and CT results, video images, ultrasound, etc.), just like real-time video conferencing between medical institutions or a doctor and patients. It's when telemedicine app development company like Alfee can help you.

When we speak about telemedicine app development we mean building innovative software solutions which help establish communication between doctors and patients, and provide a wide range of additional tools for diagnosis and other purposes. At Alfee we deliver top telemedicine app development solutions which represent a whole comprehensive healthcare platform or a simple but affordable telemedicine app. Just get in touch with our experts and we will carry out a detailed business analysis to find the option that best suits your current requirements.

Why do you need Telemedicine App Development Services?

Actually, it isn't that every medical business needs a telemedical app. We've collected the main reasons why healthcare providers choose to develop a telehealth app. Find them below:

  1. 01
    Better patient satisfaction. Telemedicine apps are designed to make life easier for doctors and those who need their help. Patients will be able to visually compare all available specialists: experience, specialization, price, distance to the clinic - everything will be displayed in the profile. Additionally, you can connect reviews and a rating system;
  2. 02
    Big data base of patients. Telemedicine app development is available not only to healthcare organizations. Telemedicine app development services are increasingly in demand by communities of doctors and entrepreneurs. These are perfect tools for creating a huge patient database;
  3. 03
    Communication and remote monitoring. Doctors can talk to a patient remotely using any video communication or messaging service. Telemedicins apps for iPhone and Android smartphones can become a virtual office where doctors can store and view all statements, examination results and medical history. You can watch medical records together with other patients online, a sind multaneously provide patients with healthcare services;
  4. 04
    Integration and analytics. Telemedical apps for Android and iOS can automatically receive and then store and process information from other devices connected to the smartphone, thus providing real time health data. Even the simplest smartwatch collects data on the patient's pulse and the time of his activity. More advanced devices can measure pressure and more. In addition, with a telemedicine app, it will be easier for healthcare professionals to remotely study other indicators in dynamics. The patient himself can, for example, measure the level of oxygen in the blood or temperature and regularly add the obtained values to telemedicine applications;
  5. 05
    Statistics. One of the reasons why telemedicine is popular is that applications that help collect patient data allow for complex analytics. Its results are useful not only for assessing the epidemiological state in the region, comparing the indicators of patients with the same disease to improve treatment, but also for setting up advertising.

Telemedicine Application Development Process

Telemedicine app development is a complex process requiring maximum expertise and proficiency. At Alfee we follow a well-developed algorythm for delivering telemedicine apps. Find the main steps of the development process below:

  • Analysis & Research stage. Creating a telemedicine app starts with comprehensive analytics of your business, niche, target audience, and competitors. The collected information is used to draw up the TOR for the development. It is discussed, changed and approved, after which we sign a cooperation agreement;
  • Prototyping. UI/UX layout development is the basis for creating a telemedicine app. By layout we mean a technical description of the interface with all the elements and their functions. Before we start designing a telemedicine app layout, we collect user behavior analytics to make it logical and understandable;
  • UI design. The user interface that telemedicine app developers create is the “face” of the mobile application. At this stage, our experts not only select colors and shapes, but also add new options that will help the client on the way to the target action - tips, content, and so on;
  • Front-end and back-end development. The backend of the telemedicine app for Android is written in Java and Kotlin, and for iOS, in its native programming languages Swift and Objective-C. At the analytics stage, you will understand where your audience is located and which platform is more profitable. Cross-platform Dart or Python programs can be published to two stores at once. Front-end healthcare developers set up the interaction between the technical part of the application and the design layout;
  • Testing & Launching. Before launching the telemedicine app, it is checked for stability and speed in order to find and fix bugs, if any. After publication, you can release hotfixes - fixes for non-obvious errors, as well as refine the service by adding new options;
  • Marketing. Competent promotion will help you find new customers faster and attract regular ones to the telemedicine app. Alfee experts we can set up advertising via different channels.

What is Telemedicine App Development Cost?

Telemedicine app development cost depends on the complexity of the application, project requirements, the number of program functions, etc. This is generally not an easy task, especially if you want to offer doctors and patients the best possible healthcare software. The cost will also change depending on whether you run two native apps for iOS and Android or one cross-platform.

At Alfee we have experience in telehealth app development, and we will be able to name the exact overhead costs only after analytics and discussion of your ideas. However, you should know that Alfee offers the best cost effective telemedicine solutions in the market.

Average cost starts at 75,000 USD, but if you need to develop a telemedicine platform with unique features be ready to pay up to 220,000 USD for the telemedicine app development project.

Where to find Telemedicine Application Development Services?

When you are in search for reliable telemedicine software development services, you are most likely to pick up from two existing options, i.e. working with freelancers vs. cooperating with a dedicated team. Each variant has its own pros and cons, let's see.


When you have a very limited budget for healthcare software development, working with freelance telemedicine app developers is the most suitable option for you. It won't cost you much and will save budget significantly. However, you should bear in mind that what is cheap isn't always good. You risk sacrificing quality, since freelancers don't provide ongoing support and any quality assurance services.

So before choosing app development services from a freelancer think twice and check portfolio.

Telemedicine app development team

Telemedicine app development company like Alfee is the best option for businesses that don't want to sacrifice quality and are reday to pay for what they really aspire to have. If you want to enter healthcare industry and stay there firmly trust the development of your telemedicine app to professionals. We have been delivering telehealth app development services for decades and we are aware of all the pitfalls.

With Alfee you will get a top telemedicine app development solution enriched with the latest app features, such as in app chat, search doctors option, online consultation, video conferencing, secure payment gateway, EMR integration, and others.

Why pick up Telemedicine App Development Service from Alfee?

Why actually should you pick up Alfee and not any other telemedicine software development company? The answer is simple! We have enough expertise and experience to put into practice the most incredible ideas aimed at your business goals.

Hundreds of healthcare companies choose telemedicine app development service from Alfee, because we offer the best ratio of quality and price. Our telemedicine apps are scalable, safe and user friendly, offering maximum user engagement.

Our telemedicine app developers master several programming languages and are able to create a telemedicine application for any platform.

Questions for Telemedicine App Development

How much does it Cost to Develop a Telemedicine App?

The cost for developing a mobile telemedicine application for healthcare industry varies from 75,000 USD to 220,000 USD depending on the country and core features of the software solution. As a rule, healthcare providers ask for a feture-rich telemedicine application, whose price is above 140,000 USD. This option will ensure maximum efficiency with advanced features.

How do I create a Telemedicine App?

Telehealth app development process is a complex way that starts with studying business requirements and finishes with testing, deploying and maintenance of telemedicine software. If you don't know what to start with, we recommend you to get in touch with Alfee expert team. We have delivered thousands of successful projects and we'll be glad to develop a custom telemedicine app for your business as well.

Our Telemedicine Software Development Process

The process of building telemedicine software is a complex process which includes several stages. As a rule, we start with studying the current state of your business and go on to develop strategies for further development and promotion. Then we pass to the concept realisation and start working on the layout and design. When the programming is finished we do beta testing, and launch the project.

Benefits of Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine solutions developed by Alfee have a number of benefits both for healthcare service providers and patients. Telemedicine applications help to save time and effort when providing and getting healthcare services. They provide uninterrupted access to information and consultations around the clock. Custom telemedicine app can make healthcare services more accessible for millions of people around the globe.

Telemedicine App Development Features

In telemedicine app, you can create a schedule both automatically and manually so as not to forget anything, set up reminders. Patients can receive push notifications, for example, about the time of taking medications or the date of the examination, and the doctor can monitor whether they are following the instructions. Other features may include video calls, real time chat, integrated billing, etc.

Who Can Get Telemedicine App Software Development Service?

If you are among physicians or owners of healthcare organizations, you can get telemedicine app development service. It will help you become a leader in the healthcare industry and provide your patients with better telehealth services. All you need to do is to get in touch with Alfee professional team and we will deliver the best telemedicine mobile application for your business.

Where to Find Telemedicine Application Developers?

When you are about to render telemedicine services you number one issue is to find good telemedicine app developers. Fortunately, we know how to help you. Get in touch with Alfee dedicated team and you will obtain the most revolutionary telemedicine solution for your business. We have enough expertise and skills to put into reality even the most incredible ideas of yours.

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