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Insurance Web Portal Development

Alfee is a leading insurance web portal development company offering innovative web-based insurance portals solutions in favor of the most demanding clients. We offer comprehensive portal development for insurance to help meet the insurance industry's competitive landscape. We offer comprehensive 360° product / software development including platform modernising portals, mobile app / software engineering and QA testing, Software Integrating and Tech Consultancy.

Insurance Services from Alfee Custom Software Development Company

When clients contact us our staff is able to talk to them about their needs and discuss what it will take them. Crosscheck on the base health insurance portal software, finalization customization. When we understand the requirements, we cross-check those with the product we have and determine what customizations need to occur to such a product. If we want to create a unique custom product or service, we can create a comprehensive detailed report about it. Give iterative update As soon our solutions begin we share iterative update with clients to keep everyone updated.

Simplify your Business with our Insurance Portal Solution

Insurance companies often seem suspicious. You're able to be able to provide clear information on insurance products through an insurance portal too. Make your clients part of the process of insurance, so they're able to be more comfortable with your policy or services. Get an insurance portal with features geared towards the management and administration of insurance policies, clients and insurance brokers. The policy administrator as an insured is allowed to display policies, conditions, premium amounts and so on.

Basic Tools for insurance business

Alfee wants to share with you the basic features that your insurance company's application will give so you realize the value of implementing this tool in your business:

  • Managing the policy database. You as insurance agencies get access to all the information related to the insurance of your customers. It includes all policies, the amounts in favor of which your clients are insured, and much more. All this can be used in the preparation of unique offers. After all, the most important thing is to offer a person exactly what he needs, whether it is the car insurance that has ended or the insurance of the cottage inherited from his grandmother;
  • Managing the work of insurance agents. Thanks to the application, you get unlimited access to the full statistics of the work of your subordinates. The work schedule of agents, the number of sales of policies, the territory for which employees are assigned, and much more. You can even introduce a bonus system for your employees which is able to motivate them, and track the results easily using the app;
  • Virtual workspace. Both employees and customers receive minute-by-minute access to all insurance information. If a client urgently needs a report, it is no longer necessary to go to the office, which is important, it is during working hours, it is possible to sit in line, and only after it to get the report they need. Now it's in the past, because the system generates it automatically at any time. In addition, this service is able to allow you to constantly leave your customers in the sales funnel, let's not forget about the power of the same push notifications;
  • Electronic renewal and resolution of customer claims. Thanks to the electronic platform, the client can now extend the validity of his policy online, through the application. Moreover, in case of problems, there is also an opportunity to file a claim on the platform. And what is more important to track the status of the application until the issue is resolved;
  • Managing and tracking payments. The insurance application is able to enable your customers to make payments directly online, and you, in turn, will be able to track their timeliness;
  • Development of advertising as a marketing strategy on the platform. Now you can launch ads, arrange promotions and attract consumers to your products right in the app. And if you hire a high-quality and qualified marketer who understands the patterns, it will be possible to automate, so to speak, the flow of profit to your insurance company.

Insurance portal development solutions and its advantages

There are basic benefits of app success in favor of almost every business. This is a new channel for advertising, attracting and selling products, even if they are services. Here we're able to reveal the advantages that are peculiar to insurance companies:

  • Access to data. Your client can now find out about all the details of his insurance right in the app. You do not need to search for a contract and run through your eyes until you find the necessary information among dozens of pages. Everything is intuitive in the design. This applies, for example, to information about the insurance providers, types of insurance, payments, and much more;
  • The ability to compare and calculator services. Even a new customer visiting your application and the company as a whole for the first time can assess whether insurance is right for him with you, thanks to an online calculator that is able to give information depending on the individual data entered by the user. In addition, you can find out the difference between two or more products of your company in order to make a choice in favor of the most suitable;
  • A little clearer. In such a case as insurance, there may be specific terms that is able to simply be incomprehensible to the ordinary man in the street. Don't be scared, we're asking you to give it up, but we want to make the life of ordinary customers a little easier. You can post additional information explaining the terminology of insurance, which may cause difficulties with perception. This will significantly increase the level of trust and loyalty of the audience to you;
  • Insurance payments online. Thanks to the integration of the payment system, your customers will be able to pay their insurance premiums directly in the application. Which by the way will be extremely convenient for their agents to track the size and timeliness of payments;
  • Notify your customers and remind them of the most important things. Customers will no longer miss payment dates and insurance of their homes, cars and lives will be exactly safe. After all, the service will notify them of the expiration of the insurance in advance;
  • Access to all documentation. Now customers can not be afraid of losing an important contract in the depths of the closet at home, because all contracts and other things are digitized and stored online. In addition, they can be downloaded at any time if necessary.

Insurance industry Agent Advantages

In addition to the fact that your company will receive the benefits that we talked about earlier, your employees will also receive advantages. It will become easier and more convenient to work thanks to the application, and the approach to customers will become more individual, and now more:

  • Direct interaction with the client. The insurance agent gets the opportunity to communicate and interact with clients in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, no one is annoyed by chat messages, which cannot be said about intrusive calls with offers to issue a credit card. This is a joke, of course. Thanks to the application, the agent can form an individual approach and relevant proposals. to do exactly what the client needs, so he does not just insure his whole family with you, but also stays for many years, feeling that his interests are respected;
  • Employee motivation. Thanks to the platform, each agent can be broadcast the number of policies issued, the number to which it is worth striving for a reward in the form of a bonus, or at least the threshold of the plan for the month to be fulfilled;
  • Electronic signatures expand the possibilities. Thanks to the introduction of such technology, transactions can be concluded remotely.

How to Hire Developers for Insurance Web Portal Development Company & Services

As an insurance company, do you urgently need an application to promote your services? Have you already been inspired by all the benefits that we have described above? In this case, this algorithm is for you:

  1. 01
    Discussion of preferences and requirements for the implementation of the future project. As soon as the client receives a request that it is necessary to develop an application for an insurance company, we start working. First of all, it is important to hold a personal meeting with the client in order to identify exactly what functionality the service requires, for what purposes it is being developed and for what target audience;
  2. 02
    Analysis and planning. After the initial feedback from the client is received, we get to work. It is important to think over the list of details and functionality that will be required. Which specialists should be involved in the work and with what skills in order to present the entire plan to the client with an approximate estimate of the project;
  3. 03
    Constant feedback. As soon as the active part of the product creation begins, we are constantly in contact with the client in order to continuously introduce fixes and new ideas;
  4. 04
    Error detection and testing. To prevent the product from entering the market and failing due to possible bugs, each Alfee project is thoroughly tested, which is why we guarantee the quality of the products;
  5. 05
    Launch and support. After the product is ready to enter the market, we will prepare all the necessary documentation. And then we will be happy to perform periodic updates as necessary and eliminate possible new identified errors.
Questions for Insurance Web Portal Development

Where to find the best Insurance Portal Development Company?

Cool insurance organizations to engine a beautiful and functional application that will suit your customer portal firm will be the one that has experience working with such an industry yet, which means that it's familiar with the target clients, knows its pains and needs. It is exactly what Alfee can become in favor of you.

What Online Insurance Portal Development Services does Alfee offer?

On demand amenities for the Insurance app elaboration of an app in favor of such a field of activity as Insurance portal differ greatly. Relying on the kind of the business, it could be a smartphone application amenity. Anyway, the application would be functional, effective and high-qualified. Alfee task is to reflect what customers would like to see.

How to create a Perfect Solution for an Insurance Company?

First of all, you need to understand the goals of elaborating such an app and the target audience. Then it won't be superfluous to think over the functionality, because depending on it, you will need to look for a web development company. You can learn more in this overview.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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