Main Advantages of Usability Testing

Talking about product development service, usually we concentrate on how the programming process is organized, we mention website optimisation or expert team performance evaluation, which forms the foundation, but let’s concentrate on other things too. Alfee, as a strong development participant, remembers about UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience), because no extended functionality can replace really perfect service provided by wise design.


For checking user experience quality we apply a Usability Testing method, which delivers a great help in product development. Going to a website or launching some software, your customer has to experience an ultimate comfort, wishing to return back, using your product again and again.

But before you decide to hire Usability Tester, let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding the evaluation service process which occur right before the final step into this specific method.

What is Usability Testing in general?

So, the reason for finding testers might be obvious, but we want to explain a process thoroughly, sharing our product experience, meeting educational purposes.

Usability Testing services provide an exact expert assessment method, indicating how much your product remains user-friendly concerning UI/UX standards. A small team checks your website or software flexibility, intuitivity and simplicity, revealing which side development we must evolve. An expert estimation emphasizes a really ground-breaking product designing with a UX testing checklist help.

We highly advise such an estimation at early SDLC stages, discovering more about final users' hopes and expectations. It doesn’t depend, what product test we perform, website or application, concerning exactly tester experience help which should be established right when development begins.

Why Usability Testing are Important for customers?

Another one simple answer turns to academic lecture, but you already know that Usability Testing provides many benefits, especially certifying digital products, designed user-friendly and easy-going.

Small examples of how website or software product should not work at all, if user asks these unpleasant questions:

  • What button should I press next? - First sign of a Usability check service absence, because one simple evaluation with real testers shows this problem at once, as an indicator of further development process.
  • What page should I view exactly? - A significant marker of things going wrong. UX experts advise to avoid this issue in each product or website, as no participant team help remains with such an inconvenient product.
  • What does this particular icon mean? - Another one experience hole, because your website has to be consistent and informative, as any Usability Testing specialist says. Always avoid consuming logos, small buttons, unreadable signs.
  • How do I read error messages if they are displayed inconveniently? - Going through this problem, users need help the most, trying to understand what your product wants. Alfee Usability tester will definitely fix it.
  • How to extend my session time? - One of the most unpleasant website mistakes is a too short log out period, so in five minutes you have to input email and password again. Security restrictions should be also reasonable, that’s why you have to hire Usability Testing experts team.

As you can see, such an evaluation service means a powerful expert method. Specially designed to help avoid such annoying mistakes which usually make users search other websites around.

Usability Testing Benefits explained

Expert testers apply different methods in searching design mistakes in early development stages. Main benefits prescribe simple mistakes elimination by the development experts team before they commence actual coding, which helps conspicuously reduce costs spent for further programming and debugging. Applying correct Usability Testing techniques results in robust product building and each participant satisfaction, expressed in ground-breaking marketing success.

While conducting evaluations, you will:

  1. Monitor how it is possible for testing participants to perform tasks on time.
  2. Figure out which time required for tasks correct completion.
  3. Learn how users are satisfied with your website or any other software product.
  4. List exact improvements needed for tester experience or user interface.
  5. Conduct thorough performance analysis, finding out if it satisfies your industry standards, involving expert process interaction being performed.

Another one benefit shows that explorative Usability Testing service does not require a separate participant team laboratory and may be simply remote, conducted from wherever on Earth. Especially nice that location may be moderated or even unmoderated, helping to build a universal infrastructure, ensuring your product comfortability.

How the Usability Testing Process goes


Before remote assessment commencement Alfee divides an expert process into several simple service stages, formed by universal methods of Usability Testing, which sufficiently emphasizes website or other digital product experience, allowing problems to be resolved in limited time across the global process workflow.

Our ultimately experienced team conducts an expert estimation in following steps:

  • Planning. Before actual website Usability Testing arranging, we need to set up some definite goals which would be met during the process. Just a small volunteer participant bunch randomly hitting the buttons is not a comprehensive product expertise help method. Alfee conducts diligent demographic team selection with certain targets deployment, so you’ll get a really coordinated remote assessment process.
  • Recruiting. According to the expert development plan we find exact persons fitting with demographic selection made up in a previous stage. A remote Usability Testing preparation means how diligently we pick up people of different occupations, gender, age to meet your process targets.
  • Testing itself. Main action, no additional comments.
  • Data analysis. After process completion we proceed with tester experience estimation based on expert participant website evaluation already being done, assembling received data in a smart readable format.
  • Reporting. Finally we share moderated remote Usability Testing results with all concerned parties, e.g. CEO, clients, developers and designers.

Main Usability Testing Techniques

Alfee conducts expert estimations having an utmost experience in researching the product enhancement ways in a laboratory or remote methods. We propose a convenient method, which helps you to define a Usability in software Testing technique promptly. Everything depends on your needs, ad finally divides only in two options:

  1. Laboratory Usability Testing. We conduct a development evaluation process in a specially designed accommodation, where expert observers present. Their task prescribes a silent monitoring service which finishes only when the evaluation itself completes, After User Experience (UX) Testing completion, testers express their opinion which is thoroughly recorded as an evidence.
  2. Remote expertise. If you want to hire Usability Testing specialists, Alfee gives this possibility as well, involving an initiative participant experts team helping the process. During the estimation method, we record the tester's facial expressions, voice and actions, so no details are lost.

Usability Testing Advantages & Disadvantages listed

As a company with huge experience, Alfee shares unique informational data regarding both testing pros & cons. No secret that each process has positive sides with negative ones as well, which makes a customer’s choice complicated. But we promise to show you everything honestly, so you will see whether you should hire Usability Testing experts team or not.

The main advantages listed as follows:

  1. A moderated remote Usability Testing conspicuously saves your money, so that you receive positive results almost in no time with specific expert estimation.
  2. It’s rather simple to recruit observers, because no need to organize a participant travel, just set a remote process of website product evaluation.
  3. With the advantages of Usability Testing including previous ones let us mention the possibility to test the usability of your website remotely in a natural observer’s environment, so the reactions will be as true as possible.
  4. The product development assessment help may include observers from different sides of the same country.
  5. Live experts estimation reveals as well an emotional reaction which may be caused by completing certain estimations, so that your data becomes the most accurate.

But let us also list some Usability Testing disadvantages, as we want to receive your honest opinion when you finally decide to cooperate with the Alfee team, so it is our chance to stay truthful.

  1. Remote usability testing service does not give a possibility to control what’s happening near the observer, so there can be different distractions such as doorbells, children scream, gogs or cats issues, etc.
  2. No possibilities to monitor participants’ facial expressions live as it would be working together in one laboratory.
  3. Literally, monitoring an observer’s screen via remote services, such as Team Viewer, highly depends on the Internet, making the process more complicated due to the stable broadband connection need.

Hire the best Usability Testing specialists from Alfee

Choosing an expert website Usability tester, make sure all website product checking methods will be met with sufficient experience, satisfying customer’s needs, showing how participants team performance increased.

New smooth methods introduced harmonize UI/UX endeavoring clients to use applications more with smart tips participants advice during usability testing sessions, considering all possible requirements that may arise.

A diligent user interface reproducing means half of success, attracting more people via different marketplaces, which shows design features importance. Your only option is arranging Usability optimisation, performing new discoveries in the commercial field.

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