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On-Demand Taxi Website Development Company

During the last few decades, taxi bookings have continued their ascendancy trend. Many budding entrepreneur are considering creating a mobile taxi booking app. For these entrepreneurs, the analysts at Alfee spent thousands of hours analysing the functions and business model of one of the largest cabaggregator websites in Europe. This overview provides an overview of the taxi booking app development and its main functions.

Advance Features of Our Taxi Booking Application Development

It aims at features that can reach large local audiences and are highly desired. This list shows what the taxi booking app includes. It uses GPS to look up available taxis close to your location. People who have commutes will be able to easily register in favor of a taxi in their neighborhood. Travellers are able to select whichever vehicle suits them best. For example the passengers have the option to choose their cab according to models, costs, purposes and the number of passengers. Travelers may have an idea of their travel expenses by examining the data they have provided.

Taxi Booking Apps Development Service

Uber taxi booking system has been proved over the years. Hence the focus is on developing an app similar to Uber which is strong. It is logical to provide Online Cab Booking service. Customer satisfaction is paramount and the customer must return in favor of the best experience and it is guaranteed. Its convenience in transferring information has helped Uber achieve an impressive share in Uber. Taxi booking apps for iPhone and android aimed at facilitating the booking of the cab easily. It offers many functions.

Create your own taxi booking app with Alfee

Appy Pie provides advanced taxi booking app for Android or iPhone users. The application runs continuously and has a MobilePay function which allows for payment by registered driver automatically. The app offers two apps in favor of mobile booking: Passenger App for cab booking and tracking, and the Driver App for drivers for accepting / rejecting mobile reservations. Using the Appy Pies taxi reservation apps, the user is able to book the car with an app. These features can be read here.

Driver App:

  • Register. The driver will be given an easy access to registering on their mobile application; however, that process is approved by the admin;
  • Reservations. Driver can accept and reject all new reservations in 15 seconds. It shows a pick up point and distance from their current location as well as distance from pick up and drop locations;
  • Status. The driver can update the status of the passengers in the event the customer accepts or declines a reservation, arrives at the pick-up location and finishes the trip;
  • History. The driver can see his booking records or see their current state.

Passenger Approval:

  • Register. To use this service, the users can register through a smartphone. The card registration system allows passengers to pay via credit card through a taxi booking app or through a credit card. Stripe is used when making payments and Appy Pie checks for PCI compliance;
  • Track the Driver. The application provides the benefit of tracking available driver availability and setting the pick-up location in favor of the driver upon login;
  • Pickup Location. Passenger users may set the destination on the map and in Google Place.

Top Must Have Taxi Services

Creating your own online taxi reservations is simple. However the features that your users can use in taxi booking apps depends on what features are added. Here are seven essential apps in favor of taxi booking.

User reviews

You want your taxi app to guarantee that if a customer feels comfortable the drivers have not been abused. This means you need to include the review option so that users can compare their apps. The software will be capable of rating user performance which can provide you with the tools to create a safe work environment.

Online Taxi Booking App. Reservation

The Taxi feature on Appy Pie is one of the easiest features of your application. The system allows customers to choose the preferred taxi type and displays the route and prices. It can be used by drivers to take care of other passengers. The reservation feature is easily accessed through an Appy Pie interface.


The coupon feature allows you to give customers special offers or discounts and allows you to share them on social media. It helps you increase profits as well as marketing! Couponing also helps increase brand loyalty and gives you competition advantages over other brands.


The driver and passengers must know where the other is on the trip. A further advantage is the map functionality, allowing the users to get there with the help of an easy to use map. This navigation system may help authorities locate people if there are emergencies.

App Analytics

Simple mobile app development isn't working. With App Analysis, you can identify how much functionality your app needs and how it needs improvement. You may also use this to improve driver safety, increase vehicle performance and more.

One touch

The One Touch features allow you to easily customize apps. If the customer isn't communicating with the car, your apps should not require much work. One touch functionality is also useful in favor of boosting taxi bookings.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow sending a single message to the users of a given app. Passengers will get a notification when drivers accept the reservation and when it arrives.

Invite and Earn

Online taxi reservations have gained huge popularity, but their concept remains relatively new in favor of most users. In order to gain market share, the site offers referral programs where riders can invite friends by using their referral codes. The user may send invites via SMS, e-mail or via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Check out our online taxi booking system!

Table of Contents

Booking taxis has become less easy and more quick in the last 10 years. Some Millennial people booking fares on mobile apps are surprisingly unaware of the unpredictable nature of hiring taxis in the 1990’er years and 80’s. Let's discuss the need that made the online reservation service available.

My rides

The features display an extensive listing of the total booked activities from upcoming rides to completed rides. This helps record every reservation on a ride. The completed section shows the ride history and in the following sections we give a preview of the next stage in the series.

Rate Card

The platform should understand markets that require transparency and clear functionality. The company also needs a well defined ratecard in order to analyze their standard rates charged in favor of destination or modes of transportation of their goods.

User Centric Booking Process

When the registration is completed users will go on to their own website and have their own rides. List some important points when making taxi reservations:

  • Ride feedback. Upon reaching a destination the person can see if their total expense and distance traveled were shown. The platform is supposed to ask users if their experiences are positive about the ride. It is about evaluating the vehicle and helping company to determine their customers satisfaction. Integrating Driver rating/ feedback function with the online booking system;
  • Location saving feature. Using a search tool, the user may choose or save their favorite location in order that it becomes easier to access. These are particularly beneficial in favor of users who seek rides from or to places regularly. Features associated with frequently visited destinations and routes improve the user experience and simplify the booking of the cab;
  • Fare Precision. As mentioned earlier it must be ensured the customer is given the correct information about the fare. This feature available in favor of use under the form “Ride Estimation” gives details about the estimated travel duration and estimated expenses to the users. Getting the right information about the cost of cabs helps you score more points;
  • Cab confirmation. Immediately upon booking of a trip, the user will have the confirmation page displayed with the detailed information including car model and estimated arrivals. User must also apply for valid discount/free voucher code when applicable. Build a taxi booking application with taxi schedules/confirming functionality;
  • Transparent booking process. Whether a taxi reservation online or in person will become successful among customers is a key factor in the price transparency. All information regarding fares must clearly appear to users. The ratecard feature allows users to see split fare according to their ride choice;
  • Ride details. Once booking is confirmed, the user will be able to find the actual position on cabs. The customer may also cancel the booked car before the drivers get to a specific pickup site. It can be used in favor of unforeseen changes to users plan;
  • Estimated time of arrival. Based on the services provided near user, the application shows the options of choosing the taxi according to their estimated arrival time (ETA). It's incredibly helpful that users can know when they have to pay for a ride;
  • Reservation flexibility. Depending upon how many vehicles are available users may take the journey right away or wait for a later date. This is useful for those customers wanting to book taxis at desired times without having time constraints;
  • Advance booking. Users can book rides for another stage by using pop-up boxes where they can select the date and desired time. The service is useful during rush hours when users have trouble finding their way into cabs.
Taxi Booking Website Development

How do I create a taxi website?

How can we build an informative website for taxis? Let's book quick. First off, make booking your own ride easy. Get a call to action. Showcase my cars. Ensure the site you create is responsive! Get in touch easily.

How much does the development for taxi booking mobile app cost?

The fee will directly rely on the size of the project and its functions. The quality of the performer is also essential. The more skills he has, the faster he implements the product and the better, but the higher the cost will be.

Which app is best for taxi booking?

Mainly the answer to such question will rely on where you live. For example, in NY, Uber would be ideal. But perhaps you'd like to elaborate your own and become an ideal taxi reservation amenity for your city or even more.

How to hire top Taxi Booking App Development specialists?

Start by thinking about the functionality of the future amenity. It's on this that the services that you will need from the contractor will depend. You're able to get acquainted with the number of possible ones in this overview. Just like hiring the excellent candidate from us to elaborate your taxi application.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?

The cost for a project to elaborate a taxi customer app relies on the scale. Which kind of client audience do you expect? Will projects involving databases be needed? Would you like to apply cloud storage technic. All these're small bricks that together would make up the castle - the project and business.

What are the Benefits of Taxi booking App Solution?

The main benefit of the fact that now your company will have an application will be greater client loyalty. It is insanely convenient to just log in to the application and order a car, and not wait on the hotline until they tell you the time and number of the car.

Where to find On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Company in USA?

Cool taxi organizations to engine a beautiful and functional application that will suit your healthcare firm will be the one that has experience working with such taxi industry yet, which means that it's familiar with the target audience, knows its pains and needs. This is exactly what Alfee can become for you.

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