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Ethereum is a technology which is home to digital money, global payments, and applications. The community has built a booming digital economy, bold new ways for creators to earn online, and much more. It's open to everyone, wherever you are in the world – all you need is the internet. Along with the huge cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum development services are also evolving. 


If you want to hire Ethereum developers with rich experience and profound knowledge, contact Alfee development teams. We are among the leading development companies where you can recruit coders boasting experience in commercial projects. Here you can easily find a formed group of developers and bring them to the project, only adjusting them slightly to work with the task of client. 

Every talented developer aspires to blockchain technology

In the programming world, as everywhere else , everything revolves around cryptocurrencies and blockchain development. Now every talented developer aspires to become an Ethereum developer. Some write software for exchanges, some optimize calculations, and others just create their own custom cryptocurrency, but all of them are involved in the blockchain development industry.

Mobile and web development are also highly in demand skills. After all, the industry's customers are those people who want 24/7 control over exchanges and blockchain, and it doesn't matter how this is implemented for the user: through mobile apps or web applications.

A few words about Ethereum and what qualified Ethereum developers need to be prepared for


Ethereum is an open-source platform that uses blockchain technologies to create and run 'Ethereum dApps' that allow users to transact directly with each other to buy, sell and trade goods and services without intermediaries. Here are business benefits of Ethereum.

Low transaction costs

There is no need for an intermediary, so transactions in Ethereum are much cheaper than transactions with traditional currencies.

Fraud prevention

Ethereum blockchain technology makes it difficult for fraudsters to forge information or steal data.

Increased security

All Ethereum transactions are recorded on the blockchain, making it difficult for hackers to steal information.

Increased transparency

As all Ethereum transactions are recorded on the blockchain, businesses can more effectively track their spending and be confident that funds will not be stolen or misused.

Faster transactions

Transactions in Ethereum are much faster than traditional bank transactions.

Decentralized system

Ethereum is a decentralised system, which means there is no single point of failure, and businesses can count on it to function reliably.

Alfee is one of the best Ethereum development services

Blockchain developer positions are now much in demand and there are many resources forming lists of top Ethereum developers. Each of them is an experienced blockchain developer with Ethereum developer profiles on this resource.

At Alfee we deliver top services at best price and high quality. Our expert Ethereum developers have already implemented hundreds of projects with maximum profitability. When hiring Ethereum developers at our company you can be sure that you'll get a dedicated account manager and you'll be constantly updated on the development project.

Smart contract development

The industry has its own kinds of documentation - smart contracts, which have become widely used. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with best-in-class solutions in the field of smart contract.

Smart contracts are found as templates as well as individual and non-template, they are created for projects in different areas of business. They are developed in popular programming languages such as Solidity, Vyper, Serpent, LLL, Mutan, etc. and are even integrated into existing solutions.

Ethereum smart contracts


With the advent of the PoW concept in the bitcoin blockchain, the secure, non-centralised exchange of tokens has become possible.

To perform more complex transaction checking logic, a script must be changed, but the bitcoin platform provides an inconvenient, not-yet-complete language for writing such scripts.

Ethereum's goal is to merge and refine the concepts of crypto currency, crypto coins and create an on-blockchain protocol that allows developers to create distributed applications based on an infrastructure that provides scalability, Turing completeness, ease of software development and interoperability.

Project management

Project management in this area is not much different from any other. The standard two options that are possible everywhere: Single projects (freelance),Working in companies, development services, etc.

Freelance developer

A developer chooses a project, works on one project on a regular basis with one client he likes, and when the project is completed, he starts looking for another one. When working with freelancers, pay special attention to some factors that may influence the quality of Blockchain solutions. Don't forget about skills necessary for the proper project implementation, technical abilities, good knowledge of new technologies, development experience,etc

Work in companies, development services, etc

The software developer is assigned to a project; there is an option of being transferred to another project before the project is completed, and then being brought back, and so on.

When you work as a freelance Ethereum developer, you choose the project and its subject; when you work for a company, you choose the conditions of work with the company.

If you want to benefit from complex Block chain projects and simplify the hiring process, we recommend you hire Ethereum developers from Alfee company.

Ethereum programmers and Ethereum professionals

development- services

There are many nuances required of Ethereum developers at Alfee, work in several programming languages such as python and react js, very high level web development, which implies knowledge of javascript and php, and, if necessary, layout of simple websites as well as dapp development. And reading all this, you realize that if one has such vast knowledge, then he is the highest professional in his field!

Our talented developers are fluent in complex financial token and deliver timely and professional software development services. We pay special attention to your business requirements and provide totally tailored solutions.

And so, how to hire the best Ethereum developers and programmers

And so who is the best Ethereum developer? It is a programmer who works in several languages, is a kind of web developer. He can develop crypto currency if he wants to. Basically, his knowledge creates computer science and creates artificial intelligence with his own hands.

Hire Ethereum developers from Alfee and become a leader in the huge cryptocurrency industry. Why choose our Ethereum development services? The answer is below: 

  1. Our skilled and talented developers are experts in developing eCommerce solutions and other types of products for your enterprise.
  2. Alfee knowledgeable specialists will help you reach success no matter what difficulties may occur in the development process.
  3. We can boast of responsible and customer - oriented approach which helps us create robust and scalable solutions specialized in Ethereum. 

Questions for Ethereum Development Services

How much do Ethereum developers make?

The average yearly salary for an Ethereum Developer is $101k per year, with a minimum base salary of $70k and a maximum of $400k. However, everything depends on the in depth knowledge and technical skills.

Who are the developers for Ethereum?

These are programmers who work in several languages, are a kind of web developers. They also develop crypto currency and work with decentralised application design.

Where can I hire a smart contract developer?

Alfee can help you hire any developer in the cryptocurrency industry, including a smart contract.

How do I hire NFT developers?

If you want to enter NFT marketplace and hire NFT development services, just get in touch with Alfee managers and our development team will be glad to find software development specialists you need.

Hire the best Ethereum developers

Do you think that hiring process of ethereum developers is a very complicated task? Fortunately, you are mistaken. If you want to find reliable Ethereum developers who are fluent in various programming languages contact Alfee expert developers. We will provide you with robust solutions totally tailored to your business.

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