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Viber Chatbots Development Company

A chatbot is an intelligent means of managing communication with a client. The following is an introduction to elaborating and maintaining a native chatbot applying Viber. Over the past decade communication paradigms have changed. Previously we talked face-to-face and telephone, but in recent days communication mainly involves texting and email. Moreover, we prefer using e-mail, WhatsApp and Viber app — each more popular or less common, relying upon your country or position. In consequence, the companies must adjust their communications channels and offer various communication formats to their clients and staff. Web based chatbots are helpful.

Chatbots can be applied to increase sales and client loyalty and improve retention rates. It allows branded brands to provide 24 hour service without human intervention. It provides customers with an entire in-app experience with the chat app. Viber has more than one billion downloads on Android. Savviosity brands recognise how crucial a customer experience is to their preferred channels. This is largely due to a 20-percent rise in new Viber chatbots installed in 2019.

Viber custom chatbot development services to promote your business

Price of a Viber chatbot: Free Create a free chatbot in Viber. Make your services accessible 24 hours a day and provide automatic responses to your customers through free session messages. Chatbot messages. All free messages sent from chatbots. 10000 free monthly plus a charge per delivery. Tell me the definition of a chatbot? A session starts 24 hours after subscribers message a chatbot. Every conversation between chatbots is entirely free.

Tell me the purpose of chatbot development?

This is a very complex process, which varies according to different factors, such as technologies employed, experiences, initial requirements and other factors. The client thus receives bots which respond to several questions simultaneously.

Creation of chat bots for different areas of business in favor of customer satisfaction

Chatbots are helpful in favor of requesting quick answers and feedback can be viewed in real time. The bot helps you optimize business activities to reduce time to complete tasks. Chatbots provide an easy way for new users to contact each other 24 hours a day. It will assist in improving organization processes and monitoring economic indicators, increasing client amenity and increasing productivity. A chatbot that helps recruit efficiently improves the process for HR departments: answer the basic questions about jobs, conduct the questionnaires, schedule interviews and remind them.

CRM system and messenger aggregator

Each product applies a crm system integrating a builtin messenger aggregator as well as the buildable chat bot in favor of Fb messagers and telegram. In this way a client is not only given a chatbot that meets their necessities, but a fully functioning interface with clients and a marketing system to promote the firm's projects and amenities.

Analysis of the project and selection of the optimal solution

Several projects have been developed by us in favor of different organizations including: Corporate chatbots for maintain amenities firms, chatbots for managers and employees. For each product we develop the best possible decision to fulfill the objectives and demands. If a customer orders an online chatbot, they guarantee your results.

Chatbot Development

When you launch your company, it is advisable that you take into consideration some factors, including how chatbots help companies stay in contact with urgent changes and other important information. The tools are important, as they are likely to significantly enhance client communication. It's able to reply and send messages, email notifications to subscribers, increasing chatter rates. This is an expert team focusing on chatbot development in favor of your business. Here, find some insight into your field of expertise.

Why Organizations Choose Alfee for developing chatbots

We offer professional chatbot development services which work in many sectors including banking, startup education, etc. We employ professional developers to create chatbots and to improve their effectiveness in any industry. Our platform is equipped with a wide range of modern software solutions that solve chatbot development problems. Its name is ours. Our team of specialists is capable of delivering the best bots to your organization. Similarly Alfee ensures: constant communication; high flexibility of products; high flexibility of products; regular progress report and progress report.

Our approach to Chatbot Solution Development

We have an excellent chatbot development experience, our product lines are high quality and efficient. Alfee has a few advantages over others as our goal is to provide best customer care. We offer countless other benefits to customers: We use chatbots to chat with you. There's no reason to worry whether our bot is receiving more than one message per time – 1 million. All customers are offered a 24/7 amenity. We have chat machines and they work really quickly. We have developed a quick chatbot capable of identifying, understanding and answering questions in minutes.

Custom Messenger Chatbot Development Service for Business Websites

It's advisable to apply chatbot software in favor of telemarketing in order to improve your customer support. Alfee offers a chatbot that enables the applicants to communicate using a preset protocol. I find that bots are very effective at boosting business performance. The ChatBot is available to customers 24 hours a day with unlimited solutions. Our robots tend to be prone to fewer mistakes hence they help build good brands. The Alfee chat bot is always working hard. So it's difficult for new users to get answers.

Viber ChatBot pricing

There's different kinds of bots, therefore the cost varies according to your needs. What is the best chatbots solution for your organization? It can answer client inquiries and you can expect nothing spectacular. If you opt in favor of this option, it costs nothing and you must compromise yourself. Applying the Visual Chat Bot Building tool, you can create your own bot.

Full-Stack Web Technologies

There's both online and mobile Chatbots, but a combination that suits both types of platform exists. Alfee Viber ChatBots development company likewise uses diverse technological tools and solutions in favor of achieving the best possible solution. Let us list some technologies which use our technology: Ruby JavaScript Python PHP SQL JSON. Nodes.js TypeScript cloud services.

Viber Business Messages vs Viber Chatbots

Viber provides various kinds of communication amenities to businesses such as Viber Business Message and Viber Chatbot. This includes the implementations and the automation of communication between marketing campaigns and transaction notifications to a variety of business scenarios. Nevertheless, it is vital to recognize what makes a Viber Chatbot a better tool. Let's see the different solutions:

  • Viber Chatbots. The Viber ChatBots require customer input and a customer's approval. Proactive communication can be sent to customers after starting a chat. In contrast to Viber Business SMS, only users' ID and no phone number are available in favor of businesses. Viber bots provide other ways to enhance messages in the applicant experience. This involves stickers, URLs, images, carousels and custom keyboards to use when designing answer buttons. Because these communications channels are mainly designed for communication purposes two way messaging will usually be required;
  • Viber Business messages. Viber business messages allow businesses to start communication between applicants. Despite the fact the channel is often used in favor of business purposes by companies for marketing, transactions and conversation. If an end customer has chosen to use our tool, they can offer a list of their phone numbers to the organization and it can be used on two way interactions too. Opt out can be made via the Web or via a form;
  • Viber Chatbot Pricing. Viber chatbot is a free app that lets you to initiate conversations without paying. The firm will charge only when a message is sent out within a 24-hour time frame from the time the final message is received. The list of messages posted by brand-initiated bots is also free of charge;
  • Viber Business Messages Pricing. Prices are relied on the Monthly Minimum Commitment Fee (MCF) and Traffic charges, varying according to the usage situation per email or per session. When organically reaching the minimum fee, organizations will receive no charge for e-mails.

Add booking conversation

We'll start by talking about how to discover the taxis that our applicants necessity. The applicant should contact the applicant in favor of a reservation and the chat should offer the applicant with a verification number.

Ask for Pick-Up Location (address-from)

First, a chatbot necessities an address. To make it happen, the applicant should use a 'Questions' stage. Entity is essentially a variable. They're placeholders so chatbots can remember the value of the data. Your chatbot can request only entities in favor of which there is not a value. Return to the Cognitive flow page to eliminate a message stage during the book ride. Start typing sshq in Steps. Click OK. You need this codesnippet: Enter the following fields: Save code. Code. This book-ride conversation should now be the same for all of us. This is what we have already learned in the course:

Create and configure a new conversation

Whenever I'm putting together a new conversation I usually start with a quick message such as hello from conversationname. I then have an instant connection to every element of the conversation. So I can return to the conversation when I am satisfied; I can work on conversation flow. Elaborate conversation stages, which can be defined as JSON, which are available on the Cognitive Flow pages. Cognitive Flow pages include Monaco editor which runs as well as most IDEs and is integrated with Monaco Editor.

Improve Chatbot Understanding

Eventually the chatbot should respond to the below words and initiate the book-ride conversation to assist the applicant in booking a cab. Eventually, this set of triggers will evolve. As chatbots mature they must be updated constantly to ensure that their ability to handle many of their user-generated responses. How should I optimize the training in favor of my chatbot? This information should help your chatbot understand how users input it. Start with these two articles:


Before we start the second part, let's look at entity types. Native Chat supports email and web sites. When you say "I need three seats" a chatbot automatically assigns a number. To improve the way we communicate with people, we could elaborate new entity types—specifically relevant to our chatbot. Payment Method Our chat app will understand a fee method when a user asks if there is any cash or card in the application and if there is. Create an entity kind:

Ask for the date and time for the Pick-up

The next question should be asked when a customer wants the cab. When ordering pickup the bot will ask both times. Delete a new question step to ask in favor of the time, the response will be logged in the Pickup Date. The following field is required. These are designed to handle format dates and hours in the way of our conversations. If it is Thursday or Friday next week you'll need to give it a time of 3pm or midnight. Delete all codes. Code.

Debugging the flow

Now with our working ChatBot with a question and answer, maybe you'd like to know how the bot will understand our needs in terms of information. The native chat test windows have Debug tabs. It lets you see a chatbots understanding of what users said. Suppose you ask: Buy a taxi tomorrow morning at 7am then switch to the Debugger tab to expand upon Understanding.

Ask for Drop-Off Location (address-to)

Now we need to add another question step that asks if the drop off location happened. You must enter strq as the answer in favor of the Step Question. The next setting will be: Save the code. Code. When we connect and test book-ride the chatbot asks you first about your location. Tell me the situation.

Build a Viber chatbot in 5 easy steps

How can you build Viber chatbots? The chatbot is fully accessible via our chat engine. Questions. Using a basic step system create Viber chatbots in minutes with ease.

Step 1 – Welcome message

All good conversations start with an open greeting? Drag and drop attributes into the workspace. Afterward, you may add a greeting message to begin your conversation. All answers provided by a user can be stored and used during the Chat, so the user will never repeat basic information like a username or email address. Everyone is different, they speak different languages so the chatbot may be confused by something, however you can avoid to due to natural language processing. It's here that Repeat or Fallback options are available to provide a smoother experience in favor of customers.

Step 2 – Display options for users to select

The chatbot provides user choices and answers to more complex queries through cascaded submenus. Our example only includes one option, however you can go deeper with a similar process. Create a Send Text dialog that asks the user if they want to choose from the list of the following steps. The first step is linking an introduction text in a list with an option list by adding a dialog element and then text elements to introduce the menus and specify which option lists they should be included.

Step 3 – Link responses to actions

Then create an action in favor of every option which users may decide on. You can configure a dialog for a given option. If you want to create an action with rich media, you can also use images, videos or video carousels to enhance engagement opportunities. You simply click a specific element and upload media that you want to share.

Step 4 – Time to say goodbye

During the creation process the final steps of the design process involve creating an exit route for the chat. When you confirm the user has what he or she needs, you may stop talking or loop it back to your choice list. To close chat bots add an end-to-session close button. Then there is an option to encrypt the saved data.

Questions for Viber Chatbots Development

How to create Viber chatbot?

In order to elaborate a high-qualified and effective bot in favor of Viber, first of all you need to define for what goals the mini-programs inside the Viber or Facebook messenger will be applied, whether it will be connected to databases. All this will directly affect what type of functionality will need to be elaborated.

Which company has the best chatbot?

Alfee has extensive expertise in elaborating ChatBot. Here you can realize the idea in the top approach and beat all competitors. Knowledge of the target audience, productivity and an individual approach to solving the problems of your organization makes our company extremely attractive to customers.

Does Viber have bots?

You can find the bots in different areas of the internet including communities, communication channels. Open the Community - Channel and click the Bots icon on the top right of the area.

What Viber Chatbot Development Services does Alfee provide?

Alfee company provides a large variety of amenities in order in favor of you to elaborate your own ChatBot. Your wishes and aims in favor of the future product are always primary. Alfee team works with an individual approach.

How to create your own Viber Chatbot?

If you already understand that you can't do without developing a ChatBot for your organization, then it is extremely essential to understand where to start. Clearly formulate how you will profit from the project, what goals and objectives it carries. Think about the target audience, describe your vision of the app and your requirements in favor of its implementation. Then Alfee managers will be happy to talk to you.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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