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Viber Clone App Development

Make your relationships stand by simply getting in touch with your closest friends. Make sure everything gets done instantly via phone or video calls so there's more community to be elaborated.

Tell me the Viber Clone Application?

Viber – a company renowned for their killer encryptions has a total of 400 million app users. Viber Clone is an online messaging tool that lets you share photos, videos or photos to friends and family in real time. Users have the option to connect via WiFi or 3G to another device in HD. As technology continues to transform every day it became popular to clone an App and add additional functions. What are your favorite Instant Chat applications for smartphone? Tell me the way for using this website?

Tell me the Viber Clone script?

Viber clone scripts are detailed and logical documents that detail everything that happens with clones. The program is composed of code that is used for creating clones of apps. Viber clones are designed for the purpose of making networks around the globe. Such an application would be useful if you need an app such as Viber with excellent functionality. Alfee has skilled engineers who will make your apps better and we're sure you will. Our clone scripts include a list of useful tools to improve your business. We offer affordable and 100% secure services.

We use email to communicate. This system has helped us with a lot of work. It's easy to communicate with anyone via messaging apps. These are very useful resources on networking. It's useful to all kids to businessmen. For this context we created a Viber clone application for communicating with your known contacts. Apps like this simplify the tasks. We're able to communicate an essential message even when we're far away within minutes. This was just based on apps such as Viber. It plays an important role in my life. The applicant would like to keep their information private.

Why just Alfee should create an app like Viber for your company?

Alfee has developed a custom mobile application for Viber CLONE, which provides excellent returns on investments. These applications have advanced features, enabling users to tailor it further on request. Alfee has several chat applications and other messaging apps just like Viber chat applications. Our smartphone application specialists have all the necessary tools for a successful communications and viber clone app development. Alfee provides developers that can elaborate Viber like messaging applications. One of the most impressive apps to see are those developed recently.

Alfee solutions let applicants to customize their logo and the name of the clone app to suit their requirements and needs. The update will take place regularly after successful application deployments and will occur immediately on the application. We follow results-oriented ways in that we concentrate primarily upon quality of the application. Through Alfee amenities our customers can simply deploy the apps on any framework.

Main features of the Viber like messaging app development company

Chat dark theme Status, stories Attachment Channel audio, video messages notifications security, private search profile settings, Settings Admin Panel Chat. The personalised chat is enabled on a phone app that uses encrypted content to ensure the applicant is able to access only a specific message. Chats allow for easier communication among users. A company can make a connection with its clients using this tool. Viber's clones offer instant communication features that require only a few seconds of delivery. It can be shared via email or text. The feature also lets applicants to create multiple groups with multiple users.

Build an instant messaging app like Viber with rich and advanced features

Has anyone tried Viber clones? It's an excellent place to visit. Our company is a leading developer of clone scripting for mobile apps. The Viber CLONE App can be used for iOS as well as for Android and includes a powerful and flexible admin dashboard. Make the world smaller with this multi-faceted cloning script with audio and video call functions at high fidelity. Get the best end-to-end encryption features with the Viber app:

  • Contact Synchronization. Remove unnecessary steps in registering contacts for apps. Viber cloners are an application that allows users with multiple mobile phone numbers to synchronize contacts in real time to a computer's servers. Those who have joined earlier can still see them on the contacts list. Get away from tinkering with your contact lists. Contact can be coordinated in near real time via an NBT Viver Replica application. Those who get in after this are automatically included in the contacts database;
  • Self-destructing chats. Keep an eye out for private conversations that can be automatically removed. You could also delete the messages using an auto-destruct timer or have access to our enhanced privacy options like Viber. Keep yourself on the radar by sending confidential messages that may be automatically deleted. You're able to self destructively kill important information in a timed auto destruct and enjoy optimum security settings;
  • User profile. Provide a seamless user experience to users by providing an intuitive user experience that manages their personal details, updates their status, changing their email address, and much more;
  • Social Media Integration. Make registering simpler by integrating photos into your facebook, Instagram or other accounts. You can connect to your Facebook page to share photos or even talk with celebrities;
  • Chat settings. From group chat and stickers/animations, the chat settings are customizable depending upon your preference. Communicating with playful emojis shows your real feelings;
  • Push Notifications. Let users get updates about new information about you if necessary. Maintain user conversations with ease of communication from virtually anywhere;
  • Powerful admin dashboard. An integrated dashboard to monitor all of your user interactions from review discussion groups to approved messages and logged contacts;
  • 100% Customisable. There'll be unlimited choices for the app and improve its look through adding support and documentation for the entire app;
  • Privacy settings. Can you list delivery dates and limits on a particular message? Adapt all settings to contact based on users' preferences;
  • Video and Voice Calling. Have a conversation or call friends anytime and anywhere. Enjoy free HD calls from a single phone line with this feature;
  • Sharing of data. Send documents, pictures and video to anyone you want. Alfee's Viber clone allows for easy access to any chat log;
  • Mobile Apps. White-labelled iOS and Android apps featuring avantgarde capabilities like native source code for smooth execution;
  • Hidden chats. Viber's secret chat feature allows you to keep conversations private by revealing your private pins;
  • Comprehensive testing. End-to-end testing at every stage using our efficient, automated and manual testing techniques;
  • End-to-end encryption. All communication is encrypted on your phone or tablet. Thus worry free communication always!
  • Web Apps. Advanced web-based web site that can be easily accessed by users via email or telephone;
  • Manage conversations. Admin can handle any group chat conversation with the deletion of unwanted messages;
  • Histories. Data. Unless the user's device's encryption keys or end-to-end encryption is used, all messages remain with you. There's no need to send text messages anymore!

On-demand Viber Clone App Development

Mobile application revolutionizes all aspects. Similar to Viber, the chat application has made its way into the market. It allows people to make a conversation through its voice-activated free calls reflecting both the quality and clarity of applications. We have an experienced mobile developers team for designing and developing Viber Clone Apps for mobile devices. Our app for iOS and mobile phones uses the latest technologies.

Add-ons for our Viber Clone App

Payment options are available to the user through several payment methods. Sharing Screens – This allows everyone to share a screen for live streaming. Live stream - Using Viber apps, businesses have the possibility of being seen on TV at the same time. Viber lets users join the live stream of live videos with no errors.

Watch the Demo Before Agreeing for the Real Application

Demo videos will clear out all the concerns you might have about features and functions. Alternatively you can create additional functionality when you visit the demo. Please enter the name in the form.

How much is Viber Clone App from top custom messaging application development company?

Providing high-quality mobile application development. It depends on many factors on how much the application will sell. See above for an overview of the cost:

  1. 01
    Security compliance check. A security review is conducted to make sure that the app complies with the food delivery industry standard;
  2. 02
    Custom application development. The app is designed in an innovative way that keeps your brand on track;
  3. 03
    App store launch. Developers help list the Android app on the Apple store.
Questions for Viber Clone App Development

Where to find the best On-Demand Viber Clone App Development?

In the development of any product, it is very important to trust your performer. In other words, to be sure of the result that money and time will not be wasted. Alfee is the company that will create a cloned application for you from scratch using exactly the functions that are being implemented. We are responsible for quality - this is our reputation!

What Viber Clone App Development Services does Alfee offer?

Alfee's services are extremely diverse. We can add to your cloned application the functionality so beloved by users, such as voice and video calls, disappearing chats, notifications about a new message and much more. The most important thing that you should understand is that our development is individual. We will make the project exactly as you imagined it.

How Much Does an App Like Viber Cost?

The price of such an application will depend on many factors, what functions are required, how urgent the project is, what qualifications specialists will be involved. All this will play a role. But don't be afraid, the price won't come as a surprise to you. We will hold a consultation and, according to your requirements, we will approximately announce the price fork.

How to Create a Chat App like Viber for Android and iOS?

In order to create an application that is cloned, you need to know who to contact. But first, formulate your expectations in this regard, down to the details. Naturally, this will not be the final option, but specialists will be able to work with this by creating a prototype.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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