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On-demand Courier Delivery App Development

Any courier delivery is tied to a mobile application. It cannot be otherwise, because we are talking about a service that facilitates the current life of any person, which means that he should have an opportunity to place his order at any time.

Statistics show that software applications (courier services) that connect them with public catering outlets: cafes, restaurants, fast food establishments - are used by an increasing number of people every year. The growth was almost 11% - now 54% of all smartphone owners regularly use delivery services, compared to 2021, for example. As for the turnover of the food delivery market, compared to the same year 2021, it grew by a fantastic 160% in terms of money, and by 245% in terms of the number of orders placed.

If you plan to develop your suitable business model, which implies your own courier service, then in this case you just need to have a mobile courier delivery app. Consumers get a convenient opportunity to order and pay for the required service through it, and couriers acquire an effective communication channel for interacting with both the supplier and the customer. After all, mobile apps contain such essential features for customer satisfaction as real time tracking, delivery status and with it's help it's easy to navigate the terrain to delivery boys.

Alfee is one of mobile app development company whose employees are highly qualified specialists in the field of creating applications of any specialization (including courier mobile app development). Hiring a team of our software developers, you will be able to significantly intensify your own developments and implement the full fledged application in the best quality and in estimated time. Just thaks to our employees valuable insights.

Why do you need to launch courier delivery apps?

Ask yourself which industries need courier delivery application the most. It's not only parcel delivery business. Usually these are those business areas that are guided from a wide range of consumers on demand services. Here are some of the areas of such business:

    The number of smart mobile phones users is steadily increasing. Currently, the ratio of smartphone users to personal computer users is estimated at 2/1. Mobile applications appear like mushrooms after rain, and evenly "capture" more and more sectors of production and consumption. It has long been a mobile applications banking service and taxi.

    Social networks are also present in the smartphone of each user in the form of an icon of the corresponding application (which is got from Apple Store or Google Play). Development-oriented resources for dating and communication, driver app, are also getting their own applications. And besides, apps are also developed for news resources, for watching movies services, etc.

    The very fact of using applications intensifies the employees job in any business models. Employees start generating more profit. The customer app can also make consumers more loyal to your branded delivery by encouraging them to make purchases again. In other words, a courier delivery app is a universal effective shipping tool that should be integrated into your business as closely as possible, unless, the development for your business is not an empty phrase, of course.

    What can be the help of Alfee in courier app development?

    In short, in the competent design of the delivery app. The work will be carried out comprehensively, consistently, competently and with an understanding of the factors and technology important features of using the software product being formed. As a result, the finished development will have the following advantages:

    1. 01
      Interface convenience when working with consumer orders. A simple and logical layout of functional fields will help you easily take and track clients orders and shipment.
    2. 02
      Order constructor. This option will allow you to add main features to the product, for example, it becomes possible to change the ingredients of the ordered dishes.
    3. 03
      Setting up integration with CRM. Each customer is automatically fixed in the base of the control program automatically, immediately after registration.
    4. 04
      Setting up of push notification. Service of app's push alerts will allow you to send advertising and informational messages to clients without any restrictions and additional costs for SMS.
    5. 05
      Implementation of a cashback and bonus system. Users will be able to receive bonuses when registering in the application, when making orders, for invited friends; give your bonuses to another user.
    6. 06
      Active use of promotional codes. You get the ability to turn them on and off, change the conditions for obtaining and using a promotional code, as well as determine the amount with which the promotional code will be valid, etc.

    Stages of mobile courier app development

    The development services of any mobile application have to form consistent and logical process, each stage of which requires the appropriate competence of the performers. And before starting to implement your mobile courier delivery app project, it makes sense to assess whether your specialists qualifications allow you to complete this courier solution app idea with the required result and within a reasonable time frame. If not then the most reasonable solution would be to hire a team of competent programmers (such as Alfee employees). So, let's analyze the stages of developing a mobile application for courier delivery in more detail.

    Initial perspectives assessment of demand courier delivery app

    On current stage business requirements, theoretical aspects and various factors and other essential information are being studied for better understanding the final business goal.

    As a result of this vital information analizing a commercial offer is formed. Preparation of detailed terms of reference and conclusion of a smart contract. It prescribes specific dates, terms and conditions for completing the task. In addition, a list of work to create an application is listed.

    Analytics of courier service application

    In order for the courier delivery apps to be the most effective, Alfee employees research all the necessary information about the required functionality, design requirements, and other references. As a result, a system architecture is formed and technological solutions are selected that will guide developers in the future.

    Prototype of courier delivery service app creation

    A user journey map with minimum features is developed: a block diagram is formed, payment gateway is integrated, and schematic prototypes of each screen are made - minimum viable product is done. Thanks to this construction of work, the functional specification of the delivery app being created becomes possible to evaluate already at the early stages of design (up to client's requirements). As a result, the adjustments necessary are easily made.

    Design of courier delivery application development

    The appearance formation of courier delivery app elements. At this stage, the peculiarities of user perception and the requirements of operational platforms: iOS and Android (for future product validation) are taken into account.

    Courier services app development and testing

    Layout or compilation of program code, as well as "tactical" checking of the generated "program body" for bugs and failures. It also examines the stability of the new software on various devices.

    App for courier delivery business promotion and support

    The application is published immediately after it passes internal correct functioning verification, as well as verification by iOS and Android experts. This does not mean at all that the responsibilities of the development team end there, never the less. The post launch app maintenance stage starts now.

    The project will be followed up until there is 100% certainty that it works according to the TOR. That is, there are no bugs, problems in connection and coordination when working on various devices, and also that the speed of performing various operations should be supported.

    Main benefit of cooperation with Alfee?

    Alfee is one of the most advanced companies in the field of mobile development, whose employees have the largest number of competencies, confirmed both by the obtained licenses and certificates, and indirectly by the number of implemented projects.

    Over the years of active presence in the IT services market, we have accumulated a huge data of experience in the implementation of applications for a variety of business areas, including courier delivery apps.

    As a result, stable development providers teams have been formed in our company, which are full-fledged "welded teams" with the highest performance and competencies to solve the widest range of IT tasks. Projects with their participation are carried out in the "one window" mode, which significantly saves the customer time and reduces potential risks.

    Finally, being highly skilled is also shown not to take on a project with excessively high chances of failure. If Alfee believes that your app's success is under huge risk, it has no one competitive edge, and there is too much chance that full fledged app will not be commercially successful, our specialists will try to dissuade you from making such dubious investments. Because the customer's success is our success too. The opposite is true!

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