What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate has become one of the most frequently used notions when speaking about website efficiency from the marketing poit of view. In this article we've tried to explain to you what actually conversion rate is, why it should be optimized and how to do it efficiently. 

What does conversion optimization mean?

Conversion rate optimization means a set of actions aimed at increasing conversions of an online shop, eCommerce site, or ay other website. This can help eliminate and fix the existing errors, attact more unique website visitors, and improve the interaction process. 

We suppose, now you would like to know what conversion rate means. Conversion rate is the indicator which shows the effectiveness of any launched online platform. It reflects the ratio of the number of users who performed a target action on the site to the total number of website visitors. 

Let's see what roles it performs in the development of your business, and why it is actually so important.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

Conversion optimization allows defining how many unique site visitors took advantage of website opportunities (placed an order, signed up for mailing, made a call, requested a consultation, etc.). It can be traced with the help of conversion rate (CR). The lower it is, the worse. Low CR means that website isn't working properly, and it can be a real fiasco for any eCommerce project.

Optimization is needed when there are poor coversion rates. It includes not onlny technical actions, but also psychological attitudes, informational materials, and other tools, which help improve iteraction with site visitors and increase conversions.

Alfee team is ready to provide you with top-notch service in the sphere of increasing website conversion rate. We can boost conversions for your landing page, since we know perfectly all techniques applied to website efficiency from the point of visitor interaction.

How to optimize conversion rates?

In order to optimize site's conversion rate sometimes it's enough to carry out simple changings. Some actions may include:

  1. Clearly describe the main essence of the site.
  2. Define territorial limitation.
  3. Create positive assosiations with the product.
  4. Improve navigation.
  5. Think over objections and prepare detailed answers.
  6. Arrange proper feedback.
  7. Prepare a review page.
  8. Work out a price-list.
  9. Prepare colums with iteresting information.
  10. Establish a direct relationship with the business owner.

Inorder to increase conversion rates Alfee professionals apply advanced software and special services, such as Plerdy, Metion, Coversion Voodoo, BuzzSumo, etc. Get in touch with our experienced team to leverage full consultation.

Indicators of conversion rate optimization CRO

Digital marketing isn't just about attracting new visitors to your website, it's about making visitors staying at your website as long as possible and converting them into customers.

In order to track website's conversion rate, we recommend you pay attention to the indicators we've mentioned further.

The number of new and returing visitors

This will show you whether your website content is engaging and whether it interacts with your target audience correctly. The higher this metrics is, the better. Correctly combined landing pages is one of the key solutions for increasing number of returning visitors.

Bounce rate

This variable shows the umber of people who came to your web page and left without desired action. If it's high this could mean that people come to your website with a desire to buy something or find some information, but they failed to do it. Once again, we recommend you pay special attention to content and to the landing page layout, using the right navigation tools is a must.


This idicates how much budget you spend on marketing to produce a single coversion, which is extremely important for better ROI. If you don't get the desired result, this may mean that you should change your marketing strategy and apply new tactics, otherwise you'll just waste your money.

Email list growth rate

Every company has an e-mail list which includes people who signed up for getting letters from you. Themore subscribers you have, the better, since they'll keep coming back to read the cotet you share via inbox. If you have a high email list growth rate this means that the number of loyal audience is costantly growing.

Page speed

Your number of conversions directly depends on website performance. One of the most important factors is how quikly your web pages are loaded. If a user has to spend plenty of time to get one page uploaded or to load pictures, then you urgently need page optimization, just because the person will leave your site and will never come back.

Alfee team is aware of all CRO KPIs and knows what marketing tactics to choose. We are ready to increase the number of returning visitors by creating engaging content and improving user experience. This will keep your visitors coming back. Understanding user behavior, we will bring as many conversions as you wish.

What does conversion funnel mean?

The notion of conversion funnel is widely used in marketing. It means the stages through which a buyer goes in orderto purchase a product. This is a framework that helps generate more website traffic and increase conversions.

Funnels simplify reaching conversion goals, since they help to analyze business state and define areas for improvement. You can't without them in any CRO process.

Elements of conversion rate optimization process

Optimization is an ongoing process, which consists of certain stages and elemets. We've listed the main elements of the process below:

Initial research

Our experts start with analyzing the current market situation and your site status. We discover how visitors react to your site, whether your site's design is appealing, etc. What does research include:

  1. Quantitative data analysis. Here we use several web analytics tools to research the way visitors react to your website content, providing reports on rates.
  2. Qualitative data analysis. This is the best way to understand user behavior, applying Google Analytics tools. This type of analysis provides information about optimization efforts and their efficiecy.

Working out ideas

Then our experts go on to put forward hypotheses and start prioritizing them. We use numerous frameworks for this purpose. We value the necessary resources, as well as the potential customers rates growth.

Implementation and Testing

Implementation of the project as well as its testig is a crucial step in the whole process. Alfee team is fluent in applying different types of testing, i.e. B testing, split testing, multivariate tests, etc. Our tram has the most advanced CRO tools at our disposal.

How to calculate conversion rate?

Calculating the average conversion rate isn't difficult at all. You should devide the number of visitors who completed the desired actions by the total number of all visitors and multiply it by 100%.

It is important to count the conversion chain and monitor it at every stage constantly. After all, not everyone follow your call to action right away, someone left a request, but did not pick up the phone, someone picked up and agreed to come to the meeting, someone after the meeting decided not to work with you, you signed an agreement with someone and you have a deal.

Knowing the conversion at each stage of the sales funnel, you understand what you should pay attention to get more conversions, where there are shortcomings and at what stage potential customers “disapppear”.

What conversion rate optimization tools exist?

CRO tools help to understand user behavior and take actio to improve conversions. There are lots of free tools which collect data and help identify areas of improvement. CRO tools also test changes that may affect your website performance.

The main CRO tools include:

  • Google Analytics;
  • Adobe analytics;
  • Heap;
  • Hotjar;
  • Google optimize
  • VWO testing
  • and others.

Why choose conversion rate optimization strategies by Alfee?

If you want to work with the most reliable and trustworthy team, Alfee company is there for you. We will help you rank top on a search engine results page and attract paying customers. Our experts will check out your product pages and eliminate all faults, simultaneously increasing web traffic. 

We start with analyzing your existing traffic and carrying out user research, and never randomly change landing pages. Alfee team takes advantage of the most advanced CRO strategies to boost your business. 

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