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Live Streaming Mobile App Development

Live streaming apps are becoming quite popular and in demand today. Streaming services are used in a variety of areas - social networks, broadcasts, gaming industry and much more. Users choose live streaming apps just bacuse they provide exclusive experience of engagement, capturing people and showing how everything happens in real time, right there.

Alfee company specialises in live streaming app development and is ready to deliver top-notch solutions for your business. Nowadays, streaming content is developing and becoming more and more in demand every year. Therefore, it is worth keeping up with each trend, because the future of businesses will stand behind this.

What is Mobile Live Streaming?

Live video streaming is a real-time broadcast of events taking place in any place that attracts attention, which can be watched on computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs. Thanks to this technology, millions of people can watch and follow their favorite activities in real time.

You can have a live streaming app developed for entertainment, education, etc. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope included live streaming capabilities so users can share and showcase their activities in real time. Imagine the excitement and satisfaction of being able to virtually attend the performance of a favorite celebrity with just a mobile device, Internet connection and one click.

The way we consume content is rapidly changing thanks to technological advances. Television is no longer the main source of entertainment. Live streaming app is undoubtedly leading the way as customer preferences change. That's why it's vitally important for businesses to create a proper content delivery network with incorporated live streaming technologies.

Why Busineses Need Live Video Streaming Apps?

There are several reasons for this great popularity of streaming apps in the 21st century. Our team has carried out some research and is ready to present you the results. Why businesses aspire to develop a live video streaming app:

  • Wider audience coverage. A company that has a live streaming app can count on a wider audience. The number of viewrs watching live video online is constantly growing. With adaprive video streaming you can ensure improved user experience with maximum engagement.
  • Easy access. All you need to have is a smartphone and stable Internet connection. No metter whether you'd like to have native Android and iOS apps, or a cross-platform solution, we are ready to provide the best functionality set (i.e. push notifications, offline access, timely updates, etc.).
  • Analytical data. Thanks to available ananalytics you can see who your target audience is, how they interact with your content, what kind of content they like the most, etc. This data helps to adjust video streaming to get better results.
  • Payments methods. There are numeour monetization schemes and we can help you select the one that best suits your business. Alfee team is ready to integrate your live streaming app with any payment platform.
  • Higher engagement. Via your live streaming app you can ask audience for feedback. We deliver streaming apps with integrated social features. Thus, you can ask users to share contant and invite new friends.
  • Revenue from ads. With a live streaming app you can get additional revenue from placing advertisements inside your content. Alfee team will analyse the video and offer you the best option for your case.

What Live Streaming Apps Exist?

Live streaming market is rapidly developing with new mobile apps for video streaming appearing each day. Currently we can distinguish the following types of of live streaming app:

  1. 01
    OTT app. This is over the top streaming app. Everything is very simple, the data is compresed into a smaller volume, then it's transferred to the user's device, where it is reassembled again.
  2. 02
    Live streaming content sharing. Thanks to this option your viewers can share live video content with other users, encouraging them to join the stream or live comments.
  3. 03
    Live stream training. Great option of live streaming, used by millions of experts to train their customers. It follows educational purposes and can be aplicable for thrainig employees in small and large companies as well.
  4. 04
    Live conferencing. This type is becoming more widespread because of new realities of the 21st century. With remote working, companies need live streaming app to communicate with their employees and hold online meetings.

No matter what type of live streaming app you need, Alfee dedicated team is ready to work for your comfort, providing the best options of live stream and incorporating your own live streaming app with the best streaming platform.

What Features Live Video Streaming App Should Have?

If you want to build a live streaming app, you should be aware of the major features each streaming app should have. Entrust our team with your streaming app development and you'll get a solution with all the necessary options, such as sign up options, online chat, user profile, search and sharing options, push notifications, storage functions, security, etc.

Each of the features named above has its own importance. For example, sign up options and customized user profiles help to find people in the video streaming app easily and quickly. Video sharing and live online chat make it possible to get more user engagement and provide timely feedback. If a person needs to watch your content later, you should provide the storage option. Notifications are needed to invite users to your next sessions and inform about important changes. And security settings improve your app's privacy features.

Entrust Alfee team with the creation of your ideal video streaming app, and we will do our utmost to deliver the most feature-rich solution for your business.

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Live Streaming App for Mobile Devices?

According to the current streaming app development market, the price of video streaming app development is very inconsistent. The price in big cities is much higher than in small cities, and the cost is high. The specifics are yet to be determined according to the final feature requirements of the streaming app ans streaming platform.

The process of video streaming app development is quite complex. Not all live streaming mobile app development companies have the necessary development terms and enough experience. Therefore, you should be more careful when choosing a company to create a live streaming app and not consider low development costs as the most important factor. Bear in mind that quality is the top priority, and what is cheap isn't always good.

As competition in the live streaming application development market continues to intensify, the cost of app development tends to decrease. In general, the cost of a demand streaming app with good user interface for Android and iOS varies between $15,000-35,000 depending on the country and app specifications.

At Alfee we deliver best-in-class live broadcasting apps with reasonable pricing plans. If you are looking for the best ratio of quality and price, you can find it at Alfee.

Why choose Alfee for Live Streaming App Development?

Hundreds of businesses have already chosen Alfee to create live streaming app for them. We have delivered thousands of successful solutions to Apple app store and Google play store. So why should you start cooperating with Alfee:

  1. 01
    Expertise & experience. We have been delivering solutions for audio streaming and streaming media for decades. Our team has enough experience and knowledge to face the most challenging cases in live streaming industry.
  2. 02
    Innovation. We are always aware of the latest technologies and most advanced development strategies in on demand videos and streaming protocoles. Get revolutionary live streams with additional features and adaptive bitrate streaming.
  3. 03
    Customer-oriented approach. Our company keeps you constantly updated on the development process, telling you about the progress and providing a full software development kit if needed. We would be glad to create a live streaming app totally customized to your preferences.

If you don't have an in house development team, Alfee experts are there for you. Just get in touch with our professional development team and enjoy top solutions with seemless streaming app work.

Questions for Live Streaming App Development

Which app is Best for Live Streaming in Mobile?

There are lots of live streaming apps in mobile, and we believe that you should choose based on your requirements and needs. These can be Facebook live, Youtube tv, or any other application. If you are in two minds, just get in touch with Alfee experts and we will develop the best live streaming app for you.

How can I Stream Live Video on Mobile?

In order to create streaming content you will need live streaming apps. Video streaming technology is one of the options Alfee team successfully implements in the mobile apps we deliver. Our solutions provide live streaming statistics, which helps to evaluate current situation and improve streaming schedule.

How to Build a Streaming Mobile App for Android and iOS?

If you need to develop an app for live streams, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee app builder team. We possess the necessary tech stack, and know how to construct live stream apps in accordance with the corresponding streaming protocols. Our experts deliver advanced solutions with basic features totally tailored to your business requirements.


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