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Marketplace Website Development

To open or develop your eCommerce website, you can use different methods. One of the most popular is the eStore website. This form of sale is very popular all over the world, which allows you not only to earn but also to use specially prepared online platforms.


Alfee provides Marketplace Website Development for customers from all over the world according to their business processes. We build marketplace websites from A to Z, from a preliminary draft, through responsive design, to comprehensive copywriting and coding, software development, and even hosting.

Definition and Specification of Marketplace Websites

The marketplace platforms have become a popular online business idea because it is easy to operate and requires little investment. Thanks to their innovation, simplicity, and customer-friendliness, marketplace business model have become a global trend in e-commerce.

An online marketplace platform offers many business abilities for different sellers and buyers. E-commerce is an industry of dynamic development, so to run a successful retail business, you need to understand how online marketplaces work.

Alfee Provides Online Marketplace Development Services

We have been designing websites and marketplace software for many years. Our sites stand out from the competition and have many strong sides:

  • adapted to your image, but if you want to change the look of your marketplace project, you can also go through the entire rebranding process, from color changes to a new logo and signage;
  • as functional as possible, because we want the marketplace users to immediately know how to navigate the website;
  • are responsive, they will automatically have the same resolution as the platform or device they are displayed on;
  • they suit every budget - we have a special offer for you, whether you belong to small local companies or large enterprises.

The Popularity of the Marketplace App Development


Alfee expert team focuses on RWD technology because a responsive website is a must-have nowadays. Already over 90% of internet users surf the web using mobile devices. That is why we ensure marketplace web development that can be perfectly viewed on a mobile phone, and also on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

Reasons to Start the Marketplace Website Development Process

Very often such a site is compared to a market, where you set up your stall and sell various goods. The same is the case with your own marketplace website. This form of the business model brings together numerous companies, helps to attract customers, and allows you to control the behavior, prices, or offers of your competitors on an ongoing basis.

The key principle of the marketplace site is also that it is on this site that the purchase takes place. The recipients are simply not transferred to a separate page, but all formalities are dealt with on this website.

Advantages and disadvantages for potential buyers in the web shop

Important advantages of the marketplace are the huge variety and the presence of many complex sites, the ability to easily and quickly familiarize yourself with numerous offers, and the saving time. Add to this the lower prices compared to the prices in brick-and-mortar or online stores, as well as more secure transactions.

The disadvantages may seem to be the need to pay for shipping separately from several sellers, limited contact with the store, and others.

Advantages and disadvantages for sellers in the e-store

Benefits for sellers include greater visibility on the Google search engine, the ability to create another distribution channel, easy access to the base of potential users, the ability to control the number of orders, ease of operation, and sales support.

In addition, the marketplace increases the visibility of the store, allows you to reach a wider target audience, has a low development cost, and provides the sale of physical and digital goods and services.

The disadvantages are high competition, selling costs, and commissions. You also need to constantly monitor changes in the rules of a particular marketplace, and if you still want to use this platform, you must adapt to them.

What marketplace owner expect

One of the main sources of marketplace owners' income is commissions or subscriptions. This type of e-commerce allows other vendors to join the online platform. The growing number of potential customers using the website will also have a positive impact on the ability to negotiate favorable prices.

You must be aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with having online marketplaces. You just need a whole team of people to control online transactions, ensure they comply with regulations, and promote the marketplace platform.

The Cost of Creating a Successful Marketplace Website


It is not easy to convey in a few words the complexity of the entire process of creating a marketplace startup website. Every project is different. Accordingly, at different stages of their implementation of the work, the cost will be more or less. Depending on the type and purpose of the site, as well as the volume and nature of the work. Below we will elaborate on some aspects.

Design of custom marketplaces

It is worth considering a number of factors that affect the final perception of the web page, and therefore your company. It is a way of interacting with a website: intuitive navigation, accessibility of content, understanding who the message is addressed to and formulating it for a specific recipient. User interface design implements both aesthetic and functional assumptions. These are the main features of a well-designed website.

The work of a front-end developer

The so-called cut design also impacts the operating costs. That is, the implementation of previously prepared graphics, page layout on technologies run in the browser (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). As a result, a static website is created. At this stage, we ensure compatibility with all versions and types of browsers. We develop responsive views (RWD) for phones and tablets. In some cases, we focus on the smartphone first, and other devices second.

Contribution of the backend developer

At this stage, a "static website is linked" to the content management system (CMS). Generally speaking, we prepare everything related to running scripts on the server (PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js). For simple pages, we start with the installation of the CMS (WordPress or TYPO3). When dealing with dedicated software, there is much more to a custom-made web application.

Setting Business Goals During the Marketplace Development Process

Alfee marketplace website development company helps customers who are looking for a way to maximize online sales through user-friendly online marketplace development. When designing an online store, we tailor graphics, backgrounds, and patterns to what you are selling and how you want to be perceived.

We want your e-commerce marketplace to sell. A user-friendly interface helps the user to take full advantage of all the features and capabilities of the store. You or your employees can easily manage not only products or their categories, but also mark orders and their statuses. We also implement additional modules on demand in the online marketplaces we create (special promotions, innovative searches, and filters, unusual sorting, and innovative shopping cart).

Providing service for the development of your marketplace idea

Implementing your own online marketplace is a process that you can complete with the help of the Alfee development team.

When ordering a marketplace from us, you get everything you need to build an online marketplace. In addition to creating a website, and providing full integration with the payment gateway system, delivery, and sales statistics, you get from our marketplace development company:

  1. 01
    Ability to edit and expand your brand store in the future. You can easily do it yourself or create an account for a company employee so that he can manage the online store.
  2. 02
    Full control over the store, hosting, and domains.custom-marketplace
  3. 03
    Confidence that you will receive a store created specifically for your company, service, or product. We care about every detail because we know that details matter.
  4. 04
    Fast execution. We need 30 working days to create an online marketplace. If the cooperation goes smoothly, the implementation time can be reduced even to 14 days.
  5. 05
    Privacy Policy. As part of your work with Alfee, you will receive an e-shop adapted to the requirements of the Privacy Policy, the GDPR, and information about cookies. Thanks to this, your new web store will be adapted to the requirements of the law.
  6. 06
    Necessary additions. Your company store will receive the proven and necessary components: news (blog), PayPal payments, and a contact form.

Alfee is a Leading Marketplace Development Company


Alfee company gives a unique approach to the customer journey: we will take care of all needs, and your website will shine both in terms of code and search engine requirements. We provide modern marketplace website development in an attractive design, adapted to the industry and at the same time standing out from the competition.

Questions for Marketplace Website Development

Who usually provides custom marketplace development services?

Software development companies often provide custom marketplace development services by an expert development team. Alfee is a marketplace development company with technical expertise, an experienced team of specialists and software developers with extensive knowledge and excellent skills, and hundreds of successful projects for clients from different industries.

Who are marketplace development experts?

Marketplace development experts are programmers and designers who work on creating professional eCommerce websites. They have extensive experience and knowledge to meet the customer's business needs.

How to create a marketplace website to get a successful online marketplace business?

To create an online marketplace website you must implement not only a business strategy but also a marketing strategy, market research, and revenue strategy. Then you can start creating a marketplace website directly: UX design, frontend and backend development, target audience and lead generation machine setting, etc.

How much does it cost to build a marketplace website?

The cost of building an online marketplace depends on the future marketplace type, and complexity of the project, the technologies used (the more versatile, the easier it is to implement), and the uniqueness of the solutions. The end result is the work of many people, the sum of their talent and their time.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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