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Golang is an assembled programming language with multiple threads developed inside Google over 10 years ago. A program that translates text written in a Golang programming language into a set of machine codes, which was developed by the creators of Golang, supports many operating systems, including those known all over the world. Golang is also supported by the GCC compiler set, and there are several independent realizations. More and more companies are developing software products under the guidance of Golang as it is very popular. The second version of Golang is under development.

In the past few years, Golang has shown better growth dynamics than even the popular languages JavaScript and Python.

Alfee's clients hire Golang developers to build robust cloud computing systems. Go was created to address exactly concurrency needs for mobile apps, web and networking services, and cloud development.

Golang Application Industries

Golang is used for full stack, back-end development, DevOps, etc. Backend developers are responsible for the functioning of the internal part of the service. The front end is a part of sites or apps visible to users.

The full stack includes both the back end and the front end. With the help of DevOps (Development Operations), the team of Golang developers is strengthened with knowledge of the procedures and approaches to managing the product environment.

Benefits of Golang Development

Golang is a fantastic open-source programming language developed by Google. It facilitates easy object management, safe memory use, and static writing. There are many development frameworks on the market today that create dynamic and user-friendly projects. If you are planning to develop a product for your business, you must have some confusion, but don't worry. Let's see what are the benefits of Golang.

Golang is computable

Fast compilation time ensures that syntax errors are detected already in the process and speeds up work (unlike interpreted languages).

Static typing

This feature provides more optimization and the ability to detect more errors at compile time.

The simplicity of language

Thanks to the ease of the language, you can focus on the problem, not on the way to solve it. This facilitates the process of learning the language, especially for people who speak C, for example.

Multithreading & Multiparadigm

Golang performs various actions using more than one thread and combines functional, imperative, and object-oriented paradigms, which eliminates the decrease in the readability of the program code as its size increases.

Rich standard package

Golang offers many solutions to issues that often arise in the app development process. This makes it ideal for a global pool, and it is one of the best options for working with project requirements.


Every business organization wants to create a website that is safe and free from bugs and errors. Golang is highly protected as it cleans up waste data and collects it in an executable manner. Developers may only enter accurately and required data and can fix any bugs in Golang automatically.

Application Area of Golang Development

Due to its efficiency, simplicity, and all of the above advantages, Go has found wide application in the industry. Most typically, these are systems created in a microservice architecture, that is, a system consisting of several smaller applications, each of which is responsible for a small part of a larger system. In addition, Golang is great for server-side technologies and for building all kinds of APIs, parsing various data, and app development.

Concept of Golang Engineering

The Go language was developed as a machine learning for creating high-performance programs that run on modern distributed systems and multicore processors.

When developing software at Google, it is not uncommon for various problems: slow assembly of programs, the employment of different subsets of the language by different programmers, duplication of web developments, high cost of updates, and problems of cross-language interaction.

Golang Programmer

Golang developers create web pages and software products with the GO. The main responsibilities of a Go developer are the usage of the tools and framework of this language, testing products, and fixing bugs.

For Users Understanding

The Golang development has an idea of pragmatism and an attempt to keep everything as simple as possible, which is sometimes confused with convenience. Go is a procedural programming language with a syntax very similar to C.

Golang is supposed to be fast, easy to learn, increase the productivity of expert developers, and projects done in it should bring effective results at a low cost. It is often said that when the chosen developer starts working on a Go project, he already knows what is going on in it, there is no need to spend a lot of time introducing a new team member to learn the language.

Some people probably don't realize that the Go code appears quite often in their daily lives. Google was rewritten from C++ to Go around 2013. It is responsible for distributing updates to Chrome, the Android SDK, Google Earth, and many other data hosted on Google's network services.

Golang is used everywhere where you need to process a lot of requests per second. Currently, its capabilities are used by: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Netflix, Bitbucket, GitHub, Mozilla, and many others.

Similarities and differences between Golang and Python

Our developers often get questions about which programming language to choose to startup. Most often, clients cannot decide between Golang and Python. We've done benchmarking to give clients an idea of what they'll need to work with to build their business.

Common features

Both Golang and Python are very easy to learn, can be used in any project, and both have benefits and disadvantages. It won't be difficult for a developer who specializes in Python to quickly understand the functionality of Golang and vice versa.


Python is much older and more popular. Its biggest competitive advantage is its very wide range of many useful machine learning libraries. However, it is much slower and more error-prone than Golang.

Go is not as popular as Python, but still has a lot of followers who see great potential in it. This language is developing very quickly, so in the future, it can seriously compete with Python. However, today it must be recognized that Go is faster, better scalable, and more efficient.

Comparison result

If you want to develop software based on programming language, knowledge of Python is almost a must-have as it is one of the best options to create machine learning algorithms. However, if you want to run a large-scale API, you also need a professional infrastructure. And in this case, Go is probably the best solution.

Provided Expert Golang Development Services

Alfee is a leading company ensuring digital product development based on Golang. Our solutions help to cover a huge number of businesses and startups. The main mission of Golang development services is to identify and achieve all goals that will perfectly represent the unique needs of the customers.

Golang has a quick build time that allows iterative web and mobile development, memory saving, and CPU utilization. Golang-based servers start instantly and are cheaper to deploy.

Golang Experience & Website Building

Golang solves certain problems such as performance, multi-threading, and real-time for applications that arise when developing backends in C++.

Google employees, who previously developed the JVM and the Java compiler, decided that instead of using C ++, which was compiled on their hardware for 10 hours, create their language to fulfill their constant tasks. They washed down a highly specialized language for multi-threaded data processing with their standard working functions with arrays and created standard libraries for abstraction from low-level interaction with equipment, which greatly simplified their work.

Professional Software Engineering with the Best Golang Developers

Thanks to the talented professionals in Alfee's Human Resources department, you will be able to hire the best golang developers from us who are ready to work according to your time zone.

Top Golang Developers

Alfee make its best to find Golang developers from all over the world. When you hire Golang programmer, we guarantee cooperation with a highly skilled tech talent with all the necessary capabilities. The best working conditions, decent wages, and regular professional development have been created for them, so be sure that this is a truly talented proficient.

During the trial period, we carefully explore the experience of our newly hired employees, so that only real proven professionals get into the company.

Golang Web Developers

Various tasks. Both minor and difficult tasks Golang web development can solute without a problem. Alfee's team of golang web developers can handle dynamic, scalable solutions that can make your project demanded in the marketplace.

Full stack Golang developers. With a full package of expertise in full stack development, backend development, and deployment, and working with web applications and multiple platforms, full stack Golang web developers bring only productive and streamlined results.

Senior Golang Developers

When hiring a Golang developer, first of all, look at his degree of training and skills. The higher the level of a software engineer, the more experienced he will be. A senior developer is highly valued in teams, but a middle developer also has excellent career opportunity.

Senior's Competence

A senior software engineer is a key person on the team. These are developers with pumped flexible and solid skills. To become a senior software engineer, a mid-level developer must have the following:

  • deeply understands the structure of libraries, frameworks, and software development tools;
  • can develop the architecture of the product: site or app development;
  • has management skills: can set goals for the team and achieve them;
  • can independently implement a new project from scratch and act as a mentor.

Hire Dedicated Golang Developers

Golang can be used in cloud-native engineering, technologizing obsolete infrastructures, web applications, and working with data. Hire dedicated Golang developers in Alfee because they are unmatched and skilled in combining many technologies of the present and future with different educations, experiences, and interests according to your needs.

Main Responsibilities

A truly professional Golang developer can be identified by his experience and background. Go developers at Alfee company have the following abilities:

  1. 01
    Knowledge of several programming languages. In addition to Golang, our developers have a good command of other languages. Depending on the needs of the created project, additional languages are selected.
  2. 02
    Ability to interact with multiple industries. The golang developer has an impressive list of frameworks, libraries, and tools. GO developers have a strong understanding of database technologies and cloud providers such as SQL (MySQL), AWS, Python, and other services.
  3. 03
    Code maintenance in Git. Writing code in Git helps new developers during the trial period, making it easier to learn and onboard.
  4. 04
    Simplification. The proficiency to write easily readable code is one of the main demands for candidates for the team of Golang developers.
  5. 05
    Soft skills. In addition to vetted skills, technical expertise, and industry practices, when hiring Golang engineers, we pay attention to the ability of developers to work in a team, personally compose time management, and the desire to grow and learn new things.

Hiring Golang Developers Benefits

Golang is one of the few programming languages that can be used for complex and large systems. Choose Alfee's developer and you will get:

  • Speed and quality. You can hire Golang developers in no time. From the beginning of the selection to the conclusion of the contract will take only a couple of days. We help you choose an option that fits your business needs until you are completely satisfied with the experience and the skills of our golang developer.
  • Pre vetted. Before we hire a golang developer, we thoroughly screen the candidate to get the following information: general skill level, personality traits, intelligence, and even the person's values. We do all kinds of testing.
  • Fluent communication proc. All of our Golang engineers speak English at a good level and are trained in professional communication with clients. You can offer any ideas and contact the developer on any issue of interest during the hiring process.
  • Hourly work. You can hire Golang developer for a specific project or on an hourly basis. Hiring models at Alfee are flexible: you can make changes to the technical task both in the early stages of hiring and in the later stages. In some cases, edits are allowed until the project completion.

Get Professional Software Developer

The modern market is overflowing with offers to hire Golang developers, but it is not so easy to find experts among them. We can offer you a risk-free trial when hiring a Golang developer.

Technical Debt

Our Golang programmers for hire can build software for many different technologiesand companies, including digital commerce, streaming services, aggregators, online shopping, etc. When making decisions, Golang engineers use not only the theory, but their antecedent experience, modern trends, breakthroughs, and achievements in Golang web development.

Hiring Process

The hiring process will not take you much time. You synchronize the technical terms and follow the operations. The rest of the work is done by the Golang developer and the engineering team.

Hire Golang Developer Now

To find a specialist with such qualities as competence, reliability, responsiveness, and coping with any complexity in his industry is quite a difficult task. Alfee will help you hire Golang developer with at least senior qualifications. By hiring a Go engineer with even average experience, you get a professional with large expertise in the field in which your business is spinning.

Questions for Hiring of Golang Developers

Are Golang developers in demand?

Golang is one of the most popular digital languages along with such popular ones as JavaScript and Python. You can estimate the level of demand by the list of organizations whose projects work on the basis of Golang: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Intel, etc. By the way, Golang developers are some of the highest-paid programmers.

Can I hire a Golang developer from Alfee?

Alfee provides a wide range of software development services. All developers have passed a special certification before being hired. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of our services. To hire an experienced team for your project please contact us.

How much does it cost to hire Golang developer?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally, since the cost of hiring a golang developer depends on many factors: the complexity of the project, the creativity of the design, the amount of work in general, and the technical expertise of the developer.

What experience do your Golang developers have?

Our Golang developers have a wealth of experience in developing and deploying applications. They have a deep understanding of the Golang language and its core libraries. Our developers are well-versed in using Golang for web development, microservices, and cloud-native applications.

Our Golang developers have a track record of developing high-performance, secure, and reliable applications. They have a strong grasp of the principles of object-oriented programming, and can use Golang to create robust and maintainable software. Our developers are well-versed in using Golang for web development, microservices, and cloud-native applications.

Our developers have experience with a range of technologies, including databases, web frameworks, and containerization technologies. They are also familiar with best practices for designing and deploying distributed applications. Our developers are committed to writing high-quality code and have a strong focus on testing and automation.

At Alfee, we understand the importance of having highly-skilled developers working on your project. We are committed to providing our clients with developers who have the experience and expertise to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our developers are passionate about developing applications that are secure, reliable, and performant. We believe that our Golang developers are the best in the industry and are confident that they will deliver the best possible results for your project.

What is the cost of hiring a Golang developer?

The cost of hiring a Golang developer from Alfee depends on various factors, such as the level of experience and skill required for the project, project complexity, and the expected timeline. Additionally, the hiring model you choose can also impact the final cost.

If you choose to hire a developer on a project basis, you'll be charged a fixed price for the entire project, which will be determined based on the scope of work and other relevant factors. Alternatively, you can choose to hire a developer on an hourly basis, in which case you'll be charged for the actual number of hours worked by the developer.

At Alfee, we offer competitive rates for hiring skilled Golang developers, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality development services that meet our clients' unique needs. Our developers are experienced in developing robust, scalable, and efficient applications using Golang, and we ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the language and its ecosystem. Whether you need to build a new application from scratch or need help with maintaining an existing Golang application, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.

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