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Have you been planning to start your own business but some issues don’t allow you to do that? Or do you own a large enterprise and currently are searching for methods to promote it? We are ready to offer you one of the most advanced tools for building prosperous business at any stage - Azure app development.

Being a leader in technologies of Azure platform, Alfee is a promising and rapidly developing company which you can entrust with the development of your dream app. Company’s experts create customisable items which amaze by their functionality and revolutionary features.

Finding a reliable Microsoft Azure development company isn’t an easy task. The industry is overwhelmed with new players offering their cloud service, since the demand for Azure is constantly growing. The reason for this popularity is that Azure solutions can boast of increased scalability, cost-efficiency, and top business agility. The only thing you need to pay maximum attention to have it all is choosing the right Microsoft partner. Alfee is ready to offer you a comprehensive approach which combines developing scalable apps and analytics solutions, re-engineering and consulting services.

Our team of Microsoft Azure developers deliver a whole strategy with detailed planning for its successful implementation. You can stay totally focused on managing business issues and entrust our experts with development and deployment. Thousands of small start-ups and large enterprises have already become our customers. They have had high-performing Azure Development Projects implemented, thanks to which their deals went uphills and new opportunities occurred.

Providing Top-notch Microsoft Azure Development Services

Alfee uses the most innovative methodology when rendering Azure development services. The process of app building is a very complex one, including the following stages:

  1. Configuring resources. When starting any work on app development, we provision the necessary resources, creating a resource group in a certain Azure region.
  2. Writing the app code. Hire our Azure application developer to write your app code, connect it to the necessary database, and provide all the necessary environment variables.
  3. Local testing. With advanced Azure technologies we are able to debug features locally with the same code used for deploying to the cloud.
  4. Deploying the code to Azure. When local testing is over, the next stage of developing Microsoft Azure comes - we deploy the code and check all the integrations running on the server.
  5. Managing & monitoring. This stage makes it possible to collect performance data and carry out any changes if necessary.

Now let us say a few words about Azure development services we provide. Afee is ready to tackle any task, no matter how complicated the project is.

Internet of things

Internet of things makes it possible to join various technology assets. Data is structured and processed in an appropriate way.


Generating a single flow of all the elements is no less important. It helps reach the desired results with minimum effort.

Cloud migration

With Azure software development we migrate data within several devices, providing total security of information during this migration.

Development & test

In order to develop a bug-free app constant testing is needed. We use diagnostics to build the best enterprise applications.


We apply this new digital technology, when there is a need for low-cost and high speed solutions.

After years spent in Azure web development, Alfee team can tell you almost everything about all the possible pitfalls. Our professional developers have accumulated enough experience to provide the most unusual solutions to the arising issues.

We develop best applications to accelerate your business growth. Just contact our team of Azure mobile app development and get totally customized products tailored to your requirements and needs.

Advantages of Azure Cloud Development with Alfee

App development in Azure is getting more popular thanks to a number of reasons. Find the most significant ones below.


Azure platform ensures 100% data security during migration or authorization.

Lightning Speed

The methodology really surprises by its fast speed and functionality.

Scalable and Flexible

Azure cloud development provides solutions which amaze with their scalability, they easily perform for a large number of users.


Due to the agile methodologies of Azure all steps of development are easier and faster to deliver.


Deploy the whole infrastructure to the cloud, minimizing all development costs.

Global Reach

Each of our Azure web apps developer builds professional solutions applicable all over the world.


Asure technologies can boast of a truly intuitive navigation and user-friendly character.


Adjust all the variables to your budget with Azure reasonable pricing.

If you want to hire Azure development team with enough experience and knowledge to leverage all the benefits mentioned above, just contact Alfee professional team. We will be glad to deliver top digital solutions for reaching your goals.

Being a leading Azure app development company and having worked out hundreds of efficient web solutions and successful enterprise applications, we are ready to work for you and make your business benefit with cloud service. 

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