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The main principles of HR state the people are the essence of any business.


This article is going to help you find some tips in hiring smart contract developers. We are not planning to talk much about budget or payment options, but we'll enhance your leverage in recruiting people who can build smart contracts.

Smart Contract Development Introduction

While searching for smart contract developers around the web, we are going to give the subject a closer look.

We shall be discussing recruitment stages, as well as some of the "proven to be effective" strategies. Then we'll explain some key features that every HR specialist should know.

Smart Contract Audit

First of all, when dealing with blockchain technology and smart contracts development, you need cadres that have a significant portfolio and a history of successful smart contract building.

Any reviews from the previous employers are welcome too. Every piece of information could help you obtain a clear understanding of the person's capabilities and core traits. Well versed specialists shall never lack praise from enterprises they worked in before.

Role of Experience in Smart Contract Development


Experience matters in any task, but the newer the profession is, the harder it is to obtain the required practices. That's why you must ensure your future partner or employee has already acquired expertise.

Then you may allow the person to join the team. The idea is to share common values and intentions.

As coding sessions, software solutions, and innovative features in the blockchain network can only be supported by true specialists, hiring a smart contract developer is, indeed, a delicate matter.

Make sure your employees create a vivid, reliable environment for your business processes. Moreover, it is also important to develop the right vision of a company's policies. The way you do business should be tight to your recruiting approach.

Lastly, there are a few steps you can do along the recruitment phase. This will improve your decision making and help you manage the possible difficulties.

Smart Contract Developer's Vision

Before posting a job proposition for those who wield programming languages and possess soft skills, a company needs to understand its unique approach. Smart contract development services is the newest stage in the world of modern market. Alfee Company is here to share some tips on your search for perfect specialists.

Dedicated Smart Contract Developers

If the company's values are not about innovative, strategic approach in blockchain development, it would be harder to find experienced smart contract developers that match your needs, specifically. It's easier to go with a simple list of 3 to 5 points that you admire the most as a company which operates in the software industry.

For example, below you can explore the list of Tesla's core values:

  1. 01
    Do your best. Tesla only hires people of highest regard.
  2. 02
    Take the risk. An employee should be able to face the challenge.
  3. 03
    Respect each other. Pretty standard for any major company.
  4. 04
    Constantly learn. Self-education is crucial in the modern era.
  5. 05
    Be environmentally conscious. A unique point that stands for company's ethics.

Here are our suggestions due to the industry's features:

  • Be a professional. Being a pro is universal.
  • Adapt. The global changes demand flexible workers.
  • Feedback often. Fast communication is the only way to reach the goal.
  • Constantly grow. This brings us back to one of Tesla's core values.
  • Analyzr the crypto market often.

Quality of your services shall never waver. The ability to hire smart contract developers who can create automotive programs is the top priority. Be flexible, be aware of your strengths and this will result in the best performance you could think of.

Another representation of your unique vision is the design of the company's websites. Efficient design does miracles and sends the message in accordance with your desires.

Searching for Best Smart Contract Developers


If your goal is to hire a specialist who would help your business expectations to be fully met, the most important phase is the actual browsing and qualifications analysis.

You should inspect the incoming resumes, browsing verified job platforms as Careerbuilder or Indeed. This might be a cost effective and time saving initiative for you.

However, it doesn't mean you ought to wait for resumes to come up. Freelancers can be hired by major organizations should they demonstrate their wit in developing smart contracts.

As it was mentioned before, when analyzing candidates who could potentially become invaluable smart contract developers, a thorough review of the previous projects is required. Apart from the portfolio, an employer needs to go through verification processes. Analytics of the code samples is a must. There is also an urge to check the candidate's mastery of English and conduct references.

Summarizing the key points of this particular stage, we have formed a list that could be of use to you:

  1. 01
  2. 02
    Code samples demonstration;
  3. 03
    Portfolio verification;
  4. 04
    Conduct reference check;
  5. 05
    English speaking skills;
  6. 06
    Credentials analysis;
  7. 07
    Work history check.

And remember, the threshold for newcomers should be set low. Only the worthy and dedicated smart contract developers should be involved in a blockchain project. Some companies only allow passing around 5% of reviewed applications.

Do not forget to try different approaches, individuality must come naturally.

Apart from professional competence and mastery at coding, a person of highest regard is the one you're looking for. In addition, human decency and respect are always welcome in any workspace.

Recruiting Experienced Smart Contract Developers

In order to hire the best smart contract developers, the recruitment routine needs to be organized correctly. If the first phase is already through, the next step is going to connect the employer and a future developer.

The understanding whether some smart contract developers are fitting to your project's specific needs not only comes from theoretical data science expertise, the knowledge ought to be put into practice.

The development team needs to release smart contracts with the new employee together and fully apply the strengths of the latter. Allow blockchain technology experts to use their talent, creativity and development ideas in order to achieve the common objective.

Quality Solutions for Education and Growth

The more your partnership develops, ideally, your employee's qualifications should satisfy clients worldwide.

Smart contracts developers should do their best in order to provide quality services. The two-way benefit of your cooperation can only be achieved if you've taken the "adapt" principle seriously.

Execution of smart contracts is a mastery that needs to be updated regularly as there are a variety of ways to escalate it. For instance, Solidity programming language which implements smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

A team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists will grant you possibilities to improve the overall performance. Engagement is the factor that highly influences productivity. Blockchain projects can only be released by strongly motivated, expert developers.

Smart Contract Development Services: value and appreciation

According to statistics of 2020, programmers tend to reach burnouts occasionally. As an employer, you should know, successful businesses and ambitious, profitable projects can only be so by taking good care of your employees.

Solve the issue of burnout by appreciating the performance of your dedicated, smart contract development specialists.

Appreciation is not necessarily the salary rise even though it is one of the best ways to cheer up just about anyone. You can always take a moment and emphasize the progress and willingness to improve of a particular software developer.

Transform the workspace according to everyone's comfort and well-being.

Security Issues in Software Engineering

Blockchain development is closely related to digital security risks. Financial losses can be inevitable at some point, so if you hire a smart contract development specialist, it is wise to check if the programmer is very much into security issues.

Honesty within Smart Contracts Development Company


Smart contract development is all about innovation and automatic processes, there are conservative things you should keep in mind.

For some successful businesses, hire only starts with trust. Meet the colleagues with honesty, answer their questions and support their initiatives. Fully inform employees of their duties, salary and advantages of your partnership.

Hiring a New Contract Development Expert: conclusion

As your staff grows, digital marketing starts to prosper. The services you provide attract customers from all over the world. Now, you hire smart contract developers that are not only incredibly skilled, they also share your company's values.

Smart contract development is the winding path you cannot walk alone. Communication between the company and the smart contract developer ends up with a long-term, beneficial partnership.

Questions for Hiring Smart Contract Developers

What is Smart about Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are simply blockchain programs that allow you to save time and money by automating the execution of an agreement. The smartest thing that can possibly be done is dealing with papers quickly. Thanks to smart contracts, all your trusted transactions and agreements can be carried out without the involvement of central authorities.

Where to look for the best smart contract developers?

If you are looking for Etherium developers for a blockchain project, the leading platform is Toptal. The site has existed for more than a decade and there are many potential employees that surely match your expectations. As it was mentioned before, the threshold for newcomers ought to be low, and Toptal only accepts 3% of applicants.

Are there any leading smart contract development companies you can trust?

According to data from Software Testing Help, Science Soft is the company you can trust as it has the major number of employees, significant revenue rates and it was founded back in 1995.

How to Hire the best Smart Contracts Developers?

Follow the tips in this article and the hiring process shall no longer be complex and time-consuming. Keep in mind that the best smart contract developers you can hire are the ones who can fulfill your company's expectations.

Are you searching for Dedicated Smart Contract Developers?

Dedication can easily be spotted through productivity and hard work. Should you pay some extra attention to references and portfolio, you will definitely find a dedicated employee you're searching for.

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