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User Experience Design - UX Development services

Being a top UX design company, Alfee knows many professional secrets. Elaborated for intriguing applications development, which concentrates on ultimate functionality level, tested by initiative specialists, involved in all software development process aspects, from scratch to the finished working product. We want to share our knowledge with welcomed customers in a short, but rather useful article, commenting on all positions with several important remarks.

Firstly, let us assure that user experience design and development is a mixture of science and art, drowned in a collateral teams’ interaction, joining different job parts together in a single breath, aspiring your product to live. Any application would be useless without a strong expert support, empowering Visual Design perfect solutions.

What is UX itself?

User Experience Design (famous also known as UXD) is an evidence-oriented product experience design process, which helps in applications or websites building. An educated UX design team provides a thorough expertise, revealing key points in development which should be diligently accounted for. Unlike a simple User Interface Design (UI), web app UX design considers not a visual appearance as a priority, but usefulness, usability, brand perception, desirability and finally a common functionality.

UX is also as well a CX (Customer Experience) part, coordinating a development algorithm, specially formed to organise an enterprise interaction on a high level.

A small history lesson will encompass your understanding more.

UX and web design as conceptualism representatives first appeared in the late 1940s, regulating cooperation between machines, humans and the working environment, developing innovative user experience mechanisms. When in early 1990s personal computers spread widely, a UX design flourished, forming a new niche for TOP UX designer's typical tasks.

The User Experience term itself was coined by professor Donald Norman, who researched questions of cognitive science.

The best UX design consists of such elements:

  • Research. Knowing user demand is an utmost priority for user experience designers. This particular science comes from user-centred design and human-computer interaction with connected disciplines participation, like visual design, interaction design, research of user flow, information architecture, etc
  • Visual design. Each UX developer of course highlights critical points in visual appearance, arranging researches preferably with live audience to define which elements work well and which should be rectified with the artists’ help
  • Information architecture. UX design and development are nothing without a fine organisational structure providing information accessibility and findability. Each initiative specialist fights, achieving a robust understandable framework, which holds software functions together
  • Interaction design. While user experience prototyping, it is necessary to stipulate not only a beautiful attractive picture, but a mutual understanding level as well. Final user should understand an application the same as the application understands him. Nowadays any digital UX service designer has more organising freedom
  • Usability. This specific good user experience measurement appeals to both analogue and digital world, considering the extent of customers' satisfactions and goals reached while interacting with the product.

Which UX Design and User Interface design Services do we propose?

As a leading UX web development company, Alfee proposes diligent designers teams, rendering a top-notch assistance. We accept any ideas, testing their commercial and visual value. For customer’s satisfaction, we elaborate a ground-breaking truly attractive UI/UX, ensuring reusability and ultimate marketplace popularity.

Among our services you may find as follows.

Mobile UX development

We build attractive solutions, both native and cross-platform, raising any mobile platform usage to new heights. Now Android and iOS tablets, smartphones or even wearable gadgets, such as smart watches, show incredible mobile UX design, remaining gloriously greeted by customers for an incredible visual appearance which attracts sights in a powerful manner.

Website UX design skills

Producing an intuitive appearance, Alfee cares about customers. For a reasonable UX design cost we present interfaces which not only look perfectly, but really go deeper, identifying user’s values, abilities and limitations, endeavouring the best interaction level.

Compatible Web Apps outfitting

Website applications are developed separately and stored on special high-speed servers, appearing on the user's screen as a Graphic Design with interactive elements. Our extremely educated teams flash out unique ideas, prototyping UX with full respect and negotiation.

Exclusive Visual Design and UI designer production

First of all, Alfee is a user experience company, elaborating tremendously attractive graphic solutions. But we go beyond, preparing a true perfection in aesthetic science, bringing to the light desperately outbreaking powerful interfaces, rebuilding customer’s imagination fully.

Secure eCommerce design

Concerning financial questions, we develop a robust prototype in UX design, summoning together necessary functions, such as payment, calling and order management, making them clearly distinctive.

How to produce a Good User Experience (UX) Design with Alfee UX designers

Nevertheless, whichever product we make, whether it’s a videogame or a serious corporate website, major processes are unified to control mechanisms thoroughly, enabling creative freedom instead of UX design service reinvention. Basically, Alfee divides a UX design algorithm on three stages:

  1. 01
    Getting ready to design. Collecting data before actual job commencement is a correct decision, as common mistakes are avoided easily. Only responsible user experience design company, such as ours, gets to research, exploring behaviour patterns, used while interacting with applications. Using contextual workflow models, an educated team goes to the next stage
  2. 02
    Design. Here UX mobile professionals combine data received, elaborating a creative interface with the help of paper modelling, wireframes, screen layouts, graphics and interactive minimum viable models. Initiative designers try to release the most convenient solution
  3. 03
    Test and iterate. After orchestrating a fresh UX design application, we need to check its usability level, so tester groups are formed, which indicate found gaps needed to be filled. After reports are done, our proficient developers apply corrections and conduct a new test, repeating this over and over to receive a clean result.

How to choose UX professionals and suitable Development Company

Having a wide UX design agencies number, there is a strong need in quality distinguishing. Sometimes it is hard to select a correct vendor not only because of pricing or final results. A creative interaction occupies the same important position in a long problems list, connected with company perfect match.

You need to establish an understanding, which UX stakeholder type is suitable:

  • Interaction designers are responsible for hidden mechanics implying additional user involvement, putting him to a real adventure with picturesque panels and intuitive contextual buttons, easy in use
  • Technical communicators concentrate more on UX design prototype functionality, whichsoever increases overall system regulation, delivering a smooth running cycle with high conversability
  • User interface designers wrap more visual questions each UX product designer touches, but with more particular effort, gathering different parts in a single attractive appearance, establishing a full user satisfaction
  • Visual designers combine desirability with maximum usability, providing an artful picturesque software appearance which UX design firms build with special love, amplifying the best user experience received throughout the usage time.

What kind of user experience designer do you need?

The most important skills for a UX designer include:

  1. 01
    Research of user flows and analysis: the ability to conduct ux research, analyze the results, and use the insights to inform design decisions.
  2. 02
    Interaction design: the ability to design user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.
  3. 03
    Visual design: the ability to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate information and meet the needs of users.
  4. 04
    Prototyping: the ability to create interactive prototypes that allow users to test and provide feedback on a design.
  5. 05
    Communication: the ability to effectively communicate design decisions and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  6. 06
    Problem solving: the ability to identify user needs and create solutions that meet those needs in a user-centered way.
  7. 07
    Adaptability: the ability to respond to feedback and iterate on designs based on user testing and research.
  8. 08
    Technical knowledge: the ability to understand the capabilities and limitations of technology and how it can be used to create effective designs.
Questions for User Experience Design & Development

How much does UX Design cost and what is included in that cost?

The cost of UX design can be different based on various factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the number of designers involved, and the experience level of the designers. A basic project with a single designer can cost a few thousand dollars, while a more extensive project with a team of designers can cost significantly more. The cost usually includes research to understand user needs, designing such as wireframes and mockups, testing the design, supporting the development team, and regular meetings with stakeholders. The cost can also be affected by location and the company you choose to work with. Before starting the project, it is important to have a clear understanding of the project scope and budget.

Why might UX Design not be right for your project?

UX Design is critical for the success of many projects, as it helps to create a user-friendly interface and experience that can improve user engagement. However, UX Design has limitations that should be taken into consideration. UX Design is not a cure-all for social impact projects and should not be used as a replacement for well-thought out strategies. Furthermore, UX Design can be expensive and time consuming, and a lack of resources may prevent successful implementation. Additionally, user experience can be difficult to measure, as it can be subjective and difficult to quantify. Although UX Design has potential to improve the user experience, project managers must be aware of its limitations in order to ensure successful implementation.

How long does it take to develop UX Design?

UX design is an emerging and rapidly changing field, and one of the most common issues asked by someone looking to become a UX designer is 'how long does it take to develop UX design?' Through understanding the process of UX design, the roles within UX design, and the methods applied to learn UX design, one can get an understanding of the time it takes to competently develop an understanding of UX design. From understanding basic concepts to becoming a professional UX designer.

How exactly is UX Design used in development, where can it be applied?

UX Design can be used to virtually any product development process. It's applied to build a user-centric project that meets client needs, considers customer preferences, and increases the overall applicant skills. UX Design takes into account how clients interact with a project, where they struggle and where they can be more efficiently served. By integrating UX Design into any product development process, organizations can elaborate projects that make their customers’ lives better and enable them to succeed.

What's the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

The people you're speaking with actually discuss two jobs which have largely been known by the industry as UX / UI designers and UX development. UX designs translates to user experience design whereas user interface is defined by user interface design. The two components of the products work together very closely. The roles in the respective fields however are very distinct and involve many different parts of the product development or engineering disciplines.

How to hire top specialist for User Experience (UX) Development?

The process of hiring an expert seems to be simple until you start doing it. You should explain yourself what kind of demand do you have, what type of functions should a person do. All these things will influence the time of discovering. If for you time is important then contact Alfee and we will find a perfect and suitable candidate.

What is the role of UX Developer?

UX and User Interface developers often have an objective together. Despite the similarities, the roles are varied for product development. UX developers work to develop new and innovative applications for the user to improve the user experience. UX designers must understand consumers preferences and their needs.

Where to get the best User Experience and Experience Design?

If you'd like to get the best UX design then you should formulate your demand as it will cause the final variant. The second step is to find really experienced expert to realize the business idea. Such a person you can get here in Alfee. Our specialists have greate skills and experience with UX development.

What is UX/UI development?

Web developers focusing mainly on the design of website design will have responsibility for the implementation of interactive / visual development principles in website design. This developer uses HTML, CSS and other tools to create dynamic and interactive websites.

What are the most important skills in a UX designer?‎

The expert should have a variety of skills. For example, the most important things are: User research and analysis, experience in interaction design, Visual design and Prototyping, good Communication and Problem solving, Adaptability and Technical knowledge.

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