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Google Tag Managers

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a convenient and simple tool for managing tracking and Google analytics codes: counters, pixels, and other third-party scripts. Thanks to this tool, you can add tags to the site without the intervention of the developer. To be more precise, the webmaster adds a container or master code to the site once, after which codes and scripts can be added directly through the GTM web interface. You can also quickly implement the necessary changes - for example, change analytics settings, enable tracking of new forms and buttons, more effectively set up contextual advertising, and analyze traffic. In this article, we will tell in detail about GMT, its benefits, and why you should hire a Google Tag Manager expert at Alfee company.


Google Tag Manager is the Key to Optimizing Campaign Performance

Thanks to data management and analysis we know what to focus on. This data shows us anomalies in the system and indicates what activities we should invest the budget in to make the campaign profitable. The data is provided to us by, among others Google Analytics. Most of the elements that we would like to investigate on websites can be counted thanks to the appropriate implementation of analytics event codes. This requires the support of developers. Large amounts of code on the page can affect the speed of its loading, and we want to avoid slowing down the page loading. Thanks to the Google Tag Manager, we will check what we should know before training on this tool. Without going through a dozen or so facts, you won't be using GTM perfectly, which makes it easier to track conversions.

Terms Used in Google Tag Manager

To get started with the tag manager, you need to understand the terminology of this service in order to understand what and how it works. Look at what this or that term in the service is responsible for, and you will quickly understand its meaning and purpose:

  • Tag. JS code, or rather a small fragment of it, which is executed by the system. In this case, the JS code is a script that is installed on the site through GTM. A trigger is connected to it. GTM has a large number of different tags, which allows you to connect the tag to the site without the knowledge of JS.
  • Trigger. An event that triggers the tag's operation. Usually, a trigger contains some kind of event: clicking on a button, following links, scrolling a page, and filling out a form.
  • Variable. The parameter for which the condition is passed. For example Click URL (click on the link) or Scroll Direction (page scrolling).
  • Container. Wrapper for all tags on the site. Responsible for launching third-party services.

Reasons Why You Need Google Tag Manager Consultant


Google Tag Manager is quite simple to use, but working with it may sometimes require the help of a developer. Not every marketer will know the rules of HTML, SSL, and JavaScript in order to create complex operations in Google Tag Manager. You should decide for yourself how to use GTM. Then think about who would take care of this, do you have any alternatives, and how much it will cost. On the other hand, you may just hire a Google Tag Manager consultant at Alfee to do all the analytical jobs.

Before using the tool, let's see what its advantages are compared to the traditional placement of tags and scripts:

  1. 01
    You can integrate almost any tags. In addition to analytics templates, there are ready-made solutions for the most popular services and systems for analytics and advertising. If you don't find a suitable template, you can use the Custom HTML template.
  2. 02
    The ability to debug a tag before launching it on the site. For this, a preview is used.
  3. 03
    Version control. You can always roll back to the previous version of the settings in two clicks.
  4. 04
    Asynchronous tag loading. Unlike its counterparts, GTM has virtually no effect on site loading speed.
  5. 05
    The ability to perform text substitution on the site without interfering with the code. This is a goldmine for the marketer, who can now test the headlines and other text elements of the site without the involvement of a developer.

The disadvantages of using Google Tag Manager include the lack of integration with some services and the need to use Google mail. You will need to register an account that will definitely stay with you if the specialist working with the site leaves.

In general, Google Tag Manager has more advantages than disadvantages. The existing disadvantages are local and not every entrepreneur and advertising specialist faces them.

Google Tag Manager Implementation Service


When a user visits your site, his browser receives an "instruction with a set of tags" that must be run. With a standard implementation, this process can be accomplished very quickly. To do this, create an account and a container, and then place the container snippet on each page of your site right after the HTML tag that starts the section. After implementing the code, you no longer need to edit your website in order to add new ones or edit the tags already implemented with GTM.

Containers are codes that are implemented on the website, they store scripts and variable rules. Containers are installed on a given website or application. They allow you to connect the website with the Google Tag Manager account.

Google Tag Manager is a versatile and easy-to-use tag management tool. All steps for setting up and installing third-party services are simple and clear, and the benefits for experts are obvious. The business saves time and money on setting up the interaction of the site with third-party services. This is especially important for small businesses, which have severely limited financial resources. Marketers also greatly simplify their work. Now you do not need to contact the developer to perform the simplest actions: settings for tracking visits to certain pages, adding and tracking new capture forms. This is especially important when it is necessary to quickly conduct test advertising campaigns.

Hire the Best Google Tag Manager Expert

Modern technologies allow us to save time, while not violating the deadlines for project development. To do this, there are special instruments and trained people. One of these tools is the Google Tag Manager, which performs certain functions that streamline the work, namely, it simplifies adding marketing tools to the site, implements secure change testing, speeds up websites and the installation of Analytics tracking, and can be used in mobile applications.

That's exactly what a Google Tag Manager specialist is for, who has certain technical skills that will help you accurately configure everything that matches your business goals. You can hire the best Google Tag Manager consultants at Alfee company, who have the necessary background to fix problems of any complexity.

Google Tag Manager Freelancers

When we talk about hiring a specialist in this industry, the first thing we look at is the resume of consultants of a freelance Google tag manager. These are candidates with extensive experience in eCommerce tracking, and internet marketing, able to conduct a website audit, ad campaigns, data collection, and digital campaigns able to work with Facebook pixel and digital marketing in general. Our career team scrupulously selects GTM experts who have expertise in conversion rate optimization and cross-domain tracking, working in any Google Analytics account, Google Tag Manager setup, and engaging in enhanced eCommerce tracking.

How Alfee Google Tag Manager Specialist Can Help Your Business


GTM is dedicated primarily to people working in marketing departments. Thanks to this tool, ignorance of the programming language is not an obstacle in implementing various scripts. The webmaster or developer department, who are usually busy implementing more complicated changes and modifications to the website, is also relieved.

The correct introduction of the tag container on each subpage of the website guarantees that the scripts will run where they should. Manually typing, or rather pasting, JavaScript lines may result in the tag not appearing in a given place on the site. It is not uncommon to omit code snippets or implement them in the wrong place. Hiring a Google Tag Manager specialist from the Alfee team ensures that everything is installed in the right way.

Questions for Hiring of Google Tag Managers

What do Google Tag Manager consultants specialize in?

In addition to setting tags, Google tag manager consultants perform many tasks, such as cross-domain tracking, Facebook pixel and eCommerce tracking, and work with advertising accounts of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn). GTM consultants search engine optimization, know the approach to analytics tools and provide other digital marketing services.

Is it easy to use Google Tag Manager?

In fact, there is nothing difficult in using Google Tag Manager. Most often, the marketing team can handle its functions, but sometimes the help of a developer may be required when it comes to complex operations using machine technologies.

How much does it cost to Hire Google Tag Manager Specialists?

Our Google Tag Manager experts with many years of experience in this field will think over a strategy for running your business and help you deal with issues of interest. The cost of hiring depends on the number of tasks and time spent.

What types of businesses do your Google Tag Manager experts work with?

For Alfee, it doesn't matter what type of business to work with, as we have many years of experience, thanks to which the team adapts to any conditions and industries. Our track record includes both small businesses and large enterprises.


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