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Hire Command Line Interface (CLI) Developers

Imagine that you are learning a new program for yourself. You run it, read the names of menu items, click on different buttons and get some result. At this point, you are interacting with a graphical user interface - also called GUI or Graphical User Interface.

But GUI is not the only interface in existence. In this article we will study the command line interface (CLI or Command Line Interface) and how to hire CLI developers. Such an interface may seem unusual, because it contains nothing but the name of the program.

What is meant by CLI?

First interfaces were textual, commands were given in words that were written on the so-called command line. This textual way of interaction between a person and a computer is called a command line interface (CLI - command line interface).

CLI is an outdated technology from the point of view of an ordinary user. However, in a number of professional IT areas, CLI remains in demand and more convenient than GUI. For example, on servers, including web servers. So a developer can deploy a software server on a remote computer and upload site files there.

In operating systems, especially in GNU/Linux, graphical interfaces are varied. However, all of them are aimed at an unprepared user, so that he can quickly figure out how to use the system himself. Any decent GUI should be intuitive.

The situation is different with the command line interface. Here you need to know the commands, be able to use them, have an idea about the features of the OS. However, CLI provides more control than any GUI. This is understandable, it is easier to write a program without a GUI. The development of a graphical interface for it is a different story. Therefore, more system programs are usually available through the CLI.

What are the benefits of CLI?

The command line interface (CLI) allows a person to interact with a computer using text commands of a given format. These commands tell you what to do and in what order. In response, the computer can display information about the results of a particular command on the screen.

So, let's note the main advantages of the command line interface:

  • faster access to some operating system features, often the only way to start a particular process;
  • the text interface is less demanding on resources than the graphical one;
  • sometimes the graphical mode is simply not needed, for example, on servers;
  • with the help of a command shell, it is easier to automate the operation of the OS and programs, since it can execute pre-prepared files with a sequence of commands.

Although this interface looks boring, it is a very powerful tool in the hands of CLI developers. In Unix-like systems, CLI helps the user configure the operating system and services in them, interact with files, external devices, networks connected to the computer, and the Internet. In Unix-like systems, any data, device, or program is represented as a file in the abstraction of the operating system, which is why the terminal is so powerful in them. Other operating systems also have command line interfaces, but their functionality is usually limited to service functions for the operating system management.

What does a CLI developer do?

A CLI developer is a person who works with a command line interface. The information CLI developers work with is always unambiguous and concentrated. CLI developers always see text exactly where they expect it to be, and not a smeared palette of colors, between which letters scattered all over the screen should be hidden somewhere.

It is clear that, with some effort, you can create well-designed and high-quality graphical interfaces, but there is a very long way to standardization. Each program often strives to provide a unique user experience that sets it apart from its competitors. But these visual components do not have to be coordinated in the general range of applications running on your computer.

Using the command line interface, a CLI developer can make any change, check and fix any problem, test mobile apps, check the system for security, check the system logs and much more. All you need to know is which commands to run and in what order. And the system will responsively do everything a CLI developer asks it to do, without any questions. So, as if you are not working on a remote server located on the other side of the Earth, but on your home station. This is because it is many times easier to send a short text command than a continuous video stream.

Where to find good CLI app developers?

Finding a good CLI development team isn't an easy task. However, you always have two options to choose from - to hire a full stack developer as a freelancer or to hire CLI developers from Alfee development team.

The first option will help you save money, since freelancer software developer doesn't usually charge much for the work performed. However, the quality of the final product may suffer a lot, since such a CLI developer doesn't bear much responsibility.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose the second option and to start working with CLI developers from Alfee expert team. Our specialists master multiple programming languages and are well aware of the latest trends in artificial intelligence market. The recruitment process goes smoothly and we are even ready to consider free trial period.

Steps to hire CLI software developer

The hiring process of a CLI developer may seem a complicated task, but it isn't as much difficult as you may think. We've listed the main steps below:

  1. 01
    State your requirements. Tell us in a few words what project you plan to implement and what are your main requirements.
  2. 02
    Shortlist candidates. Choose those CLI developers who appeal most and who correspond to the requirements stated.
  3. 03
    Conduct interviews. Hold a technical interview with the shortlisted candidates. You can also conduct a personality test if necessary.
  4. 04
    Onboard to the bench. Select the software engineer that deserves to work in the remote team.

Why hire CLI development team from Alfee?

Alfee company has vast experience in CLI and we have top developers to offer you. Still don't know why work with Alfee expert teams? Find the reasons below:

  1. 01
    Striving for Excellence. We are ready to take risk and go beyond the comfort zone. Our developers are obsessed with a passion for new knowledge and overcoming ourselves, we are always looking for new opportunities for self-development.
  2. 02
    Reputation, integrity and professionalism. Our main principles are honesty, conscientiousness and professionalism in work - without exceptions and concessions.
  3. 03
    Customer focused approach. We are providing services at the highest level. The problems and successes of our clients, their needs and expectations - this is what our attention is focused on.
  4. 04
    Team above self. We are ready to sacrifice our time, convenience and comfort for the benefit of the team and worry about team recognition more than about our own.
Questions for Hiring of Command Line Interface Developers

What is CLI used for?

A command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based user interface (UI) used to run programs, manage computer files and interact with the computer. ALthough some programmers consider CLI to be old-fashioned and claim that working in the console is not convenient, but the fact remains that in the IT world, working in the CLI is the main and often the only possible way to work with complex information systems.

How much does it cost to hire a Command Line Interface (CLI) Developer?

Prices for hiring CLI development specialists differ based on a number of factors, such as the country, skills and knowledge, expertise and proficiency of the developer. If you want to hire best talent get ready to pay between $80-$100 per hour. By the way, the number may vary depending on the fact whether you need a full time developer or a part time one.

Where to find Command line Developers and Programmers for Hire?

If you need to find a full stack developer for your project, you generally have two options, either to work with a freelancer or hire CLI software developer from a professional company. The first option can help you save money, while the second one provides more guarantees. Therefore, we recommend you to work with a CLI software engineer from Alfee team to get the best results.


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