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Hire Software Developers

Finding a developer or hiring someone can be difficult. There are lots of job boards on which to find a developer, but identifying a good platform requires some thinking.


Software development has been gaining more and more popularity over the past decade because every business strives to expand its audience of potential customers. And what is the best way to do this, if not on the Internet? A high-quality website that will tell the buyer about your services is similar to what used to be a storefront. Now this is the face of your company, and the first impression in business plays a key role.

Alfee developers are distinguished by many years of experience. Our projects are effective and created using innovative technologies according to the latest market trends. Hire software developers from us and customers will never pass by your service.

Tell me the role of expert software developers?

Software development freelancing means that programmers work temporarily or occasionally for development rather than primarily in one company – the software industry's Freelancing software developer has a reputation in favor of working on several different companies at once but many prefer working for one company on a contract basis. With a new epidemic predicted by 2020, freelancers saw a dramatic shift. This is a useful statistic that shows freelance software development in 2022. The job of the freelancer is simple with the wide variety of internet websites and trusted websites now used for finding qualified software developer.

Software developer with Masters degrees & extensive programming and object-oriented analysis programming experience in Linux environments. Full lifecycle knowledge of analyzing the needs, designing the products and software development, testing the deployment and support services. Proven successful results meeting functional needs of high quality at a reasonable price.

How to hire Software Engineers?

The first thing when hiring a software developer is knowing the role it takes. It is common to see developers with various abilities — some coders, some engineering. The search for a good developer is based on knowing the differences in each software development and understand its skills. It's good to have professional software developer available to you to make your project easier.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers are IT professionals whose role involves overseeing release of software. DevOps is a strategy in favor of building software that aims to bridge the divide between developer and IT. This enables developers to release small features very quickly and provide feedback immediately upon receiving. DevOps software Engineers understand the system fundamentally and collaborate with other developers to create integration with back-end applications and distributed system development and management.

Backend developers

The backend developer focuses on implementing functional core logic along with performance and scaling. This developer uses Python, C++, Scala, and Ruby Perl to develop web-based software applications integrating services like database development, data storage caching, system logs and emails. Backend developers ensure a website works properly. A web designer may need to fix some issues when the site is unable or fails, when some parts are damaged or lost.

Front-end developers

Front-end designers specialise in designing and developing graphical interfaces that include visual appearance and layout of programs and browsers. Developers need specialized knowledge more of the basic design principle than the computer sciences and programming. The team spends a lot of time tweaking and improving the visual presentation of user interfaces. Front End developers can help you determine how a web page looks.

WordPress Developers

The WordPress developers are subtype web developers that are specialized only within WordPress. WordPress is a WordPress website development system which uses a plugin and a website interface to build and design web applications. These developers differ significantly from the traditional web developer that develops the website using themes and script.

CRM and MarTech Developers

CRO is focused on system storing and using customer data. Developers are tasked to improve customer service and sales by representatives, client management and sales. Customer Relationships management uses the information collected to improve customer service. CRM developers can help businesses quickly adapt and improve customer satisfaction.

Data Scientist Developers

Data Scientist developers develop tools to aid companies in the analysis of data sets. This tool uses statistics as an analysis tool in favor of a comparison and forecast of future outcomes. Data scientists are primarily used for analyzing the growth of businesses using data or analyzing machine learning techniques in favor of prediction of patterns.

Web Developers

Web developers are software developers that specialize in the creation of web sites. This developer is able to develop frontend and backend development at differing levels. Web developers usually create websites. These developers usually lack HTML/Scs knowledge but they are not as skilled as backend and frontend developers.

Alfee has excellent technology products. System software web sites, electronic shops and other IT related software products have been successfully tested and used by many customers. We are perfect with HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax and PHP CMS like Wordpress Opencart.

Graphic designers

A graphic development specialist is responsible for creating software to render, light / shadows, and shading. They provide essential input in developing technology in gaming or the film industry. A graphics designer requires specialised mathematics knowledge as well as knowledge of framework system systems.

Since 2001, our web designers and developers have a very good knowledge of all aspects of different business fields including web designing, web development. Almost every common programming language, framework, Opensource database and application development framework is available in favor of our customers. We also offer different APIs integration payments, SMS integration, CRM customization etc.. Alfee team takes on new projects and carries out the tasks that arise from delivering them.

Full stack developers

Developers with full stacks are hybrids of backend and front end. Developers can handle databases, build websites, and work with clients throughout the planning phase. Developers are jack-of-all-trades who are capable of handling and solving tasks in the front-end of a Web site and backend of applications.

Outsource our work and we can deliver on time. We deliver flexible solutions based on your software requirements. The company specializes in developing mobile web solutions and Fullcycle software development and IT consultancy.

Mobile developers

Mobile software engineers write code in favor of applications to operate on smartphones. He works exclusively on mobile devices and has extensive programming expertise using frameworks such as Java Swift and ObjectiveC. Mobile developers helps you develop a mobile application.

Enterprise Freelance Software Developer


Acquire specialized software development professionals whose expertise combines with expertise to create secure, scalable and supported applications for clients.

Developers of desktop applications

Recruit our professional programmers in favor of the greatest flexibility in the world's most complex software applications and integrate them into your existing systems to improve your business productivity & success.

The original launcher was modified using Electron and react technologies. The client was searching for flexible software to allow the upgrade of their system with additional features. React provides fast development and less bugs because issues can be isolated or fixed easily. It helps in the development of rapid applications in favor of handling huge amounts of information if necessary. Unlike previous Windows versions, the latest is also available for Mac OS and Linux.

Alfee Desktop applications are developed using C# / WPF /MVVM, QT / C# and Visual. Some desktop applications like text editor and media player allow you to perform various activities and others, such as games, applications, can only be designed for entertainment.

Custom freelance software development projects

Scopic has experience in managing more than just typical web mobile applications. We can manage special projects that require special talents. We can build you a smart phone, an augmented reality solution, a software development platform, a mobile application and many more.

Software Development Team (Java /.Net)

Alfee software development varies according to the requirements of the clients. Clients provide details on the work of the application. That's what I did. It will evolve. Similarly to client specifications e.g. specifications are developed. Generally clients supply a specification in favor of a specific purpose or product based on a specific product. Our design is made in accordance with our specifications. We build this.

ERP Software Development teams

Adequate information soft is a specialized software development outsourcing company. We have created an extensive suite of suite based solutions in favor of various vertical industries. For a specific ERP process the ERP software development depends on a company s specific business process that they want improvement.

Integration and migration

We provide software engineering consulting services for software applications and specialized software engineering projects.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance of Software Products. Matching SDLs to ensure maximum performance with maximum performance.

Execute Your Projects Faster and Better With Hiring software developers

Alfee offers completely customizable software solutions in favor of organizations of varying sizes. Our team works with top IT talent to guarantee our client's satisfaction. We get almost two billion applications each year. It's the most competitive and highly competitive job market for IT engineers to be part of our team.

Why Alfee is perfect for hiring freelance software developers?


Why do companies choose Alfee to implement their project? We will tell you:

  • Cost-effective. We will find developers in favor of you in accordance with your requirements, but we will conclude a contract only if the selected candidate suits you;
  • Variety. Interface, backend, full stack, DevOps, data, and more;
  • Experience. We employ middle and senior level developers;
  • Transparency. All employment and the development budget is talked out. We always keep you in touch about how the work is going;
  • Speed. Get instant access to a curated selection of the best developers. Not to mention the fact that the development itself will be completed in the shortest possible time with high quality and efficiency.

Hiring Freelance developers for Software development outsourcing in 5 Steps?

When you have an idea that you need to implement your project using a software application, it's not immediately clear what to do next? Rush to look for a performer for a project on one of the freelance exchanges?

We have prepared for you a simple algorithm that will help you not get lost when nothing is clear. Follow him and everything will be revealed!

  1. 01
    Formulate your requirements and wishes. Let us know about your requirements, about how you want to see the result and we will do everything in the right way to satisfy you.
  2. 02
    Strategic planning. In our work, we will propose a complete and specific strategy in favor of the implementation of the task to achieve the final result.
  3. 03
    Conducting tests. We will make a list of the amount of work that needs to be done and test each part to avoid mistakes in the work and achieve high efficiency.
  4. 04
    Selection of applicants. Conduct an interview with selected applicants suitable in favor of your specific task and find the perfect performer.
  5. 05
    Getting started. Now the preparations in favor of getting started are complete. Let's make the best project for you!

Alfee Models of Engagement to Hire freelance developers

Every company that comes to us has its own requests. This also applies to the problems that they want to solve by creating an application, their strategy and vision of what the result should be.

We have our own developers in favor of everything, we adapt to our customers, and therefore we implement a number of hiring models, which we will describe below.

Full Time

This type of hiring involves hiring developers full-time. This means compiling daily reports on the work done and providing regular information about the stage of development.

Part Time

This is hiring a developer for 4 hours. This option is ideal in favor of implementing updates and web development. It also implies regular reports on the stage of work and what has already been implemented.


In such a model, you are free to choose how many hours of developer work you need and what tasks you need to implement.

Benefits of Hiring Developers through Software Outsourcing

Access the leading freelance software developers in technology. Increase your project productivity. Find a flexible partner who can customize their solutions for your business needs. Reduce inherent project risks and avoid large inhouse workforce costs. Boost your product security by utilizing our highly skilled technical experts. Start your work immediately and quickly gain a competitive edge.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance developer?


Having a freelance developer will require some time to find out the right amount in favor of you so that you can not pay too much or provide just a small fee. Compensation for freelancers is both project and time dependent. A full custom website development usually enterprise which requires creating the website and creating custom code would cost an introductory hourly rate of 75-85 / hour. A typical one-page site like a lead generating website costs about $10-40 plus per hour.

Questions for Hiring Software Developers

What Skills To Look For Before Hiring A Freelance Developer?

When choosing a developer, you should pay attention to what skills he has. Alfee specialists consider the following important: extensive technical skills, communication, independence in solving problems, motivation and reliability, good feedback from previous employers will also not be superfluous.

How to Hire a Software Developer?

To hire software developers, you need to clearly figure out your requirements for the project and what developer skills will be required for this. Based on this, you can select the appropriate candidate. Then conduct an interview to identify the best.

Where can you Hire the best Software developers?

First of all, you must state the requirements for your project in order to properly select candidates. Then apply to the freelancers exchange, where you will find hundreds of vacancies. If you value time, then delegate this task to Alfee. We will select the best candidates that will suit you.

What are The Benefits of Hiring Developers through Software Outsourcing?

The advantages of Software developers are that you do not need to hire software developers when, for example, you only need to implement one project. In addition, you can afford to pay for the services of a highly qualified specialist, while it will be extremely expensive to arrange it at home.

What programming languages and technologies are your software development team proficient in?

At Alfee, our software development team has a wide range of proficiency in programming languages and technologies. Our team is experienced in programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and C++. In addition to this, we are proficient in utilizing various frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. We also have expertise in developing software using various database technologies such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle.

Our team is always up-to-date with the latest technologies and programming languages. We constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our developers are adept at selecting the best technology stack that suits the requirements of our clients. We believe that the right technology selection is critical for developing robust software that can be maintained and scaled effectively.

Moreover, our developers are also skilled in utilizing various development tools and environments such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. These tools help us to ensure that our software development process is streamlined, and the code is of high quality. We follow industry-standard coding practices and use agile methodologies to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and to our clients' satisfaction.

Can you provide examples or case studies of successful software development projects you have completed in the past?

Yes, we can provide examples of successful software development projects that we have completed in the past.

At Alfee, our team of experienced developers has a track record of successful software development projects. We have developed a variety of applications, from complex enterprise solutions to simple web applications. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all modern technologies, including cloud computing, mobile, web, and AI.

We have completed a range of projects for a variety of clients, from small startups to large enterprises. Our projects have included everything from custom web applications to cloud-based solutions. We have also created a range of mobile applications, from small business apps to enterprise-level solutions.

Our team has also successfully developed a number of software products for our clients. We have created custom solutions for a wide range of industries, from healthcare to finance. We have also developed software for the government and educational sectors.

At Alfee, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality software solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We are committed to delivering projects on time and on budget, and we are proud of our track record of successful projects.

We believe that our experience and expertise make us the ideal choice for your software development needs. We offer a range of services and can tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experienced developers is ready to help you develop a successful software solution for your business.

How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration between your developers and our team during the project development process?

At Alfee, we understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration during the project development process. We have a dedicated team that works closely with our consumers to guarantee that their demands are understood and implemented correctly. Our developers are proficient in various communication features such as Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, which enable them to stay connected with our clients throughout the product development process.

We also follow Agile methodology, which emphasizes regular communication and collaboration between the elaboration team and the customer. We hold regular meetings with our clients to discuss project progress, address any concerns, and gather feedback. This helps us to guarantee that the product is on track and that any issues are resolved quickly.

To further facilitate collaboration, we apply product management features such as Jira and Trello, which enable us to track product progress, assign tasks, and share documents. This guarantees that everyone included in the product is aware of its progress and can contribute to its success.

In conclusion, at Alfee, we prioritize effective communication and collaboration between our developers and our clients during the product development process. We use various communication features and follow Agile methodology to guarantee that our clients are always informed about product progress and that their feedback is incorporated into the product. With our collaborative approach, we can deliver high-quality solutions that meet our clients' specific needs.

How do you ensure the quality and performance of the software developed by your team?

At Alfee, we understand the importance of delivering software that meets high-quality and performance standards. To ensure this, we follow a thorough and well-structured quality assurance process. First, we establish clear requirements and specifications for the software in collaboration with the client. Our team of experienced developers then designs a comprehensive test plan that includes both manual and automated testing to identify and rectify any potential issues.

We also use industry-standard tools and technologies to carry out our testing, such as Selenium for automated testing and JMeter for load testing. Our team continually reviews and analyzes the test results to identify and address any defects, performance issues, or bugs. We also prioritize and escalate any critical issues to ensure that they are resolved quickly.

In addition, we use continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices to ensure that the software is tested and deployed in an automated and streamlined way. This helps to minimize the risk of human error and ensures that the software is delivered to the client in a timely and efficient manner. With these rigorous quality and performance testing processes, we can ensure that the software developed by our team at Alfee meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

What is the typical timeline for a software development project, and how do you handle any delays that may occur?

At Alfee, we understand that every software development project is unique, and the timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, we follow a general process that ensures timely delivery of high-quality solutions. Typically, our software development projects take anywhere from 2 to 12 months to complete, depending on the scope of the project.

To ensure timely delivery, we follow Agile methodology, which emphasizes regular communication and collaboration between our developers and clients. We hold regular meetings to discuss project progress, address any concerns, and gather feedback. This helps us to identify any potential delays early on and come up with solutions to mitigate them.

If any delays do occur, we work closely with our clients to assess the situation and come up with a plan to get the project back on track. We may adjust the project timeline or allocate additional resources to ensure that the project is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

In conclusion, at Alfee, we strive to deliver software development projects within a reasonable timeframe while maintaining high quality. We follow Agile methodology and prioritize regular communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure timely delivery. If any delays do occur, we work closely with our clients to come up with solutions to mitigate them and keep the project on track. We believe that our approach to project management sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the ideal option for your software development needs.

What are the factors that determine the cost of software developers' work, and can you provide an estimate on the cost of our project based on those factors?

The cost of software developers’ work is determined by a variety of factors. These include the complexity of the project, the number of developers needed, the technology used, the timeline for completion, and the location of the development team.

Complexity is the primary factor that determines the cost of software development. Projects that require more features or have more intricate design elements will cost more than simpler projects. The number of developers needed also affects the cost, as larger teams require more resources. The technology used also has an impact on the cost of development, as some technologies are more expensive than others. The timeline for completion also impacts cost, as projects with shorter timelines require more resources to complete in a timely manner. Finally, the location of the development team can affect the cost, as developers in some regions may charge more than those in other locations.

At Alfee, we provide a comprehensive cost estimate for each project based on these factors. Our experienced team of developers can provide a detailed breakdown of the cost for each project and give you an accurate estimate of the total cost. We also provide a comprehensive service package that includes regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support. With Alfee, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible service and the most competitive prices.

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