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How to Create a Live Streaming Website in 2023

Streamings are getting more and more popular these days. It is impossible to imagine a single self-respecting blogger who, having overcome the bar of at least half a million subscribers, would not try to take part in live broadcasts at least once a week (not to mention organizing such broadcasts). Moreover, the live streams itself is a certain event for the thematic layer of users who will become adherents of your channel (for example, broadcasts of the Wimbledon tournament will definitely attract the attention of tennis fans to you).


Video streaming platforms

Live streaming industry is developing intensively now. There are a huge number of platforms in the world live streaming market, both regional and global. Nothing prevents you from creating your own website in order to, so to speak, "collect all the cream." Let's say you decide to specialize in organizing live broadcasts - then you should remember that using someone else's resource, you will create advertising and bring subscribers to this particular resource (website).

But if you invest in creating your own video streaming website, then the subscribers will be yours. Then you'll decide how to monetize video content: you can place thematic advertising on your own live streaming site. During the streams you can create a collaboration with projects from another area. There are a lot of opportunities for cooperation, if you choose right stream theme, and interesting quality content. How to earn money depends on the business model choosen.

Alfee has on its staff qualified specialists with the necessary competencies who can quickly create the Internet resource for streaming video you need. In this case, there will be no bugs and "software garbage", that is your own live streaming website will work without any problems (this is the level of quality of work of our employees).

Search for an available domain name for video streaming website


On all kinds of electronic platforms for freelancing, you can find a lot of tasks: “Come up with a name for (product, enterprise, live streaming website)”. And all because it is rather difficult to make a truly creative name, because it is necessary that it not only reflects the essence of the project, but also be attractive to users. And besides, a rare coincidence is necessary - there must be a free domain under this name! (It's especially hard to find a name that ends in ".com"). How to choose a name?

  1. 01
    A list of 10 domain names should be compiled. However, do not rush to evaluate them - start coming up with synonyms that may also suit you. You shouldn't be too selective - the more names you pick, the higher the chances of choosing a suitable and unoccupied name.
  2. 02
    Use a domain such as "LiveStreamingWebsiteDevelopment.com". In general, sites ending in ".net" are notable for low traffic. (As well as with the ending ".org"). Users are used to the fact that serious projects have domain names ending in ".com", and they trust these names much higher than their alternatives: ".biz" or ".info".
  3. 03
    Then you should use the Namecheap domain name verification resource. Make a detailed list of titles in a word file and paste it into the "Mass Parameters" section. The program will show you free domain names from the presented list.

Admittedly, even here, non-professionals can have problems, especially if you are a video blogger, and not a customization programmer. In this regard, do not waste time - contact Alfee and hire 2-3 qualified web developers who know and can not only obtain the necessary domain names, but also develop entire websites adapted for online broadcasts.

Video streaming site hosting registration

Web hosting service is needed for any web resource, even for a platform that performs live streaming videos. It is highly recommended to use online hosting services that provide the so-called extended service. This means the following:

  • Fast (literally, in a few seconds) placement of your streaming website on the Internet.
  • The first domain is free.
  • Domain registration is performed in a simplified manner (skipping complex domain zone settings).
  • Automatic installation of the WordPress editor.

Using WordPress to create a video streaming website

WordPress platform is to the web resource owner what Word is to the writer. Without the data of the editors, they are as if without hands. And streaming content of the platform (as well as the outlines of the future novel) also needs regular adjustments, carried out, of course, with the help of WordPress resources. Let's talk about it in more detail.

WordPress like video streaming solution - why?

WordPress site is the most common editor among users and web developers that allows you to fill any platform with content. It was released more than ten years ago and by now has managed to win the preferences of more than 30% of Internet users. By the way, the capitalization of this web-project exceeds 1 billion dollars, but when you choose extended service, you get access to this most valuable resource for free!

WordPress theme for live streaming platform

The greatest value of WordPress lies in the fact that with it you can create any image, any style of your stream platform. The editor is used by a huge number of professional developers, which means that there are countless long-established add-ons on the market: plugins, features and utilities that allow developers to issue a live streaming website on exactly the topic they need. (Particularly for live video streaming).

It is recommended to pay attention to the subject of the Vlog. It has a clear, beautiful design, and in addition, the most attention there is paid to video content and all aspects that are associated with it. In addition to an attractive, stylish design, Vlog has many other practical features:

  1. 01
    Vlog allows you to import video content online from Youtube, e.g.
  2. 02
    You can create your own table of contents. (This is done directly in the WordPress dashboard).
  3. 03
    You can also choose from over 200 message layout combinations to suit your needs and use them to make original thumbnails.

Live streaming websites rights definition - security and privacy settings


When creating a website for live streaming, you need to decide on the rights that should be granted to different groups of users. Make sure guests are provided with all the information they need to access the live page. This includes:

Make sure that guests (potential customers) are provided with all the information they need to access the live video stream page. This includes:

  • URL of live streaming website where events are broadcast.
  • The password of the page, if it is made available only to those who specified the password.

If the page is available only to users, and "passing" is possible only after your approval, it is imperative to approve the requests of potential visitors when they try to get the page.

Do you know how to work in WP competently? If not, and time is running out at the same time then it is better to involve in the work those who understand it more than you. Hire Alfee developers for a live streaming website (or online broadcasts) project, and the Internet resource you need will be created in just a few days, and it will not suffer from any “childhood diseases”.

Live streaming video site setup

Once you've chosen a theme, it's time to set up your video streaming website. While many styling options will depend on the theme, there are a few steps to follow.

  1. 01
    First, debugging must be done using the WP Customizer. (It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the toolbar options that come with WordPress or similar tools).
  2. 02
    Import the demo content of the topic. At the same time, you can set up your live stream website (like a demo version, which can be seen in the screenshots).

You need to install a software encoder. To make a live stream videos using a computer, you need to download the OBS video encoder, install it, and connect it to the computer's camera. Once this is done, you can adjust the settings.

In general, setting is one of the most difficult stages, requiring fluency in software tools and knowledge of settings technologies. If you do not have the necessary competence then it would be much more reasonable to invite those who can and know how to do this to develop and customize your streaming platform. Contact Alfee and enter into smart contracts with the right number of specialists who will be able to quickly and professionally create and configure a new website (just in time for the day of the scheduled streaming).

Conducting a live video streaming test broadcast

To start a live streaming session, you need to follow a few steps. This is usually done an hour before the start of the event, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the process in advance. Go to the Live Streaming tab in your site's admin panel and set it up. There are two options here:

  • You can schedule live event in advance and come back to it when it's time to go live to complete the final steps.
  • You can make a live stream closer to the live events.

Live streaming site launch


Creating your own live streaming website is relatively easy (including video streaming platforms) if you have the necessary qualifications and skills to issue complex sites.

If you type a query in Goofle “how to make a live streaming website (or live streaming app)”, then on one of the search results you can find: “... understand WebRTC, read about web sockets, try to make a TCP chat, a client-server chat, and then you you will come to the point that you will learn how to transmit video. It is worth recognizing that this is not quite what is required when it comes to achieving a specific result - organizing a live broadcast on your website.

In this regard, it is strongly recommended to think about not taking on those actions and works that are not clearly understood, and which are not clear how long they will take. Contact Alfee and hire a development team. Our highly qualified programmers will do everything quickly and efficiently: it will take a maximum of several days to create real streaming service (or even video streaming app).

Questions for Live Streaming Website Development

How do I create a video streaming website?

This is very difficult to teach "in 5 minutes." To do this, you need to thoroughly know and be able to use some editors, as well as understand the “philosophy of settings”. If you are new to web programming, have no enough technical knowledge, and you need a website for online broadcasts by a certain date, then it would be better to invite specialists who can create a working web resource for you. Alfee employees are at your service!

How much does it cost to make a live video streaming websites?

The live streaming website developing cost has a wide variation. And the price here depends, rather, on the "coefficient of greed" of the performers, rather than on their skills. After all, you need not just a website, but a ready-to-use highest quality web resource with functionality needed, cleaned of bugs and “software garbage”. That is the final product depends on the quality of execution.

Therefore, it is highly recommended not to purchase a ready-made streaming platform on the side (it can easily turn out to be inoperative) but to hire a team of developers who will turn all your wishes into reality meeting the given deadline. Contact Alfee - we will be happy to establish cooperation with you!


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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