Understand Quality Control Process Definition Correctly?

Software Quality Control (QC) occupies an important place in software development process. IT solution's success depends on proper Quality Control.

Alfee is a company of high-class developers, whose knowledge & skills work as software development related processes controlling link. As part of services provision & software QC process, Alfee develops test plans, providing maximum possible test coverage, creating & launching automated testing systems.


Company experts perform functional testing of software applications developed by customer's specialists and third-party developers. This is an effective software quality control process for client's requirements compliance, as well as production control preventing defects.

Discover what is the Quality Control QC in Software Development Process

Quality Control notion isn't new, since we have met it thousands of times, speaking about correspondence of product's quality features to consumers' expectations & required standards.

What is denoted by term software development Quality Control development process?

Software Quality Control - means checking that requirements for software are fulfilled, overall development evaluation is positive. Quality control's major task is finding program errors, fix defects.

Software Quality Control is determined according to different quality requirements depending on the project specifics. Major requirements defined for any program include:

  • Functionality. Includes a set of actions solving user tasks. It's described by software functional requirements.
  • Reliability. Defines the requirement according to which the program must perform tasks under certain conditions during a given time period. Software quality control ensures that a program not only works correctly, but also operates, without affecting user data safety.
  • Mobility. Determines ability of programs functioning on other hardware, or with other programs.
  • Easy navigation. Means simple & easy program usability, ensures that software product components meet expected results.
  • Effectiveness. Identifies program performance degree taking allocated operating system resources.
  • Maintenance. Meeting requirements for program improving process, fixing bugs, adding new functionality.

Software quality control is not about improving system testing, but about improving processes of program development & release.

If the software product meets end user requirements & developer's expectations, it has successfully passed Quality Control, ready for release.

Benefits Business Gets with Quality Control Activities

Alfee whole team has enough experience & skills to develop software testing processes for companies, departments and individual products.

Benefits for businesses can't be denied. We have listed some below:

Better brand reputation

Quality Control & software testing develop higher quality consciousness & helps create better brand image. When a software product meets established standards, companies can enjoy irrefutable reputation.

Customer satisfaction

Good quality assurance process ensures not only software development life cycle safety, but also increased customer satisfaction. When client is happy about the delivered solutions, there is no place for disappointment. As a result, customer loyalty significantly increases.

Effective resource consumption

Software quality control in the workplace fulfills a very important function, it enables effective consumption of several resources - time, knowledge, skills, money. You will never go beyond budget with reduced inspection costs.

Easier workflow management

When a business has a quality assurance process in place, it can easier manage workflow, delegating tasks & automating responsibilities. Checking software product quality at each step helps ensure functioning without direct control.

Alfee testing team continuously improves software development processes & practices. We examine process aspects, carry out system testing, choose the best option. Thanks to well-defined quality assurance process employees manage to build customer trust.

Steps creating a Quality Software


To develop a Quality Control process, companies should clearly understand what the notion itself means, what steps should be followed for proper quality control. We prepared a small guideline.

Study industry's current quality standards

Start analyzing relevant Quality Control standards applicable to software development. Study competitor's quality levels, then you can compete. Review customer expectations & carry out market research, discover favourable quality range.

Select major factors for quality of software

When developing a quality assurance process, we recommend paying special attention to factors chosen as the most important for quality assessing. We have already mentioned main requirements for high-quality software development, such as functionality, reliability, mobility, efficiency, etc. If quality assurance process requires, enlarge the list.

Identify clear expectations in terms of quality assurance

The more thoroughly companies identify standards & expectations, the easier to arrange the quality assurance process. It's recommended to develop a special document, where main standards will be clearly stated. In this case, employees will be able to check out disputable quality management issues, their compliance with quality assurance processes.

Align quality control process & results

We recommend developing instructions for workflows inside the company. It's impossible to arrange a proper quality management process without a clear algorithm. Find correlations between most efficient way of task completion, correspondence to quality expectations. Identify tools, techniques & methods that better suit the main goal accomplishment.

Ensure Quality Control training

Having a perfect Quality Control process without preparing a detailed training is impossible. Each company member should understand current quality expectations. At Alfee, we have special training materials describing Quality Assurance steps.

Provide up-to-date information on software development life cycle

Want to improve software product quality? We advise processing information regarding main business valuables. Apply analytics tools. Quality assurance could contain information about satisfaction scores, return rates data, etc. If required, develop a quality assurance process plan containing detailed instructions.

Analyse feedback

For effective quality assurance processes, analyse feedback & reviews both from customers and staff. Ask clients how they identify quality experiences, what should be improved or changed in unit testing.

At Alfee we work hard to meet customer expectations, doing thorough software testing at several stages of software development cycle.

Need to perform Software Quality Control? Don't hesitate, contact Alfee professional team. We follow the latest quality standards, are ready to implement accumulated experience and profound knowledge in performing the best project. Each Alfee QA testers is skilled in Quality Control and eager to help you improve software product quality.

Questions for Software Quality Control

What is quality control software management?

By Software quality control we mean a set of methodologies and techniques (this can be a preventive technique or a corrective technique) applied for ensuring quality in software products. Quality control is close to quality assurance in meaning, but they still have some slight differences. At Alfee we implement a wide range of tools and instruments throughout the whole software testing life cycle, which helps us show fantastic results.

What is quality control in engineering?

Software quality control plays a significant role in engineering. It means a procedure for ensuring that a certain product or service corresponds to a particular set of quality criteria or meets specified requirements. Quality control is similar to, but not identical with, quality assurance. The latter is a wider notion. As for software quality control, it involves wide product testing (integration testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, etc.) and helps to determine whether the software product is within the specifications for the final product.

What is quality control in business?

Quality control is applied in several industries, but the most important role it plays is that of business. It denotes a process which is used by businesses to ensure that product quality or service quality is maintained or improved. It includes a wide set of methods and technologies used for QA testing and improving faults. The better your quality control standards the higher the quality of your business.

Why software quality is important?

Software quality plays crucial role in the whole company's reputation and brand awareness. Maintaining software quality decreases the volume of possible issues and errors in the final software product. It also makes it possible to meet the expectations and requirements of customers. Thanks to software quality control companies build high-quality products that increase credibility and loyalty of consumers.

What are quality control standards?

Quality control standards are defined as sets of methodologies providing details on requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics that can be implemented step by step to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services correspond to their purpose. These standards provide clear criteria for the evaluation of experiments and test methods.

What is quality control analysis?

Quality control analysis denotes all those processes and methods developed to ensure that the results of laboratory analysis are consistent, comparable, accurate and within specified limits of precision. The main aim of this analysis is to conduct tests and examinations of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance.

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